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Enrolment Process
Visit Please note that help is available throughout the process by clicking on the button.

Enter your card number in the “Account Number” box

Click on “I Accept” to accept the terms of use for Cards Online

Step 2 – Account Verification Verify your account details. You must enter the details given when you first applied for your purchase card. The CVV number is the last 3 digits on the back of your card in the signature strip. If you are unsure of any of the details please contact the Purchasing Office on x6762.

3. Create your online profile Username – Choose a username to be used for logging into cards online. You could use the same as your work username i.e. Jones01 PIN – Choose a 4 digit number for your PIN Password – Choose a password, it must be between 6-8 characters alpha and numeric. The password should not include consecutive runs i.e. ABCD123 or characters repeated more than twice, i.e. AAA, ABAA Security Question – Select one of the security questions and input your answer in the box below.

Step 4 – Registration completed. An email will be sent to you confirming the details you have entered at this stage. A MAC code will be sent to you in the post which will enable you to continue the enrolment process.

Enrolment Second Stage
Once you have received your MAC code you are able to proceed with the next stage of enrolment. Visit

Enter your user name as set up during the first part of the process, in the “User Name” box. OR Enter your card number in the “Account Number” box.

Enter your MAC code from the letter you have received in the mail.

Full access to Cards online has now been granted. You will now be able to view your current and past transactions online. If you no longer wish to receive hard copies of your statement click the box indicating this. You will still receive an electronic statement in excel format each month but the hard copy will not be posted to you. An electronic version of the hard copy will be available to you through Cards Online.

This is the main screen for Cards Online. From this screen you can review all card transactions; past, current and pending. The Account summary shows you current available limit and your overall credit limit. Please see Cards Online User Guide for further information on using Cards online.

Please contact the Purchasing Office on x6762 if you have any difficulties registering with Cards Online.

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