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									SEMO District Fair Pageant
Sunday, September 13, 2009 Activities Tent – 3:00pm
“Tiny Miss SEMO Fair” $30 Entry Fee “Little Miss SEMO Fair $30 Entry Fee 2 – 3 years old Party Dress or Pageant wear ONLY! 4 – 6 years old Party Dress or Pageant wear ONLY!

“Young Miss SEMO Fair” 7 – 9 years old $30 Entry Fee Party Dress or Pageant wear ONLY! “Pre-Teen SEMO Fair” $30 Entry Fee “Teen Miss SEMO Fair” $40 Entry Fee 10 – 13 years old Evening Gown 14 – 16 years old Sportswear & Evening Gown

“Miss SEMO Fair” 17 – 22 years old 60 Entry Fee Interview, Sportswear & Evening Gown Winners entry fee “PAID” to the Sedalia State Fair Pageant INTERVIEWS: 11:30am at Drury Lodge for Miss SEMO Fair division. TIMES: Rehearsal at 2:00pm – Fairgrounds; Pageant begins at 3:00pm promptly! PAGEANT LOCATION: Activities Tent, North end of the SEMO Fairgrounds!
NOTE: The dressing tent has limited space for preparing for the competition. Only one helper per Contestant will be allowed. There is electricity available, however, younger divisions should come with hair and makeup completed in advance allowing the older divisions time for clothing changes!

WINNERS WILL MAKE APPEARANCES AT THE FAIR! PRIZES: Crown-Flowers-Savings Bond-Sashes (older division) Each contestant will receive a “Certificate of Participation” & Gift Bag. MAIL ENTRIES TO: SEMO Fair Pageant, 754 Woodbine, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 CONTACT: Melody Hutson at 573-335-9252 for additional information. Rules, regulations & entry form are contained on the following page. EARLY REGISTRATION IS REQUESTED!

SEMO District Fair Pageant (Please print legibly or type)
Name___________________________________________________ Age________ Birthdate____________

Address____________________________________________________________ Phone________________ City________________________________________ State___________ Zip Code___________________

Parent/Guardian Signature___________________________________________________________________ Participant Signature________________________________________________________________________ Siblings Names & Ages (age 17 & older)________________________________________________________ School or Occupation_______________________________________________________________________ Hobbies_________________________________________________________________________________ Special Interests__________________________________________________________________________ Community Service________________________________________________________________________

For someone that has never been to Southeast Missouri, take them on a descriptive tour.___________ __________________________________________________________________________________ You have just won the crown, what events at the fair would you like to preside over?______________________________________________________________________________ What do you think other people will remember you for?_______________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ What are your professional or career goals?______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ What would you hope to accomplish if selected this years queen?_______________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Briefly, tell us about yourself._____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________
(If additional space is needed, please use an additional plain sheet of paper for the above questions)

1- Contestants must be an American Citizen and the start and cutoff date of each division is September 1 of that year. 2- Contestants must be female and residents of MO for not fewer than 6 months immediately preceding July 15of the year in which the state fair contest is held. 3- Contestants shall be single, shall never have been married nor had a marriage annulled, nor have cohabitated with a male in lieu of marriage contract. Contestants who are pregnant or have been pregnant are ineligible. 4- Contestants shall be judged on personal interview, evening gown and historical costume. Decision of the judges will be final. If for any reason the winner should be disqualified, the First Runner Up will be declared the winner. 5- The undersigned agrees to comply with all the rules and regulations of the SEMO Fair Pageant, warrants no false representations have been made and hereby releases SEMO Fair Pageant, their agents, servants and employees from any and all claims from damages or injuries while participating in any activities of the SEMO Fair Pageant. 6- Application fees and sponsorship fees are non-refundable. Complete and return with entry fees to: SEMO Fair Pageant, 754 Woodbine, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

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