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District 19, ACBL, Board Meeting Minutes Monday, June 9, 2008, Penticton, BC 1. President Tom Hansen called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. He declared a quorum with the following members present: Jennifer Ballantyne, Pat Dunn, Carol-Ann Halliday, Tom Hansen, Carol Holcombe, Steve Hosch, Stuart Iedema, Donald Mamula, Kris Motoyoshi, Gay Parrish, David Schmidt, and Angela Taylor-Ferguson. Also present were Dudley Brown, Secretary, and for part of the meeting, Matt Smith, ACBL Field Supervisor; Roger Putnam, District Tournament Coordinator; Jane Fyfe, Okanogan Unit; Bill Wilson, Parksville Unit; and Tony Ferguson, Penticton Regional Chairman. 2. The following additions to the Agenda were added: a. Item 6g. Master Point Flights in District Regionals. b. Item 6h. The eastern Washington 2011 regional. 3. Ballantyne moved and Parrish seconded to accept the minutes of the Surrey 2008 meeting as presented. Motion passed unanimously. 4. The Secretary reported the receipt of the following correspondence: a. An ACBL email notifying that the ACBL had purchased D & O coverage for units and districts and that the policy excluded actions between organizations covered by the policy. b. A “Thank You” from Mary Bestick for the $50 District grant given upon her completing the Teachers Accreditation Program and teaching a class. 5. The Board ratified the President’s appointment of Matt Koltnow to replace Roger Putnam as District 19 Tournament Coordinator effective 1 July 2008. 6. The following reports were received: a. Treasurer Schmidt presented a Balance Sheet as of 2 June 2008 and a Profit and Loss Statement from 1 January to 2 June 2008. While the District has assets totaling $108,130, the yearly loss to date is $45,324. He further reported that he didn’t expect the remaining regionals after Penticton to make much profit. Ballantyne moved and Taylor-Ferguson seconded to accept the Treasurer’s reports. Motion passed unanimously. Minutes 08-2, Page 1 b. There was no Budget Report, as the Treasurer had not received regional budgets for upcoming regionals. The President asked Regional Liaisons to prepare and submit budgets for tournament for

which they were responsible. He also appointed Hosch, Schmidt, Dunn and Taylor-Ferguson to the Budget Committee. c. Charity Week Chairman Schmidt reported that participation in this year’s District Wide Charity Week and Game was poor. d. Tournament Administrator Brown gave Board members updates to the District Policy Manual and asked that clarification or changes be made to the District Policy on Youth and Junior Entry fees and to the hospitality budgets for regionals. (1) Schmidt moved and Dunn seconded to have Youth entry fees remain at $1 a session and to set Junior entry fees at a $5 discount per session. Motion passed unanimously. (2) Schmidt moved and Taylor-Ferguson seconded to set the hospitality budget for District regionals at $4 per table, currency of the country of the regional. Motion passed with 9 yes votes, 2 no votes and one abstention. e. Mamula gave a report of actions taken by the National Board at the last NABC. He explained that StaCs would now be handled by ACBL set directors for each area and that sanction fees would be per table to include the charge for the ACBL director. This takes away financial risk. He also reported that a new official law book was in effect. f. Hansen reported that the GNT District Finals would be April 4 th and 5th, 2009, at the Vancouver B.C. Bridge Centre and that the District Finals of the NAP would probably be with the Tacoma Sectional on December 13, 2008, and with the Surrey Regional November 14, 2009. g. President Hansen appointed Taylor-Ferguson as Chairperson of the Publications and Public Relations Committee. h. Elections Chairman Brown stated that the current Gazette has an announcement on filing for upcoming terms for a Vancouver B.C, a Seattle, a Western Washington at Large, and an Eastern Washington at Large position. Notifications will be sent to the involved units. i. District Good Will Committee chairperson Taylor-Ferguson gave out forms for nominating individuals to the District Good Will Committee and letters and pins for those earlier appointed. j. Hosch stated that he had not yet seen the Nanaimo space contract for 2008 and that the Spokane contract for 2010 needed further clarification and negotiating before signing. k. Tournament Coordinator Putnam told the Board he was giving up the position as of 1 July 2008. Sanctions have not been submitted for the Spokane 2010 or the Victoria 2011 regionals. l. Penticton Regional Chairman Tony Ferguson reported on expected changes coming with the city turning over the management of the convention centre to a private corporation. The Minutes 08-2, Page 2 problem with dates for the 2009 Penticton Regional were discussed and he hoped that they would be resolved in time to print next year’s flyers before the end of this year’s tournament. 6. The following actions occurred under Unfinished Business:

