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									Roosevelt Magnet School Newsletter “For the Fine Arts” 1704 W. Aiken Avenue, Peoria, IL 61605 Office Phone: 309-672-6574 Web site: Principal: Noly Branscumb Assistant Principals: Brett Elliott and Jacqueline Nieukirk The printing of this document was paid in part by Federal Title 1 Funds.
Upcoming Events in March 2nd—13th ISAT TESTING 2nd—-3:15 Volleyball Game (H) 5th—3:15 Volleyball Game (A) 8th— Daylight Savings Times Begins (move your clocks forward one hour) 9th—-3:15 olleyball Game (H) 12th—3:15 Volleyball Game (H) 16th—PTCO Meeting at 5:00 p.m.—Volleyball Game —(H) 17th—St. Patrick’s Day 20th—NO SCHOOL—Teacher’s Institute 20th—First Day of Spring! 26th—Parent/Teacher Conferences (After School) Upcoming Events in April 1st — Kindergarten Registration Begins April Fool’s Day 6th-13th—SPRING BREAK 12th— Easter 14th — School Resumes 22nd— Earth Day 30th — Kindergarten Registration/Orientation


We are in full swing for ISAT Testing this week and next week. You can help by making sure your student (s) are at school on time. It would also be a great help if you would make sure they get to bed early and have a nourishing breakfast . We will also be providing snacks for the students during testing to ensure that everyone is prepared to perform to their maximum potential on the days of the test. SPOTLIGHT SCHOOL Roosevelt has been honored by the state as a “Spotlight School” and given an award for “Academic Improvement.” Our ISAT scores were very good from last year, and we are working very hard to make AYP again. A Special Thanks to the staff and students for a job well done. HIGH SCHOOL ORIENTATION High school orientation for our students will be on March 19th. The students will go to the high schools That day, and the PARENT MEETINGS will be that night at 7:00 pm. Fine Arts News from Mrs. Nieukirk Congratulations students and staff on a job well done at IGSMA Contest in Morton on February 27 & 28th. Peace Troupe- 1st place 5th grade Swing Choir- 2nd place 4th grade Childrens Choir- 1st place Concert Choir- 2nd place

Please Help! it is very difficult to get messages to students at the end of the day. Our students are very spread out last hour and many are in their arts classes and can not hear their names over the speaker. Please take care of all family business the night before or in the morning. (house keys, pick-up changes, etc.,). It is hard to track down the students for these last minute messages. Thanks for understanding. Our parents ROCK!!!)

RMS students were well prepared for their performances and did a great job representing RMS in the community. It was great to see soooooo many parents help and attend this event. Thank you......Linda Holman, Tiana Paige, Norine George, Lakeitra Jefferson, Bonnie Yager, Michael Walton, Mechelle Dailey, Luberta Lewis, Sharon Cureton, Martha Young, Cathy Rodgers, Chandra Beasley, Jill McDougall, Amy Gress, Dawn Anderson, Pamela King, Lakeesha Buchner, Billy Johnson, Terance Gayles, Lynn Robinson, Ivy Irby, Monica Russell, Nilija Bailey, Trina Bonds, Cheryl Miller, Nakai Alexander, Annette Patterson, Sharon Cureten, Cathy Williams and Charles and Laura Danner. ROCK ON!!!!!!

First graders are quickly becoming wonderful readers. Continue to read with your child every night to practice new phonics skills, sight word identification, and oral reading fluency. We completed our Open Court weather unit with a visit from WMBD Meteorologist Chuck Collins. We hope you saw the pictures of us that Mr. Collins showed during his weather broadcast. Our new reading unit will focus on Journeys. Through our reading, we will take journeys to Washington D.C., New York City, the jungle, mountains, and on a sailboat trip all around the world. We will discuss many different types of maps, the globe, continents, oceans, and our own place on the map. We will also take a journey through space this month during a fieldtrip to the Lakeview Planetarium. All of our addition strategies have been introduced. Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts with your child. We will continue to work on subtraction and fact families. The subtraction strategies introduced this month include count backs, doubles, zero facts, easy ten frames, and count ups. Fact families are a fun way to learn about the relationship between addition and subtraction.

What can you learn from root beer floats? Well in third grade, you learn quite a bit. Together with Mrs. Unes’ art class we used root beer to get us involved in measuring diameter, height and length of different containers. The students made a three dimensional art project of a root beer float. In math class students calculated the number of cans needed to make floats for their class, they also found the total cost for ice cream for the five third grades. But the most fun, of course, was when we actually got to make and taste for ourselves delicious root beer floats. We are also encouraging our students to have regular attendance. Every homeroom teacher has a chart outside their door marking the number of days the class has perfect attendance. We’d like third grade to have the winning class. Besides, if you’re not in school, you might miss out on some of the fun of learning.

