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					Dear fellow UUSMC member, This is your very friendly reminder to come to the Service Auction at 7 PM on Saturday, January 25, 2003. Remember, we need you to be successful. Some notes:  The items that are offered at live auction are copied below, or you can find them on the web site ( but you will need a password to access it. Call or email me for the password.  The theme is “Cookin’ up a storm.” In keeping with it, Judy Cronin asks you to bring your favorite recipe—maybe something that you have made for a covered dish supper, so she can put together a cookbook to sell.  Also in keeping with the cooking theme, you can bring a recipe for silent auction. It would be fun to bring samples to taste.  We won’t turn down offerings of , but come whether or not you bring anything. We’ll have plenty!  As usual, we will have a silent auction. Bring products of your labors or nice articles for sale. We don’t want it to be a rummage sale, so use discretion.  We want to start

promptly at 7 PM, so it won’t run late.

 We will run the auction as follows:  Each participant will receive a card with a number on it.  The auctioneers will announce the items for sale and ask for a starting price (unless there is a minimum).  When bidding, please shout out the price and hold up your card so we can see the number.  For items with multiple buyers, we will suggest an opening bid. Everyone who will buy at the suggested price should hold up a card. If the number of cards is greater than the number of items offered, we will raise the price until we have only the maximum number of takers.  We will keep track of who buys what and give you your total at the end. However, we ask that you keep track of your own purchases as well. (You can use the back of your card.)  You are expected to pay at the end of the auction, so bring your checkbook!  We have two crackerjack auctioneers, but will not reveal their identity until the event, so come and find out where the talent in our church lies!  Have fun!!!!!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call (302.764.2510), email (, fax (302.571.8354) or just yell really, really loud.

Jeanne Hanson

UUSMC Service Auction Donations as of 01/23/03 DONOR BARTH ITEM Wine tasting for up to 10 people at Smithbridge Cellars winery, by the wine master Geoff Harrington. We will be the hosts, but Geoff will run the tasting featuring 6 to 8 different domestic & foreign wines, souvenir wineglasses, and a variety of cheese and crackers. Minimum bid of $25 per person. A good time is guaranteed.
A dinner at our home for good ole home cookin’ for 8 guests.

BONNER, Laura & David BONNER, Stephanie BONNER, Kaitlin BOWEN, Kate CARLSON

Two loaves of the Bonner’s favorite Chocolate Chip Bread. Two batches of yummy homemade Peanut Butter Cookies. A corn pudding that will serve eight (better in summer with fresh corn!). A special treat from an old family recipe! Three available. Pet sitting. Wonderful Week for the Pampered Pet. I will take a pet(s) into my home for a full week; the only requirement is that they get along with other dogs as I have three of my own. Go on your vacation, get your hardwood floors re-done, get in those extra hours at work and do it all worry free. Know that Fido, Rascal or Fifi is well taken care of with a fenced in yard, a dog door to come in and out as s/he pleases, and an overly attentive human who is around more hours of the day than not. Therapy Dog Visits. Do you know an animal loving person who is unable to have his or her own pet? Auggie, a certified therapy dog, will visit that person four times in the coming year for approximately a half hour per visit. Please make the facility or home within twenty miles of the CACC. Three-pound box of homemade Christmas cookies from the Betty Crocker of UUSMC—delivered before Christmas 2003! A silk flower arrangement to fit your decor. If you have a container that's fine or I will get one. I just need your color scheme and style. I would like to ask a minimum of $40 because silk flowers are quite expensive. (I have one in my office and people keep asking me if they are real—Jeanne) Long weekend or mid week stay at our house in St. Michaels, MD. Enjoy this quaint town, kayaking, fishing, and crab eating. Sleeping space is two queen sized beds and two twin beds. Twohour trip from Hockessin. Minimum bid $250 Sermon topic or class of your choice. Do you wonder about the ultimate question or just a niggling small question? Now is your chance to hear an entire sermon on the topic of your choice. Come on…give Nancy a real challenge!













