Ada County Credit Card Merchant Service by forrests


RFP No. 10-01 ADA COUNTY MERCHANT PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE SERVICES INSTRUCTIONS FOR REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Sealed proposals, including 5 copies, are to be delivered to the Ada County Department of Administration, Purchasing Division, at 200 W. Front St., 2nd Floor, Room 2210, Boise, Idaho, 83702 no later than 5 p.m., Monday, November 16, 2009. Proposals will be publicly opened and read aloud at 9 a.m., on November 17, 2009. PRE-PROPOSAL MEETING A pre-proposal meeting will be held in the Ada County Public Hearing Room, first floor of the Ada County Courthouse, on October 23, 2009 at 10 a.m. Teleconferencing is available. If you are interested in teleconferencing, please contact Kelli Bolicek at (208)577-3310 before October 21, 2009 for information. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) SUBMITTAL RFPs shall be enclosed in a sealed, opaque envelope and must be clearly marked with the RFP name, RFP number, the name and address of the proposer. When a RFP is forwarded by mail, the sealed RFP envelope shall be enclosed in another envelope and addressed as specified in the Request for Proposal. The RFP must be submitted in writing and no oral, telephone, facsimile, or late RFPs will be considered. RFPs will be dated and time stamped as they are received. RFPs received after the date and time specified above will automatically be disqualified and returned unopened. Do not rely upon the US Postal Service or express mail carriers to deliver mail promptly. It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to submit a RFP to the correct office prior to the date specified. Late RFPs will not be accepted. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

It is mandatory that proposal forms supplied for that purpose be used by the proposer. To protect vendors, proposal dollar amounts should be shown using both words and figures. In case of discrepancy, wording will govern.
RFP forms must be typed or completed in ink. A RFP will be deemed non-responsive if it is incomplete, unsigned, or contains omissions, erasures or alterations not initialed.

REQUIREMENTS FOR SIGNING OF PROPOSALS The following requirements must be observed in the signing of proposals which are submitted: A. RFPs which are not signed by individuals making them should have attached a power of attorney evidencing authority to sign the RFP in the name of the person for whom it is signed. B. RFPs which are signed for a Partnership should be signed by all of the Partners or by an attorney-in-fact. If signed by an attorney-in-fact, attached to the RFP should be a power of attorney executed by the Partners evidencing authority to sign the RFP. C. RFPs which are signed for a Corporation should have the correct corporate name and the signature of the President or other authorized officer of the corporation, printed below the corporate name following the word “By”. If such a RFP is signed by an official other than the President of the corporation, a document evidencing the authority of such official to sign the RFP should be attached to it. Such RFP should also bear the attesting signature of the Secretary of the Corporation.

No proposal shall be withdrawn after the opening of proposals for a period of thirty (30) days after the time scheduled for receipt of proposals. However, a proposer may withdraw a proposal at any time prior to the time scheduled for the opening of proposals.
AWARD The Contract shall be deemed as having been awarded when formal notice of acceptance of the proposal has been announced at public meeting conducted by the Board of Ada County Commissioners at the date and time set for award by announcement at a prior public meeting. Within 10 working days upon notice of acceptance the awarded vendor must enter into a contractual agreement with Ada County to provide the services described in this RFP. The right to accept or reject any or all proposals is reserved by the Board of Ada County Commissioners. ADDENDA Addenda will be issued, as necessary, to all proposers who obtain proposal materials through the Purchasing Department. All addenda issued to proposers prior to date of proposal opening shall constitute a part of the instructions and/or specifications. It is required that proposers list all addenda received, by bulletin number, as notice to Ada County of receipt thereof. QUESTIONS All questions and/or requests for clarification must be submitted in writing to Ada County Department of Administration, Purchasing Division, 200 W. Front St., 2nd Floor, Room 2210, Boise, Idaho, 83702, or by e-mail to no later than 5 p.m. on October 29, 2009.

