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									MATHER CEMETARY South East Quarter, Section 14, Orange Township, Knox County, Illinois This cemetery was copied in 1972 by Florence Sargeant from original records in the possession of Warren C. and Nellie Stevens. In June, 1981 Mildred Doubet and Pam Eagle recopied it for the Knox County Genealogical Society. I recopied it in November, 2001 as I restored the cemetery for Orange Township. All rows were read from left to right, facing East. I've also included if they had a Will or Probate on burials prior to 1900. This cemetery is well taken care of, although it has suffered much damage and change in the past. Without a doubt there are many unmarked burials here. Only a couple of the footstones are where they belong, the others have been placed into the rows with the headstones, not necessarily even close to where they belong, and most have been cemented into the ground. The following are the ones that have initials that don't match a name: M. W. G. I. (Broke off, probably one of the Isaac Mathers) G. A. G. (I could not find this one) E. L. L. Todd Walter November 2001 ************

* Additions or corrections

Milo Cramer, Son of E.W. & N.G. Mary Jane Cravins, Wife of Rev. Isaac A.E.A. Allen William M. Allen, Father America Anne Allen, Wife of William

Jan 7, 1876 Age 1mo 9d Nov 29, 1872 (stone broken) No Dates Jan 8, 1813 - No death date (Still living in 1886) May 2, 1823 - Sep 21, 1886 *

Angeline Cramer, Wife of J.A. July 6, 1865, Age 44y 5m 2d (This stone was missing in 1981 and still is) Moses Vangilder, Father and Husband Augustine Scheiderman, Dau of A.& R.S. Andrew Scheiderman Ricky Scheiderman, Wife of Andrew Broken Stone Jan 26, 1857, Age 53y 1m 29d * (WILL) Sep 7, 1865, 21d Dec 23, 1825 - Nov 17, 1894 (PROBATE) Feb 1, 1820 - Jan 19, 1892 1861, Age 1y

Ridley R. Maxey, Wife of R.T. Nov 12, 1800 - Sep 9, 1848 Robert T. Maxey Apr 9, 1800 - Dec 26, 1875 (PROBATE) Born in Buckingham Co., VA, Died in Orange, Knox Co., ILL Father and Mother on separate granite stones with no names *

Margaret Ferguson Alexander Ferguson John Ferguson Charles Gaddis, Son of J. & M. Margaret Gaddis, Wife of J. George Logue Samantha D. Logue, Wife of George Eliza Logue, Dau of G. & S.D. William Allen William Allen, Son of W. & N. Rachel Allen, Dau of W. & N. Nancy Mather, Wife of Samuel James F. Jones, Son of T. & S.A. James L. Ashby Mary A. Cushman David Ashby, Father Ruth Ann Ashby, Mother E. Lawrence Mary Lawrence, Wife of E. Charlotta Lawrence, Wife of G.F. Joseph R. Wallace, Son of J. & M.

Sep 15, 1844, Age 71y Aug 11, 1845, Age 82y July 8, 1846, Age 26y No year, 3y 4m 29d (In 1860 Census as 3 years old) Oct 3, 1866, Age 51y 7m 18d Nov 30, 1823 - Jan 28, 1881 July 16, 1829 - Mar 6, 1882 Mar 15, 1875, Age 7y 3m 15d 1804 - 1841 Apr 13, 1842, Age 5y 7m Dec 18, 1852, Age 23y Feb 20, 1878, Age 73y (Samuel Sr.'s second wife) Nov 2, 1871, Age 11m 11d (This stone is now missing) Jan 14, 1847, Age 19y 3m 16d Jan 2, 1867, Age 29y 9m 19d * Jan 20, 1876, Age 77y 3m 6d Oct 27, 1880, Age 76y 9m 6d Aug 31, 1855, Age 73y 7m 8d Apr 24, 1855, Age 62y 7m 26d Apr 14, 1878, Age 24y Oct 8, 1850, Age 2y 5m 29d

