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Sheeps Milk
Nancy’s Camembert, Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, Hudson Valley, New York Hints of hazelnut make this triple cream cheese smooth and delicious. Spreads like butter. 3 Gouda Ewephoria, Noord, Holland A subtle orange flavor with a hint of nuttiness give this distinct gouda from Holland the honorable moniker of Ewephoria El Trigal Manchego, Toledo, Spain This traditional manchego has been aged over 6 months for a sharper, more enhanced flavor! 3 Roquefort Societe, Roquefort, France With a fine milky white body, veined with emerald green this cheese has been appreciated for generations. The third largest production cheese in the world, the secret lies in the caves built in the 17th century. 4


Cows Milk
Taleggio Pasturo, Valsassina, Italy Taleggio is a washed rind Italian cheese that is named after the Val Taleggio, Italy’s scenic alpine valley. The cheese has a strong aroma, but its flavor is relatively mild with an unusual fruity tang. 3 Roaring 40’s Blue, King Island Dairy, Melbourne, Australia King Island Dairy sits just south of Melbourne where cows graze upon a variety of grasses, supplemented by the occasional meal of sea kelp washed ashore during the powerful storms known as "the roaring forties." The island's cows pasteurized milk is used to make this creamy, superbly fruity, nutty blue. 3 Coulommieres Rouzaire, Coulommiers, France Similar to Brie in many aspects, this one is just not as concerned with being famous. With over 50% butter fat it’s sure to be infamous soon. 3 Brillat Savarin, Normandy, France Named after the 18th century French gourmet and political figure Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, the cheese was created in the 1930s by cheesemaker Henry Androuët. It is a triple cream Brie that is luscious, creamy and faintly sour. 3 Comte St. Antoine, Franche Comte, France More Comte is made than any other French cheese, and with the firm, supple paste with aromas of cooked milk, butter, and hazelnuts it’s no wonder why. The flavor is supremely balanced and fruity, though sweeter and mellower than its Swiss cousins. 3

Goats Milk
Cocoa Cardona, Carr Valley Cheese Co., La Valle, Wisconsin Encrusted in cocoa oil to keep it moist, it is packed with coffee, cream, mocha and maple flavors. This is “the” dessert cheese. 3 Mad River Roll, Cypress Grove Chevre, Arcata, California From the makers of the award winning Humboldt Fog comes another great goat cheese. This one comes rolled with a texture that gets creamier and softer as you reach the center. Smooth with a flavor of salted nuts. 3

Country Paté House made classic country pate with pistachios and chicken livers is wrapped in bacon and slow cooked to perfection. Hints of brandy and fennel really tie this one together. 3 House Rilletes Pork Boston butt, marinated and slow cooked in house, then hand pulled and paddled with duck fat makes this a decadent spread for even the most simple of bread. 4 D’Artagnan Le Saucisson Sec This is a traditional French style dry cured pork sausage, made in the good ole’ US of A. Reminiscent of mom’s salami and cheese snacks. 2

La Quercia
Norwalk, Iowa If you’re from Iowa this one speaks for itself. Herb Eckhouse’s award winning Iowa made products are hormone and antibiotic free. Way to go Iowa. Prosciutto Americano Classic Italian dry cured pork 3 Prosciutto Piccante Same as the Americano but rubbed with a top secret Italian spice blend 3 Speck Americano Applewood smoked prosciutto for a little more flavor 3 Coppa Dried pork loin cut infused with Spanish pimento and organic cocoa 3

Molinari Brothers
San Francisco, CA The Molinari family has been making world famous salames since 1896. Four generations of cured perfection. Toscano Salame Beef and pork blended with tangy spices 2 Finocchiona Salame All pork, dry cured, packed with fennel seed 2 Sopressata Salame A pork sausage cured with burgundy wine for a rich finish 2 Hot Salame Spicy, Calabrese style pork cured salame 2

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return” Leonardo da Vinci

Cheese Flights
All cheese flights are served with house chutney, assorted olives and fruit & nut salad French Connection Comte St. Antoine / Coulommieres / Brillat Savarin / Roquefort Societe 15 Fat City Nancy’s Camembert / Coulommieres Rouzaire / Taleggio Pasturo / Brillat Savarin 14 Globetrotter Manchego El Trigal / Gouda Ewephoria / Taleggio Pasturo / Roaring 40’s Blue 12 Only “Ewe” Nancy’s Camembert/ Manchego El Trigal / Gouda Ewephoria / Roquefort Societe 14 Dessert Gouda Ewephoria / Mad River Roll / Cocoa Cardona / Roaring 40’s Blue 13 Charcuterie Plate House Country Paté / House Rilletes / La Quercia Prosciutto Americano / La Quercia Coppa Molinari Brothers Sopressata / D’Artagnan Saucisson Sec 14 Cheese & Charcuterie House Country Paté / La Quercia Prosciutto Americano / Molinari Bros. Toscano Salame Comte St. Antoine / Roquefort Societe / Coulommieres Rouzaire 16 La Quercia Flight Prosciutto Americano / Coppa / Speck Americano / Prosciutto Piccante 11 Molinari Brothers Flight Sopressata Salame / Toscano Salame / Finocchiona Salame / Calabrese Hot Salame 7

Wine Flights
Wine flights include a 2 ounce tasting portion of each wine

Parlez-vous Français? 10 A broad sampling of French wines. Perfect with a cheese plate or lighter fare.
2007 Picpoul De Pinet, Montagnac, France 2006 Augey White Bordeaux Blend, Gironde, France 2007 Domaine Pesquié ‘Cuvee de Terrasses’ Rosé, Rhône Valley, France 2006 Domaine de Fonsainte Corbieres, Aude, France

The Competition—–Old World vs. New World 14 A side by side comparison of styles. Oregon Pinot Noir vs. Burgundy, California Cab vs. Rhone
2007 Willamette Valley Vineyards ‘Whole Cluster’ Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon Burgundy, 2004 Joseph Faiveley Burgundy Côte-d’Or, France 2006 Alexander Valley Vineyards Cabernet, Alexander Valley, CA 2005 Perrin Reserve Cotes du Rhone Rouge, Orange, France

Little Black Dress 12 Sexy and versatile, perfect for almost any occasion.
2006 Leese Fitch Merlot, Sonoma County, CA 2006 Qupé Syrah, Central Coast, CA 2006 C.G. di Arie Zinfandel, Amador County, CA 2005 Perrin Reserve Cotes du Rhone Rouge, Orange, France

Down to Earth 12 Proof that there is life after fruit. Enjoy minerals, earthy tones, smoke and leather. Dimension and complexity take the experience to the next level.
2006 Clos la Coutale Cahors (Malbec), Vire-Sur-Lot, France 2006 Domaine de Fonsainte Corbieres, Aude, France 2006 Rothschild ‘Escudo Rojo’ Cabernet Blend, Maipo Valley, Chile 2006 Qupé Syrah, Central Coast, CA

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