You are hereby invited to attend the monthly meeting of Oxenhope MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL MEETING OF OXENHOPE PARISH COUNCIL

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					MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL MEETING OF OXENHOPE PARISH COUNCIL HELD ON TH THURSDAY 10 MAY 2007 IN THE COMMUNITY CENTRE, OXENHOPE, COMMENCING AT 7:30 PM Present: Cllr Neal Cameron (Chairman) Cllr Derek Allen Cllr David Ashcroft Cllr Pauline Bedford Cllr Paula Berry Cllr Reg Hindley Cllr Jeremy Mackrell Cllr Tony Maw Miran Rahman, Keighley News Reporter Five members of the public

In attendance:

01/07. Election of Chairman 2007/8 It was proposed that Cllr Cameron be elected as Chairman for 2007/8 by Cllr Allen, voted nem. con. 02/07. Apologies consented to None. Prior to moving onto the next agenda item, Cllr Cameron invited Chris Brown to take the floor. Mr Brown explained that he had intended to give his formal farewell at one of the April meetings, however, due to other commitments he was unable to attend the April monthly meeting and as there was no planning meeting later in April, he had been invited by the Clerk to attend tonight’s meeting. Mr Brown confirmed he had undertaken a lot of jobs during the twelve years he had been a Member of Oxenhope Parish Council and confirmed the Council was a very different body than the one twelve years ago. This was accountable to the commitment of the Members and the Clerk. The list of Council achievements was enormous which include the Millennium Green, the Village Design Statement, Marsh Common, traffic calming measures, and the Parish Plan. The achievement of Quality Parish Status reflects a lot of the work that has been undertaken. Cllr Cameron thanked Mr Brown and confirmed that the Council’s formal thanks to Chris Brown had already been included in the Annual Report for 2006 -07. 03/07. Election of Vice Chairman 2007/8 It was proposed that Cllr Maw be elected as Vice-Chairman for 2007/8 by Cllr Cameron voted nem.con. 04/07. Appointment of representatives to outside bodies and committees Allotments Officer Police Forum Representative/Worth Valley Watch Committee Member Rights of Way Officer LEA Representative Worth Valley Contact Point Committee Member Transport Representative Cllr Bedford Proposed by Cllr Mackrell, voted nem. con. Cllr Allen Cllr Berry (shadowing) Proposed by Cllr Cameron, voted nem. con. Cllr Hindley Proposed by Cllr Cameron, voted nem. con. Cllr Ashcroft Proposed by Cllr Cameron, voted nem. con. Cllr Allen Cllr Maw (shadowing) Proposed by Cllr Cameron, voted nem. con. Cllr Cameron 1091

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Oxenhope Sports Association

YLCA Branch meeting representatives

Devolved Services/Parish Liaison Officer Parish Plan Representative Delivery Committee

Proposed by Cllr Allen, voted nem. con. Cllr Maw Cllr Ashcroft (reserve) Proposed by Cllr Cameron, voted nem. con. Cllr Cameron Cllr Reg Hindley (reserve) Proposed by Cllr Allen, voted nem. con. Cllr Ashcroft Proposed by Cllr Cameron, voted nem. con. Cllr Allen Proposed by Cllr Ashcroft, voted nem. con

05/07. Disclosures of Interest Cllrs Cameron & Allen, allotment holders, declared prejudicial interests in any discussions relating to allotments. Cllr Mackrell declared a personal interest in planning application 07/03053/FUL. 06/07. Minutes of meetings held during April 2007 The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 12 April were proposed as a correct record by Cllr Mackrell and signed by the Chairman. Matters arising: Page 1087 minute 210/07 – Wooden Plaque for Marsh Common. Cllr Allen confirmed that he had drafted the letter to Jim Thornber and forwarded it onto the Clerk. Page 1090 minute 221/07(a) Adapting the Marsh Common kissing gate for wheel chair access. Cllr Allen reported that he had liaised with Darren Hinchcliffe, who was quite willing to investigate but had confirmed that he had no available funding in the current financial year. The minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held on 12 April were noted. No matters arising. The minutes of the Parish Plan Delivery Committee meeting held on 25 April were noted. Matters arising. th Cllr Allen reported on the Oxenhope Sports Association’s meeting on 8 May which was attended by Ian Day and Michael Priestley of Bradford Council. The decision as to whether the MACA funding bid of £50k was successful would be received in October and if successful Ian Day had confirmed that Bradford Council would work closely with the Parish Council in order to try and double the amount. Ian Day recommended that the Parish Council on behalf of the various Sports Clubs should submit a £5k funding application to Keighley Area Committee. As the levelling of the upper pitch is not a viable proposition, Bradford Council was again going to investigate widening the site of the bottom pitch at the bowling pavilion area. The May Issues Report was duly updated as per the attached and noted. 07/07. Guest Speakers No District Councillors present . 08/07. Public question time The contents of two letters handed to the Clerk two minutes before the start of the meeting were discussed. As the concerns raised in the letters concentrated on Oxenhope Cricket Club’s recent Licensing Application, the Clerk reminded Members that as parish councils are not legal consultees for such applications that Members, if they so desired, would be able to object but only in their private capacity. 09/07. Code of Conduct
th th th

