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									Sari Nurmikolu


Rakuunantie 17 D 56, 00330 Helsinki, Finland – 358 40 72 58 826 –

I would like an international position with opportunities to use existing skills and possibilities to develop further and to build a fruitful career with challenges and achievements.

 International experience: 12 years  Countries: China, France, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Ireland, Malaysia, Nepal, Taiwan and USA  Specialisation: international relations, Asia (especially China and Taiwan), UN System, conflicts, early warning, political and economic questions  Language skills: Finnish, mother tongue – English, fluent – French, good – German, good – Swedish, good – Spanish, basic – Chinese (mandarin), basic

International relations experience and achievements
Consultant - UNDGO, New York, USA – 03-05.2004 – 3 months  Analysed UN Country Teams’ (UNCT) Annual Reports (134) including attachments and conducted an in-depth study of the UNCTs’ results for 2003.  Applied theories to research data, generated hypotheses, analyzed data, prepared calculations including graphs and tables and presented trends via written and oral reports.  Produced inputs for the Synthesis Report on UN System activities with details on issues like best practices, lessons learned, utilization of funds and implementation of policies ensuring enhanced partnerships and operationalization of the MDGs.  Reported in analytical, timely and effective manner with details about UN System policies and UNCT coordination improving understanding of the activities, institutional mandates, policies and guidelines related to UN System collaboration and co-operation.  The report supports UN Reform and UN System coordination and was distributed, for instance, to allthe UNCTs and during the General Assembly meeting. UN Aid Coordination Officer – UNDP, Kathmandu, Nepal – 11.2001-11.2003 – 2 years  Worked with the Resident Coordinator and Heads of UN Agencies providing support on all aspects of UN system coordination and reform strengthening communication and collaboration between different UN Agencies.  Acted as a focal point for UN System and maintained up-to-date knowledge of events related to development issues in the area of responsibility and particularly as they apply to UN System and the mandate of the UN and shared information improving knowledge and efficiency.  Administration and arrangement of meetings including technical support like preparation of agendas, briefing notes and official records for the UNCT, donor and other meetings.  Planned and managed events like a Retreat for the UNCT and workshop on the PRSP for the UN Agencies and other donors like the WB.  Assembled and drafted written outputs like the Retreat Report, statements, working papers, speeches and other correspondence for the Resident Coordinator and other members of the UNCT.  Coordinated and prepared a joint UN System presentation focused on the MDGs, conflict, UN System collaboration and co-operation in Nepal for the Executive Session in New York.  Facilitated day-to-day collaboration and liaised with UN staff members and attended meetings related to UN System dealing with issues of interest to UNCT ensuring that its concerns and decisions are duly integrated into UN co-operation.  Worked with the UN Inter-Agency Groups on gender, education, population, HIV/AIDS, human rights, peace building and conflict prevention identifying areas for joint collaboration and reviewed frameworks ensuring that they are consistent with agreed UN policies and plans and provided guidance particularly on the UN System and suggested options to improve performance and efficiency.

 Worked on joint activities including International UN Days like the International Women’s Day and preparation of advocacy materials and delivery of planned activities such as preparation and editing of TORs, appraisals, evaluations and drafting an advocacy plan.  Throughout the year, supported and followed UN System activities, identified and documented achievements, analysed procedures and activities assessing overall efficiency and monitored outputs relative to planned outcomes.  Prepared the Annual report for the UN System collaboration in Nepal and the supporting documents such as the work plan for the following year and the report on utilization of funds for the previous year.  Successfully mobilised resources for the UN System project on simplification and harmonization including preparation of a project proposal and recruitment of consultants and implementation of activities focused on simplification and harmonisation of administrative and operational procedures like DSA-rates and establishment of joint rosters.  Designed specific tasks for the consultants, motivated maximum performance, and monitored outcomes.  Overseen the UN System coordination budget, monitored expenditures and utilization of funds against budget allocations and managed time and finances efficiently, maximising impact with minimum resources.  Assessed UN Inter-Agency project proposals and financial strategies.  Supervised consultants, interns, a programme assistant and a secretary Researcher – Finnish Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Trade and Industry – China, Finland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and USA – 04.1997-10.1998 – 1 year 7 months  Reviewed, monitored and analysed China’s development situation and development strategies and priorities focusing particularly on risk areas and early warning.  Designed and successfully mobilised resources and carried out a substantive research project analysing key strategic trends and changes in political, economic and security structures and related issues with particular regard to their impact on development and political and economic relations between China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Prepared a detailed extensive report on “the Relations Between China and Taiwan in the Changed Environment After the Unification of China and Hong Kong” based on extensive fieldwork in Finland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and in the United States including preparation of a questionnaire and over hundred interviews.  Enhanced understanding of interview techniques and early warning and political risk theories. Trainee – Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Beijing, China – Helsinki, Finland (3,3,3) 9 months  Worked in the Finnish embassy in Beijing and focused on China’s political and economic environment and relations with Taiwan and Tibet improving knowledge and understanding of China’s policies and activities.  Focused on risk areas and early warning with information on political and economic dimensions of complex questions and anticipated next steps.  Learned to understand China’s policies and to appreciate the multiplicity of China and the important role that it has in Asia.  In the Finnish embassy in Kuala Lumpur focused on political and economic questions in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.  Specialised on growth triangles in South East Asia and prepared detailed assessments of Growth Triangles with information on political and economic situations including lessons learned and policy recommendations.  In Helsinki, worked in the Human Rights unit and focused on good governance and human rights questions.  Analysed past and current international human rights and good governance projects and programmes assessing their impact on policies and activities in the assigned countries and regions.  Prepared a report on donors’ human rights and good governance projects including details about best practices and lessons learned. Guide – Travelpoint – Dublin, Ireland – 05-08.1994 – 4 months  Worked at the airport and in the hotels and gave presentations on Dublin and Ireland.  Organised briefings and events like guided city tours and Irish evenings.  Learned to communicate clearly and effectively and to change presentations to suit different audiences and interests.  Improved organisational skills and ability to meet tight deadlines and manage conflicting priorities.  Enhanced social skills and ability to work in a multi-cultural environment with sensitivity and skills to meet different demands in quickly changing situations.

