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									Minutes HALLATON PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON 21ST MARCH 2005 Present: Mr James in the Chair, Mr E Kenyon, Mr J Palfreyman, Mrs L Jones, Mr M Stops, Clerk: Mrs G Sanders, Councillor D Beatty, 3 Parishioners: Mrs G Chell, Mrs H Dunham, Mr J Cann. 1. Apologies Apologies were received from Mrs A Green. 2. Minutes Resolved That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 28th February 2005, having previously been circulated, be taken as read and signed by the Chairman as a true record. 3. Matters Arising Fence, Medbourne Road – The Clerk reported that this fence has now been removed. Street Light, Medbourne Road – The Clerk reported that in the process of moving the light it was discovered that the light bracket was rusted and could not be removed and replaced on the new pole. It has been necessary to order a new light bracket at a cost of £245.00 + VAT plus cost of service for this would be £251.32 + VAT. It was AGREED that this is very expensive however there is no option but to go ahead with this. RESOLVED to write to the contractors on the building site to enquire as to whether they could contribute an amount towards this as this requirement has been brought about by the need to move the light. 4. Parish Plan Update Mrs Jones presented a report on the progress of the Parish Plan. The young persons report is currently being drafted and nearing completion. The next Parish Plan meeting is 31st March. An Open Meeting is planned for 23rd April, 10am – 12noon which will be another means of consultation with parishioners and a way of providing them with information regarding the Plan. The Clerk requested information on the Parish Plan which she will put on the Parish Council website. Voluntary time estimation of the value of the time given by the various people involved worked out to £2,617. The final Grant payment (£662.67) application will be submitted as soon as possible however final publication of the report may need further funding. It was RESOLVED that Mrs Jones obtain information and costing for publication of a final glossy-type document. 5. Cemetery Headstones Mrs Jones raised the issue of the state of disrepair some of the headstones were in. RESOLVED that Mrs Jones investigate if it is possible to rectify this problem and what the approximate costs would be.

6. Basketball Goals Dylan Bogg has kindly given advice on the matter of which type of basketball goal would be best – recommending the Sureshot Original Gooseneck 4.5. The Clerk presented designs and pricing from British Basketball League as well as UK Fitness Supplies. It was RESOLVED that only one goal would be purchased at this stage. Councillor Beatty provided information on a contact in Kibworth Parish Council (Mr Norman Harrison) who has experience with this type of equipment and it was proposed that the Clerk contact Mr Harrison for further guidance on this matter. If no other suggestions are obtained from Mr Harrison, it was AGREED to purchase a Sureshot Original Gooseneck 4.5 at a cost of £669.95 (incl. VAT & delivery) from the British Basketball League. Expected delivery on the goal would be six weeks. Installation of this basketball goal will be discussed further at the next meeting after seeking advice from Mr Harrison. 7. Dog Bins Information and pricing was presented by the Clerk after consultation with HDC Environmental Control Department. HDC is the cheapest provider for these bins at a cost of £106 (+VAT) per bin, plus £30 installation charge per bin. The bin provided would be a red ‘Fido’ 25ltr post-mounted bin. Installation of these bins would take approximately six weeks. The Clerk was unable to get definite pricing for emptying of these bins and will provide this information at the next meeting. It was AGREED that dog bins would be installed in the village upon receipt of further costings. A decision of whether to trial two bins only or to opt for four bins will be made at the next meeting upon receipt of definite costings. Suggested locations were: § On the grassed area opposite Hackluits Pond § On the grass verge between No.25 and No.17 Eastgate § Top of Hunts Lane (at junction of Goadby Road ) § Outside play area on Hog Lane 8. Taxi Vouchers Applications were received from: Mr M Tyrrell Mrs K Cramp Mr J Fowls Mrs D Hunt Mr & Mrs Allan Chris Kirby Perinne Kirby All applicantions were approved. Foxglove Travel Ltd, based at Belton-in-Rutland, have sent a letter requesting to be registered with the Hallaton Taxi Voucher Scheme. It was AGREED that Foxglove Travel Ltd be registered on the Hallaton Taxi Voucher Scheme. 9. Planning Applications