GENERAL INFORMATION Any variation or deviation from the specifications must be clearly stated in writing and submitted as part of the RFP. The owner may request the vendor to whom it is intended to award the Contract to submit information necessary to satisfy the Owner that the vendor is adequately prepared to fulfill the Contract.

RFP No. 10-01 ADA COUNTY MERCHANT PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE SERVICES SCOPE OF WORK AND SERVICES REQUESTED The Board of County Commissioners for Ada County, Idaho, is requesting proposals from merchant service providers for credit card, e-check, ACH payments and debit card services, and to act as the County’s independent payment processing and approval firm necessary for its dayto-day operations. The purpose of this request is to acquire professional services to further develop and improve Ada County’s payment options for bills and liabilities. Proposals submitted pursuant to this request for proposal should include the hardware, software, and programming necessary to make the payment processing system work. It also requires training County personnel to use the system. Due to statutory budgeting constraints, Ada County, as a political subdivision of Idaho, cannot enter into multiple year agreements. Therefore, proposals should be for a one-year agreement, with four option years available subject to availability of funds. Typical payments may include driver’s license fees, Ada County Paramedics (paramedic and ambulance) fees, county fair sales, parks event center rentals, solid waste fees, property tax payments, motor vehicle taxes, and motor vehicle registration. Currently, there are seven departments at eleven locations that accept credit or debit card payments through different processing companies. Ada County is interested in combining its volume to obtain a greater reduction in processing fees. Some of the departments pay the merchant service fees from the County budget and other departments pass the fee on to the customer as a separate convenience fee payment. The County desires to maintain these two different options for accepting payments. See Exhibit A for location, potential transaction volume, and how they pay fees, and the Table within the RFP for current equipment information. Ada County reserves the right to cancel any portion of this request as to convenience fee payments if proposed convenience fees are higher than those currently offered to Ada County residents when the fees are included with any equipment necessary to process transactions. Ada County also reserves the right to add other County departments that are not currently accepting bankcards to this agreement which could include the Weed and Pest Department, Juvenile Services Department, and additional services for the Sheriff’s Office to process bond payments. SPECIFICATIONS Ada County is requesting the following services be provided: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Payment processing for credit cards. Gateway services for credit cards. Payment processing for debit cards. Gateway services for debit cards. Payment processing for e-checks or ACH. Gateway services for e-checks or ACH. Statements detailing charges to the County. Each department must receive a separate statement for their portion of the charges. Statements detailing payment activity, by department, within Ada County. Strategies to reduce fees.

10) 11)


Customer service and problem resolution on transactions requiring intervention. Ability for convenience fee to be paid by the card user and to be processed as a separate payment with two receipts (which may require merchant participation in the Visa Tax Payment Program, Master Card Convenience Fee Program, and/or American Express Convenience Fee Program). Equipment, hardware, software, and programming necessary for the system to work.

Current service locations and the equipment currently owned by Ada County are in the following table. Department Parks Western Idaho Fair Area Parks Expo Idaho Equipment ER-600 S’am4s Three (3) VeriFone Omni3730 LE Vx510 One (1) VeriFone Tranz 380 One (1) None First Data FD100 Four (4) Location Address 4049 S. Eckert Rd Boise, ID 83716 5610 Glenwood Street Boise, ID 83714 5870 Glenwood Boise, ID 83714 200 W. Front St. Boise, ID 83702 10300 N. Seamans Gulch Rd. Garden City, ID 83714 400 N. Benjamin Boise, ID 83704 190 E. Front St., Ste 107 Boise, ID 83702 9115 W. Chinden, Ste 103 Garden City, ID 83714 1769 N. Lakes Place Meridian, ID 83742 10769 W. State St. Star, ID 83669 Magtek #21040109 Fourteen (14) VeriFone Omi 3200se Three (3) 400 N. Benjamin Ln, #101 Boise, ID 83704

Ada County Paramedics Ada County Treasurer Solid Waste Management Ada County AssessorMotor Vehicle Department Ada County AssessorMotor Vehicle Department Ada County AssessorMotor Vehicle Department Ada County AssessorMotor Vehicle Department Ada County AssessorMotor Vehicle Department Ada County Sheriff’s Office

