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									Nina Kaczorowski
Polish-American actress Nina Kaczorowski (pronounced catch-a-row-ski), is one of Hollywood's fastest rising stars to make her mark in Tinseltown with a list of film credits that most people just dream about. Nina K, as she is better known, has combined her exotic European chiseled model looks and spit-fire personality to land roles in blockbusters such as AUSTIN POWERS 3, MINORITY REPORT and PEARL HARBOR. She has also graced the covers and pages of the world's top fashion magazine, most recently RAMP Magazine. She has additional roles in high profile films such as ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, TOMCATS, and having just completed a meaty role opposite "The Rock" in the action film HELLDORADO, directed by Peter Berg, Nina K is well on her way to becoming a real household name. Born into a large family from Lodz, Poland, Nina K moved to Texas when she was six. But her upbringing was traditionally Polish. She didn't even speak English until she was six years old. Nina K is so proud of her Polish roots that if anyone asks her about her background, she proudly says she is Polish, through and through. The lure of performing came early when Nina K grew up watching and imitating kung-fu movies with her father, before graduating to school plays as a young girl. "When I was about 11, I announced to my parents one day that I was going to be an actor. My father was working for Maxwell House and my mother was a homemaker. They both looked at me the same way they did when I ran around the house karate-chopping the furniture in our house --- like I was nuts," she recall with a laugh. A bit of a tomboy growing up, Nina K started posing for the camera doing photo shoots around Houston and Dallas as a teenager. Initially, Nina K embarked on doing print work as an innocent form of rebellion against her strict European, Catholic upbringing. However, she achieved instant success with her lean body and stunning looks and before she knew it, she was living in New York City as one of Wilhelmina's most sought after models. In Texas, she also worked as a stuntwoman so she could stay in the loop when she wasn't working on as an actress on a project. "I was such a tomboy as a teenager," she admits. "While all the other girls (models) were prancing around in their designer dresses, I was into big baggy t-shirts and my favorite pair of jeans. I still prefer to wear jeans, given the choice, but I have worked with some amazing designers, so I now appreciate fashion," the beauty explains modestly. Soon after that, Nina K began booking national television commercials and her acting coach at the time encouraged her to move to Hollywood. She packed her bags and made the big move out West. It wasn't long before the Polish model landed a stint in ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA with Jet Li. That was followed by a part opposite Billy Bob Thorton in Sam Raimi's A SIMPLE PLAN. Her dreams of "overnight" success were clouded by the fierce competition that actor's face once in Tinseltown. But Nina K was never 'out of the loop' for long. She continued landing parts in films such as TOMCATS, (as the cheating wife who messes around with Jake Busey's character) PEARL HARBOR, COYOTE UGLY, A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLENGENCE and MINORITY REPORT (as the virtual reality girl). "The experience I got right off the bat working on such major films really taught me a lot about acting, about being on a set and how the whole movie making process works. It also taught me that just because you land a role in a film, doesn't mean you will actually be in the film," she explains. "I wound up on the cutting room floor in a few of the films," she admits goodheartedly. Regardless, the beautiful budding actress is hard to miss. And you can't miss Nina K in AUSTIN POWERS 3, where she played Goldmember's henchwoman with bright orange hair who seduces Michael Caine so that Goldmember can kidnap him. This fall, Nina K can be seen in the action adventure HELLDORADO starring Christopher Walken and "The Rock". Monday through Friday Nina K is the woman featured in the opening sketch on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". She is also currently forming her own production company and has several projects in development. When Nina K isn't in front of the camera, she spends her free time motor biking, skiing, swimming, golfing and honing her Stage Combat techniques.

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