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									Panda Express
VOL.15 ISSUE 17 May 13th, 2009 PARK ORCHARD ELEMENTARY (253) 373-7473 Christine Castillo, Principal

Dear Park Orchard Friends and Families
With spring here and weather warming, we are excited to wear our summer clothing. Please remember the guidelines indicated in the Park Orchard student handbook. Our mandatory uniform policy requires all students to wear solid white, navy blue, red or hunter green collared shirts and navy blue, black or tan khaki pants, bermudas, skirts, skorts, or jumpers. Shorts or bermudas may be worn under skirts and jumpers.. Knee-highs or tights are to be solid uniform colors or black. Socks can be any color. Belts are to be black, brown or navy blue. Navy blue, hunter green or white sweatshirts or cardigan sweaters (no zippers or hoods) and navy blue, hunter green or white vests may be worn as outer wear. On Fridays, the children do not have to wear uniform, however, clothes must fit and should be no more than one size larger than the waist size (no bagging, sagging or dragging). Students may wear Park Orchard T-shirts on assigned Spirit Days. The school prohibits clothing or wearing apparel that is hazardous, destructive to school property, or which disrupts the learning process. However, it is important to keep in mind that the children behave in the classroom much as they are dressed. Clean, comfortable clothing is the best guide. Girls and boys, under the guidance of their parents and the school, should learn to make rational choices when selecting wearing apparel. We do not permit loose fitting, sleeveless t-shirts or tank tops, halter tops, bare midriffs, or t-shirts with offensive or inappropriate slogans. Footwear needs to keep the foot safe and secure. Lightweight sandals or flip flops/thongs are not appropriate. Headgear, such as hats and headbands may only be worn outside. Shorts and skirts need to be longer than fingertip length with arms down to the side. Thank you so much for your support of this matter.


to Mrs. Posey’s sixth grade students who received a letter and photograph from President Obama. Mrs. Posey’s students wrote letters to President Obama earlier this year. “I think of President Barack Obama as a role model. It is surprising to be able to receive a letter from the leader of our country, especially since he is so busy,” said Alana Edgecomb, Park Orchard’s student body president. A copy of the letter and President Obama’s photo can be viewed by the timeline across from room 4.

Exciting news from Room 19.
Three of my students had a poem selected to be published in the Award Winning Young Writers of America book. Andy Sandhu, Danica Coffman, and Melvin Dumag had their poem selected to be published. The poems are on the back page of this newsletter. Mrs. Balza

Mission of the Kent School District “To successfully prepare all students for their future!”

parent support.

2009 Cruzin’ Passport Challenge
The Covington Coalition for a Healthy Community and Kent4Health are happy to present to you the 2009 Cruzin’ Passport Challenge, which will run May 30 through September 19. This program encourages children to participate in positive summer activity by interacting with local businesses and participating in community activities to EAT SMART, PLAY HARD and LEARN. How do the kids participate? It’s simple! Teachers will hand out the Passports that are full of places and suggestions to “EAT SMART, PLAY HARD and LEARN”. After participating in a fun Passport activity at one of the many locations in the community, they get their Passport stamped. The more stamps they receive, the healthier they are and our community is and the better chance your school has of winning the playground equipment. At the close of the challenge, the elementary school that turns in the most passports with a minimum of 3 stamps in each passport, wins the $1000.00 worth of playground equipment.

Change in After School Dismissal Plans
If your child requires a change in after-school dismissal plans, please send a note with specific information to the teacher that morning. This will allow us sufficient time to accommodate the change and reduce confusion on the part of the student and staff. Requests for changes received over the phone (except for unforeseen emergencies) are strongly discouraged for a number of reasons: 1. It may be difficult to verify over the phone that the request is from the parent. 2. We may need to disrupt classroom instruction to pass on the message. 3. Students sometimes become alarmed or confused by “last minute” changes. 4. We may not be able to pass on the request to the child when received very late in the school day. In the interest of student safety, it is important that parents and the school always know the whereabouts of each of our students. ________________________________

Students are not to bring toys to school unless they are bringing something to share with teacher permission. We have seen an increase in small toys and this is creating problems at school for adults and students. Toys need to stay home! If a toy is brought to school it will be confiscated. Thank you for your cooperation!

Multicultural Fair, Friday, May 22nd , 6 – 8 pm
Please come and help celebrate the diversity of students at our school and in the community. There will be music, student projects, dancing and food samples from all over the world. All parents are encouraged to bring food that represents the ethnicity of their family. Any questions please contact Colleen Benjamin 253-373-3340.

A Big Thank you to PTSA, and all
parents that contributed to our staff luncheon for Teacher Appreciation Week. Our teachers were truly touched by the wonderful feast that was served in their honor and feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful PTSA and

Homework Assignments When Absent:
If your child will be absent for more than one day and feels well enough to do homework, please call the school before 8:45 am (253373-7473) or email your teacher directly to make a request for missed work. Email addresses are: teacher’s first name.teacher’s last Messages left with the office will be forwarded to the teacher so that you may pick up the assignments and materials after school on the day of your call if at all possible. However, it usually takes 24 hours for the teacher to get the homework together. Students are responsible for making up any assignments missed while absent. Arrangements and due dates should be worked out with your child’s teacher. Missing assignments may adversely affect a student’s grades.

