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WO2 Andrew Sample

SGT Jose Sample

Designer and builder of radio controlled aircraft and UAV. I have recently designed an aircraft that carries a 2kg payload and has a range of up to 8000 meters and a flight duration of up to 35 minutes. Spanish language skills – fluent Member of the World Championship Orienteering Team – as well as being a peerless exponent of the skill, I also teach the sport to beginners and advanced students alike. In addition to my natural modesty I also have outstanding cartographic skills. Prior to joining the army 3 years ago, I was employed by Esso on a number of the oil platforms in the Gulf. I have a good working knowledge of the daily routine employed on oil rigs as well as the operation of most of the machinery on board. Eidetic memory for text SCUBA diving to 300 metres. Experience in corrosion inspection of offshore oil rigs Hang gliding Morse code and amateur radio operator Cobol programming experience Repair and upgrade PCs Indian subcontinent languages: Hindi, Urdu, Pushtu, Bengali & Farsi Rock climbing. Member of


Instructor Expert

1994 1999



Perfect recall Trained

1999 1998

Soloist Licensed Ham Basic Proficient Colloquial Expert

1999 1999 1996 1997 1989 1997

Aconcagua expedition 1993 Fly, build and design sail planes Speak Croat as a first language Keen experimenter with alternate energy sources, solar and wind electrical energy generation Recently walked the Kokoda Trail and was one of the key planners and logisticians for the trip Spent 4 week holiday trekking in Timor in February/March 99, travelling from Kupang in the S/W through Dili and then to Tuluala in the N/E Skilled in basket weaving and sheep husbandry Up until Mar 99 when I started with Defence I worked with Yew Beaut Computer Games Pty Ltd as a programmer where I was responsible for creating the F16 Fighting Falcon Flight Simulator – the current best selling computer game on the market and winner of the coveted “Best Shootemup Computer Game Award” for 1999 awarded by Video Arcader and Leather Skateboarder Magazine. Was a member of a multidisciplinary salvage team tasked to salvage the Antarctic supply vessel, Nella Dan which ran aground off Holme Bay in 1995 while resupplying the ANARE Antartic Station on Macquarie Island. I am accredited by the International Environmental Protection Organisation and, prior to

Designer Fluent Hobbiest

1998 1997 1999





Hobbiest Expert

1995 1999



Flight Lieutenant Sample

ACW Sample

Group Captain Sample

joining the APS and Defence last year contracted my services to major Australian and multi-national companies developing environmental disaster plans. Oracle Database Administrator Last year completed my PHD where my thesis concerned the capacity of ultra sonics to bend and distort light in the upper end of the spectrum Dog handler – teach animal obedience and guard/attack dog training Novell network administrator, C++, visual basic and web page design Prior to joining the RAAF I was a park ranger with the NT Park Ranger Service. I have language skills in the Pitjijinjarra dialect and can track wildlife like a black tracker. I have an Associate Diploma in Remedial Massage. I was employed by the Sydney Swans as the head masseur for 2 years. I have well developed skills in water divining and boring. Familiar with the interpretation of Sharia (Muslim) law, particularly as it effects women, infidels and military operations Desert survival Camel breaker and driver Cryptography and EW Arabic language and customs as practised in the Gulf Emirates

Proficient Academic

1999 1998

Instructor Proficient Capable

1997 1998 1997



Practiced Advanced Student

1998 1996

Practised Competent Practitione r Good on academic texts, passably

1995 1995 1989 1996

SSGT Sample

CAMM2 aircraft logistics and repair management system Spent six months in the TPNG village of Arop as part of an Australian aid program. Supervised well construction, quay and water reticulation. Became passably fluent in Pijin English. Adopted by tribe Touch Football

fluent Project Manager Known and respected

1993 1997

Captain, Newcastle A Grade team


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