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PURPOSE OF THE REPORT 1. To report back on the outcome of a tender exercise to achieve a value for money solution to the proposal to re-erect unstable headstones.

BACKGROUND AND CONSULTATION 2. On 2nd November 2005, the report attached as Appendix A was presented to identify a potential programme to re-erect unstable headstones. A further progress report was requested to identify the cost and options arising from the tender process. The programme, which is identified in paragraph 4 of the attached report, is on schedule. A national and local advert resulted in 10 companies requesting PreQualifying Questionnaires, 5 returned the questionnaire and were short-listed for tendering, and 4 subsequently returned a completed tender document. The tender specification document was developed in consultation with the Council’s Procurement Team. The scoring system allowed 70% of the marks for price and 30% for quality. As a result of the tender evaluation process, the position is as follows.





Price per headstones

Supplier A

100 Score for price This supplier withdrew the submitted tender before the evaluation process was completed. £9,450 £13,000 £14,927 796 684 620



Score for quality -

Total score -

Supplier B Supplier C Supplier D

239 175 50

1035 859 670

Supplier A's intended price was up to £10,650 per batch of 100 headstones. Supplier B therefore, has scored highest on quality and lowest on price. The average cost per headstone is £94.50p for Supplier B, which is referred to in paragraph 8. OPTION APPRAISAL 5. The Bereavement Services Development Plan reported to the Executive on 15th September 2005 identified the options available to deal with headstones and suggested an estimated cost to re-erect headstones of £250,000. This resulted in a decision to seek tenders which have now been evaluated. The evaluation process considered a range of quality factors including environmental performance, health and safety, quality of guarantee, ability to deliver, previous experience in comparable work, equal opportunities commitments etc. In particular, Supplier B is able to guarantee the stability of all the headstones erected under the contract for a period of 15 years, compared to the minimum acceptable guarantee of 10 years.

FINANCIAL, LEGAL AND WARD IMPLICATIONS Financial 6. The most accurate estimate available is that 2,500 headstones will require reerection under this contract. The total cost based on the tender submitted by Supplier B is £236,250. A £20,000 allocation has already been made to Streetscene to carry out pilot work to re-erect 200 headstones in Thorntree RC Cemetery and this work is ongoing. The current tender specification assumes that the £236,250 will be spread over 2006/7 and 2007/8, but this may be negotiable. Currently, the Council offers a £75 grant to people who have re-erected headstones at their own cost before 1st November 2005. The average cost per headstone under the tender is £94.50p.




Ward Implications 9. The cemeteries are located in Acklam, North Ormesby, Thorntree and Linthorpe but serve a much wider community. Legal Implications 10. The Council is responsible for health and safety in cemeteries it owns and manages and has legal powers to lay flat, repair, re-erect and remove headstones subject to compliance with legal procedures.

SCRUTINY CONSULTATION 11. The report is non-urgent.

RECOMMENDATION 12. It is recommended that:  Subject to the availability of finance, Supplier B is appointed to re-erect headstones in accordance with the tender specification. Subject to the availability of finance the £75 grant currently offered to people who have funded the re-erection of unstable headstones prior to 1st November 2005 is offered on a wider basis within the terms and conditions applied by the Head of Community Protection.

REASONS 13. To ensure compliance with legal requirements, to achieve value for money and to implement the Executive's preference to re-erect headstones rather than leave them laid flat.

BACKGROUND PAPERS The following background papers were used in the preparation of this report:  Executive Report and Bereavement Service Development Plan 15th September 2005. Invitation to tender specification document November 2005.

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