William I. Barnett, In Memory Of Unreadable (Very old stone, others of this type date from 1830's to mid 1840's). John Barnett, Son of A. & M. Clarence Barnett, Son of A. & M. Caroline Barnett, Dau of A. & M. Theodore Barnett, Son of A. & M. Horace G. Barnett, Son of A. & M. Samuel Mather Mary Mather, Dau of S. & M. Feb 20, 1847, Age 1y 3m Sep 15, 1851, Age 1m 10d Sep 15, 1851, Age 18y 4m 20d Oct 13, 1854, Age 2m 11d Sep 14, 1857, Age 1m 8d Aug 9, 1875, Age 49y 5m 15d (PROBATE) Aug 10, 1865, Age 1y 1m 11d

Lewis R. Mather Feb 13, 1863, Age 27y 6m 14d ( Enlisted Co. A 77th Infantry Aug 1, 1863, Died at St. Louis, MO) Frances Mather, Dau of L.R. & N. Broken Off Stone * Samuel Mather Mar 23, 1796 - No date (64 in 1860 Census) Jan 21, 1861, Age 1y 8m 13d *

Eliza Mather, Wife of Samuel Jun 19, 1856, Age 53y 11m 23d Richard H. Mather Dec 26, 1836, Age 6y 10m 13d Sarah J. Mather Jun 7, 1841, Age 1y 4m Joseph Mather Jan 27, 1862, Age 24y 2m 7d (Enlisted in Co. G 12th ILL Cav. Aug 10, 1861, Died at Birds' Point, MO). Unreadable Stone * Mary Ann Mather, Wife of I. Jul 25, 1870, Age 67y Isaac Mather Feb 28, 1871, Age 81y 1m 18d Isaac Mather Apr 2, 1853, Age 20y 4m Lewis Mather Mar 16, 1863, Age 27y 4m 11d (Enlisted Co. A 77th Infantry Aug 9, 1862, Died at St. Louis MO). John W. Mather, Son of I. & M.A. Emery E. Mather, Son of Geo. & J. Leroy Anstine, Son of H.H. & M.L. Nellie Randall, Dau of J.R. & M.A. Lucinda Randall, Wife of Jedediah W. Jedediah W. Randall Ira Denison Randall, Son of J.W. & L. Infant Fitspatrick, Son of W.R. & M.M. Dorinda E. Godfrey, Dau of E. & S. Sep 27, 1842, Age 8m 15d Feb 28, 1867, Age 3m 25d Mar 15, 1876, Age 17d Apr 5, 1869, Age 2y 7d Nov 27, 1865, Age 54y 5m 18d Feb 1, 1861, Age 54y May 3, 1849, Age 21y 4m 6d Dec 26, 1869 Feb 15, 1848, Age 8y 3m

James Godfrey Jan 12, 1762 - Nov 2, 1847 (PROBATE) In Memory of James who was born in Worchester County, Maryland, Keziah (Williams) Godfrey, Wife of James Born in Sussex County, Delaware Eleanor Godfrey A Native of Sussex County, Delaware Joseph Godfrey A Native of Sussex County, Delaware Nancy D. Cook, Dau of M. & S. Mar 5, 1836, Age 1y 3m 24d * Mar 8, 1770 - Mar 5, 1836

Sep 17, 1800 - Mar 5, 1836

Jun 13, 1794 - Jan 20, 1835 (WILL,first in the county)

Marke Cook Aug 21, 1850, Age 47y (PROBATE) (This name is spelled "Marke", not "Mark E.") Sophia (Godfrey) Cook (This stone was buried and has decayed except for the name "Sophia". She was the wife of Marke and is listed in the 1860 Census as being 51 years old, born in Delaware.) * Infant Housh, Dau of J. & S. A. Sep 23, 1853

Cemantha E. Mowery, Dau of M. & C. Joseph Huston Luella M. Mowery, Dau of M. & C.G. Robert M. Robertson James Robertson Sarah E. Wallace Robertson, Wife of James John W. Robertson, Son of J. & S. Mary A. Robertson, Dau of J. & S. Emaline Hamilton, Dau of W. & R. Anna Leu

Oct 17, 1853, Age 1y 9m 7d * 1852, 57y (Stone set in concrete, can't read rest) (This stone is also buried in concrete) 1851 - 1932 1816 - 1887 1823 - 1874 1856 - 1859 1858 - 1859 Dec 13, 1847, Age 14y 5m 6d 1860 - 1877


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