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No course Prerequisites are required Minimum Age An applicant for a JAR-FCL PPL(A) shall be at least 17 years of age but some of the required qualifications for the grant of the licence may be gained earlier. Applicants should ensure that any qualifications gained earlier will still be valid at the time they plan to apply for the grant of the licence. The validity periods of training, examinations and flight tests are covered in this section. Student pilots may act as Pilot-in-Command from their 16th birthday provided they act only in accordance with instructions given by a flying instructor, hold a valid JAR-FCL Medical Certificate and, generally, fly only in UK territorial airspace. There is no minimum age for dual instruction, but any received before the age of 14 is not countable towards the experience requirements specified in this document. An applicant for a JAR-FCL PPL(A) shall have completed at least 45 hours flight time as a pilot of aeroplanes. This must include the particular requirements specified in (a) and (b). A maximum of 5 hours of these 45 hours may have been completed in a Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT) or a Flight Simulator. An FNPT or Flight Simulator used for this purpose must be device qualified and user approved. An applicant for the PPL(A) shall complete at a FTO or an accepted registered facility the required instruction in accordance with the syllabus as set out in Appendix 1 to JAR-FCL 1.125. Training/Experience Requirements (a) 25 hours* Dual Instruction on aeroplanes (b) 10 hours Supervised solo flight time on aeroplanes, must include (i); (i) 5 hours Solo Cross-country flight time, must include (ii); (ii) One Cross-country flight of at least 270km (150nm), during which full stop landings at two different aerodromes different from the aerodrome of departure shall be made. *Reduced to not less than 20 hours where an applicant has been credited for Pilot-in-Command flight time on earlier aircraft.

C1.3 JAR-FCL PPL(A) THEORETICAL KNOWLEDGE AND EXAMINATION REQUIREMENTS An applicant for a JAR-FCL PPL(A) is required to pass theoretical knowledge examinations in the following subjects: 1) Aviation Law & Operational Procedures 60 min 40 Questions 2) Human Performance & Limitations 30 min 20 Questions 3) Navigation & Radio Aids 90 min 25 Questions 4) Meteorology 60 min 20 Questions 5) Aircraft (General) & Principles of Fligh 120 min 50 Questions 6) Flight Performance & Planning 60 min 20 Questions 7) JAR-FCL Communications (PPL) 30 min 30 Questions Validities • These examinations contain multiple-choice questions for the most part and are normally conducted under the auspices of a Flight Training Organisation or a Registered Facility. An applicant shall be deemed to have successfully completed the theoretical examinations for the JAR-FCL PPL(A) when awarded a pass in all of the above examinations within a period of 12 months. A pass will be accepted for a grant of a JAR-FCL PPL(A) during the 24 months from the date of successfully completing all of the theoretical knowledge examinations. Licence Validity C1.4 JAR-FCL PPL(A) SKILL TEST REQUIREMENTS An applicant for a JAR-FCL PPL(A) is required to pass the PPL(A) Skill Test with a CAA Authorised Examiner. Licence Validity The JAR-FCL PPL(A) will be issued for a maximum period of 5 years. To renew 12 hours in the last 12 months 6 Pic 1 with instructor 12 Take-offs and landings

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