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					Autumn 2009
TG4‘s documentaries have been among the channel‘s most acclaimed programmes over the years, winning praise for their range, perspective, edge and innovation. The combination of new and original material from Ireland alongside a selection of the best international documentaries, (often from a non-Anglophile perspective) has connected with the audience and won awards at home and abroad.

This the generic title for a series of TG4 documentaries comprising specially commissioned half-hour programmes that are highly personal in nature and often show a more hidden side of Irish life. Programmes concentrate on people more than on issues and this allows participants to tell their own story in their own ways.
9.30pm Sundays from September 20th
repeated Tuesdays 8pm)

Early season programmes include:

Ar Oscailt

20 Sept 2009

An intimate portrayal of three shopkeepers and the role they play within their communities. Traditionally the shop has acted as a focal point for the local community whilst serving its specific needs. This programme features a rural village shopkeeper, an artisan shopkeeper in a bustling town and a Gaeltacht family-run supermarket. Gallaghers of Gaoth Dobhair brings true meaning to the term "Family Business". Whether filling your car with petrol, your trolley with groceries or your head with local gossip, you will invariably encounter a Gallagher. Peter Ward has been providing the town of Nenagh with speciality goods and services for the past ten years from his outlet Country Choice and believes his way is the way of the future. Siopa Uí Luing and the post office attached to it have been serving the people of Ventry since the 1870‘s but their survival now rests on the success of a new scheme. Through their personal stories and daily lives we gain an insight into the role of the shopkeeper in contemporary Ireland. In a business where success is measured by profits, for whom does the till toll? Produced by El Zorrero, David Clarke – – 085-7206653


Solas 27 Sept 2009
There is hardly a family in Ireland that hasn‘t been affected by depression in some way or another. ‗Solas‘ takes a look at a ground breaking initiative, taking place in Donegal. A group of people suffering from depression are helping each other through a combination of walking, talking and listening. Based on an Australian model, ‗Solas‘ is helping to bring people out of the darkness into the light. We hear their stories of depression and isolation and how simple human contact and exposure to the beauty of Donegal is helping to bring joy back into their lives. Produced by Seanchas Productions Johnny White – 087-2351985

Tragóid KLM

4 Oct 2009 The tragic story of the rescue attempts for flight KLM 607 from Amsterdam to New York that crashed into the sea 100 miles west of the Galway coast in August 1958, killing all 99 people on board. At the time, it was one of the worst ever air crashes in Europe and left a pall of sadness, not just on the families of those who were lost, but on the scores of Irish men and women who took part in the search and rescue attempts. This is their story – from the Aran Island fishermen to the airaccident investigators. Produced by Nemeton Teo, Contact Fiona Ní Fhathaigh 058-46499



11 Oct 2009 The unusual tale of a Mayo farmer, caught in a time warp. He lives alone with his sheepdog ‗Cracker‘ in a small Portacabin beside a ruin of the house in which he was reared by his two aunts. He refuses to comply with the modern-day rigours of conventional farming. He is a quiet man with a stout figure, nearly always seen puffing his pipe and with a smile that immediately reassures you of his childlike innocence. In all of his sixty seven years he has never left his home in north-west Mayo. His love for animals has paradoxically been his greatest cause of strife. Jailed numerous times in the recent past, he is something of a quiet renegade with a different approach to life. Produced by Cahill Media Contact Jim Cahill – 045-899289


Na Zimmers

18 Oct 2009 A profile of the three Irish-speaking members of one of the oldest bands in the world – the Londonbased Zimmers. The three, Máire Ní Chathasaigh, Anne Ní Mhionacháin and John Ó Caomhánaigh give us a unique insight on being elderly, Irish and living in one of the biggest cities in the western world. This is a revealing and heartfelt documentary that delves what life is like for the many elderly Irish living in the UK. But it also provides us with an intimate portrait of three Irish pensioners whose twilight years in London have been enriched through the magic of music and the comfort of community. The Zimmers are reportedly the oldest band in the world. The lead singer Alf is 90 and the oldest member, Buster, is 101. In all, there are over twenty members, the average age is 78 and most members sing as part of the backing choir. Like most of the Irish living in the UK, all of the three participants say they'd always like to return to Ireland on a permanent basis. Produced by Hawkeye Films, Contact Dónal Haughey 091-638219


Molly Keane- Faobhar ar a Guth

25 Oct 2009 A profile of one of Ireland‘s most prolific –and sometimes neglected – author of the last century. Her output, sometimes under the pen-name M J Farrell was prodigious. At the time of her death in 1981, she had begun to receive some attention for her late novel Good Behaviour. A native of Kildare, she spent much of here life in Ardmore in west Waterford. In this programme journalist and author, Catherine Foley, also a native of west Waterford goes in search of Molly Keane and with the help of friends and critics, sets her literary reputation in context. Produced by Forefront Productions, Contact Rose Ann Foley – – 0866094563

John 3:7 1 November 2009
The story of Frank Hogan, one of Ireland‘s most televised figures – he‘s the man standing behind the goal at most big sports events, holding a big yellow board. In sunshine and in rain, he stands proud with his sign exhorting us to read the Gospel. He is an institution but this moving profile tells the human story behind the legend. Frank has had a varied life – from the high of running a highly successful tailoring firm in Limerick serving the great and the good from the world of show business to devestation in his personal life. He found God and set about bringing the message to others through his distinctive hoarding display at major GAA matches and other sporting and concert events. He is sometimes derided and mocked but he is also held in great affection by sports fans. Produced by Meangadh Fíbín, 593822 Contact Treasa Bhreathnach 091-

Tarraingt Tarracóirí 8 Nov 2009
Happiness is found in unusual places. For some men it is a rusted heap of metal involving pistons, head gaskets, crankshafts and draughty sheds and loving them back to life and then driving noisily through highways and byways at 5mph following a line of your friends. This is an affectionate

insight into the world of vintage tractors and the men who restore them and of what might be a particularly Irish manifestation of the male mid-life crisis. Produced by Esras Teoranta, Contact 01-2881939

An Portach

15 Nov 2009 A programme that does not attempt to take the man out of the bog. Quite the opposite! The programme explores the different relationships between men, women and this unique aspect of the Irish landscape. The programme chronicles the experience of various Connemara residents who derive fulfillment from the bogs for all sorts of reasons – some of them turf-cutters, other moorland walkers and a poet and an artist who tries to capture the magic of the moors in words or on canvas. This is an intimate and is a visual journey into the lives of various people and their relationship to the bogs of Connemara. Produced by Hawkeye Films, Contact Dónal Haughey – 091-638219


Saol faoi Thalamh

22 Nov 2009 This is the story of the last generation of men to work the Arigna Mines in Co Roscommon. Leaving school as young as 13 or 14 young lads were enticed by the wealthy trappings of the miner‘s lifestyle and the fact that the teenage miners were the envy of their peers – but it was a dangerous and unhealthy life and bred a heavy drinking culture. When the mines closed in 1990, a 400-year tradition ended and it was feared that the area would fall into decline. However, the opening of a mining museum in recent years signalled a new start for the Arigna community; a community that is still living off the mountain! In addition to personal reminiscence, the use of archive footage builds a picture of life inside and outside the mine. It is a story of perseverance through adversity culminating in decline and closure but renewal also. Produced by Soupstone Productions, Contact: 048-82249451


Clann Lughaidh

29 Nov 2009 Three women, still the best of friends, who met on the train to the St Louis School in Monaghan over sixty years ago on their way to becoming ‗Lady Boarders‘. In a trip down memory lane, the women walk the corridors that left such an impression on them, remembering the mischief they got up to, the music and sport, the food parcels from home, and all the prayers that were said. The programme is enhanced by fabulous contemporary film footage from the National Film Archive, showing the school beside a sparkling lake, the nuns in their full habits, the girls marching and drilling. The three women tell their story with great energy and humour. They look back on their school days with great fondness, and particularly the good care the Sisters took of them, and the high standards they set before letting them off into the world. The documentary marks the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the St Louis sisters in Ireland from France. Produced by Aerga Productions, Contact Orlaith Carmody, 041 9829673


6 Dec 2009 The writer and broadcaster John Quinn visits his birthplace in Co. Meath, and takes us on an emotional and observational journey into the village as it was and the rural suburb of Dublin it has become. Having described his youth in his acclaimed book Goodnight Ballivor I‘ll sleep in Trim ― (an alleged tramp‘s curse on the village), for the first time in fifty-five years he steps literally into his old home – due for demolition and talks about home, belonging and the emotional attractions of place in peoples` lives. The archive footage of the village street from the late fifties, when people gathered for carnival day and the footage of Friesian cattle walking along the same street in the mid seventies now seem to belong to a different world entirely. Produced by Hawkeye Films, Contact Dónal Haughey – 091-638219


