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									Feedback assignment 2 Rina. Ok. Looks fine. A few comments. The flies are flying on top of the swatter. This takes away from the realism quite a bit. Your transitions work fine. The puzzle pieces should be spread out a bit more. You can fix this by experimenting with the equation in the scramble function that sets the x and y property of each piece (the one that uses Math.random) Kasper P ok. The shape-tween in the beginning looks pretty uncontrolled and sloppy. You should try to avoid that. I like that teh uzzle only scrambles one character, but there is a small usability issue - there is very little contrast between the puzzle pieces and the background/surrounding elements, so I had a hard time finding one of the pieces. In the blue page, it isn't obvious enough that the circles are buttons that control the slideshow. This is a case where text based buttons would be better (or use established "play" "stop" buttons). I think a sans-serif font would work better in the About page. But besides that, the layout of that page is good. Antonios Liapis ok. It looks like you have put a lot of work into the development of this, and I think it could be really good, but it needs a bit of user testing first. I wasn't sure what to do at first, and the fact that I am penalized with the removal of the colors made it, for me, simply unplayable. I'm sure this things could be fixed easily though, and then you'd have a fun little game. Stine Dahl ok. looks good. I assume you can only feed pingo too much, which is fine. BUT if you can win in someway, that should be made clear with some sort of progress indicator. But assuming it is only a little game where you over feed the penguin, then it works well. could be funny if you had some staging before the exploding penguin. like he slowly gets fatter. could also be funny if you made the explosion really grotesque, kind of like joecartoon

Joonas Kirsebom ok. Very good. Seems to work well. You have a good foundation here. I

am not familiar with the game mastermind, so from my perspective, I would say you need some instructions. Here are some other problems I had. Took me a while to figure out I should drag the squares. I was allowed to drop the squares anywhere on the grid - this was a problem since I didn't know I should start from the top. But as I said, you have a good foundation, so with some testing and fine-tuning, the game could really good. Dan Dowaji

ok. the clicking game is actually quite addictive. it took me quite a bit of clicking before I concluded the high score must be fictitious :-) The design on the first page is pretty chaotic. It isn't clear what is text and what are buttons. The owl game is fine for this assignment, but it is pretty uninspired. Switching the flies with owls looks like it cold have the potential for humor, but you don't follow through.
Silje Øydegard Ormseth Ok. Very nice. the intro is amusing and your transitions work well. The intro would be better with a larger and different (sans-serif) font in the text bubble. The text should fill the speak bubble. Rikke Brogaard ok. looks really good. all in all, it is very good, but I have two critical points- there isn't enough feedback when I hit a character - sound would be a huge help here (and it would add to the humor). the placement of the cursor in relation to the hammer felt awkward to me. It seems that it would play better if you clicked on a person to hit them - that could be something you could test. Louise ok. looks good. nicely creative. removing the cursor all the time isn't the best idea, because the user can no longer navigate. you could add an if statement in an ENTER_FRAME event listener that checks to see if the mouse is over the menu, at which point you could make it visible again. Mie (Anne Marie) Fink Nielsen ok. Looks good, but you should ALWAYS link to an html file, not the swf. Lena Ok. Your animations and transitions are very nice. The design is nice too, but it doesn't leave much room for content - the puzzle and the flygame seem very small. Anders Døssing Jepsen Ok. This could be a funny concept, but you would need to push it a bit more. Works fine for this assignment though.

Søren Vibjerg OK. Super job! The save potato head works really well, its impressive you could create a playable game in such a short time. The kill Mr. Potatohead works well too, but it took me some time to figure out what was going on. This could be solved easily by putting something behind the mask to break up the red background (I thought it was just a red sight (sigtekorne) moving on black until I happened to catch a glimpse of Mr. Potatohead in the sight). Pimp Mr. Potatohead is also good, but would be much improved by using more bitmap graphics (the bandana on the head isn't that interesting, but real hair, hats, etc. would be a lot of fun). But I understand that that would require a lot of image editing, so doing that would have been much more than the assignment required. All in all, an excellent job. I am not sure why the tweens are sticking. Another student had the same problem. My guess is that tweens aren't getting cleaned up properly, this could be a bug in Flash. I don't have very much experience with Flash's own tween class. I use tweener ( in all of my projects because it is easier to implement and is much less buggy. Martin Reffstrup Mikkelsen OK. It is very important that you know that you should always link to an html file where the swf is embedded. You should NOT link directly to a swf file. One problem with your site is that it isn't clear what are buttons. For example, the Puzzle Me button looked more like a game logo than a button to start the game. The Pick my Brain page work very well. In the flygame, you need to move the game up and to the left. The flies don't really fly on stage.

Mikkel Lind Ok. Looks like you are removing the listeners in the fly game and stopping the sound. The fly game is also VERY hard without the cursor, probably too hard. The flies need to be moved up and to the right. From a design point of view, I would say that the blue of navigation text is too close in tone to pink background - it makes it hard to see and read. Your image is very pixelated. This can work at times, but then it needs to be part of an over all style. I'm not convinced that it is part of the over all style here. Daniel Pryn Ok. Your design looks pretty good. Nice intro to the fly game, and nice effects with the splat. Sounds like the sound doesn't stop. You can stop it by adding an event sound of type "stop" to the keyframe where the flygame outro animation starts. Chris Topaloudis Ok. Very nice. I think your site design works well, and your transition animations are very good. I like that you have put the fly game into context, that improves it a lot. The intro and outro transitions on the about page work very well, and have a lot of realism to them, but the page the shape of the green background seems odd, I think it would fit better with the animations if it was simply rectangular shaped, or at the very least, if it appeared to hand straight down. Rune I couldn't find a mail from you, so I tried this link, but it doesn't seem to be working: Do you have a different link? Sjoukje Busck Ok. Looks excellent. Super design, nice transitions. All in all a very nice job. The mouseover effects worked fine for me in Firefox on a Mac...are you sure Flash Player 10 is installed for all browsers? As far as the video problem goes. I see you have given your FLVPlayback component an instance name. You should be able to close the stream by writing: myFLVPlayback.getVideoPlayer(0).close(); //where myFLVPlayback is the instance name You should write this in your closeGo function. Good luck.

Andreas Klein Arnbjerg Ok. From a design perspective, there are a few minor things. The green circle seems as if it should be centered, but it isn't. The ITU logo looks very pixelated (As do the green circles). It isn't a good idea to scale images larger than 100% in Flash. The counter on the Puzzle is good, but the pieces need to be moved up and to the left. You could do this by adjusting the equation in the scramble function. The Fly game doesn't seem to work. The layout and style of the about page seems to fit best with the rest of the design (in comparison to the other pages)

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