Second Grade Superstars! Can you believe we've already had 100 days of school? Wow!! Time continues to march on and Second Graders are right in step. In Math we've been working on 2-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping. This is a very hard concept, so we would appreciate any practice you can do at home with your child. Don't forget to continue to work on just their basic facts. They need to know those quickly. We're starting measurement, which is always fun. Look for your students to start measuring things around the house. Please mark your calendars!!! Our Sign Language Program date has been set. We will have our whole school program on May 5 at 9:30 AM in the Roosevelt Auditorium. It will last about 45 minutes. You won't want to miss this. We've been working hard all year with our songs and can't wait to show them to you. Don't the date!! Mrs. Barnstable, Mrs. Menninga, Mrs. Sexton

4th Grade News The fourth graders have already been busily testing during this first quarter of the school year. There are monthly Benchmark tests in reading and math. We’ve also been testing for the Cognitive Abilities test and the NWEA test. All this testing ensures that we know where our students are at, and we are able to measure their progress all year long. Students should be writing their assignments in their planners daily. Please check and make sure this is being done with your child. Many students are not doing their homework and therefore have many missing assignments. Homework is an important part of your child’s grade. Also, every student should be reading for at least 20 minutes every night. We have started the Book-It program. This program encourages students to read with a pizza reward every month. Yum!

The fifth grades have just finished our End of Unit 3 Assessments in Reading. Our next Reading Unit is called "Making a New Nation". It will integrate reading, social studies, language, spelling, writing, arts, and technology. We are at a very busy time of year. ISAT begins March 3, and we will test each day until 12. You can help your child get his or her very best score. Here are our tips: *Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep during the two weeks of ISAT. *A good breakfast with plenty of protein and very little sugar will keep the brain fueled and ready to think. *Exercise keeps stress levels to a minimum and is a healthy post-test diversion. *Encourage your child. Let him or her know that you think the tests are important. *Instill confidence. We feel that the students are ready and well prepared. You know how smart you child is. Let him or her know that. ISAT is here!! The time has arrived for us to demonstrate our understanding of 6th grade learning standards. We have been working hard and will continue to work hard…our success will be a direct result of our efforts. We will test from March 3rd to March 12th. During testing, students are expected to be focused and to put forth 110% effort. Students will test for part of each day and participate in continued learning and review activities for the remainder of each day. Homework will not be assigned during ISAT testing. For this reason, in-class participation is that much more critical. Please be aware that the end of the 3rd grading period is in March. All RMS students are expected to have A’s, B’s, and C’s on their report card. Students who are not currently meeting these academic expectations need to buckle down and take care of business before the quarter ends. Once ISAT is over, there is still much material that needs to be covered and continued focus is necessary. Teaching and learning takes place all year long. We want to make sure all 6th graders are adequately prepared for success in their 7th grade year. Please be aware that your child should be reading at least 20 minutes a night. A.R. counts toward their Reading grade; a test must be taken every other week. Please contact Ms. Franklin if any questions by email ( or write a note in your student’s planner. Thank you, 6th grade students and parents, for your continued support. We appreciate all that you do!

7th & 8th Grade Team ISAT Push! By Katherine Young ISAT starts on March 3, 2009! Attendance is important! Plenty of rest and a good breakfast will really help the kids succeed on ISAT. We are a little over a week away and the students have been working hard to prove their reading abilities! On that note, almost all 7th graders have earned at least 1/2 of their required A/R points. All points must be earned before the end of 3rd quarter. Push your child to continue reading every night. 8th grade must also read 44 pages every week. Their booktalk summarizing the 44 pages is due every Friday. Mrs. Dodds is adding new books to her classroom library every week and continue to do so when she hears about a new book that students will enjoy reading. Her library is open to all students, but they must return her books when they have finished reading them. Please check around your house for Mrs. Dodds books (her name is on the book in marker) and return them if you see one. Some books have been missing since the first quarter. Mrs. Dodd’s appreciates your help. For Literature, all 7th graders need a shoebox for a diorama in Mrs. Dodd’s class. Thank you for working with us and keep encouraging and working your child for success!

When you are picking your student up, Please remember to pull up in the Pick Up/ Drop Off lane in front of the school. This will greatly reduce a back-up of Traffic! Thank you for your help.

Middle School Visual Art with Ms. Frei All Middle School Art students are reminded that if you have any missed, incomplete, or poor work you can work with Ms. Frei after school 2-3 days per week. Usually we work on Tues & Thursdays, and sometimes on Weds. It can vary from week to week, so always check with Ms. Frei. This is also a good chance to do extra credit work to help improve your grade. The 5th grade is working on a color unit, and the Figure Drawing classes have begun a Hip Hop figure unit. Video Production is learning the dynamics of filming motion. Everyone keep on deawing, sketching and observing!

K-5 Art with Mrs. Unes Our new Bradley Novice teacher joined the K-5 Art group recently. Mr. Michael Morris is an education major with a focus in the Visual Arts. Working together in collaboration with 3rd graders, everyone practiced their measurement skills working with a theme of ‘Root Beer’. The students measured cups, pints, quarts, gallons and created three dimensional forms after realizing the forms started as two dimensional shapes and then colored to look like containers of root beer. Their forms were hot glued onto a display board and left to travel around the Third Grade classrooms. Next month we will discuss the Impressionist paintings done by the Fifth Graders.

