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									Mercy Monthly
Volume 6, Issue 3
A message from Sister Anne
As we enter this month of November, we do so mindful that it is the season of “grateful remembrance.” We are invited to take time to reflect upon the abundance of blessings that come to us through our loving God. It is within that spirit, that I gratefully acknowledge the members of our GMA family who so generously supported our 2008 Auction, as well as the outstanding leadership and generosity of our Auction chairs, Mrs. Sharon Smart and Mrs. Ellen Roberts, and their outstanding volunteer team. Clearly, the overwhelming success of this wonderful event can not be measured in dollars and cents. The spirit of community that was evidenced throughout the process reflected your commitment to our school community in service of our students. The proceeds from the auction enable us to continue to provide professional development opportunities and support for our faculty as well as educational enhancements to our learning environment. Holding our students at the heart of all that we do, we gratefully remember your generosity as partners with us in our commitment to academic excellence integrated with gospel values.

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November 2008
We have ever confided largely in Divine Providence and shall continue to do so. Catherine McAuley September 24, 1841
GMA’s VIVA Las Vegas Auction Event Builds Community and spirit
The GMA Auction, held every two years, is our premier fundraising event, but in addition, the auction is a tremendous community builder. The bonds formed as volunteers work beside one another creating this magical night can last a lifetime. The opportunity for our school parents, friends and faculty to come together for an evening to support the education of our children is invaluable.

Last week’s auction was the culmination of months and months of planning, that began early last spring. Auction Committee CoChairs, Mrs. Ellen Roberts and Mrs. Sharon GMA Auction ’08 Co-Chairs. Smart, organized a top notch group of volunteers to oversee everything from planning decorations, soliciting gifts, designing the auction book and logging all the You and your loved ones will continue to hold a special place in our prayer of Thanksgiving gifts into our MaestroWeb site. Each committee proved to be very effective and taskoriented as the evening came together beautifully, with fabulous hors d’oeuvres, throughout this season of “grateful dinner and refreshments. remembrance.”
God’s Blessings!

Stepping into the Viva Las Vegas themed event, guests could hardly believe that they were in the same space where children have gym class. The staging, decorations and lighting had a real “casino ambiance”. The casino area with blackjack tables, craps and roulette and cocktail tables proved to be a popular way to pass some time in between auction bidding. Each guest received a coupon for $50 in starter chips and more were available for purchase at the cashier. As players accumulated chips, they could redeem them for tickets to win prizes including Eagles tickets, bikes and Apple ipods.

The silent auction tables, featuring many lovely and generous gifts from parents, faculty, staff and area businesses, were a hub of activity. For the first time all auction items had been listed and pictured on our GMA auction web site, enabling prospective bidders to check out their favorites well in advance. The live auction, accompanied by a slide show of the items up for bid was lively and fast-paced. Flanked by the Eiffel Tower and a cast of show girls, the big screen pictured each item up for bid and later became “Phanavision,” as the World Series Phillies game was broadcast at the live auction’s conclusion. GMA’s Viva Las Vegas was truly a night to remember for all those in attendance, not only for the fun and camaraderie, but also with an appreciation of the time, talents and generosity of so many members of our school community.

Page 2 Congratulations to two eighth grade students, Erin Tiffany and Patrick May, who attended the National Young Leaders State Conference (NYLSC) in Harrisburg from October 9-12. This conference is sponsored by the Congressional Youth Leadership Council (CYLC). In its 23rd year, its mission is to “foster and inspire young people to achieve their full leadership potential.” Erin and Patrick were nominated by middle school teacher, Mrs. Michele Santoro, to attend this 4-day conference, focusing on the development of leadership skills, team building and public speaking.

November 3-7 November 5 7:00 pm November 6 1:30 pm Book Fair—School Library Sacrament of Reconciliation—Second Grade Gym Jamboree for 1st grade students and parents Gym Jamboree for kindergarten students and parents School Picture Day Thanksgiving Liturgy

November 7 1:30 pm November 18 November 20 10:00 am November 26 November 26

On October 29th, Gwynedd-Mercy Academy students participated in a Big/Little Brother/ Sister Activity sponsored by the Student Council. The older students helped their younger partners make Halloween brownbag masks. It was a chance to get in the

spooky Halloween mood.
The students also had a Dress Down for Breast Cancer Day, dressing in pink and red, also sponsored by the Student Council, which raised over $500 for breast cancer research.
Pictured to the left are students in 7th and 3rd grade (top) and 5th and 1st grades (bottom).

First Trimester Marks Close Noon dismissal for Thanksgiving Holidays

Science can be fun...and delicious
Last month, 7th grade students demonstrated their knowledge of cell structure by creating models. The students had to make either animal or plant cell models of completely edible components. Ingredients ranged from jelly beans and licorice to salsa and celery, but all gave the students a chance to get “hands-on” with cell structure. After the models were reviewed by Mrs. Elizabeth Santangelo, the students had a cellular buffet.

GMA In-Service Professional Development Enriches Classrooms
On several occasions throughout the year, parents will see the words “InService Day” on the school calendar. On these days and also on a few before the school year begins, our teachers participate in professional development programs which enrich the classrooms of GMA. These seminars are critical to keeping our faculty up-to-date and current with trends in education. Topics and presenters are carefully selected to suit the needs of our students and curriculum. Several examples from the current school year of instructive in-service topics are listed below.
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Our Role as Catechists in Helping Our Students Find Their Moral Compass Reading and Language Arts Skills for All Curriculum Areas Research-Based Practices for Meeting Student Needs Sensory Needs in the Classroom Cyber-Bullying: Free Speech or On-line Abuse?

National junior honor society 2008-2009
Members of the Gwynedd-Mercy Academy National Junior Honor Society must meet rigorous criteria. The students must have a final grade average of 93 or more on both 6th and 7th grade report cards with no grade below an 86 in a major subject and no grade below a "G" in an enrichment subject. They must have no fewer than 13 service activities and at least 7 inschool service credits. On October 8th, 22 members of GMA's Class of 2009 were able to meet, and often exceed, those criteria, as they were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. During the induction ceremony, 4 of the new NJHS members made insightful remarks on character , Victoria McClintock, leadership, Emily Fesnak, service, Patrick May, and scholarship, presented by Joseph Walsh, showing that they will continue the tradition of service and example of academic excellence throughout the school year.

The GMA eighth grade Lillian Flashner students inducted into the Will Flood NJHS are listed below. Zoe Gathers Kaitlyn Loftus Angela Alnemri John Mastronardo Andrew Carlone Patrick May Giovanna CrozierVictoria McClintock Fitzgerald Anthony Mercader Emily Fesnak Allison Murray

Michaela Novakovic Vincent Pepe Melanie Repella Casey Rhode Matthew Scott Erin Tiffany Elizabeth Tillger Joseph Walsh .

Postcards from VIvA LAS Vegas

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