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Copy of information as to the bodies found in the South Street Cemetery Blandford, Mass. and the places of reburial. Removal was necessitated by the construction of Cobble Mountain Reservoir and was done by the City of Springfield, Mass.

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Copy as given By the City of Springfield
South Street Cemetery Removal, Blandford, MASS. by Mr. R. E. Snow Removal of Bates Family Remains #1 Rhoda, Wife of Kilburn Bates #2 Mary E., Daughter of Kilburn & Isabella Headstones over these two graves inscribed:

Memory of Rhoda Wife of Kilburn Bates Who Died July 29, 1818 AE 26 yrs. Mary E. Daughter of Kilburn & Isabella Bates Died Dec. 14, 1826 Removal permit secured by Clarence Bates of Blandford. Remains removed and reburied by Mr. Roberts in the Blandford Center Cemetery on the William Bates lot just east of central monument. Permission secured for this from Mr. William Bates, 120 Chestnut St., Westfield, Mass. Found the name Rhoda, wife of Kilburn Bates, died 1818, inscribed on this central monument. Buried remains of both bodies in one box June 4, 1927. Old headstones left in South Street Cemetery. Relatives did not wish them set up on North Street cemetery lot. Removal of Farnham Family Remains: Permit secured by Mr. Charles Farnham to remove the remains of the four bodies below. (Relatives of Charles Farnham, Beech Hill, Blandford.) Lester C. Farnham (Civil War Veteran - Co. D 34 Mass., Inf.) A wood headstone on this grave inscribed as above. An inscribed plate found on coffin - L. C. Farnham, aged 72. Henry D. Farnham - Aged 20 yrs. A plate found on this coffin. Field stones at head and foot. (No inscribed headstone.) Eliza W. Farnham (Adult) Wife of L.C. Farnham. No plate on this coffin. Field stones on grave. DeWitt Farnham (Child) No plate on coffin. Field stones on grave. Mr. Charles Farnham present and pointed out location of four graves, June 6, 1927. (Brought to Cemetery from Beech Hill by Mr. Roberts.) DeWitt Farnham’s remains were

not in grave designated but a coffin with nameplate - James P. Goffe, Ae 20, found therein. Disinterred remains of child in grave just south of L.C. Farnham’s judged to be DeWitt’s and remains of all four were moved to Blandford Center Cemetery and buried at foot of monument June 7, 1927, on west side of Farnham lot there by Mr. Roberts and men in one large box. Mr. Cowles, the Blandford sexton, later set the L.C. Farnham monument over the grave in concrete foundation. Bill for this sent here and paid by us. Mr. Charles Farnham taken to Blandford Center Cemetery to inspect grave and is satisfied everything is O.K. By Mr. Roberts June 21. Removal of Remains of James P. Goffe: On Tuesday, June 7, 1927, while digging in location pointed out by Mr. Charles Farnham of Granville as the grave of DeWitt Farnham, a coffin was uncovered bearing the engraved nameplate James C. Goffe. Ae 20. Coffin then covered again with dirt and inquiries made of residents as to identity of this corpse. According to the recollection of Mr. Hanry Blair, and old time resident some 80 yrs. old, this James Goffe claimed to be the cousin of the celebrated lecturer and temperance reformer, John B. Goff. Had no relatives that he knew of around these parts. June 23, 1927 these remains were placed in new box and left covered in same grave, numbered 26 on blueprint # 4747 ready for removal. Removal of Remains of Holloway Family: May 12, 1927- Holloways- Daniel: Benjamin Sr. 1762-1849, 76: Polly, his wife, 92; and Benjamin Jr., 34. Placed in West Granville Cemetery on the Baird lot. Also the remains of two small children who died at infancy. Letters written to George Baird, grandson, of Westfield, Mass., and Mrs. Roberts, daughter of George Baird and great granddaughter of Holloways of Granville, Mass. Took Mr. And Mrs. Roberts to South Street Cemetery April 26th and located the Holloway graves. Engaged Mr. Roberts to do the work of removal. Permit secured from Blandford selectmen by Mrs. Roberts. Skull of Dan Hollaway found to be split in half. He was believed to have been murdered, having been found dead on his farm with a split skull from blows from an axe, according to reports of natives. Engraved plates found on casket remains of Benjamin Sr. and Jr., also Polly. No engraved headstones. See plan # 4747-G-1 for location of graves in South Street Cemetery. Present at disinterment, but did not go to West Granville to see the remains reburied. Mr. Roberts did both.