The College Bound Scholarship Program will provide college tuition, fees and books for students who sign a pledge in 7th or 8th grade promising to graduate from high school with at least a 2.0 grade point average and demonstrate good citizenship. Their family income must also remain at 65 percent or less of the state's median income by the time of high school graduation to permit a scholarship award. More than 56,000 Washington students are potentially eligible for this scholarship. Are you one of them or do you know someone who is? Large sign-up events are planned in Seattle (May 9), Vancouver (May 2), Spokane, and TriCities. The deadline for application is June 30, 2009. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Visit the HECB website for more information. And even if you’re in an elementary school PTA, please send this along to your members because some of them probably have 7th or 8th grade students—or hope to some day!

Interpreters Wanted!
If you are interested in being an interpreter for the Kent School District, please contact the Kent School District at 253-373-7269. If you are not a current Kent School District employee; please read below: All individuals providing interpreting services for the Kent School District must be hired as temporary district employees. We can no longer hire interpreters with the contract and W-9 forms used in the past. Individuals interested in employment as an interpreter for the Kent School District must come to the district office to fill out a Kent School District application form, I-9 form and Disclosure Form. The receptionist at the main entrance to the Administration Building will help individuals with the required paperwork.

Moving this Summer?
If there are any changes in your address or phone number or you are moving this summer and your student(s) will not be returning to Park Orchard in the fall of 2009, please let the office know as soon as possible. Student(s) _____________________________________

Teacher(s) & Grade

School Moving to

Attention 5th Grade Parents/Guardians
A letter was given to you as parents/guardians at your child’s conference explaining the immunizations that are needed before your child starts 6th grade Washington State Immunization laws have 2 vaccine requirements that impact your student. 1. As of 2006 it is a requirement that all students entering 6th grade must have the varicella vaccine or have had the disease of chickenpox. 2. As of 2007 it is a requirement that all students entering the 6th grade obtain a Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis) vaccine after their 11th birthday if they have not had one in the past 5 years. The date of their last tetanus containing immunization would have to have been after August 2004. Some of the students may have already had these immunizations so please check with your health care provider or call the school and we can help you determine what immunizations your child needs. Thank you for your help keeping our children healthy and well….. Marita Grasher, RN Parent & Student Dance (Blizzard) May 15th, 2009 6pm – 8pm Pizza Dinner $1.50 Extra Slice $1.00 PTSA General Meeting 6:30 PM With Activities including Ice Cream Contest For questions contact Mr. Gardner (253) 486-5359

Thursday 14 – Day 5* Circus Arts Gr. 4 – 6 in gym Friday 15 – Day 6* Circus Arts Gr. K – 3 in gym Music Choice Popcorn & gogurt sales Dance & General PTSA Membership Meeting 6:00 pm in the gym Saturday 16 Marching Band Practice 12 – 2 pm Monday 18 – Day 1* Circus Arts Gr. 4 – 6 in gym Music Choice Tuesday 19 – Day 2* Circus Arts Gr. K – 3 in gym Bingo Night in gym 5:30 – 6:00 Pizza 6:00 – 7:00 Bingo Wednesday 20 – Day 3* Music Choice Last PTSA Meeting @ 6:30 pm in library Thursday 21 – Day 4* Circus Arts Gr. 4 – 6 in gym Friday 22 – Day 5* Circus Arts Gr. K – 3 in gym Multicultural Fair 6:00 – 8:00 in gym

5/15 Popcorn & gogurt sales 5/15 Dance & General Membership Meeting 6:00 PM, Gym 5/20 LAST PTSA Meeting 6:30 PM. Library 5/25 No School 5/29 Popcorn & gogurt sales 6/5 Carnival - time TBA

Library News
June 12th is CLEAR RECORD DAY!

All students with their books checked in or lost books paid for by this date will earn a special treat. We are stressing to the children that books returned later than that date are not going to get the special treat. Battle of the Books has started the Classroom Round the week of May 11th. Fourth, 5th and 6th grade classrooms are competing during their Library Class time. Third Grade students will participate in a Practice Round of the Mini Battle of the Books. The following week they will do a Classroom Round to determine the best team in each class. First and 2nd Grade students are learning how to check out Non-Fiction Books. It is exciting to see them search for their favorite topics. Kindergarten students are using shelf markers to examine many books before choosing the one they want to check out. Please contact the Library (253.373.3310) if you have any questions. Marlene Hamell, Librarian/MediaCoach Cindy Phillips, Library Assistant

A Shiny Place By Melvin Dumag
The world as I see it Shiny and bright The world as I see it what A wonderful delight As the wind blows Through you And The sea moves along I hear birds chirping So let’s follow along

____________________ Going Green By Danica Coffman
The world as I see it has… A lush green pasture Free for animals to explore. The world as I see it has… More and more trees And less pollution. The world as I see it has… Everyone going green. ______________________

The World Through My Eyes By Andy Sandhu
The world as I see it Technology increasing The world as I see it Trash all over The world as I see it Trees decreasing The world as I see it People on the moon The world as I see it Teenagers doing bad things The world as I see it Families being made The world as I see it Hope it lasts.

Following are the Poems from Mrs. Balza’s 4th Grade Class

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