Secretary – Turkish embassy, commercial and economic section – Helsinki, Finland – 05.1991-07.1992 – 1 year 3 months  Monitored and prepared analytical reports for the Turkish Government on important political and economic questions and their impact on the Finnish society and environment.  Replied to enquiries, prepared presentations and organised events leading to enhanced understanding and improved collaboration between Turkey and Finland.  Established and maintained a filing system with information on Turkish and Finnish exporters and importers.  Provided clerical support, handled all correspondence and incoming communication, archived documentation and assisted visitors.  Enhanced understanding of different social and cultural environments and ability to work in a multi-cultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.  I have also lived for four years in Ireland and a year in Great Britain and worked, for instance, in the school office, hotel, and as an au pair.

International relations studies
 Master of Social Sciences in political science focussed on international relations – University of Turku, Turku, Finland minor: international trade law, political history and development studies  Bachelor’s Degree in English – University of Turku, Turku, Finland minor: environmental studies and geography  Working part-time while completing both degrees at the same time.  Leaving Certificate – Institute of Education, Dublin, Ireland

Specialised courses

 Logical framework approach, monitoring, evaluation and indicators – Dhurakijpundit University, Bangkok, Thailand  Using the computer and managing files, information and communication, spreadsheet and word processing – UNDP, Kathmandu, Nepal  UNDP’s policies and activities and UN System coordination - UNDP, New York, USA  International development work, project planning, communication and interpersonal skills – Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Helsinki, Finland  Planning and implementation of projects and programmes, negotiation and meeting skills, communication and interpersonal skills – Centre for the Extension of Studies at Turku University, Turku, Finland  Economics of European integration – Åbo Akademi, Turku, Finland  French – Universite de Caen, Caen, French  International relations, political and social science – University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland  Tourism, management, interpersonal and communication skills –Matkailumarkkinoinnin opisto, Helsinki, Finland  Word processing and typing – Dorset College, Dublin

Qualifications and capabilities

 A firm grasp of structures, functions and processes of the political organs of the United Nations supported with knowledge of institutional mandates, policies and guidelines related to UN System coordination including experience in application of UN’s development policies and procedures.  Excellent knowledge of the national and regional issues and conditions of the countries in Asia and the Pacific and demonstrated understanding of the impact of various factors like conflicts on development.  A member of the UN Development Group’s Roster of Experts: Strategic Planning Advisor for Transition and UN System coordination.  Excellent research and reporting skills, including demonstrated ability to track and report on sensitive issues in a critical, analytical, timely and effective manner, and to conduct in-depth studies and reach conclusions on possible causes and policy recommendations in specific areas. - 32 research reports on political and economic questions, Asia, China, European Union and Ireland  Extensive understanding of international political and economic systems, government administration and behavioural sciences supported with a strategic analytical capacity, including the ability to analyze and articulate political and economic dimensions of complex issues and to anticipate next steps.

 Naturally receptive to consider abstract ideas, theory, concepts, analysis, logic, procedures and choice of options as they relate to creative and innovative activities with organisational skills supported with a mental awareness of “pieces of picture” and capacity for comparative, intra-holistic recognition of parts relative to other parts and/or the big picture and equipped particularly for troubleshooting.  Ability to face challenges and to deliver under pressure, assess and analyse situations quickly, objectively and prudently.  Creativity and innovation with commitment to continuous learning and curiosity to learn about new areas and questions.  Ability to interact and establish and maintain effective working relationships both as a team member and a team leader with skills in overseeing work of more junior staff.  Computer skills: word, wp, works, spreadsheet, power point

 Mr. Bill Musoke, Deputy Director of the Asian and the Pacific Division, UNFPA, New York – – a member of the UNCT in Nepal and one of my supervisors  Mr. Ian McFarlane, Special Assistant to the Deputy Executive, Programmes, UNFPA, New York – last supervisor, UNDGO  Ms. Alexandra Brett-Jensen, Human Resource Associate, UNDP, Copenhagen – last human resource officer

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