Removal of Remains of Nathan Noble:


Nathan Noble, died Aug. 7, 1855, aged 33. An inscribed headstone on this grave. Removal permit secured by Silas Noble of Granville, a distant relation. Nathan Noble according to natives of Granville was an illegitimate child and committed suicide by hanging. Remains and headstone removed to Mundale Cemetery, June 17, 1927 by Mr. Roberts and men. Removal of Remains of Osborne Family: Removal permit secured by Mrs. W. H. Hamilton, 46 Arlington St., Chicopee, Mass., a granddaughter of Polly and Harley Osborn, for four bodies: #1 Headstone inscribed - Polly Osborn (Plate also on coffin) Died Apr. 10, 1856 Ae. 75 yrs. Headstone inscribed - H. Osborn Died Apr. 10, 1856 Aged 56 yrs. (No plate)



Headstone inscribed - Addie E. Dau. Of Cyrus & C. L. Osborn Died Oct. 5, 1863 Ae. 2 yrs., 9 mo. Headstone inscribed - Lizzie A. Daug. Of Cyrus & Catherine Osborne Died Oct. 31, 1875 Aged 17 yrs.

(No plate)


The remains and headstones of # 1 and # 2 removed and reburied in Mundale Cemetery, May 19 and 20, 1927 by Mr. Roberts. #5 Headstone inscribed - Lucinda, daughter of (No plate) Lewis & Sarah Osborn Died July 14, 1861 Aged 3 weeks

Nothing much there. Small pieces might be a skull also moved and reburied in Mundale Cemetery, May 19, 1827 by Mr. Roberts. The remains and headstone of Addie E. and Lizzie A. removed & buried in Mundale Cemetery May 18, 1927 by Mr. Roberts. #6 Headstone over this grave inscribedAmos Osborn (Plate on coffin) Died Feb. 1, 1858 Aged 36 yrs.


Removal permit secured by Mrs. C. E. Hayden of 45 Kimberly Ave., Springfield, Mass., a granddaughter, acting on behalf of her mother Emma Osborne of Westfield, Mass., a daughter of Amos. Remains removed to Pine Hill Cemetery, May 20, 1927, Westfield and reburied on lot beside his wife, Eliza Osborne. Headstone not moved by request of relatives. Remains moved by Mr. Roberts. Reburied by Pine Hill Cemetery authorities and bill for same paid by City of Springfield. Removal of Remains of Phelon Family: 1st group Removal of Phelon Family remains from South Street Cemetery. Cutis Phelon, Apr. 4, 1816 - Feb. 13, 1900 Mary Phelon, his wife, Jan. 22, 1823 - July 30, 1889. Two infant sons - LeRoy, 3 yrs., 3 mos., and Royal, 14 mos. Leroy - died April 16, 1862 - Drowned in Borden Brook while out sliding on sled. (A few small bones here.) Royal - died Aug. 6, 1857. (Nothing left here but coffin nails and a little black earth.) There are three living daughters of the above couple living in Springfield: Mrs. (Cal) Stowe, nee Fallie Phelon; Mrs. Nate Stowe, nee Hattie Phelon; and Mrs. Davis, nee Lillian Phelon. Mrs. David’s son, Dr. David 233 Forest Park Ave., Springfield secured the removal permit and cooperated with Mr. Snow in regard to the removal to the Pine Hill cemetery, Westfield, May 17, 1927, and placed in the John & Elisha Phelon lot there. Buried a foot of central brown stone monument on West Side in two boxes. We have agreed to pay for the perpetual care of this lot, relieving Austin Phelon of Granville from that obligation. Have also agreed to have their names inscribed on the monument and pay for it. The twin headstone over the graves of Curtis & Mary was taken to the home of Dr. Davis on Forest Park Ave. Those of Leroy and Royal to be left there. The last one broken. Removed by Mr. Roberts and men. Reburial by Pine Hill Cemetery. Was present at removal and reburial. Removal of Remains of Phelon Family: 2nd Group Removal permit secured by Mrs. Bronson of Granville for three adults - 2 small children. #1 Inscribed Headstones - Gad Phelon (Plate on coffin) Died May 29, 1876 Aged 83 yrs. #2 Inscribed Headstone - Loveanna Wife of Gad Phelon Died May 27, 1877 Aged 82 (Plate on coffin)


Inscribed Headstone - In Memory of (No plate) Harriet Phelon Who Fell Asleep Apr. 17, 1845 Ae. 19 yrs. “ Them which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.”


