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					ADVICE Getting home after dark The LUU Night Bus takes students home to their accommodation from the University after dark. It is a service for men and women students travelling alone, or for women students in pairs. The Night Bus runs every night during term-time and leaves from the Student Union steps. Information about the service including a timetable. There is a 50 pence charge for using the service. Bus 95 runs from Clarence Dock (University Flats) past the University, through Headingley, to Bodington Hall. During University term time, the last service leaves the City Centre at 3.10 am Monday to Saturday (on Sunday, the last service leaves the City Centre shortly after 11.00 pm). Bus 928 runs from City Square past the University on Friday and Saturday nights in term time, with the last service at 2.20 am. Remember, if you are travelling in a group, it may be cheaper to take a taxi and share the cost between you. Even if you don’t have enough cash with you for your taxi fare, you can take an Amber Cars taxi and pay later if you give the driver your student card. Commonsense safety precautions  Don’t walk on your own after dark  Carry your laptop in a sports bag (not a computer bag)  Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t listen to your personal stereo or walk along talking on your mobile phone  Don’t carry large amounts of cash or valuables around with you  If someone tries to take your bag, do not fight back and risk getting hurt  Protect your mobile phone. Register your phone with the operator and if it is stolen ask them to bar the SIM card immediately. Note your 15-digit serial or IMEI number as this might help trace the phone, if it is lost or stolen  Take care when using cash machines, especially at night  If your credit and cash cards are stolen, inform the card provider immediately  Keep your home secure by locking all windows and doors. Leave a light on while you are out and your curtains closed. Don’t leave valuables where they can be seen through a window  Buy insurance to protect your possessions if you are living in private-sector housing  Back up work on your computer regularly and keep disks separately so that you don’t lose vital work if your computer is stolen

Useful information Stay safe, stay secure booklet Information for Students from Safety Advisory Services University Security Tel: (0113) 343 5494 (non-emergencies), (0113) 343 2222 (emergencies only) Victim support Being a victim of a crime, or witnessing a crime can be very distressing. Don’t suffer alone. You can get help and support from the Student Advice Centre, the International Student Office and the Student Counselling Centre. Or speak to an adviser at the national charity Victim Support on 0845 3030900. You can find out more information at Harassment and bullying Racial harassment, sexual harassment and bullying are not tolerated in UK society. The Student Advice Centre, the International Student Office and the Student Counselling Centre can offer you support if you are suffering any form of harassment. If you are a victim of harassment outside the University, report it to the police. You can ask the Student Advice Centre to help you do this. If you suffer harassment or bullying from students or staff, complain to the University authorities. The procedure for making a complaint is in your Student Handbook and the Student Advice Centre can help you make your complaint. Legal advice If you are the victim of a crime or if you have been accused of committing a crime, the Student Advice Centre can give you information about how to get legal advice. If you are detained by the police for any reason, including immigration or crime, you have the right to receive legal advice before you answer any questions from the police. You can ask to see the Duty Solicitor. A Duty Solicitor will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You do not have to pay for this service. The University and students who break the law The University has strict rules about your behaviour/conduct as a student of the University of Leeds. If you are arrested or prosecuted by the police, visit the Student Advice Centre as soon as possible for advice about the University regulations relating to this. If you fail to get advice and do not take the correct action, this could lead to you being permanently excluded from the University. More information is in the Student Charter in the University Documents section of

Useful information To report a crime to the Police Tel: 0845 606 0606 University Security Service (24 hours 7 days a week) Tel: (0113) 34 35494 (0113) 34 32222 (EMERGENCY ONLY) Victim Support Tel: 0845 303 0900 Student Advice Centre Tel: (0113) 380 1300 Student Charter (University documents section) Be Student Safe. Visit

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