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					Rock t-shirts and other types of tshirts
People with a sense of humor like a funny t shirt and will always prefer a tshirt with a humorous message. Although there are many companies, which manufacture Tshirts for different events, occasions, and for different reasons, which can be bought from shopping malls and retail outlets, they also manufacture custom Tshirts with specific designs and in specific colors as required by the customer.

You can order a funny t shirt with your own funny message or get your own custom design printed on a Tshirt, including Obama T-shirts. Wearing such a tshirt conveys your political affiliations and liking for a candidate without a doubt.

A company can have Tshirts manufactured in the company's colors, with the logo and product image, and distribute it to their sales team and even to customers.

The Tshirts can even be a funny t shirt with a humorous message, a cartoon character, a caricature of a political or historical figure, along with the company's logo at the side.

Frankie Say Relax T-shirt: 80s phenomenon, originally designed by Katharine Hamnett but appropriated by Frankie Goes To Hollywood they became ubiquitous in the UK during the summer of 1984, mainly because the BBC banned the song on radio and the terribly rude video on TV. This just increased the bands sales and their bad boy credentials. People buy these t-shirts less for the original political reason, more to get dressed up like 80s freaks for fancy dress parties.

Hitler European Tour T-shirt:A mock up with colour map of Hitlers European Tour 1939-45, or as its better known, World War 2, with dates in England cancelled. Is this a bit close to the bone, considering the horror of the Holocaust? Or what anout rock t-shirts?

Sometimes, fans and followers of political parties and candidates themselves get their custom designed and printed Tshirts from Tshirt companies and openly declare their liking for a candidate. This was seen in the recently concluded US Presidential elections with fans and party workers wearing Tshirts with images, slogans, and messages of the candidates.

T-shirts are a proven way to make a provocative statement - but which are the most iconic - and what do they say about the humble wearer? What they feel when they wear a rock t-shirt.

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