Congratulation to all the students that were cast in the school play Alice in Wonderland. Thank you to all of the wonderful actors and actress who tried out. We had many talented students try-out. Our performance is scheduled for May 14th and 15th. If anyone is interested in helping or being on crew, please see Mrs. Boerger—Drama

Primary Orchestra News – Emily Leggin Happy 2009! Concert Orchestra is focusing on technique. We are learning scales and learning to shift. Also, Kindergarten is learning how to play keyboards with a new software program the district purchased. So, things are moving along well in the orchestra world. Keep working hard and practicing!

PE AND DANCE- J. Shahan In theatre dance we have finished our tap unit and are moving on to jazz. We have been watching West Side Story in class and are learning jazz vocabulary and steps. In Folklorica we are exploring dances from many different countries. 5th grade dance ensemble has been working on modern dance and will be choreographing a dance in the modern style. DANCE—Ms. Redington This month has been very rhythmic in room 116. The boys dance, and theater dance classes have been working on rhythm through jump ropes and tap shoe. Sixth grade Concert Dance is beginning their tap routine to Let's Get Loud! This could be the theme song for room 116! I am used to the fact that creativity can be messy and sometimes loud!!! I am the mother of a drummer so I can handle it! I have been helping one of my fifth grades with ISAT preparation, which has been fun for me. I don't always get to see the academic side of my students! In all dance classes we have played a little Jeopardy game using the dance vocabulary. I believe they should have knowledge of at this point! It's helped me to evaluate where we are and what we need to work on during the remaining school year! Plus the students enjoyed it and they got CANDY!!! A win/win situation! Seventh grade Concert Dance is fine-tuning their graceful side! We are working on ballet technique and a routine to the theme song from the "Titanic." My Dance Ensemble is finalizing their routine for Brown Bag It, "Ain’t No Other Man," in honor of President Obama. We are still looking for Obama t-shirts to wear for this performance. If anyone has an extra t-shirt they would like to donate or let us borrow, please let me know! That's it for now! Enjoy the upcoming Spring!!!

Band News – Mr. Maury Beelman Solo and Ensemble contest is fast approaching. As of right now I am unsure of the scheduled events, but I will let you know as soon as I find out the times of the events. With ISAT testing taking place there will be no morning band classes only afternoon, so things will be a little slower in the band room for the next couple of weeks. Students please use this time to get your practicing done at home so we can come back fresh and positive after the testing. Parents if you have any questions or concerns about your students progress in band please feel free to contact me whenever you would like.

Hello everyone. If you are reading this it is March and Music Groups Contest has come and gone. I expect we all did our best job. In addition to the parents I thanked in advance in February I would like to thank: Jamie Rodgers lanzeren Parker, Billy Johnson Chyna Perison, Taisha Morrison, monica Russell, Erika Usher, Charles and Laura Danner, Santana Vargas, Michelle Daily, jill Mac Doughall, Crystal Spencer, Shauna Tunks, Tina King, Chanda Beasley, Sharon Cureten, Terri Stevens and Mrs. Anderson (Ryans mom) for helping us with student safety on those days. Your help is invaluable. We have started all the second graders on a computer programs for keyboard, which ought to be a great start for real keyboard playing in fourth quarter. K-3 continue to work on their music reading skills, and our choir classes are continuing to learn their reading skills through choral practice. Have a great month. Mrs. Stenoish, Music

Reading Thoughts from the Coach’s Corner By Becky Burton READ LIKE OBAMA Barack Obama is making his mark, On history and the world, He encourages you to do the same, As your future now unfurls. Education was so important to him, And Reading was the key, By reading, he learned about science and math, History and geography. Reading was much more to him. Than turning pages while in class, It gave him all the confidence. To see a half-full glass. By reading, he dared to dream his dream, He harnessed it inside, With reading his potential soared, He stood tall and walked with pride. Reading helped Obama, Find things he wanted to find, It increased his great vocabulary, Reading helped expand his mind. His beautiful mind and eloquent words, Made him leader of our land, Reading made it possible, When he was but a small, young man.

Choral News—Mrs. Fredericksen The Roughrider Choristers are working on solo and ensemble contest. Part of their performance prep schedule may include some additional reheasal after school. Please remember for these events, parents will be providing their child’s transportation to and from. We need parents from any music group to help out. THANKS. The Contest Date is March 13-14 for Solo and Ensemble. Also, we want to thank you for your continued encouragement and support towards helping your child develop a habit for good participation in daily rehearsals throughout their Arts Classes! Written Project Reports will be due on March 18. The famous composer project is assigned to each choral class I teach. For each of these assignments, a rubrics will be included listing all requirements. No Late Reports Please. The Grading Quarter ends on March 19th. Thanks!

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