Caillte i nGarraí an Iascaire 13 Dec 2009
The dramatic story of a drowning tragedy in which three Kerry fishermen perished in October 1959, fifty years ago. The film, in bringing together contemporary footage, music and archive with the memories of the living, will stand as a poignant memorial to these three men. On the afternoon of October 3rd 1959, Diarmuid Jerry Johnny Ó Flatharta was in his field at Clochar near Dún Chaoin, digging potatoes. Money was scarce and the prospect of earning a few pounds from a night‘s mackerel fishing was an enticing one but turned to tragedy as Jerry Johnny and his two fishing companions, Micheál Buaidhléir and Pats Devane perished. No bodies were ever recovered, just an upturned boat, its nets full of mackerel. Produced by Woodend Productions, Contact Peter Carr – 026-45702


Ar Ancaire

20 Dec 2009 John Beag Ó Flaithearta is a legendary figure in the musical development of singing in Irish culture – he has been variously described as the Johnny Cash of Connemara and acclaimed as the founder and best known exponent of the country and Gaeltacht genre of singing. His songs of heartbreak, longing for home, alienation and the tough life of the exiled navvy are popular throughout Ireland and among the emigrant Gaeltacht communities in the UK and North America. This programme chronicles John Beag as he faces a personal and artistic crossroads in his life his wife and mother of his son has passed away and he has returned from Chicago to make a new life with his son in his own native place, in Foirnis in Leitir Mealláin in Connemara. He is also going back to the recording studio for the first time in years. Produced by Sónta Teo, Contact Seán Ó Cualáin – 095-33943


Bóthar go dtí an White House

6 x 25’

From the producers of the acclaimed Mobs Mheiriceá, comes a brand new documentary series that chronicles the significant and colourful Irish contribution to US politics, from Tammany Hall to the White House. Taking the huge influx of Irish people into America after the Famine as the starting point, the series tracks the rich and sometimes controversial impact made by the Irish to the US political system at all levels. Filmed on location in Boston, Washington, New York and elsewhere, this series narrates the story of the Irish who battled through poverty until they succeeded in accessing the political establishment, up to the crowning achievement of having one of their own elected to the highest office of all and resident of The White House. It features contributions from Pulitzer Prize winning authors such as Robert Caro and Jack Beatty. Each programme in the 6 part series tells the story of a unique and powerful Irish-American, a politician whose ancestors came to America as impoverished Irish immigrants. The Irish Diaspora was the first immigrant group in the US to seize upon politics as a means of making a living and left an indelible mark on the American political landscape which still resonates today. The series opens (24/09/09) in New York in the mid 1800's with the story of Richard 'Boss' Croker who became one of the most powerful Irish immigrant politicians in American history. Born in Blackrock, Co. Cork in 1843, Croker would go on to lead one of the most powerful political organisations in New York, Tammany Hall. But corruption and scandal would follow Croker throughout his career and would eventually bring about his downfall. Croker and Tammany Hall represent the beginnings of the Irish political machines in American cities but if the Irish were to be truly successful in American politics they would have to move beyond local politics and onto bigger stages. The second programme (1/10/09) tells the story of Alfred E Smith who, in 1928, was the first Roman Catholic and Irish-American to run for the Presidency of the United States. Smith, a son of Irish Immigrants, was a true man of the people. He was elected Governor of New York four times and he transformed New York into the most progressive city in America, laying the groundwork for much of Roosevelt's 'New Deal' programs. But America was not ready to elect an Irish-American to the White House and in 1928 Smith was the target of much anti-Catholic bigotry. His loss in the Presidential election cast a shadow over Irish-American politicians for a generation. Programme 3 (08/10/09) brings us to Kansas City in the 1900‘s where we recall the birth of one of the

most influential political machines in US history, The Prendergast Machine. Boss Tom Prendergast took control of Kansas City during the Roaring Twenties and he played a pivotal role in nominating Roosevelt to the Presidency in 1932. His connections with the Roosevelt administration allowed him to use 'New Deal' money to cement his rule over Kansas City. Prendergast was the man who put Harry S Truman on the road to the White House, but his memory is tainted somewhat by his financial affairs and by his conviction and jailing on tax avoidance charges. President Truman stood by him but caused controversy by attending his funeral in 1945. The series continues in programme 4 (15/10/09) in Boston with the story of James Michael Curley. Twice jailed while serving in office but beloved by his constituents, Curley‘s career is the stuff of legend. His rise from the slums of Boston to the pinnacle of city politics represented both the triumph of IrishAmericans and the birth of a divisive politics of ethnic and religious polarization. For over four decades he would shoehorn the green issue into everything, and he rose on a green tide. But Curley's politics spoke to an older generation of Irish-American voters and by the end of the 1940's the Irish were more interested in looking to the future instead of the past.

Programme 5 (22/10/09) reminds us that Chicago has always been a stronghold of Irish politics and the man who personified Irish rule in Chicago was Richard J, Daley. Daley was the last of the great urban bosses and to this day remains one of the most controversial figures in American politics. He was hailed by some as "the pre-eminent mayor of the 20th century", and reviled by others as a despot and reactionary. Daley played a determining role in the 1960 election that saw John F. Kennedy elected to the White House and today his legacy is carried on by his son, Richard M Daley, who is the current Mayor of Chicago. Together the two Daleys have ruled the city for over half a century. The final chapter, (29/10/2009) of this series looks at one of the most powerful families in American politics, the Kennedys. Their story is a summation of the Irish-American experience. Kennedy's ancestors came to America during the Famine, worked as labourers and got into politics through the saloon business. John F. Kennedy's election in 1960 as the first, and only, Catholic President of the United States was a watershed moment in American history and the culmination of an epic journey that began three generations earlier in Dunganstown, Co. Wexford. Kennedy overcame religious, ethnic, and cultural barriers on the road to the White House paving the way for future candidates from minority backgrounds. The Kennedy clan‘s influence endures, even after the death in August 2009 of two of the President‘s siblings, Eunice Shriver and the legendary veteran Senator Edward Kennedy.

The Series is directed by Dathaí Keane and produced by Bríd and Eileen Seoighe of Abú Media. Contact: Eileen Seoighe 091-505100
TG4 Thursdays @ 10pm from 24 September
repeated Mondays 10.55pm



(4 x 40’)

A landmark series that explores the history of the Border and the remarkable story of how that fateful line was drawn on the map of Ireland, almost ninety years ago. It delivers a portrait of the Border as a political and cultural totem, a powerful landmark and a persisting influence on our consciousness for almost three generations. This is a timely series at a pivotal moment in the relationship between north and south. It delves into the mindset and crucial deliberations of the Boundary Commissioners who drew up the Border. It explores the history of the border and tracks its impact on the social, cultural, economic and artistic lives of those who have lived along both sides of a line first drawn on a map more than eighty-five years ago. Historians and commentators provide the narrative, drawing also on archive sources and intriguing reenactments while ordinary people and local voices chronicle the living experience. This is a lavish and highly produced series with stunning aerial and landscape photography as well as rare archive material. Produced by Double Band, contact Fiona Kean, 04890-243331 TG4 Wednesdays @ 9.30pm from 4th November


Rapairí (6 x 25’)

Profiles of six legendary Irish action men of the 18th and 19th centuries who gave a new word to the language - the famed ‗raparees‖ of song and story. Their lifestyles and defiance of the law and of British rule saw them branded as robbers, highwaymen and/or ‗terrorists‘ by the Establishment. To their own people they were heroes who lived by their wits, defied the odds and were sheltered and hidden in valleys and glens, sometimes evading capture for years. In each programme, a local expert throws light on a name that has lived on and the life and exploits (both real and exaggerated) that made it famous. We‘ll hear the real story and the making of a legend. Subjects include Dudley Costello of Mayo, Ned of the Hill/ Éamonn an Chnoic of Tipperary, Redmond O’Hanlon of Armagh, Cathair na gCapall of Portarlington, James Freney of Kilkenny, George McNamara and Michael Collier of County Meath. Produced by Scun Scan, Contact: Scun Scan Teo – Dónall Ó Maolfabhail – – 0469430392
TG4 Thursdays @ 10pm from 12 November repeated Mondays 10.55pm


A season of especially selected documentaries that probe the major global issues, often seen from a nonAnglophile perspective, acquired and revoiced into Irish. This is the channel‘s acclaimed súil eile (another perspective) being trained on world issues in the areas of environment, human rights, social justice, cultures under pressure; and emerging or controversial sciences.
TG4 Thursdays @ 10.30pm from 24 September
repeated Sundays 11.30pm

Produced for TG4 by Rosg Teo. Contact: Ciarán 091 553951 Upcoming programmes in the new season include: The Growing Anger of Hunger From the beginning of the year the producers of this programme have been travelling the earth from the places affected by the food crisis to those where the world‘s leaders debate on it, with one question in mind: ―Is this crisis temporary? Will we find an answer to it?‖ On behalf of Ibrahima Diop, the Senegalese farmer we‘ve been following since 2005, and of all those affected by the food crisis, we‘re investigating throughout the world; investigating the fate of the 860 million starving people, victims of Western subsidies and the crisis in Cameroon, Haiti‘s dependence, speculation in Thailand, Mega Food Parks coming up in India… and investigating the role of those with decision-making powers during meetings of the World Bank and several heads of States throughout the FAO, G8, WTO, and European Summits.


