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Silk Carnation Pomanders


									Silk Carnation Pomanders
Supplies: 8 - 4" white foam balls

300 Pink Silk Carnations, I didn't get the jumbo kind. (purchased from )

Wire Cutters Ribbon - purchased 2 spools Antique White Single Face Satin, 1.5" x 12 feet. (WalMart) Hot Glue Gun 1. Cut the stems to about 1"

2. Start by pushing the stems into the ball to form a line around the ball - like its cutting it in half. I found I spaced them 1" - 1.5" apart.

3. Form another line down each side of the ball so the ball is quartered. Fill in the open spaces. This way its easier to place the flowers in more of a pattern.

I used about 35-40 blooms per ball. It was trial and error at first, but I got the hang of it! It only takes about 10 mins per ball to push the flowers in. It takes longer to cut the stems! I also left 1 open space at the "top" of each ball. This is where I'll attatch the ribbon with hot glue. (You'll see a green stem sticking out on each pomander where I did this)

Here are my semi-finished pomanders awaiting ribbon! They are not as big as I would've liked, but I purchased and budgeted for the 4" balls, so that is what I used. I think I would've been happier with 5" or even 6" balls. But they are beautiful and will do the job! My FI says the look like shower loofas! Silly boy! :)

**Note** Some girls use hot glue on the end of each stem to hold the flower in place. I found I didn't need glue. The flowers are firmly in place without it! I was relieved because that's less work and $$ money for me! And also I'm not good with hot stuff! :) 4. Ribbon: I cut the ribbon approx. 28" long. Tied the ends together in a tight knot, with as little as possible left sticking out. (I wanted to do the ribbon with a big bow at the top where it hangs from the hook. But I decided it would just take too much ribbon! And this way is a bit simpler, too.)

5. I found the "top" of my pomander and removed one bloom to give myself work space. I stuck the end of my scissors into the foam and twisted it to create a shallow hole, about 0.5" - 1" deep.

6. Squirt a small amount of hot glue into the hole and immediately push the knot of the ribbon down into it. I used a discarded carnation stem to push the ribbon down into the hole. (I'm so proud that I didn't burn myself! Phew!) 7. Replace the bloom you took out next to the ribbon. Let glue dry completely before you hang them. **I used all 300 of my blooms for these 8 pomanders. I only had 4 left over when I was done. Then I placed the extras around the ribbon as needed. Here are the completed pics of my Carnation Pomanders! All eight of my little loofas all lined up! :)

Approximate cost for each ball (1 ball, 35-40 blooms, 28" ribbon) = $9.00 each! ($3 Ribbon, $12 styrofoam balls, $57 flowers)

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