To the charter members of The Friendly Sons of St by forrests


									Meeting minutes from June 9, 2009 The following are the meeting minutes: There were a total of 16 attendees – including two guests and two new members – at our monthly meeting at the Clinton Elks Club on Tuesday, June 9, 2009: Members in attendance were: Pat Barrett Allan Beaton John Barrett Chad Bower * Tom Clarke * Shaun Connolly Bernie Gallagher Joe Gilhooly Jay Joyce Kevin Maloy Bill Murray Ken Oldam Gary Sanderson Pat Whalen

* Our two new members – Chad Bower and Tom Clarke – both came bearing gifts, and membership dues. Tom has golf tees and other handout-type stuff from his company for the golf outing, and Chad has two pharmaceutical companies committed to contributing $1,000+ to the golf outing - a good start by both. Welcome aboard and Fáilte! We had a pre-meeting meeting to discuss the golf outing, attended by our two guests, Marc and Robyn Kydd. Topics discussed included: committed/paid sponsors, potential sponsors, volunteers needed, acquisition of merchandise for raffles/door-prizes, who we’ve solicited and who we need to solicit. We’re making good progress but still need work in all areas listed above.  Bill Murray’s wife Maureen has volunteered to take care of the photography for the outing, Thank you Maureen.  Volunteers are still needed for beer service, start-up and assignments, and jelloshot distribution. Really, we could use about 5 or 6 more volunteers total.  We have a lot of people who have committed to playing at the outing and/or sponsoring a hole. We need to get the money in soon, so please talk it up.  The t-shirts have been received, and Shaun Connolly brought one in to show the group. They look good. Well done Shaun.  Pat Whalen distributed a handout with the current foursome and sponsor list, and sample copies of the receipt and thank you letter being sent to the donors. Be advised, the letter states “on behalf of my fellow FSSP members, thank you for donation…..”


The regular meeting started right on time at 8:21 PM. As usual, we kicked it off with a Pledge of Allegiance, and then Bernie Gallagher led us in a prayer. Pat Barrett reported on our finances:  Our by-laws have been amended and Pat has enlisted the help of a professional at to help us navigate through our application for 501(c)3 status. Again, even though we are not an official 501(c)3 yet, we are a registered non-profit organization with the state and the IRS. Anyone needing our Federal Tax ID number, it is now listed on our website on the “About Us” page, along with our NJ non-profit corporation identification number.  Accounts payables are back to zero, as Pat wrote Shaun Connolly a check for the tshirts.  Pat asked that we consider doubling his salary ($0 per year) based on the amount of work he’s been doing. His request was unanimously declined. At some point during Pat Barrett’s report, Bernie Gallagher got up and went into the janitor’s closet and was talking on the phone with the lights off. We’re not sure who he was talking to or what he was talking about, but there are a lot of rumors going around….. In his absence, Bernie was appointed as our special envoy to the North Korea chapter of The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. See what happens if you walk out of one of their meetings. . We currently have two volunteerism initiatives:  June 17th through June 21st – Volunteering at the Immaculate Conception Church Festival; see Bernie Gallagher if you’re interested.  July 28th – Volunteering at the Somerset Patriots game for Operation Shoebox NJ; see Eddie Gibney for details. Pat Barrett also left the meeting without permission and was promptly elected to be our official lobbyist to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., where he will be requesting a government bailout. Remember, don’t come back empty-handed, and if President Obama wants to become a member, tell him to take another look at our membership requirements. Key Upcoming Dates: June 17th through 21st – Immaculate Conception Parish Picnic (Security by the FSSP) July 14th – Next FSSP meeting; at the Clinton Elks Club at 8:00 PM July 17th – The 2nd Annual FSSP of Hunterdon County Golf Outing at Beaver Brook June 28th – FSSP volunteer night at the Somerset Patriots game September 19th – Annual FSSP Picnic


After much debate, clarification, re-clarification and re-re-clarification, it was determined that at all future meetings, attendees would contribute $10 which would go towards beer and entertainment. This measure was voted on and passed unanimously.

Irish Humor: Sean Durkin goes to confession one afternoon, and says to the priest, “Bless me father, for I have sinned. I’ve had intimate relations with a young lady in town.” Father O’Malley asks angrily, “Tell me who it is Young Durkin! Was it that young O’Connor girl from up on the hill?” “No” says Sean convincingly. “Alright then, was it that Brigit Sullivan with the red hair?” asks the priest.. Again, Sean said no. “Well then, it must be Catherine Burke, the innkeeper’s daughter.” And again, Sean said no. “Alright then Mr. Durkin. Ten Our Fathers and ten Hail Mary’s, and you’d best be minding yourself around the young ladies.” As Sean’s leaving church, Tommy O’Toole grabs him and asks, “Well, how’d it go?” “Not bad,” said Sean. “I got ten Our Fathers and ten Hail Mary’s, but I also got some great leads!”

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow. An Old Irish Proverb PW


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