Africa Rising The scandal of Ethiopia is that, like much of Africa, it‘s a potentially rich country with enormous resources: what has never been recognised, until now, is that the solution to its dilemma lies in the hands of its own people. This programme features a great experiment taking place in Ethiopia which, if successful, could change the face of the continent. This spectacular one-hour documentary targets a large region of the country devastated by drought and famine. However, there is something extraordinary happening: without any help from Western aid workers, almost a quarter of a million people are battling to take themselves out of poverty. Can they succeed and, if so, could this signal the answer to Africa‘s seemingly unending despair? With a cast of thousands, our film will open the eyes of the world to a new dawn............. Africans solving Africa‘s needs themselves. Hollywood Goes Green When we talk about the film industry, it‘s not just a figure of speech: movie making is a full-scale industry. The Hollywood dream machine is an assembly line that churns out movies, TV series and loads of waste. According to a study by the University of California, over 140,000 tons of pollutants are spewed out each year by movie trucks, generators and special-effects explosions. In the wake of Al Gore‘s highly successful film, An Inconvenient Truth, more dramas, documentaries and TV programs than ever before are focusing on environmental issues. As Hollywood‘s big players become increasingly environmentally conscious, they are doing their best to transform the movie business into a model green industry. This programme examines the new greening mode in Hollywood film making, moving back and forth between what happens on the screen and behind the scenes, meeting people who are trying to make the industry more pollution conscious. It looks at the ways industry players are trying to lessen their environmental footprint on our endangered planet.


Ticket to Paradise A touching, tragic and at times humorous tale of strong, decisive women who see themselves as entrepreneurs in a globalized world rather than victims of poverty and prostitution. They make great sacrifices and take high risks when they leave their children behind and travel half way around the world to marry complete strangers. In north east Thailand lays a small village with two types of families: Those who have a daughter married to a Westerner and those who have not. The first live in concrete mansions the latter in wooden shacks. Sommai was the first to leave the village. Now she is back with her Danish husband wearing gold chains around her wrists. Girls flock around her, all hoping that she will help them find a husband, as she has done for many others. Hand in hand with their mothers they approach her with pictures she can distribute to willing men when she goes back home. The Specialists Meet a man whose personal tragedy initiates a chance for a group of people on the edge of society. Thorkil is head of a major company when his son is diagnosed with autism. He realises that although his son has many talents, his future prospects of getting a job are really limited. So Thorkil quits his job and founds the world's first company that only hires people with autism. Thorkil is met with a lot of good will but to get contracts on board in the commercial industry is extremely difficult. The film follows Thorkil's struggle for his dream, his company and his son. Thorkil‘s employees have working skills such as perseverance, accuracy, regularity and excellent memory. One of the employees is Adam. He is extremely talented at locating errors in the mobile phones. But in order to cope at a normal workplace one also needs social competences.
TG4 Thursdays @ 10.30pm repeated Sundays 11.30pm

Produced for TG4 by Rosg Teo. Contact: Ciarán 091 553951


Ceol na nOileán
‗‘ If there was a great gale blowing from the West and you were in the house playing music, you would not hear any wind.‘‘ Pól Mac Ruairí describes the advantages of being a musician on Tory island in one of the programmes in this new, six-part series that explores the particular musical culture of Ireland‘s islands. Each programme gives an insight into the musical history of the various islands, how it has evolved over the years and the strength of that tradition at present. Images of the islands‘ environment enhance the sentiment of the music and songs, with the unique physical landscape providing an effective and attractive context. As well as contributions from musicians, singers and dancers native to the various islands, the programmes feature people with particular interest in and knowledge of the musical tradition of the islands. Archive material of various kinds features strongly in each programme and the islands featured are: The Aran Islands, Inishbofin and Ceantar na nOileán in Galway, The Great Blasket in Kerry, Achill in Mayo and Tory Island in Donegal. Among the participants are Deirdre Ní Chonghaile, Treasa Ní Mhiolláin, Clann Ui Mhaoilchiaráin, An Dr Ríonach Ui Ógáin, Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé, Áine Ui Laoithe agus Eibhlín Ní Chearna, Peatsaí Dan Mac Ruairí, An Dr. Lillis Ó Laoire, The Keel Pipe Band, Des Mc Cafferky and Noel O‘Grady, Dessie O‘Halloran, Sharon Shannon, Máirtín Tom Sheáinín, Nan Tom Taimín, Máire Áine Ní Iarnáin as well as the late Ciarán Ó Con Cheanainn. Produced for TG4 by Scannáin Dobharchú. Contact: Máirín
TG4 Sundays @ 10pm from 20th September

091 592533


Series Running Order 1. The Aran Islands 20/09/09 ‗‘ There was no point in wasting the music unless it was danced to.‘‘ Micheál Ó hAlmhain describes aspects of the music of the Aran Islands. Other participants include the Mulkerrin Brothers, Deirdre Ní Chonghaile, Lasarfhíona Ní Chonghaile, P J Ó Flaithearta, Clann Ui Iarnáin and Treasa Ní Mhiolláin. 2. The Great Blasket Island 27/09/09 ‗‘Music was an integral part of island life. It was like eating, like sleeping.‘‘ Fergal Mac Amhlaoibh describes the importance of music on the Great Blasket Island. Other participants include Dr Ríonach Uí Ógáin, Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé, Áine Ui Laoithe, Eilín Ní Chearna agus Aoife Granville. 3. Tory Island 04/10/09 ‗‘ If there was a great gale blowing from the West and you were in the house playing music, you would not hear any wind.‘‘ Pól Mac Ruairí describes the advantages of being a musician on Tory. Other participants include Lillis Ó Laoire,Treasa Nic Laifeartaigh, Noel Ó Dúgáin, Peatsaí Dan Mac Ruairí, dancers and young singers from the island. 4. Achill 11/10/09

‗‘ You get serious goosebumps as you march into the Church if your band is going well‘‘ Piper Conal
Mc Namara describes playing with an Achill pipe band on St. Patrick‘s Day. Other participants include Seán Mac Conmara, Cáit Nic Suibhne, the Corraun Strawboys, Donncha Óg Ó Gallchobhair, Des Mc Cafferky and the Keel Pipe Band.

5. Inishbofin 18/10/09 ‗‘ I always get this great feeling going to Bofin – it‘s like going home.‘‘ Sharon Shannon describes the attraction Inisbofin holds for her. Other participants include Mary Staunton, Dessie and Vincent O Halloran, Reg Hall, the Inisbofin Céili Band, Geraldine, Peadar and Liam King. 6. Ceantar na nOileán (Conamara) 25/10/09

―It is said that islanders have great rhythm. My theory is that they are greatly influenced by the rhythm of the sea and the sweet music of the birds that can be heard on an island.‘‘ Meaití Joe
Shéamuis who is one of the participants in this progamme as well as Nan Tom Taimín, Máirtín Tom Shéainín, Johnny and Cóil Connolly, Máire Áine Ní Iarnáin, Seán Óg Ó Flaithearta, Fionn Ó Céide agus Micheál Seoighe.


Cérbh É?
A series of musical journeys in which a prominent traditional musician explores the life and heritage of a major figure from a previous generation - an influence on the presenter‘s own music and that of thousands of others. Today‘s traditional musicians often cite the debt they owe to the generations that went before them. Names such as Willie Clancy and Joe Cooley are often mentioned with reverence at sessions and concerts but for many listeners, these are just names in the mist. Who were these men and why are they so important in the story of traditional music? In this series, some of the top names of today‘s scene go to find out more about their musical hero. With the help of archive material and in conversation (both verbal and musical) with other musicians who knew or were influenced by the subject, we get a greater appreciation of the artist and his heritage. The full line-up is: Tony MacMahon follows in the steps of Joe Cooley (accordion). Paddy Glackin (fiddle) follows in the steps of Tommy Potts (fiddle). Peter Browne follows in the steps of Willie Clancy (pipes). Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh in the steps of Denis Murphy (fiddle). Paul McGratten in the steps of Josie McDermott (flute). Iarla Ó Lionáird in the steps of Darach Ó Catháin (singer).
TG4 Sundays @ 10pm from 8 November
repeated Fridays 8pm

Produced by Sibéal Teoranta. Contact Niamh Ní Bhaoill 066 91 52555

Amhráin is Ansa Liom
An important new series which uncovers some of the mysteries of sean-nós singing by listening to the best singers from the living tradition as they talk about their art and sing some of their favourite songs.