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Resolved that the adoption of The Local Authorities Model Code of Conduct 2007 and/or The Parish and Town Councils Model Code of Conduct 2007 be deferred to the next monthly meeting when further guidance on the matter should have been received. 10/07. Allotments a) Cllr Bedford reported on the Council’s success in securing over £5k from Bradford Vision and that it was thanks to a number of fellow Members and the Clerk. Cllr Bedford thanked all concerned. The Vice Chairman then thanked Cllr Bedford for giving the required three minute presentation at Bradford Vision’s participatory event st on 31 March. b) To allow further water taps to be installed at the allotments, the previously circulated Breakdown Form was amended accordingly. c) It was agreed that Cllr Bedford should consult with the allotment holders to ascertain a suitable starting date for work to commence. Cllr Ashcoft suggested that a guarantee should be obtained from the contractors to assist the Council when setting future years budgets. Cllr Bedford agreed to obtain the guarantee. 11/07. Consultations Resolved that Cllr Cameron draft and circulate to Members one response covering the following points:  That the consultation documents are on the whole not appropriate for a rural locality such as Oxenhope.  Little mention of health. Further attention to detail was required as regards infrastructure and sewage needs.  Total non recognition that recreation facilities have been under funded for a number of years.  Planning gain – Cllr Ashcroft to provide a paragraph on this subject to Cllr Cameron. 12/07. Planning Applications 07/02630/CAC – Demolition of changing rooms and extension to form new changing rooms at Oxenhope Cricket Club, Hebden Bridge Road. Following a vote of seven to one, the Parish Council did not object to the application in principle, however, requested that the Planning Office liaise with the applicants to ascertain whether the Club will be letting out the tea room and bar to outside parties, the proposed clock could be redesigned so that it has a grater presence and whether second hand stone could be sought in preference to the proposed new natural deep coursed stone. 07/03053/FUL – Conversion of two barns to dwellings with ancillary office accommodation and new vehicular access at New House Farm, Upper Marsh Lane. The Parish Council objected to the application as the new vehicular access via the green belt suburbanises the area and suggested perhaps the vehicular access could be located less obtrusively to the west of the dwellings. The Parish Council also objected to the regularity of the proposed fenestration and suggested a more irregular approach would be in keeping with barn conversions. 07/02590/FUL – Division of detached dwelling into two separate properties with single storey extension at Flight Stack, Sawood Lane. The Parish Council objected to the application as the external staircase extension is not in keeping with the traditional form of the Pennine longhouse and the suggested four car parking spaces are 50% too many, as two spaces are on land not owned by the owners. 07/02785/FUL – Demolition of outbuildings and replacement with extension and granny flat annexe at 44 Denholme Road. The Parish Council objected to the application on the grounds of proportionality and that the extension would detract from the setting of the existing dwelling which is a Grade 2 Listed Building. 07/00022/IG – Tree Preservation Order at land at Moorhouse Farm, Moorhouse Lane The following decisions were noted: Notice of Appeal – APP/W4705/A/07/2041696 – Mrs Moyra Staryk, Well Cottage, Black Moor Road

