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Oscar Williams, Jr., Account Manager

Problem The circus challenge was to get all shows sold-out 19,600 is the grand total needed to reach the goal of selling all shows out. Now despite the circus having box office challenges like not being able to open the box offices here until the day before opening day was a big problem. Process An optimum effective schedule in place with on-air ticket giveaways & two live remotes was all that was needed to produce some successful results. Plan I suggested we target the African American listener between the age of 18 to 34 as a primary demo and 21 to 34 as a secondary demo to get results for the circus. Performance Results were immediate and they was completely overwhelmed with traffic and success of this years circus, we delivered 18,500 paid to the circus, which exceed the expectation of this event, by overcoming our challenge of not having the box offices open until the day before opening day.

Oscar Williams, Jr., Account Manager

Problem He needed to generate traffic for his Sunday night concert series featuring recording artist T.I., despite his competitor promoting the same artist to perform on the same night three hour prior to his concert. Process We placed an effective on-air schedule with an aggressive street campaign of flyers in all the hot spots throughout the city alone with on-air ticket giveaways, was all that was needed to produce successful results for this show. Plan I suggested he target the African American listener between the age of 21 to 34 as a primary demo and 21 to 44 as a secondary demo to get results for his late night concert. Performance This show was great and he was completely overwhelmed with the traffic and success of the T.I.. show. Mr. Taylor was so pleased that he has booked another concert schedule for July 3rd to jump-start the July 4th weekend.

Linda McNeal, Account Manager

Problem Current marketing strategy with WTUG Radio has been saturated and no longer bringing a return on investment. Mr. Battles is expecting 95.7 JAMZ to increase monthly sales by 15-20% over 90 day campaign. Process Mr. Battles is keeping a computerized log of the number of vehicles that move off the lot due to WBHJ and WTUG. We will run an entirely different commercial targeted to a younger 18-34 audience. Mr. Battles feels the creative aspect of the campaign will be critical to success. He will run the same type of commercial that he has been consistently running on WTUG. We will change copy every 6 weeks or so, as will WTUG. Sales people are totally dedicated to the paperwork required to track every sale. Plan Mr. Battles has committed to a heavy frequency schedule of 15 spots per day, Monday-Sunday for 90 days. Performance Mr. Battles is ecstatic with the results of his campaign with 95.7 JAMZ. Of the 119-125 cars he has sold every month for the past 3 months, WBHJ has consistently sold 25-30 cars (well over his defined goal!) and WTUG has sold 2-5 cars, the remaining sales are due mostly to referrals. A huge success story for WBHJ!!!

Yolanda Manning, Account Manager

Problem ITT Technical Institute was having an open house and wanted to enroll at least 100 people on the day of the open house. The open House was August second. Process I suggested that ITT Technical Institute advertise during the dayparts when the targeted demo is highest. They also had a VERY urgent message for listeners to enroll. I also suggested that Jamz do a two hour live Broadcast midday on that Open House Saturday. Plan ITT Technical Institute wanted to enroll adults 18-34. They had to call on 957 Jamz for help. Performance ITT Technical Institute had already enrolled 67 people the week the commercials ran. They enrolled and additional 20 new students during the live broadcast. I followed up and ITT Technical Institute enrolled a total of 117 new students with the flight they ran on WBHJ.

Linda McNeal, Local Sales Mgr, Tuscaloosa

Problem As the Mall was approaching their all important holiday season, Sales were in serious decline and mall traffic was severely and negatively impacted by the events of 9/11. Process Three retailers within the mall joined the campaign. Each ran their own individual :60 schedule and each was given :10 of copy to promote their own personal sale within the original mall spot. Plan Mall Director, Delbert Reed agreed to create a :60 spot schedule with :30 devoted to generic Mall invitation to shop, leaving :30 bed for any retailers who agreed to buy their own schedule. All schedules started the day before Thanksgiving. Performance “Merry Christmas and bah humbug to Bin Laden.” Traffic at the Mall was outstanding and sales overall were up; retailers who were directly involved reported sales increases by almost 30%. Mall sales were higher than they had been in five years. McFarland Mall is now planning to include 95.7 in four major events in the upcoming year.