a. Hosch presented copies of the contracts he was negotiating with Jude Goodwin for maintaining the Website and for producing the Gazette. He outlined changes from past contracts and told that when in place the contracts would be continuing with provisions for termination by either Goodwin or the District. b. Taylor-Ferguson reported that room sharing agreements had been reached with several Nanaimo hotels and that Victoria would also have such a plan in 2009. c. Taylor-Ferguson moved and Ballantyne seconded to approve the changes to Sections 2 and 3 of Article IX of District 19, ACBL, By-Laws. (See Enclosure 1) Motion passed unanimously. d. Hosch moved and Motoyoshi seconded to set Regional entry fees at $13 U.S. with the Canadian tournament fee to equate to the $13 U.S. fee rounded to the nearest 50 cents. Motion defeated with 2 Yes votes, 9 No votes, and one abstention. Parrish moved and Halliday seconded to set entry fees for the rest of 2008 at $12.50, currency of the country of the tournament unless there is a great fluctuation in the exchange rate. Motion passed with 9 Yes votes, 2 No Votes and one abstention. Dunn recorded his No Vote. e. Hosch reported on his review of the Educational Liaison’s duties. President Hansen appointed the following committee to establish the duties for the Education Liaison: Mamula (chairman), Parish, and Hosch. f. President Hansen will discuss Master Point limits for flighted events with the Area Field Supervisor and will report recommendations to the next Board meeting. g. Motoyoshi moved and Halliday seconded to award the 2011 eastern Washington Regional to the Tri-Cities October 10 to 16, 2011. Motion passed unanimously. h. Parrish moved and Motoyoshi seconded to approve the appointment of Marilyn Hesser as Chairperson of the 2011 Tri-Cities Regional. Motion passed unanimously. 7. New Business: a. Mamula informed the Board that the U.S. parts of District 18 and 19 were to share the major 2008 grant from the ACBL Charity Foundation and that the District’s recipient needs to be designated at the Nanaimo Board meeting in October. The Board is seeking a charity fund raising event where our grant would make the District the major sponsor and garner the recognition. Minutes 08-2, Page 3 b. Brown reported that an accountant had finalized the preparation of IRS Form 990 based on balance sheets for the end of 2006 and 2007 and Profit and Loss Statements for calendar year 2007. The form will be signed and submitted shortly now that it has been reviewed. c. The Board set a requirement for the 1011 NABC Committee to submit a budget outline showing how District money is to be expended before release of funds to the committee.

d. The Board considered the Parksville Unit request to add a second District Board position for Vancouver Island, one being for the Victoria Unit and the other for the Parksville Unit. The Board expressed its appreciation for the presentation and decided to take no action pending a complete review of the District Board positions. e. Mamula agreed to ask the ACBL if it would redo its pamphlet given out at NABCs to new players to one oriented for use at the regional and sectional levels and to report at the next Board meeting. f. Intermediate/Newcomer Chairperson Holcombe asked for authority to grant some free plays to beginning tournament players. A lively discussion brought a consensus that a plan was needed to use free plays to move I/N players into attending sectionals and regionals.
g. Taylor-Ferguson moved and Parrish seconded to grant Victoria its request for $1000 for the I/N Good Will Reception at the 2009 Victoria Regional. Motion passed unanimously.

h. Taylor-Ferguson moved and Iedema seconded to give a plaque to Roger Putnam honoring him for his many years of service to the District and to authorize him fee plays at District 19 sponsored regionals. Motion passed unanimously. 8. The Board went into executive session at 4:05 p.m. and back into open session at 4:10 p.m. 9. Hosch moved and Dunn seconded that if a vacancy occurs in the B.C. at Large Board position within the next two months, the Board appoints Jane Fyfe to complete the rest of the term though 2010. Motion passed unanimously 10. Under tournament discussions the Board set the preferred dates for the Spokane 2010 Regional at April 5-11, 2010, with a fall back week a week later. 11. There being no further business the President adjourned the meeting at 4:24 p.m. Respectfully Submitted,

DUDLEY BROWN Secretary Enclosures: Changes to Section 2 and 3, Article IX, By-Laws of District 19 Organization of the ACBL

Minutes 08-2, Page 4

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