Hunter Inns - 05/00351/LBC Replacement of rear window. SUPPORT J H Hallam & Son - 05/00298/FUL Erection of a garage (Rev. of 04/0091/FUL) & demolition & rebuilding of existing boundary wall. SUPPORT J H Hallam & Son - 05/00323/LBC Demolition and rebuilding of existing boundary wall. SUPPORT Orange - Erection of telecommunications mast (12m high) & associated equipment cabins. OBJECT/COMMENT HI Ltd - Erection of fence and gates. NO COMMENT MR JAMES DECLARED AN INTEREST AT THIS POINT REGARDING ANY MATTERS PERTAINING TO HI LTD’S APPLICATIONS. Planning decisions were noted. 10. Correspondence (i) Mr & Mrs D Bogg – Letter thanking the Chairman and Parish Council for their assistance with their planning application. (ii) ABB Ltd – Letter and quotation regarding the replacement of the street light lamp bracket, Medbourne Road . (ii) HDC, L Wiggins – Re the roadside verge, North End – no action can be taken by the Planning Department. NOTED - still waiting for reply on this matter from Highways Department – the Clerk will follow this up. (iii) HDC, Mr R Smith, Waste Management Dept. – Re recycling containers. NOTED the stickers will be replaced and tidied up. The Waste Management Dept. are open to suggestions for a suitable alternative site for these bins – this will be given ongoing consideration by the Parish Council. (iv) The Vocation Sisters – Re cemetery wall. They have arranged a contractor to make this wall safe, work will commence during Easter week. Also, the cemetery will be cleared of dead wood, etc. The wall will eventually be rebuilt subject to planning consent, cost estimated at £20,000. It was RESOLVED to write to the Vocation Sisters with a view to putting them in contact with J H Hallam & Son for possible negotiations to use their contractors as they are rebuilding the wall further up North End. This may reduce the cost somewhat. (v) Mr D Kenyon – Re Orange mast and a request that a circular letter be sent to villagers. NOTED that a newsletter regarding the mast was sent to each residence. (vi) Rural Beat Bus – Notice of visit by Rural Beat Bus on 14th September 2005. RESOLVED to notify Hallaton Primary School of this visit so that children can attend. (vii) Central Networks – Unmetered Supplies Certificate. (viii) Mr D Kenyon – Request to view the Parish Council budget for 2005/06 regarding the Precept increase. RESOLVED that the Clerk write to Mr Kenyon providing him with budget information and addressing this matter. Documents for Circulation Ø Document from Simon Galton, County Councillor, LCC re County Division changes

Ø Planning Applications & Decisions Ø Defra Broadband letter & CD ROM Ø HDC Press Release re Art Show 2005 Ø HDC Core Strategy Development Plan document Ø Branchline Ø Village Voice Ø Consumer Affairs Newsletter Ø HDC Parish Plans & Village Design Statements & Local Development Plan letter & document Ø Standards Committee Minutes Ø HDC Parish News Ø Harborough News Ø Welland SSP Information regarding Pathfinder Project 11. Accounts The following accounts were approved for payment: Cheques Issued D. Odom Severn Trent Foxglove Travel Ltd G Sanders Taxi Vouchers (x 36) Water Charges – Cemetery Land Tap Taxi Vouchers (x 4) Clerkship – 200.00 Taxi Admin – 50.00 Expenses – 9.25 TOTAL Regarding the Annual Subscription for the NALC and LRAPLC for the amount of £156 – due to the high cost of this it was RESOLVED that the Clerk investigate services provided by these bodies before proceeding. Deposits: The Countryside Agency (Taxi Voucher Grant) £2,407.88 Bank Balances as of 28 February: Treasurer Account - £1,900.67 Money Manager Account - £3,704.06 (this does not yet include the Taxi Voucher Grant money) 12. Items of Report Bottlekicking – Off Street Parking – Mrs Jones raised the matter of providing off-street parking at Bottlekicking. The difficulties raised with this were locating fields suitable for use, stewarding the parking areas (may not get volunteers for this), and the fact that if no-one to direct traffic – people still won’t use the areas. The Recreation Ground was suggested as one area. This matter will be looked at further for next year’s bottlekicking. £524.05 Cheque No. 101092 101094 101095 101096 Amount 180.00 64.80 20.00 259.25

Hackluits Pond Water Meter – Mr James pointed out that the cover for the Hackluits Pond meter was broken and could pose a safety hazard, as well as the pit being full of water and as a result the meter could not be read. RESOLVED that the Clerk contact Severn Trent to get the lid replaced and a meter reading taken. New Fence, Medbourne Road – Mr James raised the matter of the new fence on Medbourne Road . He has received several phone calls from villagers regarding the closeness of this fence to the road. The Clerk has contacted HDC Highways Department and an inspector has been out and confirmed that this is too close to the road. The Highways Department have contacted the owners and asked them to move it. Street Lights – Mrs Chell enquired with regard to replacing the modern street lights with more traditional ‘Victorian style’ ones. RESOLVED that the Clerk enquire with HDC as to whether there are any funds available for this type of replacement and find out costings, etc. 13. Items for Next Agenda · Review of Councillors Roles · Freedom of Information · Cemetery Headstones · Dog Bins 14. Items for Publication Nil The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday, 25th April, 7.30pm, Stenning Hall, Hallaton. The meeting was declared closed at 8.50pm.

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