Presented by Antaine Ó Faracháin (an award winning singer and expert on sean-nós), each of 20 programmes in the series introduces us to a prominent sean-nós singer who talks about the songs that have captured his/her imagination and brought success. Guests also reveal which other singers influence them and talk about their local heritage of song, how they source songs, and about how they decide which songs best suit their individual style. The highlight of each half-hour programme is a performance by the singer of the favourite songs from his/her store.
TG4 Wednesdays @ 8pm from 4 November


A real example of súil eile as TG4 again brings live coverage of the traditional step dancing competition from Oireachtas na Gaeilge, the annual cultural festival, being held this year in Letterkenny. An art form in decline until recent years, sean-nós dancing is currently undergoing a huge revival. This is an exuberant, free style form of individual dancing for men and women and boys and girls of all ages and sizes, from under 16 upwards. The emphasis here is on flair and self-expression in a form of traditional Irish dancing that is very far removed from the uniforms, curly wigs and regulated steps of other regimented forms of Irish dancing. TG4‘s live coverage of this competition, inaugurated a few years ago has become a run-away success and a real audience-grabber as it conveys the fun and energy of this old pastime that really connects with the contemporary audience. Presented by Joe Ó Dónaill.
TG4 Saturday 31st October @3.30pm


Ceol Daniel
A series of concerts from Kincasslagh‘s favourite son – and the Mammy‘s darling throughout Ireland and the UK. In addition to the concerts – in which Daniel demonstrates his unique ability to woo an audience with soft ballads, gospel songs and natural charm – the series will broadcast a new set of interviews with him in which he looks back at this amazing career and at the good times and bad of a life on the road. Produced by Gaelmedia. Contact Christy King 091-592888
TG4 Thursdays 8pm from 19 November


Rásaí na Gaillimhe
(7 x 40’)

A major new Irish language contemporary comedy drama series set against the background of one of Ireland‘s most famous - and notorious - sporting and social festival – Galway Race Week. The rich backdrop of Ireland's most successful race meeting is the perfect setting for the unfolding drama of dodgy schemes, misplaced dreams, wanton excesses & outright sin. The seven deadly sins, Pride, Gluttony, Envy, Lust, Sloth, Wrath and Greed are all present and incorrect in this darkly humorous saga and each sin is themed in one of the episodes. During race week, the characters paths interconnect and merge as each one embarks on a personal odyssey. By the end of this week, the characters have influenced and profoundly changed each other's lives and some will find their entire existence has been altered forever. The DE BARRA Brothers are a set of criminal siblings from Donegal who have decided to stage a daring robbery at the famous Festival. The ultimate target is an oblivious bookie EOIN BOLAND who happens to be having a very successful and eventful week. LIAM REILLY is a jockey who is fed up of throwing up and throwing races. In a controversial race, he refuses to follow the dubious instructions of horse-owner NOEL LACEY, with far-reaching consequences. A middleclass mother SINÉAD O’CONNELL has re-invented herself as a high class prostitute in her suburban Galway home. Corrupt politician ULTAN KEANE is attracting unwanted bad press to his party in an election year. Under pressure and scrutiny, he welcomes a break in his home constituency of Galway. A frustrated local policewoman AOIFE, bored with her repetitive menial duties, keeps a keen and inquisitive eye on the bad deeds and illegal acts of the other characters. Yet, she's just as capable of committing a few illicit deeds herself, in the name of ambition.

Filmed on location in Galway, the series has a wonderful cast including Don Wycherley, Tom Ó Súilleabháin, Ruth Bradley, Frankie Mc Cafferty, Dairíne Ní Dhonnchú, Séamus Moran, Owen Wehrly, Seán T. Ó Meallaigh, Hughie McGarvey, Eoin Mac Diarmada, Owen Roe, Gavin O’Connor, J.D. Kelleher, Charlotte Bradley, Donncha Crowley, Michael Patric, Áine Ní Dhroighneáin and Eoghan Ó Riada.

This major production received funding from the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland‘s Sound and Vision scheme and support from Bord Scannán na hÉireann/The Irish Film Board and from the Section 481 tax relief schemes operated the Irish Government. Contact: Tricia Perrot, Great Western Films 01-8226039


(Pride comes before a fall)
Government Minister Ultan Keane and his driver Creed rush to get to Galway for the opening of the Races; Horse trainer Noel Lacey argues with his jockey Liam Reilly about how his prize horse will perform; Sinéad and Eamonn devise the quickest way to dig themselves out of crippling debt; Bookie Eoin Boland prepares for his busiest week of the year and three hapless brothers, the De Barras, make their way to Galway to make a fast buck…by stealing it; and Garda Aoife Ní Chaoimh dreams she‘ll get a chance to do somethng other than direct traffic ! TG4 9.30pm Wed 23rd Sept Ep 2 Dé Máirt – Craos

Ep 1: Dé Luain – Uabhar

(Gluttony begets Hunger)

Minister Keane begs his loyal driver Creed to help him out of the bind he finds himself in…and they bury the body in a bog. Noel and his sister Denise anxiously wait for Liam to recover from his fall, so they can ensure he doesn‘t spill the beans on them. The De Barra‘s rob a Chinese Restaurant, for some ready cash…and a hot meal, a plan almost foiled by the unsuspecting Aoife! All end the day arriving at a hotel in the city, to be met with a gruesome surprise from the sky! TG4 9.30pm Wed 30th Sept

Envy is counting another man’s blessings

Ep 3 Dé Céadaoin - Éad

Aoife instantly assumes control of the investigation into Liam Reilly‘s death, only to be cut out by her unappreciative boss. Noel insists on attending the Races, despite being in mourning, and unexpectedly wins the Plate with a nag. A young woman Ciara reports her boyfriend missing to Aoife. Donegal criminal Tarrant heads to Galway in pursuit of De Barras who robbed him. The Galway crimelord demands his dues from Sinéad for working on his patch. Keane & Creed see Ciara on the telelvision appealing for her missing boyfriend. TG4 9.30pm Wed 7th Oct Ep 4: Déardaoin – Leisce

Sloth be’eth the Devil’s pillow
Ladies Day at the Races and everyone turns up to enjoy the view! Aoife risks all to sneak a look at the Liam Reilly case files. Noel is beginning to crack and Denise threatens to abandon him if he doesn‘t pull himself together. Creed persuades Keane to get friendly with the lovely Ciara to find out what she knows about the accident. Aoife finds out some intersting information about a suspect bet on Liam‘s horse in the race on Monday. After Liam‘s removal, Minister Keane receives a surprising anonymous note! TG4 9.30pm Wed 14th Oct

Lust can’t getteth no satisfaction
Sinéad violently turns the tides on a mysterious masked assailant threatening her. Keane and Creed try to narrow down the suspects who might know their secret, so Keane gets to know Ciara Power very well! Aoife finds out about Sinéad and interviews her about the night Liam died. Eoin is not allowing the presence of his young daighter Áine to cramp his sexual exploits! Éamonn tries to scare the wrong man away from Sinead…and digs her deeper into trouble. At

Ep 5: Dé hAoine - Drúis

Liam‘s funeral Noel hears some bad news and decides to make a run for it…but his sister Denise simply will not let him abandon her TG4 TG4 9.30pm Wed 21st Oct

Ep 6 Dé Sathairn - Fearg Anger be’eth a stone cast into a wasp’s nest
Aoife & Dave make a gruesome discovery when they arrive to interview Noel Lacey. Keane, seething over his blackmailer, tries to get laid to get his mind off it but with no success. Mannix gives Sinéad an ultimatum if she ever wants to see Éamonn again. Aoife gets sent to a rural checkpoint to keep out of trouble, but she finds herself in the thick it…meeting the real Creed, the wayward De Barras in a stolen car…and a body in a bog, not to mention being asked out on a date! TG4 9.30pm Wed 28th Oct


Ep 7 Dé Domhnaigh - Saint Greed be’eth the foundation of all evil
Aoife finds a piece of evidence near Rory Halpin‘s body. Creed calms Keane about the discovery of the body but is insistent that he pay off the blackmailer soon – the drop-off is at the Races today. The De Barra‘s raid Eoin Boland‘s house to rob him but are in for a disappointing surprise! Aoife sees Minister Keane at the hotel and puts it all together. Sinéad decides to take control and springs Éamonn from Mannix‘s, leavng a trail of destruction as they flee. At the Races, Keane & Creed, the De Barra‘s, Boland and Aoife all converge on the VIP tent at the same time, and mayem ensues as Aoife tries to achieve her ambition and solve all the crimes in one fell swoop…but she hasn‘t reckoned on her crooked boss Páidí ! TG4 9.30pm Wed 4h November


