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									Corporate Card FAQs
The following FAQs are designed to assist users in addressing any current problems that they may be experiencing with the University Corporate Card and the expense management For assistance on Corporate Card procedures please contact the University Corporate Card Helpdesk on ext 69424 (9036 9424) or send an email to

Applying for a Corporate Card
What is a University Corporate Card?
The University Corporate Card is a VISA credit card issued, to approved members of the University of Sydney, by the National Australia Bank to: (a) Purchase goods and services for the University valued up to $5,000 (GST inclusive) per transaction (b) Pay regular expenses on approved university business, eg approved travel and entertainment expenses, conferences etc

How do I obtain a University Corporate Card?
Please contact the HOA/HOS/Finance Manager in your area and express your need for a University Corporate Card. They will initiate the process with the University Corporate Card Administrator who will contact you with the necessary paperwork and instructions.

Who can apply for a University Corporate Card?
University members who can substantiate the need for a University Corporate Card and have approval from the department and College PVC/Admin DVC are issued a University Corporate Card.

Using a University Corporate Card
Where can I obtain more information on the University Corporate Card?
Please refer to the University Corporate Card Procedures

How long does it take to obtain a University Corporate Card?
From the time an approved application is received by the University Corporate Card Administrator, it will take approximately one to two weeks. All University Corporate Cards will be issued after training has been completed. The University Corporate Card Helpdesk will contact you about training once your card has arrived.

What forms do I complete to obtain a University Corporate card?
As a card applicant, the following form will need to be completed and approved • Corporate Card Application and Agreement Additionally all cardholders will be required to provide 100-point ID verification for the application which is available at Appendix D, page 18 of the University Corporate Card Procedures. The University Card Administrator or a representative will need to verify the ID and obtain photocopies.

What do I do once the application forms have been completed?
Once application forms have been authorised at a department and/or faculty level (or equivalent), please forward the application to your College PVC/Admin DVC for approval. Once PVC/DVC approval is given, the application is forwarded to the University Corporate Card Administrator to arrange your card with the NAB. The University Corporate Card Administrator can be contacted on extn 69424 (02 9036 9424) or extn 13480 (02 9351 3480) or via email: for queries or assistance.

Can I change the monthly limit on my University Corporate Card?
Yes, you will need to fill in a Corporate Card Profile Amendment form Ensure that your College PVC or Administrative DVC approves the form before it is sent to the Corporate Card Administrator who will action the limit change with the NAB and advise via e-mail once the new limit has taken effect.

Who is responsible for the custody of the Corporate Card?
As the cardholder, you are responsible for the custody and the security of your card.

I have logged onto and cannot see the <Card Statements> option?
You will not see the <Card statements> option until your first transaction comes online on The Corporate Card Helpdesk will send you an email to advise when you are mapped ie your first transaction has come online, after which the <Card Statements> option will be available to you.

Will I have to quote my card number for every transaction, when purchasing from a supplier?
If you use a supplier on a regular basis, you could request them to keep your card number on file and charge all future orders from you/your department to your University Corporate Card.


What do I do if my University Corporate Card is lost or stolen?
Immediately contact the National Australia Bank - Emergency Assistance Line for lost or stolen Cards (24 hrs): Within Australia 1800 033 103 Overseas Emergency Assistance: 61 3 9601 7979.

Additionally inform the University Corporate Card Helpdesk of this loss to enable us to arrange a replacement card for you. The replacement card will arrive within 5-7 working days and we will contact you about collection as soon as it arrives.

Disputed Transactions
If I see a suspect transaction on my online bank statement, what do I do?
It is the responsibility of the cardholder to contact the supplier and notify the supplier of the transaction in dispute. If the cardholder is not able to resolve the dispute with the supplier, then the cardholder must raise the transaction as a dispute within the expense management system by: (i) Completing the internal questionnaire which will code the transaction to class 6783 for tracking purposes and (ii) Flagging the transaction as a dispute and following steps to create an online NAB dispute form. The online NAB dispute form must be faxed to the NAB on (03) 9208 5666 with a copy faxed to the University Corporate Card Administrator on (02) 9351 8729. In the event your transaction has been disputed with the NAB, the dispute will be resolved within 90 days of disputing the transaction.

Does the University of Sydney pay for transactions under dispute?
No. Once a transaction is flagged as a dispute, the University does not pay the NAB. The cardholder has until 90 days after the posting date of the transaction to raise the transaction as a dispute with the NAB. If the dispute is not resolved within 90 days of disputing the transaction, the NAB will credit the cardholder’s account ie reverse the payment made to the supplier.

