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									THE SHANNON MILLER KIDS MARATHON Weekly Planning Schedule (for schools)
Week 1 (2/23-2/27): Get this event approved by your principal. Contact the Shannon Miller Kids Marathon Race Coordinator, Tiffany Mackey at (904) 854-6555 Ext. 203 or to schedule an officer to speak at your school’s kickoff assembly. Present the event at a faculty meeting. Pass out the FACULTY HANDOUT explaining why your school should participate. This outlines levels of participation for teachers as well. Week 2 (3/2-3/6): Send home EVENT INFO LETTER. Talk to the students about this event and encourage them to sign up online after talking to their parents. If they do not have internet access at home to sign up, have them fill out a paper copy of the registration form downloaded off the website ( and then a school adult can enter them online or mail in the form. BE SURE TO DESIGNATE WHICH SCHOOL THEY ARE PARTICIPATING WITH! Ask the students to let your school point of contact (SRO or POC) know whether or not they are signed up at home or if they need help; this is very important to keep accurate records. Parents and teachers are welcome to participate, however, ADULTS DO NOT COUNT TOWARD PERCENTAGE FOR THE TROPHY AND PRIZE MONEY. We welcome parents, teachers and mentors to register and run the last 1.2 miles with their children Saturday, May 30th. And if you’re up for it, we encourage you to join them during their weekly training! Week 3 (3/9-3/13): Your kickoff assembly should occur sometime this week! Get the kids pumped up to run! Contact PAL to set up an officer visit during your assembly.

Week 4 (3/16-3/20): Students should have now completed registering at home or at school now that the introductory letter has been sent home and the kickoff assembly has occurred. If they have not registered get them started quickly so they have time to run the 25 miles. Give each child a running log sheet if they did not download one online. Students need to start keeping track of their miles. This process will need to be explained in detail during P.E. class or any other appropriate time. Examples are helpful! The student (with the help of an adult if needed) is responsible for adding the miles they've gotten in school to the mileage they have gotten outside of school and logging this total on their Running Log Sheet. Keeping track of mileage helps keep kids accountable as well as allows them to be recognized for reaching milestones in their goal. Week 5 and Week 6 (3/23-3/27 and 3/30-4/3): Continue encouraging your kids to run or walk and keep them motivated! Week 7 and Week 8 (4/6-4/10 and 4/13-4/17): Send home MARATHON UPDATE 1. As the return slips come back in make sure that all kids will have transportation, in some form, available on race day. Week 9 (4/20-4/24): TRANSPORTATION: Start talking to your principal about arranging buses for race day. Discuss race day details for your school including what time to meet at school, what time the buses will leave, who is driving the buses, approximate number of buses needed based on the return slip of MARATHON UPDATE 1. ATTIRE ON RACE DAY: It is important to choose something for all of your school's participants to be wearing that separates them from other schools. This could be a matching school shirt, a same colored bandana, a school hat, etc.

Begin printing nametags for kids. Be sure their nametags include the name they go by and what school they belong to. Send the Shannon Miller Kids Marathon Coordinator, Tiffany Mackey, ((904) 854-6555 Ext. 203 or your SRO/POC's phone number to keep on file. The POC should have their phone on them at all times during the race. ALL STUDENTS SHOULD BE WEARING THESE NAMETAGS TO ENSURE THEIR SAFETY IN THE EVENT THEY SHOULD GET LOST! If the school is listed on the nametag, we can call the school's POC in case of emergency. In addition, bibs will have space to write a parent/teacher cell number and any allergies or medical emergencies (asthma, allergies, etc.) Week 10 (4/27-5/1): Keep encouraging students; this is the time when the mileage really starts to add up! Week 11 (5/4-5/8): Announce updated mileage totals at all school assemblies. Also start giving updates and reminders in all school assemblies. Keep the kids excited and motivated! Continue this until race day! Week 12 (5/11-5/15): Send your roster of participants to the Kids Marathon Race Director, Tiffany Mackey at (904) 854-6555 Ext. 203 or She will double check your list with the Kids Marathon master list and together you will make sure all your information is correct. Week 13 (5/18-5/22): Send home A “READY TO RACE” PARENT LETTER. Arrange for a police officer to come talk to classes who are interested. Contact race coordinator Tiffany Mackey with PAL. If any changes have occurred in your participation roster, send a new roster to Tiffany Mackey at (904) 854-6555 Ext. 203 or Send home MARATHON UPDATE 2.

Please read this carefully...race day details are included in this update! Make sure that transportation is taken care of for each child. If a child is not accompanied by an adult, make sure that you have a phone number where the parent/guardian can be reached during the time you are traveling to and from the race and during the time you are there. Make sure that you have arranged for each child to have a nametag with their school name on it. Please make sure there is a cell # on the back of each child’s bib. Email with your SRO or POC's name and the phone number they can be reached at during the race, if you have not already done this. Make a race day plan for your school. Make sure all teachers, parents, and students are clear on the details. This will be individual to your school. Week 14 (5/25-5/29): It's Here! CHECK THE SPECIAL “RACE WEEK” PAGE BELOW FOR DETAILS!

Race Week
Assembly: At your last weekly assembly before the marathon, recognize all the participants and give last minute reminders. Encourage participants to eat a healthy dinner and stay motivation! Communication: Make sure that each parent and teacher going has a roster of all the other parents' and teachers' cell phone numbers. Email the Kids Marathon Coordinator with a final roster to double check one last time. Send home the RACE DAY REMINDER NOTE with race packets. REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT when to meet at school and other important information! You can't say it enough! Make sure that the buses are coordinated as far as who is driving and who needs to pick up keys, etc. Collect registration confirmation # for each child to bring to PAL in order to pick up numbers and goody bags. PAL hours: Wed-Fri: 8:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Address: 3450 Monument Rd Jacksonville, Fl 32225
Send a representative from your school. Let them know you are there to pick up your Shannon Miller Kids Marathon packets for your school. Your packets, shirts, and goody bags should be already assembled for you. This is why it is so important to continue to communicate your current roster to the Coordinator because this is what will be used to assemble packets. Meet with all participants and hand out packets and shirts. It is probably best to hold onto the bibs and hand them out on race day. (bibs should be pinned on front of shirt)

RACE DAY (May 30th, 2009)
Follow your school's plan for race day. Be at the starting line at The Jacksonville Landing (2 Independent Dr Jacksonville, FL 32202) at least 30 minutes before the start. (9:00am start) Please remember parking and walking to start line may take longer than usual on race day do to the road blocks for the race. If you arrive early there will be entertainment, food, beverages, etc. Spectators can meet kids at the finish line at the Jacksonville Landing. They may also feel free to line the race route and cheer the kids on! At the Kids Marathon Finish Line kids will receive their gold medal, finish line food, and can enjoy the activities. Be sure you have a plan to gather your kids to go back home. Finish line food is for those who have paid to participate only. However there are plenty of food options available at the landing.

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