Ros na Rún (Season 14)
The tv drama series/soap that portrays the real Ireland. A regular eye-full of goings on in this village proves that there is more to rural Ireland than farm subsidies and eco-tourism. The new series kicks off with a bang when Tadhg and Frances learn their new-born baby‘s life depends on an urgent bone-marrow transplant and the only suitable donor is …Jason, Tadhg‘s estranged son. Can Jason put his hatred for his father aside to save Tadhg‘s child? Among the many other storylines in the new season, Caitríona turns entrepreneur when she launches the village‘s glamorous new beauty salon, tearaway Molly tries to wreck her mother Bríd and Micheál‘s happiness, Adelaide gets good news but might keep it to herself and Peadar‘s health takes a turn for the worse as does his relationship with Máire.
TG4 Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 8.30pm from 22 Sept (Omnibus Sundays)


Na Cloigne (3 x 50’ Tx in Jan 10)
This new Irish language drama is a dark supernatural thriller tells the story of a young couple whose contacts with the violent forces of The Other Side lead, over an intense three day period, to the horrific murder of two young women and to everlasting consequences for the couple themselves. Seán and Nuala are a young couple going through a bad patch. Nuala is a talented young artist but she feels that Seán is lacking in commitment, a fact evidenced by his fling with local woman Áine. Nuala‘s interest in and affinity with the supernatural is visible in her many representations of dark men in her paintings. Following on a good night at the pub, Seán brings home two beautiful young women to continue the revelries. Their boisterousness wakes Nuala who is so incensed that she drives off into the night in a rage and promptly loses control of the car and crashes off the road into a ditch and remains unconscious and alone there throughout the night. Her suspended state of extreme jealousy open the door into the Otherworld whose Evil can now access our world. This leads to a complex range of repercussions in this world – and the Other Side – for all involved as the Gardaí try to solve murders and Seán and Nuala try to regain control of their own lives. The series was written by Darach Ó Scolaí and Lauren McKensie and the cast includes Darach Ó Dubháin, Barry Mc Govern, Siobhán O’Kelly, Macdara Ó Fátharta, Joe Steve Ó Neachtain, Maidhc P Ó Conaola and Seán T. Ó Meallaigh. Produced for TG4 by Rosg Teo. Contact: Ciarán 091 553951


Stíl na Réalt
(6 x 25’) An entertaining fashion series that mixes two hugely popular genres: makeover and celebrity biography. In this new format, two teams of contestants are challenged to create the look and style of a celebrity fashion icon - without the designer price tag. Each team has to put together two outfits; one for daytime, one for evening and are given only €200 (or £200) to spend in total and 4 hours shopping time. The winning team will be the one who has best pulled off the celebrity‘s style, as judged by experts from the Irish fashion and media industries. The series is presented by Céara Ní Chuinn who is joined each week by a panel of expert judges, including Dublin‘s famous tailor LOUIS COPELAND, image consultant FIONA McKEON and TV presenter BLÁTHNAID NÍ DHONNCHADHA, and model and fashion writer EMMA JANE POWER. All of us have our own style icons - stars whose style we hugely admire and who we would love to dress like. However, we often don‘t have the time, the money or the know-how to achieve a look that replicates and exudes that star quality. Programme details in the series are as follows:


Prog 1 Belfast ―Audrey Hepburn‖ 23/9/2009 The contestants are: Maggie McKeever, originally from Derry City, she is currently studying Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and team-mate Síofra Ní Eachmharcaigh, originally from Co. Armagh and in her final year studying Fashion Design, also at the NCAD. Their opponents are Milène Ní Fhaogaín, a trainee in TV production, working in community television who teams up with Póla Ní Gharmaile, a second year student in Queen‘s University Belfast, studying Irish and History. Prog 2 Dublin ―Kate Moss‖ ‖ 30/9/2009 Contestants are: Gillian Ní Mhanacháin, in her second year at The Grafton Academy of Dress Design and her team-mate , Dearbhla de Faoite is a primary school teacher in Finglas. Their rivals are Edel Ní Mhurchú, an eye clinic worker and team-mate Niamh Langton, a 4th year at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin studying Fashion Design. Prog 3 Cork ―Cheryl Cole‖ 7/10/2009 This week‘s contestants are: Elaine Ní Bhrosnacháin, a primary school teacher and her team-mate, Tomás Lynch, a student at Cork Institute of Technology, studying recreational leisure. They take on Ciara Utsch, a biomedical science student and Jane Layton a psychology student. Prog 4 Dublin ―Marilyn Monroe‖ 14/10/2009 This week‘s contestants are: Bairbre Brennan a primary school teacher, and her team-mate Siubhán O‘Connor, a trainee solicitor. Their opponents are Tara Ní Dhuinn, a student of Irish at Trinity College and Cara Nig Fhearraigh who is also studying Irish. Prog 5 Belfast ―Victoria Beckham‖ 21/10/2009 This week‘s teams are: Deirdre Nic Eachmharcaigh, a trainee primary school teacher and, Laura Nic Grianna a teacher as they take on rivals Karla Ní Chathasaigh a trainee teacher and Clár Ní Mhaoláin, a primary school teacher. Prog 6 Cork ―Sarah Jessica Parker‖ 28/10/2009 This week‘s teams are: Adrian Breathnach, a school teacher and her team-mate Lisa Ní Chadhla, a trainee teacher as they take on Gráinne Ní Mhuirthile, a secretary with Cork County Council and Maedhbh Ní Mhuirithe, a sales assistant. Produced Waddell Media Contact: Maggi Gibson 04890 427646 TG4 Wednesdays @ 8pm from 23 September

Luach ár Linne (7 x 25’)
A new season for the series that looks at money matters and consumer issues. And what a difference a year makes. While others profit doom and gloom, Páidí is here to help you beat the recession! Each week Páidí‘s experts will help you keep your money in your pocket during the credit crunch. Ciarán Ó Feinneadha is a tax adviser, and each week he advises us on how to make sure were getting the most of the tax were paying. With confusion over the levies we have to pay, and dramatic changes in our taxation system, Ciarán is here to explain it all to us. Aodhán Mac Pháidín formally worked with the hugely successful Power of One campaign. Each week Aodhán will give us tips on how to save money and energy. Saving the environment and putting money back in our pockets. Máirín Uí Chomáin, well-known for her series Cuisine le Máirín is a well known tv cook and former Home Economics teacher. She shows us some of the old ways to save money and time in the home from cleaning to cooking, to packing your luggage to the max without getting charged for it. Over the seven weeks of the series, Páidí will investigate the costs of the housing, water, transport, health, tourism and waste. Produced by Independent Pictures, Contact: Bríd Breathnach, 01-7088100 TG4 Mondays @ 7.30pm from 2nd November


Sláinte agus Easláinte (3 x 50”)
With public confidence apparently at an all-time low, our health-system is rarely out of the news. This new three-part series explains how we got here and what the options for the future might look like. Presenter Máire Breathnach takes us on a journey, setting out the policies the Governments, north and south, have been implementing - such as increased centralisation and private sector Meeting the people at the coal face: patients and doctors and nurses who treat them, she identifies the failings which continue to afflict the system. Her journey takes her to Cuba - home to a health system which boasts standards of health comparable to the United States in spite of Third World status and an international blockade - and back again to Belfast where an Irish doctor is blazing a trail in the treatment of cancer. Produced by Below the Radar, Contact Ruth O‘Reilly/Andrea Richmond, 04890 315522 TG4 Wednesdays @ 9.30pm from 9 December

Irish Paint Magic
David Willis presents another series of the highly popular painting instruction series. His unique personality and teaching ability combined with the ground-breaking Bob Ross ―Wet on Wet‖ method has made his step by step guide a must for learner of all ages and abilities.