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13/07. Correspondence a) Letter received from Mr Alan Mainwaring in response to the Council’s letter dated 9 February re Planning issues. Resolved: That the Chairman respond pointing out that parish councils should be consulted in order to determine Certificates of Lawfulness (CoL) as in the case of the West Croft Head CoL application a resident who has lived opposite the site for sixty years had provided valuable evidence to recommend refusal to a Member. th b) E-mail dated 16 April received from Stephen Core re Hill House Lane was noted. th c) E-mail dated 16 April received from YLCA re election expenses was noted. rd d) E-mail dated 23 April received from YWA re defective footpath at Leeming Reservoir was noted. Clerk to follow up a response from Mr Baxter. th e) E-mail dated 27 April received from NALC re Clerk and Council of the Year Awards, Communication Awards, and Community Empowerment Awards. Resolved: That the Chairman and the Clerk would circularise draft entries for the Clerk of the Year and Communication Awards respectively. nd f) Letter dated 22 April received from Julie Carr re an Oxenhope Youth Shelter was noted. g) Letter received from S Storey re an Oxenhope Youth Shelter was noted. 14/07. Financial Matters Resolved: a) That the following accounts for payment be authorised: Payee Cheque no. Amount Ox. Conservation In. 100707 £260.00 Ox. Methodist Church 100708 £108.00 YLCA 100709 £446.00 David Pearson & Ass. 100710 £71.78 Walker Office Products 100711 £19.96 David Pearson & Ass. Standing order £608.25 b) That the following trial balance be noted: Base Rate Gratuity Tracker

Description Insurance premium Room hire Annual subscription Clerk’s expenses Stationery Clerk’s monthly fee Community Remaining budgeted/ear marked funds

Bal b/f 21,142.03 467.93 2,083.38 Precept 14,755.00 Allotment holders rent 56.25 Allotment expenses -18.00 Clerk’s fees -1,035.32 Photocopying & stationery -111.29 Insurance -426.20 Parish Plan -382.88 Postage & telephone -34.18 Travel & subsistence -9.49 Outreach -100.00 Room hire -54.00 Subscriptions -446.00 Web site -1,050.00 VAT -404.59 Balances c/f £21,142.03 £467.93 £12,822.68 c) That the earmarking of the following unspent provisions be approved: Youth Shelter purchase £10,000.00 Establishment of website £830.00 Renewing of allotment paths £500.00 Recreation Ground improvements £2,500.00 Delivery of Oxenhope Parish Plan £1,891.11 Purchase of Christmas lights £323.10

7,604.68 438.71 73.80 1,508.30 215.82 190.51 200.00 346.00 154.00 -220.00

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Purchase of land for allotments £2,850.00 in order that these provisions can be carried forward into the financial year 2007/8 in accordance with 3.5 of the adopted Financial Regulations d) That sections 1 & 2 of the Annual Return (previously circulated) be approved. e) That the Annual Report (previously circulated) plus the inclusion of Members photographs be approved. 15/07. Minor items and items for the next agenda Minor items: a) Cllr Allen confirmed that at the last Contact Point Management meeting it was reported that PC Graham Jessop was temporarily stationed at Keighley due to not being able to use his car. As a consequence the Contact Point Management Committee was investigating costs in order to provide PC Jessop with a bike with an electric motor. A celebration was being arranged to acknowledge that the Contact Point had been in existence for five years. b) The surfacing of the Blackmoor Road bridleway way with lime stone chippings with hard standing for cars and caravans awaiting entry into the touring caravan site was reported. Resolved: That the Clerk take photographic evidence and refer the matter to Highways Department. c) The movement of lorries on Blackmoor Road to and from the land fill site continues. Resolved: That the Clerk investigate the situation and report back. d) Cllr Hindley confirmed that his evening walks would resume again and that this year’s th rd first evening walk would be on 16 April. The annual boundary walk would be on 3 June. e) It was confirmed that the next working party at Marsh Common would be on Saturday th 12 May. f) Cllr Cameron confirmed that Oxenhope School had entered the BBC’s search for a Joseph Choir and that the Oxenhope School Choir would be singing at the Airedale th Centre on Saturday 12 May. Anyone wishing to support the choir should vote on line at Items for the next agenda: g) Ratification of the Sports Association. 16/07. Councillors Surgeries

17/07. To note date, time and venue of the next meeting  Monthly Meeting on Thursday 14 June 2007 at 7.30 p.m. at Oxenhope Community Centre.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9:50 p.m.

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