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					Krewe of St. Andrews
Presents this year’s theme

“Mardi Gras on the Bayou”
Feb. 12 and 13, 2010

Welcome ALL Krewe Members New and Old

George Anderson, Parade Chair 850-248-1838 Al Kidd, Kids Parade 850-814-7404 Kenny Newsome, Board Liaison 850-596-3019

Parade Date(s): Feb. 12th Feb. 13th 4:00 p.m. Pet Parade followed by Kid’s Parade 1:00 p.m. Main Float Parade

Float Parade Staging & Route: Pet Parade: Stages on 15th Street west of Beck Ave. and will travel on Beck Ave. to 11th St. and disband. Kid’s Parade: Stages on 15th Street west of Beck Ave. and will travel on Beck Ave. to 11th St. and disband. Kid’s Parade immediately follows the Pet Parade. Main Float Parade: Will stage on 12th St. at Oakland Terrace Park and travels down 11th St. West to Beck Ave., North to 15th St. and disband.

Parade Admission:


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To focus positive attention on Historic St. Andrews by bringing people into the area to enjoy the Mardi Gras Parade as well as to generate funds to be invested in improving Historic St. Andrews.

Krewe of St. Andrews

 Entries must display themes and costumes that are wholesome and appropriate for an audience of children, adults and seniors.


All parade entries must have completed a completed Entry Form, Indemnification Agreement, Krewe Biography and has paid total entry fee to participate in parade. Entries must provide a Mardi Gras “throws” for the crowd. Only the bands performing are exempt from this. No promotional “throws” are allowed. No throwing of anything before you enter parade route on 11th St. or after leaving the parade route at the corner of 15th St. and Beck Ave

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No alcohol consumption allowed by participants before or during the parade.

The Krewe of St. Andrews assumes no responsibility for personal property.

All entries and participants must arrive at staging areas at least one and a half hours prior to the parade. No riding on floats within Panama City city limits except while riding in the parade or being escorted by the police department back to the staging area. It is against the law.

Krewe Parade Entry Fee
$150.00 to enter a non-profit, community float that does not display or promote any business logo, signage, etc. Krewes or parade groups that wish to promote a sponsor or business on their float will be required to pay the commercial entry fee.

Commercial Entry Fee
Any parade entry (including Krewe entries) displaying and/or promoting a business, logo, signage, etc. falls under the commercial entry category. This policy protects the exclusivity and sponsor rights of The Krewe of St. Andrews’s official parade (festival) sponsor. This fee is to offset the cost of parade production and marketing, and to preserve the integrity of the parade. The small business entry fee is $250.00 (non-sponsor).

All Krewe Parade Entries and Float Definition
A float is defined as a decorated wheeled vehicle either pulled or self-propelled. A float must not be any taller than thirteen feet and be decorated in keeping with the theme and spirit of Mardi Gras. Entries must display themes and costumes that are wholesome and appropriate for an audience of children, adults and seniors. Guidelines should include originality, creativity and be of visual and audio appeal with floats riders and walkers in costumes affirming theme(s). Each pulling vehicle must have spotters (wheel walkers) on each side of the pulling vehicle. Each float must have two spotters (wheel walkers) on each side of the float for the purpose of safety. (Their job is to keep crowd and children away from floats.) NO VEHICLE WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARADE WITHOUT THESE WHEEL WALKERS.

Beads & Parade Throws
One of the hallmarks of any Krewe of St. Andrews Mardi Gras parade is the generosity of the riders to the tens of thousands of people who come to view the parade. As your float(s) rolls through the parade, we ask that you make every effort to have enough throws (beads and/or doubloons, toys) to please the many people who will be lining the streets as you slowly make your way down the route. Prohibited Throws includes life threatening objects such as throws with sharp points or edges (like paper or silk flowers with wire stems), or any throws which would be redeemable for food, beverage, merchandise, service or admission to the bearer or which displays any commercial, political, or religious messages to include flyers. Promotional throws are defined as beads or toys where only 25% of throw has a promotional purpose. For example: a string of beads with a company logo or a teddy bear with a promotional scarf.

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