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					Minutes of Sheepy Parish Council Meeting Sheepy Memorial Hall 3rd February 2009

1) Attendance and Apologies Jim Aldridge – Chair, Mary Beechey, Brian Greenfield, Andrew Gough, Malcolm Greenwood, Oz Hall, Brian May, Kevin Morrell, A Parkinson Ivan Ould and 6parishioners Apologies: Alf Oliver and Pat Bingham 2) Parishioners’ Open Forum Sheepy Greens – Ian Papworth reported that a meeting was being held with an Energy Advisor on 12th February at the Memorial Hall, who would carry out an Energy Efficiency Assessment of the Hall. Further talks were going on with an Energy Agency, who will carry out Energy Audits and also provide training. Discussion took place concerning the H &BBC Home Insulation Scheme and the fact that they had only visited certain parts of the village. Concern was also expressed that vulnerable people may not like to let strangers into their home. Anji Forsyth reported that at the Open Meeting, interest had been expressed in allotments and Mr Salt had offered some ground for this facility. Clerk to pass on names of parishioners who had expressed an interest. The Chair read a letter from the Sheepy Greens requesting a donation of £258 to cover costs incurred at Open Day. It was proposed by Kevin Morrell, seconded by Andrew Gough and all in agreement that this donation should be given. The Chair pointed out that this was a once off payment and could not be guaranteed in future. 3) Minutes of the last meeting – The minutes were approved as a true and correct record. 4) Matters Arising from Minutes Flooding - the Chair updated the meeting on discussions held with David Tredinnick and the Flood Action Group. As a result of this meeting, the MP had agreed to lobby the Environment Agency concerning the removal of blockages in the river and a model study of the watercourse. Village Signs – the Clerk reported that legal approval had been granted from LCC for the Upton and Sheepy Parva signs. A funding bid had been submitted to the Parish Initiative Fund for 50% of the cost of the two signs, i.e. £2,650. Mobile Youth Project – a letter was read from LCC stating that following the success of the project, it would be extended from 3rd February to 31st March, visiting Sheepy Magna every other Tuesday. Visit to Thurlaston Parish Council – the Chair gave a report on the meeting he had attended at Thurlaston, with Kevin Morrell, to discuss Affordable Housing. It was a positive meeting. 5) Report by County Councillor – Ivan Ould reported on a meeting he had just attended at Market Bosworth concerning the traveller allocation at Station Road. He also said that he had not been able to help with the times of buses, which mean young people have to leave home early. He had
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checked and it was within legal requirements. Ivan also said that he had received a lot of complaints re school closures due to bad weather and pointed out that, even if school was closed, staff should try to get on site. The decision to close was left to the Head Teacher and the Chair of Governors. The County Councillor expressed his disappointment that H & BBC were not opposing the composting site near Fenny Drayton. He commented that the potential area for spore distribution could be several miles. Brian Greenfield asked about the speed outside the school and Ivan advised that the 20 mph will be advisory only and Police will not be able to enforce this. The Chair reported that the 30 mph on the Main Road was due to be actioned in 2009/10. 6) Report by Borough Councillor – Kevin Morrell reported that a Council meeting on 20th January approved the final draft of site allocations and it would go out to consultation from 9th February. The preferred site for new homes is no longer the Church land at the top of Oakfield Way and Meadow Close but a site on the Main Road near the Affordable Homes. Councillor Morrell suggested that a Parish Plan committee should be resurrected in order that a Design Statement could be issued, prior to the building of any new homes. It was suggested that the Sheepy Greens could be involved. Councillor Morrell also commented on the composting site and said that the date for determination was 9th February. He confirmed that H & BBC were not opposing this application, they were only objecting in respect of lorry movement on the highways and health issues. A Funding Toolkit was available, which was passed to Sheepy Greens. 7) Correspondence The following was discussed Eon – increase of 3.4% in streetlight maintenance from April 2009. Proposed by Kevin Morell, seconded by Oz Hall and all in agreement that we should accept this increase. RCC – renewal of membership – proposed by Brian May, seconded Malcolm Greenwood and all in agreement, that we should renew this membership at a cost of £36. RCC – Rural Action Seminar – 12th March at 7.00pm – information was passed to Sheepy Greens H &BBC – St. George’s Day Ball – no one to attend. H&BBC – Consultation from 9 February on New Housing, Employment etc. Clerk to post details on website. As well as viewing site allocation plans on H &BBC website, parishioners could attend a presentation at Bosworth Community College on 18th February (6-8pm) or drop in session at Market Bosworth library Thursday 26th March (4.45 – 6.45pm). Brian Mee – Ground Maintenance contract 2009 – a quotation had been received and prices held same for 2009/10. Proposed Brian May, seconded by Oz Hall and all in agreement that Brian Mee should carry on with Ground Maintenance contract. The following was available for information Village Voice 8) Crime and Safety - Andrew Gough reported that Police priorities were as before. Hinckley & Bosworth was the best performing area in the Leicestershire Police Authority.