An Jig Gig
(13 x 50’) TG4's brand new show searching for the best traditional Irish dancers in the country. Traditional Irish dance has existed in Ireland for over 2000 years since the arrival of the Celts. Over the millennia it has flourished and diversified and has become an integral part of Irish culture. Despite its global popularisation, the heart of traditional Irish dance still beats strongest in Ireland and it is here that the elite troupes and dancers are to be found. But who is the best? Over 13 episodes TG4's brand new series will answer that question. Hosted by Róisín Ní Thomáin, the show will audition hundreds of acts, from all different styles of Irish dance, and all age groups who will try to impress the judges and claim the title of Best Irish Dance Act in Ireland! There are 10 ‗first round‘ shows, from which 10 show winners will emerge, as chosen by our panel of 3 expert judges. In the final 3 episodes, the 10 show winners will go head to head until 1 series winner emerges. This act, whether a group or individual, will be crowned champion of traditional Irish dance by our judges: Breandán de Gallaí, former lead dancer with Riverdance, and currently dance director of the world famous show is joined by Dearbhla Lennon, a former lead dancer of Riverdance who has experienced performing at the top level in Irish dance for years. The third judge is Labhrás Sonaí Choilm Learraí, a sean-nós dancer who comes from a famous Connemara musical family and is a trenchant supporter of the older styles of Irish dance. Produced by Adare Productions, Contact Brian Graham 01-2843877
TG4 Sundays @ 8.30pm from 27th September
repeated Tuesdays 11.15pm (varies)



(7 x 25’) A new series that profiles seven legendary Wild West characters and examines and explores the myths of the old West to reveal what really happened. From the Battles at the Alamo and Little Big Horn to the outlaw antics of Butch Cassidy and Jesse James, this series will explore their Irish connections and attempt to distinguish the facts from the spin of contemporary writers and mythmakers. The Magnificent Seven presenters will each examine an individual legend of the old west and the new documentary will be followed in the TG4 programme schedule by the classic Western film which gave the story the Hollywood treatment.

The Alamo - the documentary will be presented by TG4 presenter Páidí Ó Lionáird and will be followed by
the classic 1960 film of the same name, starring and directed by John Wayne. 9th Oct 2009

Billy the Kid - the documentary will be presented by travel writer and author Manchán Magan and will be followed by the classic 1973 Sam Peckinpah film Pat Garret and Billy the Kid starring Kris Kristofferson.
16 Oct 2009

Jesse James - the documentary will be presented by TG4 presenter and panelist Tom Ó Brannagáin and will be followed by Walter Hill‘s 1980 classic film The Long Riders starring the Carradine, Quaid, Keach,
Ford and Guest brothers. 23 Oct 2009

Gunfight at the Ok Corral - the documentary will be presented by Hothouse Flowers member and producer/composer Fiachna Ó Braonáin and will be followed by the Western classic 1994 film Wyatt Earp
starring Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid and Gene Hackman. 30 Oct 2009

Butch Cassidy – the documentary will be presented by actor Tom Ó Súilleabháin - followed by George Roy Hill‘s 1969 Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid staring Paul Newman & Robert Redford
6th Nov 2009

Custer's Last Stand – the documentary will be presented by TG4‘s own western legend, Dáithí Ó Sé and will be followed by the vintage and rousing (and highly biased and inaccurate) classic film from 1941 They Died With Their Boots On, starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. 13th Nov 2009

Buffalo Bill – the documentary will be presented by stage and tv actor Don Wycherley and will be followed by Robert Altman‘s 1976 western Buffalo Bill & the Indians starring Paul Newman.
20th Nov 2009

Produced by Dearg Films, Contact: Brian Reddin 01-2899217

TG4 Fridays @ 8.30pm from 9th October

repeated Thursdays 9.30pm


Glór Tíre
A new season (the 6th) of the highly popular talent-spotting series that showcases some of the many young hopefuls in country singing in Ireland with advice and mentoring from some of the best knownnames in the business. This is Ireland‘s only tv talent quest for country and western talent. Contestants will be put forward by the following mentors, TR Dallas, John Hogan, Robert Mizzel, Patrick Feeney, John Mc Nicholl, The Conquerors, Shawn Cuddy, Louise Morrissey and Mike Denver, which will ensure yet another great series! 12 programmes of 40 minutes duration each, culminating in three hour-long specials. The presenter is the irrepressible Dáithí Ó Sé and he will be talking to the contestants after they perform to get their reactions to the comments of studio judges, John Creedon, Shay Healy and Caitríona Ní Shúilleabháin. Produced by Gaelmedia. Contact 091-592888
TG4 Wednesdays @ 10.20pm from 16th Sept repeated Saturdays 8.40pm


Thar Sáile
(8 x 25’)

A new series of the contemporary Wild Geese as presenter Ann- Marie Ní Dhubhchóin travels to some of Europe‘s most beautiful and beguiling cities to get a guided tour from the locally-based Gaeilgeoirí. Her insider helpers are Irish speakers but not always Irish-born as many of them are locals who have learnt our language. Not only does she go to all the tourist destinations in these historic places, but she also learns about the local way of life. In the new season Ann-Marie explores Lisbon, Geneva, Frankfurt, Cambridge, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Edinburgh and Nice. Produced for TG4 by Independent Pictures, Brighid 01-7088100 TG4 Wednesdays @ 7.30pm from 23rd Sept
repeated Sundays 7.30pm


Mí na Meala (8 x 25’)
A new season of the series that takes married couples of all ages back to the days when they first said ―I do‖ and lets them retrace their steps as they bring us on a journey through their marriage day and takes us back to where they went on their honeymoon many moons ago. The series gently touches on travel, changing times, the evolution of marriage and relationship, changing cultures, history with a gentle approach and not a little humour. Each programme features a couple and provides them with a nostalgic trip down memory lane for the couples but is also a opportunity for us to look at the way marriage, the vows and the build up to marriage has changed, how the preparation has changed, how prices have changed, how choice has changed. This season‘s guests report on a wide variety of honeymoon locations – from a deserted Hebridean beach to an unexpectedly ―dry‖ Norwegian town to the pilgrim town of Lourdes. Produced for TG4 by Good Company, contact Evan Chamberlain

TG4 Thursdays @ 8pm from 24th September repeated Saturdays 8.10pm


Taisce na Tuaithe (6 x 30’)
Before the county boundaries were set down and long before the Ordinance Surveys, our island had a completely different set of regions and boundaries, the ancient kingdoms governed by clans and their chieftains and kings. This brand new series brings us on a journey round those kingdoms, to the most remote parts of the countryside so as to explore some of the characters and stories which have shaped our history and sense of community and identity. Presenter Pilib Mac Cathmhaoil begins his journey in the area around the Sperrin mountains, an area known as O‗Neill Country. It is steeped in history and tradition, but what do we know of the O‘Neills and does the most important Irish clan in history have any relevance today? Produced by Tobar Productions/Independent Pictures, Contact: Phillip 04890-573000 TG4 Wednesdays @ 7.30pm from 18th November
repeated Sundays 7.30pm


(13 x 25’)

The most natural and Irish of chat shows - a conversation between two people with no gimmicks, music, audience or competitions! Award-winning broadcaster Máirtín Tom Sheáinín is the master of putting unsung heroes at their ease, enabling them to tell their extraordinary stories, in their own style and at their own pace. Guests in this series include a recently retired Member of the European Parliament, a Donegal man who was married three times, one of the most prominent of the Shell to Sea protestors and the last baby born on Blasket Islands. TG4 Thursdays 7.30pm from 24th Sept
repeated Sundays 7pm



(35 x 25’)

Cormac de Barra is back with a second series of this provocative and entertaining weekly review programme, that casts a critical eye on the arts scene nationwide, combining news, location reports, reviews and studio interviews. The title translates as "edge" and the weekly programme will feature a dynamic and diverse team of artists, engaging with their peers at rehearsals, at workshops, galleries, performance spaces, theatres and concert venues. Regular reports from Theo Dorgan, writer and poet, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, singer, Fergal McCarthy, artist, Sinéad Ní Mhaonaigh, artist, Fearghus Ó Conchúir, contemporary dance and Róisín Ní Chionnfhaolaidh, artist, will add variety and depth to the series. Each edition will contain two on-location reports as Cormac de Barra will also explore the arts with a host of studio guests, previewing and reviewing the latest arts openings and events. Each programme also will showcase a musical item with both emerging and more established performers being featured. The new season opens with a special feature edition looking at the Irish arts scene in New York. We catch up with Dublin actor, Seán Mahon, currently starring in Alfred Hitchcock‘s 39 Steps on Broadway and talk to New York based author and poet Séamus Ó Neachtain. And Cormac goes in search of an 18th century harp made in Dublin by John Egan which was found in a dumpster in Manhattan this year. Produced by Red Shoe Productions. Maggie Breathnach 01 4539845 . TG4 Wednesday’s 11.05pm from 23rd Sept
repeated Sun 12.30am


TG4‘s autumn line up for young people consists of 3 distinct blocks of programmes, catering for all age groups, from pre-school to teens. A combination of the best of International programming alongside some home produced gems, provides a fun and entertaining daily point of contact with the Irish language. This Autumn, an added bonus for digital cable viewers on Chorus/ ntl is that they can view Cúla4 in the Kids zone on EPG - channel 602