Remains of two infant children next north of Gad Phelon; unnamed offspring of Gad & Loveanna. Also disinterred and removed with above three May 26, 1927 by Mr. Roberts. Reburied in Mundale Cemetery May 27, 1927 by Mr. Roberts. Reburied in Mundale Cemetery May 27, 1927 by Mr. Roberts. Mr. & Mrs. Bronson present at disinterrment. Mr. Fred Phelon, of Springfield at his request was taken to Mundale Cemetery by Mr. Snow to witness reburial. Headstones set in concrete foundation and Phelon remains reburied in same relative position as formerly prevailed in South Street Cemetery. Removal of Remains of Phelon Family: - 3rd Group Removal permit secured by Mr. Austin Phelon of Granville. Permit for five bodies. Only three found. Relatives believe the original progenitors of the Phelon Family, a John Phelon and his wife Mary or Polly? Lamb Phelon, who settled here in 1750, are buried in this South Street Cemetery. No trace of such remains can be found after thorough search. #1 Headstone inscribed - In Memory John Phelon Who Died Aug. 18, 1835 Ae. 45 yrs. (No plate on coffin)


Headstone inscribed - Fally (Inscribed name plate) Wife of John Phelon (On coffin) Died Dec. 26, 1857 Aged 74 Headstone inscribed - In Memory of (Copper tack nameplate on coffin) Mary Phelon Who Died Aug. 6, 1835 Ae. 25 yrs.


These remains were disinterred June 2, 1927 by Mr. Roberts and removed to Mundale Cemetery where they were buried June 3, 1927. Mr. & Mrs. Austin Phelon and son present at removal, also a Miss Susan Phelon of Granville. At request of relatives trenches were dug on all sides of the Phelon graves in search of original founders of the family, and Mr. Austin Phelon and Mr. Burt Phelon were present June 8, 1927 when such search was made without success. Headstones set up in concrete foundation at Mundale. Removal of Remains of Eli Warfield: Headstone over this grave inscribed - In memory of Eli Warfield Who Died Jan. 18, 1840 Ae. 30 Yrs.


Removal permit secured by George Warfield of Gardner, Mass., a grandson. Remains and headstone removed to Blanford Center Cemetery, May 28, 1927. Moved and buried by Mr. Roberts, beside his wife Catherine Burdick, second wife of George Burdick. Headstone set in concrete foundation later by Mr. Cowles, Blandford Cemetery sexton and bill for same paid by us. Mr. George Warfield present at removal and reburial. Removal of Remains of Elizur B. Warfield and Amira Gale Warfield: Removal of remains of Elizur B. Warfield and Almira Gale Warfield, his wife, June 6, 1927. Graves located by Mr. Charles Farnham, June 6th, he being present at disinterment with Mrs. Jabez Ripley, a granddaughter of Elizur & Almira on her mother’s side. Mrs. Ripley secured the removal permit. No inscribed headstones on these graves, only field stones. No plates found on coffins. These remains placed in one box and taken to Blandford Center Cemetery where they were reburied next south of large central monument on the Gilbert Warfield lot. On this central monument was found inscribed the name Elizur Warfield, born 1812 died 18? 1839? Almira’s name did not appear there. Mrs. Ripley present to disinterment and I took her and Mrs. Farnham over to Blandford Cemetery to witness the reburial by Mr. Roberts and men. Removal of Remains of Loring Warfield: Headstones over this grave inscribed--also plate on coffin. Loring Warfield Born Feb. 16, 1808 Died Dec. 21, 1886 Removal permit secured by Mrs. Belding, a granddaughter. Remains and headstone removed to Chicopee, Mass., by Mr. Roberts, May 13, 1927. Remains placed in vault temporarily and reburied June 10, 1927 by Chicopee Cemetery authorities on a lot in the Maple Grove Cemetery, Chicopee, beside his wife, Mary Warfield. June 6, 1927, we, Mr. Snow, Mr. Roberts and men made systematic search with a steel sounding rod and spotted the location of all remaining graves in the cemetery, and plotted the same of blueprint # 4747, giving the graves numbers. Twenty-four unidentified graves plotted at this time. Search was also made outside the fence lines of the cemetery in hopes of discovering the rumored resting place of a few negro bodies; by hearsay buried somewhere on the outside. Not results. Mistaken as to # 1 No grave or remains to be found. On Monday, June 20, 1927, graves marked # 5, 7, 9, and 15 (see blueprint # 4747) were opened up to discover if possible any identification clues, such as engraved nameplates on the coffins. These remains were placed in new chestnut boxes and covered over again, each in its respective gave.