Local figures had been obtained and for the 60-day period to 29 January 2009, there was one theft of a motor vehicle in Sheepy Magna and 2 domestic incidents. 3 Anti Social Behaviour Orders were issued in November, none in December and none in January. H &BBC Community Safety is working closely with the Police to promote the PRIDE alarm and the Care and Repair Scheme. Oz Hall said that the cost of the PRIDE alarm was £5 per year. Andrew Gough also reported on a meeting he had with residents in Ratcliffe Lane concerning speeding (it is now 40mph) and their request for a chicane. As a result of the meeting, a letter had been sent to Highways LCC and they have agreed to carry out speed checks. A parishioner, who lives in Ratcliffe Lane, said she had been contacted by Highways concerning mud on the road. She reported that Highways had received several complaints from residents concerning the mud and, although they had inspected and cleaned the road, they could not find any mud. 9) Annual Review of Clerk’s Salary – The National Joint Council (NJC) for Local Government Services has reached agreement on rates of pay for Clerks from 1st April 2008, pending arbitration. The new rate, therefore, for scp 22 will be £10.068p per hour (an increase of 2.5%). Based on 13 hours per week, this means an annual salary of £6805.97 for the Clerk. As this rate is backdated to 1st April 2008, the February salary will include arrears of £132.70. Proposed by Kevin Morrell, seconded by Andrew Gough and all in agreement that Clerk should be paid this increase. Car Allowance – this will increase to 42.9p (451-999cc): 46.9 (1000-1199cc): 58.7p (1200+) 10) Risk Assessment – this had been carried out at All Saints Churchyard by Jim Aldridge on 29th January 2009. As a result of the assessment, there were 4 headstones to be secured. Oz Hall was asked to contact MG Evans and ask them to make these secure, at the same price as before. 11) Accounts and Signing of cheques A copy of the bank reconciliation for the end of December had previously been circulated. The Clerk reminded Councillors that it was their responsibility to note the figures and the regular budget updates, which were issued. The following were presented for payment in January: P Roberts Dog Bins M Bassett Salary/com/tel/windows/host fees for website Xmas tree lights K Papworth Advance payment for materials for signs J Putman Xmas tree lights for Sibson E.on Electricity for streetlights Brian Mee Trim and cut churchyard Information Commissioner Data registration The following cheques will be presented for payment in February: P Roberts Dog Bins M Bassett Salary/com/tel/windows/arrear E.on Electricity charges in December Viking Stationery Eon Streetlight maintenance
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£110.00 £645.89* £1500.00 £61.97* £262.30 £40.05 £35.00

£110 £747.70 £23.85* £53.61* £86.53*


A Gough Travel expenses RCC Membership J Aldridge Travel expenses B Mee VAT not paid with Januuary cheque G Batchelor Plants for Riverside Close Viking Stationery Sheepy & District Environmental Group Funding for Open Evening *includes VAT

£9.39 £36.00 £21.13 £6.01* £52.00 £41.40* £258.00

12) Planning It was noted that paper copies would no longer be available from H &BBC. Planning applications are available to view via the Internet, There is a computer link at All Saints Church, Sheepy on Tuesday or Thursday mornings (or by prior appointment with the Church Warden) or from H &BBC offices. The following were presented without comment: 08/01175/FUL Ext/alterations to San Giovanni’s restaurant, Sheepy Parva 08/01153/FUL Door & canopy, 32 Ratcliffe Lane 08/001144/FUL New vehicle access, Elmsdale, Ratcliffe Lane 09/00060/TPOCA Removal of Willow tree & work to 6 trees, Swiss Cottage, Sheepy Road, Sibson

13) Any Other Business The Chair reported that Sheepy Parish Council would now be developing another website as part of the Leicestershire parishes organisation. This would be run as well as the site for the next few months. The new website address is: http //

Brian Greenfield reported that since a new roadway had been put to the houses in Watery Lane, the ditch was always overflowing and causing problems. Ivan Ould agreed to take this up with Peter Shale at LCC. Mary Beechey reported that lorries, accessing the building work at Cross Hands, are causing the verge to be worn away. After discussion, the Parish Council felt that there was nothing they could do. The Chair reported that the play area, on the Playing Fields at Sheepy Magna, now has a tarmac drive and the waste bin will be put in place shortly. There were also disclaimer and health and safety signs going up.



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