EMS Boise Downtown Landfill

Boise MAGTEK PN Forty-four (44) Boise Downtown Garden City



Driver’s License

Ada County reserves the option to purchase any hardware or software specified in the proposal. All items necessary to process transactions must be specified in the proposal unless your firm intends to use any of the government-furnished equipment specified in the table above. All hardware and software must be listed separately within the proposal with all appropriate specifications and pricing, including shipping, taxes, travel, expenses, and media expenses. The proposal must include all equipment and delivery costs to meet these specifications. All proposed hardware must be new with manufacturer’s warranties and cannot be refurbished, used or remanufactured. Proposals must include all software programming services to permit Ada County offices to process credit card, e-check, ACH payments and debit card services, and to act as the County’s independent payment processing and approval firm. If additional equipment such as personal computers, telephone lines, and/or internet access will be required at Ada County’s expense to process payments, please specify the number of computers for each location and the minimum operating capacity required. If internet service will be required at Ada County’s expense to process payments, please specify requirements for each location. On-site training for Ada County personnel at each location in the table above will be provided within five (5) working days of installation of equipment. The vendor must deliver the systems to the locations where they will be installed listed in the table above. Shipping, taxes and travel expenses for delivery and installation of the systems must be included in the proposal. Prices for software and hardware maintenance must be listed as an annual charge and the vendor will be required to provide hardware and software for support for an additional four (4) years billed in annual increments subject to availability of funds. Vendor must provide telephonic or on-site technical support, and updates on an on-going basis for proposed equipment. Staff must be available throughout the term of the contract. FORMAT FOR PROPOSALS Please format your response to this request in the following order to facilitate comparisons between respondents. A. Organization 1. Describe your organization, including date founded, ownership, and any subsidiary relationships or relationships with other financial institutions. 2. Describe experience of the firm in providing merchant and/or gateway services to the public sector. If your firm does not have public sector experience, please describe experience in private sector. 3. Provide a list of relevant client references (with a preference for public sector), including contact persons and telephone numbers. For Ada County, relevant would include clients with similar types of jurisdictions and transaction size with a preference for projects using the same equipment proposed.

4. How many on-line credit and debit card customers has the firm added in the last two years with transaction volumes over 15,000 per month? How many of these customers have discontinued or terminated services in the past two years? Please indicate in your proposal how many customers terminated service with your firm. Please also indicate why other customers stopped using your firm’s services. 5. Describe the type and amount of insurance coverage the firm maintains with respect to credit card, debit card, e-check and ACH activities. 6. How many security violations requiring bank, customer, bankcard issuer, or government agency notification has your firm been involved with in the last five years? 7. Has your firm ever been terminated or suspended from processing credit or debit card transactions by a bankcard issuer? B. Personnel 1. Identify the key personnel who would be directly involved in providing services under the engagement. Describe their relationship with the firm, the role they would play in this engagement, their experience (specifically with public sector), and their years of service to the firm. 2. Describe the firm’s organizational structure of personnel available as our customer account representatives for this project, for training and to assist with and resolve problems. C. Reporting Capabilities 1. Submit samples of reports which would be provided and describe their frequency and purpose. Describe the firm’s ability to provide statements detailing payment activity, by department, within Ada County. 2. Describe the process the firm would go through to assist in identifying fee reduction opportunities. 3. Describe the firm’s capability to provide statements detailing charges to the County. Affirm that each department will receive a separate statement for their portion of the charges. D. Fees 1. Provide any and all expenses, fees and discounts for each type of bankcard and for each type of transaction listed below: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. Visa credit card Master Card credit card Visa debit Master Card Debit American Express Discover E-Check ACH Set-up fees for Merchant Services Set-up fees for Gateway Services Monthly fees for Merchant Services Monthly fees for Gateway Services Report fees (initial and ongoing)

