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					Navajo Technical College Board of Trustees June 2008 Board Report Crownpoint, New Mexico High Lights  Part of reverse site visit team for computational science directorate. Review of Southern Oklahoma State University grant award in Native Computer Science at the National Science Foundation in Washington D.C.  Start the process to construct Green House for STEM departments by meeting with maintenance supervisor.  Met with ABQ-G and UNM ITS. Discussed next steps needed in the process to utilize LAMBDA Rail resources and develop a business plan for ITTH.  Tower construction is under way at the Chaco Mesa Tower Site. Advance tower has 2 crews at the site in order to ensure they meet construction deadline.  Attended TeraGrid conference, NTC is affiliated with three different TeraGrid projects: Pathways, Campus Champion, and Science Gateway. Each project enables NTC faculty to utilize super computing recourses for research and curriculum offerings.  Attended Navajo Nation IT Summit, NTC sponsored the cyber café and offered NTC program materials for participants of the conference. Also, NTC supplied a Green Data Center Presentation.  NTC is hosting Pathways experience workshop, June 15-20, centered on parallel computing, and building Little fe’s.  Schedule meeting with Zia Pueblo governor to start plans for possible branch campus to be located on the Zia reservation.  Advisory group member to develop a Native American STEM Institute to be located at University of Montana Missoula. Concerns: The power in the server room is becoming more of concern. Currently, the electrical circuit is shared between the server room and the rest of the trades programs and when power tools are used this causes the power to drop periodically. Meeting will take place to ensure additional breaker equipment will be purchased to address this issue. Summer enrichment camp for high schools my not run as planned due to consultant that was to oversee summer program has taken a full time position. At present time contacting different education specialist for a possible replacement to oversee summer session. Monthly:

Working to procure wireless hardware to launch the build out of the OC3 backhaul and Point of Presence (PoP) creation on the NTC campus. Working with UNM ITS to reconfigure NTC’s LAN and WAN connection. Also, working with them to acquire ARINS public IP Addresses. Working with Harris to schedule wireless microwave equipment at key backhaul hop locations. Reviewing the translation tables that were developed during the Jenzabar working session. Continue to work with local area chapters regarding the Internet to the Hogan Project. NTC Email server is in the process of adding user accounts for all users of the NTC computing environment. IT continues to build a service relationship with the Eastern Agency Head Start and has been offered the opportunity to involve more community entities. The IT department continues to provide consultation and support of NTC’s computing environment. Laptop bags have arrived on campus waiting for laptops to ship from IBM for money acquired by Senator Lovejoy. Testing the ability to run a high performance and secure desktop lab by instituting a virtual machine/server environment. (VM Ware) Summary Monthly: IT along with the Maintenance department was able to blade a road at Pueblo Pentado. Teragrid summer workshop will again be on campus. Scheduled July 15th date is still being met. Future Plans: Configure Jenzabar server to prepare for Team Training Session.

Leslie Todd Romero