Cúla4 na nÓg
The daily zone of entertaining Irish language content for pre-school children is extended for the new season. Tots can sing and learn with the best of Sesame Workshop programming; Tar ag Spraoi Sesame and Elmo Anseo or learn Spanish and Chinese with Dora theExplorer & Kai Lan in Ní Hao Kai Lan. They can choose to be happy, sad, nosey, helpful, lazy or naughty with all of the crazy characters from the Mr. Men series. Marine matters are to the fore as they learn all there is to know about the sea world with Ollie a young submarine who is still in training in Dive Ollie Dive and we‘re in the sky with Taidhgín an tEitleán They will keep on the move with Bo ag Bogadaí; a young and lively girl who‘s full of energy and very inquisitive about her world. You can also enjoy the crazy antics of Loopdidoo a young and silly dog that is constantly getting into trouble with his human friend Petunia. With a morning jam packed with these lively characters, you‘ll certainly be kept on your toes! And they can learn all of the songs by logging on to to hear the songs and to learn the lyrics. TG4 Mon-Sunday 07:00 – 10:00 am


The new season of the channel‘s daily zone for 5-12 year olds returns Mon–Fri 2.30pm-4.50pm from 31st August. Cúla4 will feature the very best of international animation, revoiced as Gaeilge. Newly acquired series for the fresh season include; Mighty Bee, an adventure seeking bee scout and Eliot Kid, a series about a youngster with a mindboggling imagination who turns the most commonplace situations into Hollywood adventure blockbusters, and a hit for kids of all ages - Shaggy & Scooby Doo get a Clue New series of established favourites include the latest series of Ben 10, Back at the Barnyard, and to celebrate Spongebob Squarepants 10th Anniversary, not only will Cúla4 start and end each day with a fun episode of Spongebob but a brand new episode will also be broadcast every Friday. For the new 2009 season, the zone has been hijacked by the animations of PAT (a purple hippo) and his friend STAN, (a young dog). These short animations will keep youngsters glued to the screen between programming, you can be sure that this mad duo will be claiming as much air-time as possible. Like two peas in a pod, the tireless twosome manage to turn even the most commonplace events into the craziest of adventures. Other new features in this season‘s zone include the ―Chugaibh Anois‖ segments, short inserts filmed with kids all over the country, to introduce the next programme. As usual, Cúla4 will have loads of great prizes both on-screen and online. Some of this year‘s treats include; a trip to Disneyland Paris, a trip to Aillwee Caves in Clare to visit Santa, a movie party for you and your friends in the Cinemobile and lots more.

TG4 Mon-Fri 2.30-4.50pm

Cúla Satharn
Cúla4 puts the schedule decisions in your hands each Saturday, as kids can choose their own afternoon‘s viewing. Each week, Cúla4 will give a choice of programmes which you can vote for On Line or via text; the winning programme will take over Saturday afternoon‘s schedule with back to back episodes of the viewers‘ choice. Saturday : Viewers’ Choice Saturday 2.30-5pm


The new title for TG4‘s daily zone for young people, 13-18 years Monday-Saturday 4.50pm-7pm, featuring top drama series, reality television, extreme sports, reviews and competitions, presented by Máire Treasa Ní Dhubhghaill and Colmán Mac Séalaigh. Drama The block will contain popular drama series‘ such as the home produced and award winning Aifric, a series about a young girl and her transition from city to rural life at the height of her most turbulent teenage years . New seasons to TG4 of 8 Simple Rules (for dating my teenage daughter) also reveal the ups and downs of teenage life through the eyes of Bridget, Kerry & Rory Hennessy and if normal teen problems aren‘t hard enough to cope with then tune into the life of spies in My Spy Family! The block will also introduce a brand new teen sitcom Life With Derek, about two families brought together through marriage. Will Derek and his new step sister Casey ever get along? For those who missed The Hills first time around, there is an opportunity to catch up from the very beginning of the series on the lives of Lauren, Lo, Audrina and not to mention the dreadful Speidi. Tune into the cool and fabulous cars that are pimped on Pimp My Ride. From the MTV Music Awards to the latest hot music talent, Eoghan Mac Diarmada keeps you in the know in Pop4, Ireland‘s only chart show. Later in the Autumn, viewers can sample the life of the rich and famous, check out the behind the scenes angst and stress involved with planning an extreme Super Sweet Sixteen.


Extreme Sports Ponc will feature a number of extreme sports, including BAFTA award winning series Groms Tour which follows a group of teenage extreme sports fanatics as they tour over 4 series, through the Outback, the Rockies, America‘s great skate parks & the Balkans; testing their skill and sense of adventure.. Planet X will highlight the skills and stunts of a wide range of Xtreme sports from wakeboarding to BMX racing while Red Bull X Fighters and Air Race will have viewers on the edge of their seats yet again this year.

Ponc will also bring you a Saturday Show – 30 minute programme which highlights the very best of the
zone‘s segments during the past week, presented by Máire Treasa & Colmán, it will include guests, music and features from fashion to sport as well as all that week‘s fun events.

Starts Saturday 26th September at 5pm


Films and Movies on TG4 for Autumn 2009
Once again the channel will be offering an innovative and varied menu of movies and films for the new season:  Scannán na Seachtaine 9.05pm Tuesdays (Movie of the Week) • An Western (9pm Fridays • Le Film (11.30pm Fridays) Scannán na hoíche (Late night movie) 11.30pm Mondays & Thursday & late on Saturday Movie choices: • The Irish Connection : The Butcher Boy , Intermission , Interview with a Vampire, Into the West ,
exact start time varies)

Ordinary Decent Criminal, Michael Collins, The Most Fertile Man in Ireland, Lilac Bus, Trauma , Nothing Personal • For Action, Thrill - seekers : Robert De Niro in City by the Sea, Al Pacino in City Hall , Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory, Arnie in Collateral Damage, Bruce Willis in Mercury Rising; Jean Claude Van Damme is Universal Soldier; Martin Scorsese‘s Goodfellas and Kevin Costner in Waterworld. • For the Ladies : The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants , Rumour Has it, Captain Corelli‘s Mandolin, Pat O‘Connor‘s Sweet November , George Clooney in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind; When a Man Loves a Woman
• For the World Cinema fans:

La vita è bella, Enter the Dragon, Les Voleurs, Neuf Mois; Seasons; Rabbit Proof Fence. For Something Different: The Doors; Bird; Being John Malkovich; Everything is Illuminated; Barton Fink. • For the Cowboy in you: The Alamo; For a Few Dollars More; The Good, Bad & Ugly; Magnificent Seven
 For the Young at Heart:

Harry Potter; Scooby Doo; Little Polar Bear; South Park; Corpse Bride (all re-voiced as Gaeilge,
with English language subtitles.)


First run Drama Series
New for Autumn 2009 True Blood

(12 x 1 hour episodes)

Winner of a Golden Globe award and produced by Emmy- winning Alan Ball (producer of Six Feet Under and American Beauty), this is a sexy, scary, entertaining drama series full of romance, suspense, mystery and humour, based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris,. The series tells the story of Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin) who knows how it feels to be an outcast. She is ―cursed" with the ability to listen in on people's thoughts and she‘s also open-minded about the integration of vampires — particularly when it comes to Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), a handsome 173-year-old living up the road. But at the service of Bill's less virtuous vampire associates, Sookie is drawn into a series of catastrophes that will put their love to the test. This series has proven such a breakout hit in the US that the second season's opening episode on HBO drew more viewers than any other show in HBO's history (aside from The Sopranos finale) and overall is the third most watched HBO series ever. TG4 Saturdays @ 11pm from 31st Oct Returning US series exclusively on TG4 this Autumn include;

Lipstick Jungle : Series 2 : Mondays @ 9.05pm from 14 Sept 2009 Gossip Girl : Series 2 : continues at@ 8.30 pm on Wednesdays Samantha Who?: new episodes, season 2: late Autumn 2009.
Late Autumn will see a return to the screens of brand new Seasons of acclaimed Drama series: Nip/ Tuck; One Tree Hill; and Cold Case; and new seasons of comedy hits - Curb Your Enthusiasm; and

Two and a Half Men


Nuacht TG4

(Nightly 7pm)

The channel's daily voice that offers a distinctive súil eile perspective on news. Nuacht TG4 will maintain the emphasis on Gaeilge, Gaeltacht and regional issues within the wider national and international news agenda. With anchor Eimear Ní Chonaola leading a team of correspondents and video journalists throughout the country (including Seán Mac a‘ tSíthigh, winner of the 2009 European TV Reporter‘s Cup). Special editions of the festival programme Féilte will include both All-Ireland Finals, Christmas in New York and Oireachtas na Gaeilge in Letterkenny. (The nightly news bulletin will be broadcast from the Oireachtas during that festival also). News special will cover the Budget and the Lisbon Referendum, the service will broadcast special reports in news exchange with Scottish colleagues in BBC Alba and there will be an augmented sports news service. A weekly selection of the best regional and Gaeltacht stories will feature in the Súil Siar Súil Eile programme, presented by Eimear Ní Chonaola. The acclaimed and award-winning documentary programme strand produced by Nuacht TG4 will also feature in the TG4 schedule later in the season with programmes on a wide variety of topics, including the Connemara soldier killed in World War I, a profile of the Rev Gary Hastings, the Irish-speaking, fluteplaying new Church of Ireland Rector in Galway and a commemoration of that city‘s Catholic Cathedral on its 45th Birthday.