n. Chargeback fees for transactions 2. The County reserves the right to elect not to take particular bankcards if restricting cards used is more advantageous to the County. 3. Equipment, software, programming, annual maintenance fees 4. Warranty available for equipment 5. Identify any expenses that would not be covered through this fee structure and would be required in order to implement the firm’s program. 6. Please clearly identify reductions in fees that would occur in the option years if the options were exercised by the Board of County Commissioners, subject to availability of funds. E. Other Considerations 1. Describe any assistance the firm would provide in the set-up process. What supplies will be furnished by your firm? 2. Describe the training and education services that would be provided to staff. The training will be conducted at the installed location of any equipment with County personnel. 3. Describe how a void and a refund would be handled for each of the following and the length of time before the customer receives their funds or the funds are released: a. b. c. d. a credit card payment a debit card payment an e-check an ACH payment

4. Describe how the charge-back process works with your firm. Identify whether a charge can be immediately voided without having to contact your firm. Clearly identify fees for chargebacks. 5. Identify any float or holding time from the day/time a customer makes a payment to the County via any of the methods listed above in question E-3, until the funds are deposited into the county’s account. Identify whether County funds can be directly deposited without being handled by your firm if a separate merchant account is established for convenience fees. 6. Describe any equipment proposed including the OEM, item number, item description, price, warranty period, and additional maintenance costs for option years. 7. Describe depositor’s insurance coverage that would cover County’s funds held in your firm’s accounts for any float or holding time before redeposit in Ada County’s accounts. F. Other Information 1. Provide proof of state registration as a business authorized in Idaho. 2. Provide a sample or proposed contract for service GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS / SELECTION CRITERIA The general qualifications required of the prospective credit card, debit card, e-check, and (ACH) merchant and gateway firm for Ada County is depicted below. These are provided to

assist prospective merchants in reviewing requirements for selection to determine whether they are qualified to submit a response to this RFP. Firms may bid on the Payment Processing (Merchant) portion, the Gateway Processing portion, or both. If the firm is partnering with another entity, this entity must be identified. The successful proposal will have a demonstrated ability and experience in providing credit card, debit card, e-check, and/or ACH online services. Proposals will be ranked according to the following selection criteria: price, system functionality including maintenance and repair, vendor experience including vendor’s ability to provide secure services, availability of ongoing customer support, and vendor references. Please submit the following for review: A. Please provide the number of years experience in managing credit card, debit card, e-check and/or ACH online services. B. List the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) and Integrated Web Response (IWR) companies and programs you currently integrate with to receive payment information. C. Please provide a list of customers you are providing payment processing and gateway processing with a transaction count over 15,000 per month and describe the services provided. D. Please provide the minimum amount of coverage in errors and omissions insurance or professional liability insurance you or your firm currently holds. E. Ada County reserves the right to conduct merchant presentations with merchants in the competitive range prior to selection if deemed appropriate by Ada County. These presentations will be conducted at the Ada County Courthouse, Boise, Idaho, first floor Public Hearing room. The County may elect to continue the selection process without merchant presentations. Please indicate in your proposal whether your firm would participate in a merchant presentation if requested by Ada County. TIME FRAME FOR SELECTION October 14, 2009: October 21, 2009: October 23, 2009: October 29, 2009: November 16, 2009: November 17, 2009: December 8, 2009: September 30, 2010: Request for proposals Contact Kelli Bolicek at (208)577-3310 if teleconferencing for the pre-proposal meeting Pre-proposal meeting, 10 a.m., Ada County Public Hearing Room, first floor, Ada County Courthouse Cut off for question submittal for addenda, 5 p.m. Proposals from vendors due by 5 p.m. Opening of proposals, 9 a.m. Award contract, 9 a.m., Ada County Board of County Commissioners. Begin project. All locations must be rolled out and completion of original agreement