Fancy cake for special event - (need two weeks notice). What a wonderful way to say something special to someone special or dress up a party! Sunday afternoon Tea party for up to eight people - February 23, 2003 - 3pm-5pm Children's Story with events, characters related to a special child or children. (2 stories) Banana bread! Two loaves when winner requests, with 10 days' notice to "ye ole baker." One-Hour Massage/Reiki Session -- your home or mine; travel fee included; massage or Reiki or combination -- your choice! (Expires in 6 months -- 7/25/03). Reiki is energy work (working with Chi, or vital life force and its movement through the body). Akin to acupuncture without the needles, it is a gentle, hands-on technique. At the least, it is extremely relaxing. At the most, it promotes pain reduction, physical and emotional healing. Five separate sessions are offered. House plant repotting. Now is your chance to give those old rootbound friends a new lease on life! You provide the pot and “Peg has the dirt.” Dry wall repair. Don’t despair; buy the dry wall repair! Dickinson Theater Organ Concert following dinner at the Christiana Hilton for two people on 3/15/03 or 4/26/03 at 5:30/8:00. Beach house!! Always a favorite. Spend a week by the sea in Jane’s roomy beach house. Date is negotiable. Minimum bid $600. (Not available during the month of August.) Pies, pies, pies. Jane will make delicious fruit pies in season (except blueberry). Take a cruise on land. Shuffleboard, spa and snacks party at the beautiful Frelick home, where the hospitality can’t be beat! Maximum 8 people (4 preferred). Children welcome. Your photographic wish is our command. Have photos you need copied or digitized? Bob and Jay Gibson will scan an 8 1/2" x 11" or equivalent photo and produce a digital copy on diskette plus a print on photo paper. Have digital pictures you want printed or put in a slide show? We'll produce 8 1/2" x 11" or equivalent prints on photo paper and/or create a PowerPoint slide show. Minimum $10 per 8 1/2" x 11" or equivalent unit. Offer is 4 units. How about a special bag or box for that special something? Will custom tailor a bag or a fabric-covered box to size in the material of your choice. Minimum $15 for bag, $25 for box. Offer is 2 units of either (2 bags, 2 boxes or 1 of each). Awaken your latent musical talent. Two piano or keyboard lessons, 1/2 hour each. $15 minimum each.


HANSON, Jeanne




Car detailing. We will clean your car inside and out. Then we will polish and buff it. You won’t recognize it. Every car needs to be pampered once in a while. Sweater or similar garment to be hand-knit by Jeanne. I have hundreds of beautiful patterns to pick from (one color only). You may select yarn from my catalog. You pay for the yarn, which will be approximately $100. The minimum bid is also $100. It takes one to three months to complete a sweater. Watch your sweater grow on Sunday mornings! Satisfaction guaranteed. Three or four piano lessons—Suzuki for beginners, traditional for advanced. She is a retired associate professor of piano at West Chester University—and a darn good pianist. (minimum bid $15 per lesson) A smoked turkey, approximately 20 pounds. It would be at a mutually agreed upon time for delivery of the turkey. (Fran will smoke it if he can keep it lit.) Dinner with UUSMC friends at the historic Bayard House Restaurant overlooking the Delaware & Chesapeake Canal. Join June and Frank to watch the ships go by. Date to be arranged. Six bids available. Minimum $35 per person. A ride from your home to the Philadelphia Airport for up to 4 persons with luggage. Time to be arranged. Minimum for one-way trip is $30 for the group. Root for our own U of D!!! Tickets to University of Delaware women's and men's basketball games: 1st set of 2 tickets each to: 2/27 U of D Women's Basketball vs. Drexel 2/19 U of D Men's Basketball vs. Hofstra 2nd set of 2 tickets each to: 3/6 U of D Women's vs. Towson 3/6 2/22 U of D Men's vs. Old Dominion 2/22 4 tickets to a Blue Rocks game. This is a voucher that can be redeemed for any game. Go Blue Rocks! Three one- hour chess lessons for an individual by a seasoned chess player (unrated). Min $30. Melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles (past buyers have been passionately approving!). Two batches are being offered. Min $15 each. One-hour tennis lesson for family or individual followed by casual grilled dinner and swim in our pool for up to four people. Don’t miss the social event of the year! 2 one-hour flights or flight lessons (min $100 per hour). Yes! You can soar up into the wild blue yonder and see what things look like from the air! Tom is an experienced and safe pilot.

McENANY/ BRANCATI MEDOFF, Steve MEDOFF, Theresa Rickard, Robert & Lauren RILEY, Tom




WELCH, Carol

Coffee, Tea, and Thee: Wonderful aroma. Even better taste. A basket brimming with Fair Trade coffee, tea, and cocoa as well as homemade cookies, mini-marshmallows, and two UUSMC mugs. Your coffee break is complete! Estimated value $40 Total of 2 Black Russian Chocolate Chip cakes. Chocolate, mocha, Kahlua - this cake packs a powerful punch and is sinfully good! Anytime but Christmas, 10 days notice please, $10 minimum. Total of 2 large homemade pies - like Grandma's! Choose from apple, cranberry-apple, or pumpkin. Anytime but Christmas; 10 day notice please. 2 tickets to a Philadelphia Liberty Belles home game in Conshohocken (home field) on a Saturday in late April, May or early June. Date to be selected on whether or not we have a home game that week and the availability of the auction winner. Kristin plays for the Philadelphia Liberty Belles, a women's professional football team. See for more information about the team! Painting as I did once before of your home or favorite spot.

You are asked to bring a favorite recipe and samples for the silent auction. (We want you even if you don’t have a favorite recipe, so come anyway.) You can still donate more items. Contact Jeanne Hanson at, telephone 764-2501, fax 571-8354 or mail to 532 Ruxton Drive, Wilmington DE 19809. The auction will be held at the CACC on Saturday, January 25, 2003 at 7:00 PM. You are invited to bring snack food to share (and your checkbook). /03

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