# 15 had copper tack initials L.H. on coffin lid. Female corpse with full head of hair. (Steve Bodurtha thinks it might be the body of Mrs. Hall, age 26 yrs.) Same process June 21 with # 21, 22 and 14 partly dug. Same process June 23rd with # 2 and 14 finished. Initials A.G. in copper tacks on lid of # 14. Ae. 37. Goffe and # 24 in boxes. Same procedure June 24 with # 17, 18, 19, 20 and 3, also # 8. Initials P.S. on # 19. #8 adult. The rest all small graves of children evidently. Tacks “K” on # 11. June 25 - 10 adult and # 11, 12, 13, 23 and # 24 - children. # 25 Adult north of Addie Osborn. All remains placed in separate boxes and ready for removal. Operations ceased for time being here June 25. # 16 grave empty, evidently body removed before. # 2 to # 25 inclusive and James P. Goffe to go, except # 16. May 18, 1928 the work of removing unclaimed and unidentified remains from South Street Cemetery, Blandford to Mundale Cemetery was commenced. Remains in boxes # 2, 3, and 25 and box containing remains of James P. Goffe - see plan # 4747 removed and buried at Mundale, May 8th. Concrete markers numbered 1 to 25 secured from Pine Hill Cemetery, Westfield and placed with concrete base at head of new graves in Mundale Cemetery. # 1 marker placed at head of James P. Goffe’s grave. Remains of # 4, 5 & 6 removed and buried at Mundale Cemetery May 10, 1928. Remains of # 7, 9, & 10 removed and buried at Mundale Cemetery May 12, 1928. Remains of 11, 12 & 13 removed and buried at Mundale Cemetery May 14, 1928 Remains of # 14, 15 & 22 removed and buried at Mundale Cemetery May 15, 1928. Remains of # 17, 19 & 23 removed and buried at Mundale Cemetery May 16, 1928. Remains of # 8, 18 & 20 removed and buried at Mundale Cemetery May 17, 1928. Remains of # 21 and 24 removed and buried at Mundale Cemetery May 18, 1928. # 16 marker was placed over the grave of two small children (unnamed) of Gad & Loveanna Phelon buried just west of parents at Mundale Cemetery. # 16 grave shown on blueprint # 4747 proved to be unoccupied at South Street Cemetery, Blandford. May 29th and 31st, 1928 concrete markers placed and Mundale Cemetery plot cleaned up and work finished there. June 12, 13 and 14th, Old South Street Cemetery cleaned up and graded. All work on this job complete June 14, 1928.


Index South Street Cemetery Blandford, Mass
Bates Isabella Kilburn Mary E. Rhoda Farnham DeWitt Eliza W. Henry D. Lester C. Goffe James P. Holloway Benjamin Sr. Benjamin Jr. Dan Polly 2 children Noble Nathan Osborn Addie E. Amos Catherine Cyrus H Lewis Lizzie A. Lucinda Polly Sarah 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2-7 2 2 2 2 2 2 Page 1 1 1 1

1 1 1 1


Phelon Curtis Fally Gad Harriet John Leroy Loveanna Mary Mary A. Royal 2 Children Warfield Almira Gale Eli Elizur Elizur B. Loring 4 5 4 4 5 5 4 5 4 4 4

6 5 6 6 6

Unidentified: Page #1 James B. Goffe 7-8 #2 Child 7-8 #3 Child 7-8 #4 Child 7-8 #5 Adult 7-8 #6 Child 7-8 #7 Adult 7-8 #8 Adult 7-8 #9 Adult 7-8 #10 Adult 7-8 # 11 Child - “K” in tacks on coffin 7-8 # 12 Child 7-8 # 13 Adult 7-8 # 14 Adult 7-8 # 15 Female - “L.H. Ae. 26 on coffin 7-8 # 17 Child 7-8 # 18 Child 7-8 # 19 Child - “P S-9” on coffin 7-8 # 20 Child 7-8 # 21 Adult 7-8 # 22 Adult 7-8 # 23 Small Child 7-8 # 24 Small Child 7-8 # 25 Adult 7-8 Note: The above numbers correspond with the concrete markers placed at the head of the new
graves in Mundale Cemetery, where these bodies were placed.



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