7 Lá This Autumn sees a very new political landscape with Dáil and Seanad members returning to face into a parliamentary sessions that must cope with the huge problems in the public finances, the proposals of An Bord Snip Nua, a new Lisbon Referendum and increasing unrest about the health service reforms This weekly review of current affairs programme presented by Páidí Ó Lionáird with a panel of political commentators and analysts in studio and from locations worldwide will continue with its own insightful analysis of the stories and topics that matter to people‘s lives. The new season also promises to bring regular reports from the Northern Ireland Assembly and the European Parliament. TG4 Tuesdays @ 7.30pm from 23rd September Dáil Éireann Beo As part of its ongoing public service, TG4 will continue to offer live coverage of the Order of Business from Dáil Éireann on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. TG4 Wed/Thurs @10.30am from Sept 17th


An Aimsir Láithreach There are many reasons to watch TG4‘s acclaimed weather bulletins – their content is matched by their style and the presenters add greatly to the mix! Every day brings a range of bulletins aimed at the specialist and at the general audience. Advanced weather graphics technology, from New Zealand based company METRA together with daily analysis of that data from Weatherquest meteorologists ensures the most accurate and up-to-date information throughout the day. Presented by some of the channel‘s favourite names – Dáithí Ó Sé, Sinéad Ní Loideáin, Cormac Ó Loideáin and Fedelma Ní Ráighne, every day brings a range of bulletins aimed at the specialist and at the general audience. Lunchtime 6.56pm 7.25pm 9:00pm Midnight National and coastal weather bulletin Forecast for fishermen National and coastal weather bulletin National and coastal weather bulletin International and Travel weather bulletin


 TG4 provides high-quality coverage with a particular emphasis on Irish sport. The broad range of sports currently on offer on the channel includes GAA Beo which runs from September to Christmas with its exclusive live and deferred Sunday GAA coverage of the AIB Club Football and Hurling Championships as well as various County Finals.  TG4 also sponsors and has exclusive live television rights to the TG4 Ladies Gaelic Football Championships at both Senior, Intermediate and Junior levels, whose 2009 finals will be played in Páirc an Chrócaigh on Sunday 27th September. Cork‘s senior team will be going for an amazing five-in-a-row.  In addition to its live coverage, TG4 provides GAA highlights each Monday night in an extended hour-long format at 8:00pm in its very popular GAA 2009 programme. This specialises in coverage of club and colleges matches not previously featured on national television. GAA Coverage on TG4 Exclusive live GAA coverage from a top Sunday afternoon fixture in the AIB Club Championships and various County Finals from around the country as well as full deferred coverage from a second match. Micheál Ó Domhnaill introduces the action from the sideline with match commentary by Brian Tyers and Mac Dara Mac Donncha who are joined each week by a top analyst. GAA coverage on TG4 comprises live match coverage, highlights, features, documentary and archive-based programming. The relationship between TG4 and the GAA has, from the outset, been a close one, given the many areas of mutual interest. In addition to match coverage, TG4 has also provided a range of news, features and documentary material on the GAA. This Autumn will see TG4 provide exclusive live tv coverage of the All-Ireland Under-21 Hurling Final, the Ladies Gaelic Football Finals as well as tracking the AIB Provincial Club Championships. Sunday 12 September @ 12pm Live - Bord Gáis Energy All-Ireland Under-21 Hurling Final from Croke Park. Sunday 20 September @ 7pm All-Ireland Senior Football Final from Croke Park. Another chance to see the full match, commentary by Garry Mac Donncha.


Sunday 27 September @ 12pm TG4 All-Ireland Ladies Football Finals – Triple Header - Junior Final (12pm), Intermediate Final (2pm) and Senior Final (4pm) Sunday 4 October @ 2pm Live coverage of a County Hurling or Football Final. Sundays 11 October- 6 December @ 2 pm – Live & deferred coverage from the AIB Club Provincial Hurling & Football Championship.


SUNDAY 1 NOVEMBER Another first for TG4 - a full day and night of Gaelic Games themed programming as the channel celebrates the 125th GAA Birthday in style. Live coverage from the AIB Munster Club Hurling Semi-Final (Cork champions v Tipperary champions) followed by a wide range of specially commissioned/selected programmes with a GAA theme including: Sam Maguire documentary, Micheál O'Hehir, Top 50 GAA football Goals, Top 50 GAA Hurling Goals, Ringy, Cormac McAnallen documentary, John 3:7 and a specially commissioned edition of the traditional music series Geantraí with a GAA focus. Listowel Racing Festival 2009 Live coverage of the famous Kerry racing festival Monday 14th to Saturday 19th September, six days of racing with a total of forty five races, presented by Sean Bán Breathnach who will be joined by Mánus Ó Conghaile, Micheál Ó Sé, Mick Ó hUallacháin and Dáithí Ó Sé. Not just a sporting occasion, the annual Listowel Races is a social event that is always well attended, not only by people from all over Ireland but also by the Irish living abroad. So don't miss out on the horses, the races, the gambling, Ladies‘ Day, the craic and the fun. The centrepiece of the festival comes on Wednesday with the running of the Guinness Kerry National Handicap Steeplechase. This €160,000 three mile contest always provides breath taking action while Friday 18th September is Ladies Day with the best dressed lady competition.


Aussie Rules Highlights from the weekend‘s matches in each round of the Australian Football League including teams such as North Melbourne, Carlton, Western Bulldog, Fremantle, Geelong Cats, Adelaide, Sydney Swans, St Kilda, Collingwood, Brisbane Lions, Melbourne, Richmond, Port Adelaide, Hawthorn, West Coast Eagles and Essendon. 11.05pm Wednesdays Seó Spóirt Weekly sports programme with interviews, previews, reviews and analysis presented by broadcaster and former Kerry All-Ireland winning captain Dara Ó Cinnéide. Now in its fourth series, Dara is joined weekly at TG4 headquarters by resident sports pundit Seán Bán Breathnach (SBB) alongside well known guest analysts including Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh, Ger Loughnane, Jarlath Burns, Páidí Ó Sé, John Allen, Seán óg de Paor, Donal O’Grady, Seán óg Ó hAilpín, Pat Fleury, Cathal Moore, Seán Ó Domhnaill, Tomás Ó Flatharta, Coman Goggins, Eamonn Fitzmaurice and Conal Ó Máirtín. While roving reporter Gemma Ní Chionnaith will bring us up to date with interviews from Ireland‘s top players and managers from around the country.

Seó Spóirt will focus on all things sport – including GAA, Rugby, Horseracing and Soccer. The series is a
must for all sporting fans as they prepare for the weekend‘s action. It‘s your one stop shop for what‘s happening in the world of Sport. Check out the Seó Spóirt website at; Fridays 9.50pm till 24th September, resumes 29th January 2010


How to view TG4
On TV in Ireland: Nationwide terrestrial (aerial)
By satellite - 104 on Sky (ROI) On cable 104 on Chorus/ntl (ROI) By satellite - 164 on Sky (NI) On cable 877 on Chorus/ntl (Belfast) By aerial in Northern Ireland (From ROI transmitters and from Divis transmitter in Belfast)

World wide on offering live streaming and a 35 day catch up archive of Irish language content


TG4 on the Web
TG4 has a double presence on the Web through its information website, and the broadband live webcast and archive service on is a user-friendly comprehensive facility that offers a wide range of services with in-depth information on all aspects of the programme schedule, upcoming sports diary, background on current programmes and presenters and micro-sites for the most popular series. Regular Web competitions offer attractive prizes and TG4 merchandising. The site also is the interactive point of contact between TG4 and its audience where viewers can post feedback on the channel‘s output enquire about purchasing DVD copies and purchase items through online shopping. The site is available in both Irish and English language versions and also contains business to business facilities for independent producers and suppliers to TG4 as well corporate information (Technical Specifications, News Releases, Annual Reports etc) that will prove invaluable media professionals, and academic researchers alike.


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