James Merkerson, Account Manager

Problem Tow Time, has been around a few years, they have always been very busy, and business has been great, I spoke with Mr. Price about his business and I tried to find out if he had any key challenges that kept his business from growing. Process I met with Mr. Price a few times to find out what were his challenges, and come to find out, his biggest challenge, was he was advertising in the wrong areas. His coupons were scattered around the community he worked in. Word of mouth was very slow, and his radio advertising with one of our competitors, was not getting him to the numbers he was trying to reach as far as the amount of car tows a month. Plan We ran a schedule around one of our on air personalities during his show, and sponsored a part of the show and it worked very well. Performance After that week of Advertising, we tracked the amount of tows, by having the callers mention they heard about Tow Time through JAMZ, He doubled his amount of tows from 23 tows a week to 47, Mr. Price was very happy, his new problem is he needs more employees to keep up with his business, overall he is very happy with JAMZ.

THE PANT STORE (aka The Dickie Store)
Linda McNeal, Account Manager

Problem The Gee‟s, owners of The Pants Store on 3rd. Avenue, have never targeted the African American customer, despite the fact that their store is located in a principally black neighborhood. They have historically purchased cable, i.e. BET MTV ESPN to reach this market. They were not in the least interested in radio advertising, let alone 95.7 JAMZ. Process I met with Don Levy of Levy Advertising, representative for The Pants Store, and discovered that The Pants Store sells a large volume of school uniforms and also carries a large selection of DICKIE clothing. Mr. Levy reconfirmed that The Pants Store was comfortable with the advertising plan that they had in place and felt that the JAMZ audience did not fit into their strategy. Plan I created a campaign fundamentally designed for The Pants Store. The „95.7 JAMZ ABC‟s Back To School Promotion‟ focused on four key points: (1) Sell school uniforms, (2) Move Dickie product, (3) Introduce The Pants Store to the JAMZ audience by specifically inviting them in, (4) Help underprivileged kids with needed school supplies, especially backpacks. 95.7 JAMZ purchased clear plastic backpacks, required by the Birmingham school district, and JAMZ luggage tags for identification and self promotion. We then solicited our audience, through “Cram the 95.7 JAMZ van with school supplies” remotes to donate needed school supplies to go in the backpacks; all collected items with backpacks were donated to the Greater Birmingham Ministries. Performance All principals involved, from the agency to the store owners and managers, and even the DICKIE reps, were literally blown away by the success of this campaign. Even though they always sell a lot of uniforms they could not believe the volume of uniforms sold for their 2004 back to school season. In addition, so much DICKIE product flew out the door that the DICKIE Co-op VP flew the Gee family to Las Vegas to celebrate the record quantity of apparel that was sold from the 3rd Street location of The Pants Store. At this time, the Gee‟s are considering canceling all cable advertising and moving all dollars to, not just radio, but specifically to 95.7 JAMZ.

James Merkerson, Account Manager

PROBLEM There really was no major problems existing, sales were good and his regular clients came in on a regular bases. Mr Fikes knew that this a good time to advertise and experiment with some new type of venture. PROCESS Mr Fikes and I met and discussed some of his options, we could do a small radio ad, or we could promote his product via internet. This was a great idea we both agreed upon. So we decided to experiment and try it out. PLAN After meeting a few time, I gathered all the information that was necessary to make this a success for Mr Fikes. We went in and took pictures of some of his products that are offered. I wrote a script and came up with a promotion to roll with. PERFORMANCE After 3 days being on JAMZ website, we have seen the most activity ever brought on our JAMZ site, over 2200 people have clicked on the site in the last 6 months, this was a very huge success for PO Boys they are now on a annual with JAMZ!

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