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Letter to Employers on Project Pehchan - ESIC Vadodara

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(An ISO-9001-2000 Certified Office)

No.38/G/32/11/IT Roll/2009 To,


All Employers Subject : Launching of “PROJECT PANCHDEEP/PEHCHAN” Dear Sir, I am very happy to inform you that ESIC has launched a massive e-governance project called PROJECT PANCHDEEP and the project will be implemented by IT Leader WIPRO. It is the largest e-governance project ever undertaken in our country and will network about 2200 units of ESIC ACROSS India. It will enable Employers to avail online services like registration of employees, on line payment of ESI contribution, submission of returns and many ESI related activities on line. All Insured Persons will be provided with two Bio metric identity cards (smart cards) one for self and other for family members which will help our insured persons and family members to avail ESI services including medical services from any ESI institutions across India. In short, IT enablement of ESIC will totally change the entire scenario of ESI operations and empower all the stake holders of ESI scheme by accessing all the information on line including the medical data of the insured persons.. PROJECT PEHCHAN is one of the important part of Project Panchdeep which involves preparation and distribution of Bio metric identity cards to all our ESI covered employees. This work has been launched in entire Gujarat w.e.f. 1.10.2009. WIPRO will be deploying the manpower and equipments for capturing the employees data, bio-metric details of employees and for photography etc. for preparation of smart cards. The main features of this work is that fresh Declaration Forms have to be filled up correctly by employers in respect of all existing Insured Persons (I.Ps) for capturing the latest data and this is a one time exercise for distribution of smart cards to all existing Insured Persons and please note that once a card is prepared, no need of preparing any cards in future even if employees moves to any part of the country or changes the employment. Hence, before the entire project goes on line, it is our joint responsibility to ensure that all Insured Persons are provided with new identity cards. GUIDELINES FOR EMPLOYERS 1. Fill up fresh Declaration Forms (DFs),without photographs, for all the existing ESI covered employees by providing correct and latest information and also mention the existing Insurance Number in the D.Fs . 2. D.Fs should be filled up in capital letters in English/Hindi only for error free data entry by WIPRO. 3. Fill up D.Fs in respect of all your existing Insured Persons including contractors workers. 4. D.Fs should be submitted in duplicate for all those employees who are not yet covered under ESI Scheme but wanted to be registered now and such D.Fs should be submitted separately. 5. D.Fs in respect of all your employees should be collected together and after ensuring that all essential details are filled up, the D.Fs should be handed over to the respective Branch Office Manager under proper acknowledgement , as early as possible.. 6. Date and Venue for taking photographs of the IPs and their family members by WIPRO will be intimated by ESIC office and please ensure that your Insured Persons are reporting with all the declared family members for photography.

7. I.Ps reporting without the full family members (as per D.F) will not be photographed(as per orders from Delhi) 8. On receipt of new cards from WIPRO, same will be distributed by ESIC. 9. New cards should be kept safely without any scratch or exposure with sunlight or water etc. 10. Initially, cards will be issued free of cost, but duplicate cards will cost Rs.25/- in case of loss/damage. 11. Please take special interest to get the new cards prepared in respect of all your Insured Persons at the earliest, without waiting. Adequate copies of blank D.Fs.can be collected from the respective Branch Office./area I.I. 12. Existing Employers Code No. is modified into a 17 digits format and same is available with area I.I./Branch Office/ or from the website IMPORTANT ESIC intend to have a direct contact with you for smooth completion of this project and we request you to kindly nominate a contact person from your side and intimate his Mobile No. & E.mail Id etc. to this office urgently. You may submit the details of your contact person through our E.mail or to our area Inspector/Branch Office at the earliest. AREA REPRESENTATIVES OF PROJECT PEHCHAN Areas of
GORWA B.O. (including Nandesari) PANIGATE B.O.

Contact Persons
Mr.Anil Bajjar I.I. Br.Manager Mr. Dahiya I.I. Br.Manager

Tel./Mobile No.
9714121177 2280285 09429613908 9228771500 2561069 9428876288 9909104733 02676-225460 9974383758 02676-236532 9638722003

Areas of

Contact Persons Tel./Mobile No.
Br.Manager 0268-2556971 9228201248



02642-243727 9725636533


Mr.S.G.Mirza. I.I. Br.Manager


Mr.Rajput, I.I. Br.Manager

9879392293 02646-222635 9825374393 9924340520 2643760 9978407061




Mr.KJVaghela, II Br.Manager

For any clarification/complaint/difficulties , contact the special cell (Project Pehchan) at Sub Regional Office, BARODA. Special Cell Contact Persons Mobile No./Telephone No. .1. Shri A.K.Nair, A.D. (SPOC, Pehchan) 2. Shri Sankesh Kumar, Suptd. (Asstt.SPOC, Pehchan) 9824604138 / 0265-2324443 9725164202 / 0265-2324442

We request your whole hearted co-operation for the timely completion of this work, before the launching of online services. and I request you to kindly submit the filled up DFs at the ESIC Branch office within 07 days of receipt of this communication. For further details on the PROJECT PANCHDEEP/PEHCHAN please visit our Hqrs.Office Web site With best wishes, Yours sincerely, SD/(C.V.JOSEPH) JOINT DIRECTOR


Sr.No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Check List in Declaration Form 1 Field Name Mandatory(M) Insurance Number M IP Name M Father’s / Husband’s Name M Date of Birth M Marital Status M Sex M Permanent Address 1 M Present Address 1 M Branch Office M Dispensary M Employers’s Code No. M Date of Appointment M Name of Employer M Employer Address M Nominee Name M Relationship M Address M Name of Family Member M Date of Birth M Relationship M Whether residing with employee M Town M State M Disability Status M

Pl. Note:- DF’s Submitted without the mandatory fields as above will not be accepted by the System.


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