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					Save On Your Irish Excursion at Dublin Hostels
Dublin Hostels aren't just for young single people traveling on a shoestring budget anymore – and the advantage of staying at hostels in Dublin go far beyond savings. In fact, the best way to get to know real people in a laid-back, informal environment is to stay at one of the fine Dublin hostels.

More Irish Than The Irish

You'll discover many fascinating facts about Ireland and the Irish when you stay at a Dublin hostel that you may never learn when staying at a traditional hotel. For example, the most significant events in Irish history were actually things that never happened; the Romans never reached the Emerald Isle, nor did the early Anglo-Saxons. As a result, Ireland became the last stronghold of a nearly pure Celtic culture and society for centuries after Celts had been assimilated elsewhere. This is something you'll get a real feel for by staying at a hostel. Dublin originated as a Scandinavian town, not Irish, but those Danes and Norwegians, like their Norman French relatives who came a few centuries later, were seduced by the native customs and soon abandoned their own languages and culture. Ultimately, these latecomers became “more Irish than the Irish.― Those who stay at Dublin hostels will understand this better than those who elect to stay at more traditional tourist facilities.

What's Different About Hostels

Dublin hotels and bed & breakfast facilities are available, of course, but these are not only more expensive, but more formal – some might even say, “stuffy.― At Dublin hostels, you'll be in a much more “laid-back― environment, away from the typical “tourist crowd.― And of course, a Dublin hostel is a real bargain; because you provide your own bed linens (or sleeping bag) and bath and toilet supplies, Dublin hostels are run on a much lower budget – and those savings are passed on to those who stay at hostels in Dublin.

Getting To Know You

The Dublin hostel admittedly is not for everyone. Those who require a great deal of privacy or are more comfortable alone will probably want more traditional accommodations. Humans are nothing if not social creatures, however; those who enjoy meeting and interacting with interesting new people often find great satisfaction staying at hostels. Dublin's social scene doesn't get much better outside its active pub scene. Giving up a bit of privacy is a small price to pay for the kind of opportunities that Dublin hostels offer in this regard.

About the Author
Wayne Hemrick travels around the world. In this article he writes about dublin hostels.


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