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					Under $100 Prom Dresses - look hot, and still save money
I'm sure you've heard in the news, on TV, and on the web everywhere that the economy is slow and no one has any money. How wonderful it is that you can find prom dresses under $100 for prom 2009 online!

Remember, besides your dress, your prom won't be perfect without the right hair, your nails, matching shoes, a purse, a necklace, and maybe even flowers or other dress accessories. And don't forget about getting pictures done, possibly professional pictures. At the very least, with a good-looking prom dress under 100 dollars, your parents eyes won't pop out when they see how much it costs to go in style.

Nowadays, most people are comfortable shopping on the internet, but can you really find a good-fitting prom dress this way? Yes you can - many websites ask for your measurements when you order so your dress arrives with a perfect fit! The crazy thing is how many girls order their dresses over the internet - experts give estimates of 50,000 or more a month, with most of the sales starting in January!

This year, online prom dress shopping has become easier, faster, and more reliable than ever. Sites such as TJ Formal and others have simple menus to calculate your dress size and to put in your measurements, to ensure you get a dress that fits perfectly.

Instead of feeling cheap or cheated, you can feel proud, accomplished, and beautiful with your new prom dress under $100. There are so many styles and colors to choose from this year that you will always find what you need. The styles available aren't rejects from other years, either - they are very similar to existing designer dresses, but for $200-$300 less!

How do you find the perfect prom dress under $100? Here are some great tips that will help you pick the right one:

- Visit your local dress shop and get your latest, up-to-date measurements. That way you'll know exactly what to look for on the internet. Getting your body measured costs nothing and takes 10 minutes or less. Now you'll be armed with the info you need to get the right prom dress.

- If you're not honest with yourself about your measurements, you're only fooling yourself. Of course your measurements are a very private thing, but you have to listen to your body and get the right dress that FITS YOU WELL. I know I want to look my best when I wear a dress - I want to be beautiful, confident, sexy, and make my guy's eyes pop out. I want him to say, "wow". I can't do that if my dress is too tight, too short or long, or if it doesn't fit me well.

- Picking a dress that matches your personality is probably the most important aspect of truly looking your best. You don't want your friends or the other girls saying, "wow, she's usually so xxxx, and tonight she's dressed like yyyy". Be who you are, and make sure your dress reflects that. Shy girls shouldn't wear loud, bright, skimpy dresses - all they'll do is feel uncomfortable. Girls who are tall should wear one style, short ones another. Skinny gils don't look good if they're lost in a bunch of fabric, and heavier girls may not want to wear tight dresses that don't give them room to relax and feel good. You know what suits you and is best, now go for it!

- Think about your complexion and the makeup you normally wear, day to day. You know the colors that suit you best. Visiting a makeup consultant in the mall wouldn't hurt, either. When shopping online for a dress, keep in mind the colors that suit you well, not just the most eye-catching ones. Again, the more natural your dress makes you look and feel, the more you will radiate beauty and confidence at your prom.

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