Can I raise a transaction as a dispute once the period is closed in
Yes. However, this is a manual dispute process and cannot be completed online. The

cardholder will need to complete a manual dispute form (available from the University Card Administrator) and, as practice, the completed dispute form must be faxed to the NAB on (03) 9208 5666 with a copy faxed to the University Corporate Card Administrator on (02) 9351 8729. Please bear in mind that transactions must be disputed within 90 days of the transaction’s posting date.


Does the Asset form within information required by Asset Management?
Yes. It has a few additional questions as below: Parent asset ID This question is designed to capture assets that form part of an existing asset eg if a hard disk drive is purchased for an existing computer, the existing computer ID is the Parent asset ID. Quantity of Assets If more than one unit of an asset is purchased on the transaction, the questionnaire will record the quantity of assets purchased. This online information is extracted and sent to Asset Management monthly; you may wish to print this form for your reference.



Can we tab between Class, RC and Project fields?
No. Cardholders will be able to select account codes from their charge group list in by using the mouse to select an account code from the dropdown list or selecting <Search> to look for an account code. This will avoid incorrect codes being used.

Can we simply enter the code rather than to go through the dropdown list?
No. See the above answer.

I can't find the RC/Project I need on the expense management system. What do I do?
All account codes in the expense management solution are updated regularly from PeopleSoft. Your access depends on the delegation form that specified access you require. If you need access to an account code that is currently not available within your charge group, please email

General System
I have forgotten my password. What should I do? Go to, click on <select here> just below the fields for your username and password as below: Enter user details and click <Email Password>. Follow the prompts and your password will be emailed to you; for security reasons you will be prompted to change this password when you log into the system.


If I am on leave or off sick can I delegate my account statement to another person?
Yes. However, the person you wish to delegate to must have a login (ie Username and Password) to You need not be a cardholder or authorising officer to have a login to the expense management solution. Please refer to section 8 of the Spendvision User Guide, Card, Travel and Cash. If you need to delegate your account statement and are unable to find the person on the expense management system, please contact the University Corporate Card helpdesk at What do we do if an authorising officer is away for more than a few weeks in a statement period?
Please contact the Corporate Card Helpdesk at We are able to offer advice specific to your circumstances. Please bear in mind that the expense management solution allows up to 3 online authorising officers for every cardholder.

Can I use my Corporate Card to purchase goods overseas?
Yes. The only condition is that if you are making a purchase over the internet, please ensure that you are using a secure web site when transmitting your card details.

I have received an invoice from a supplier. How can I check to see if it has been paid on the Corporate Card?
• • • As a Cardholder, run a ‘Transaction Search – Personal’ report As an Authorising Officer, run a ‘Spend – Employee’ report As a Finance Officer, you would be able to run a ‘Spend – Employee’ report or a ‘Spend – Financial Coding’ report

Can I use my Corporate Card with University Preferred Suppliers?
Yes, only if you have ensured that we do not have consolidated invoice arrangements with the preferred supplier. In the event we have consolidated invoice arrangements they are processed by Financial Services and we do not pay individual invoices. Examples of suppliers with consolidated invoice arrangements are OfficeMax, Corporate Express, etc. An A-Z list of internal and external Suppliers can be found on the Preferred Suppliers web page.

What are the recommended browsers for the expense management solution
Recommended browsers for optimum performance while accessing the expense management system are as: • • PC users Internet Explorer (IE) Version 6.0+ MAC users Netscape Navigator Version 7.0+ or Safari Version 1.0+

Internet browsers can be upgraded at IT Assist Staff Services or you could contact your local CSO for assistance.

I have been asked by suppliers for the 3-digit number on my University Corporate Card. What should I do/what precautions should I take?
The 3-digit "CVV" number on the back of most major credit cards is an anti-fraud feature designed to prove that the person making the purchase (the cardholder) is in fact in possession of the card. This anti-fraud feature has been implemented to protect internet or mail/phone-order merchants from people making fraudulent purchases. From the cardholder's perspective, when providing a merchant with credit card details via the internet, mail or phone, it is very important to proceed with caution. Here are a few simple questions to help assess the situation: - Are you familiar with, or know much about, the business you're interacting with? - Are you using a secure web browser for internet purchases? - Have you checked if the merchant's website itself is secure and valid? - If making a mail or phone purchase, did you initiate the request/phone call? - Has the business provided you with legitimate contact details that you can verify? Of course, there are many other questions that can be asked and steps that can be taken to help prevent fraud. More information on how to prevent credit card fraud can be found on Visa's International Corporate website:


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