SECURITY Each Proposal shall contain security equal to an amount of at least five percent (5%) of the total proposal cost. A Proposal will not be considered unless one (1) of the following forms of security is included with it: (1) Cash; (2) A cashier check from an Idaho bank insured by FDIC made payable to Ada County; (3) A certified check from an Idaho bank insured by FDIC made payable to Ada County; (4) A bidder’s bond executed by a qualified surety company, licensed in the State of Idaho, made payable to Ada County; or (5) A government security in conformance with Idaho Code § 54-1926A. The security of the unsuccessful vendors will be returned within forty-eight (48) hours after the executed contract and required bonds have been finally approved by the Owner. Failure to provide the necessary performance and labor and material bonds or execute the Contract shall result in forfeiture of a vendor' security. SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS Proposals are required to be signed, sealed and submitted by the applicant according to the included instructions. Proposals will only be accepted by mail or hand delivery. Submit proposals to: Ada County Department of Administration Purchasing Division 200 W Front Street, Room 2210 Boise, ID 83702 Phone: 208-287-7140

Questions may be submitted in writing to the address above, by e-mail to, or by facsimile to (208)287-7149.

PROPOSAL RFP No. 10-01 ADA COUNTY MERCHANT PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE SERVICES TO: BOARD OF ADA COUNTY COMMISSIONERS The undersigned, having familiarized himself/themselves with the requirements of RFP No. 10-01 issued by Ada County, Idaho, hereby proposes to furnish the following to Ada County in accordance with the requirements of said proposal. ADDENDA RECEIVED #1 #2 #3 #4 (If Applicable)

Included with the proposal are: □ Information about your organization requested under Format, A. Organization, including references and points of contact for existing installations of the product being offered. □ Information about personnel requested under Format, B. Personnel. □ Information about reporting capabilities under Format, C. Reporting Capabilities, including sample reports. □ Information about fees for each item specified under Format, D. Fees. Please include pricing both as a fee paid by Ada County and as a convenience fee paid by the Ada County resident using the card. □ Information requested under Format, E. Other Considerations, including a list of all equipment, software, programming, and maintenance for processing systems installed at each location in the Table in the RFP. All items should be listed separately within the proposal, with all appropriate specifications and pricing, including shipping, delivery, taxes, travel and media expenses. □ Under Format, E. Other Considerations, the prices for software and hardware maintenance and support are listed as annual charges. □ Information about warranties for equipment should be included pursuant to Format, E. Other Considerations, □ Information about insurance coverage should be included pursuant to Format, E. Other Considerations. □ A sample or proposed contract for service should be attached pursuant to Format, F. Other Information. □ Accompanying this proposal is (cash) (cashier check) (certified check) (bidder’s bond) (government security) in the amount equal to at least five percent (5%) of the total proposed cost payable to Ada County. This security protects Ada County and, it is agreed, will be forfeited to Ada County if the undersigned fails to execute a contract within ten (10) working days if awarded the contract by Ada County. □ Please indicate if your company desires to participate in a demonstration if requested by Ada County. Those requested under Section E. of the RFP will be contacted to schedule an appointment. In submitting this Proposal, it is understood that the right is reserved by the Board of Ada County Commissioners to accept or reject any or all Proposals.

IF SOLE PROPRIETOR OR PARTNERSHIP IN WITNESS HERETO the undersigned has set his (its) hand this _______ day of ___________________________, 2009. Name of Firm: ____________________________ Address: _____________________________ _____________________________ By: _____________________________ Title: _____________________________

IF CORPORATION IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned corporation has caused this instrument to be executed by its duly authorized officer this _____day of ______________________, 2009. Name of Corporation: ____________________________ Address: _____________________________ _____________________________ By: ____________________________ Title: _____________________________

ATTEST: ____________________________ Secretary


Parks Parks Total credit/debit card transactions for 3 month period Total amount received from credit/debit transactions for 3 month period Average dollar amount per credit/debit card transaction Transaction count for checks for 3 month period Amounts received for checks for 3 month period Average dollar amount per check transaction Visa MasterCard Discover AMEX Debit Online Payments Accepted Who pays bank card fees Number of bankcard terminals Hours of operation Is your operation seasonal 1,737 $ 14,875.00 WIF Expo Idaho 27,429* $ 381,170.00* Paramedics EMS 317 $ Treasurer Solid Waste Landfill 1,630 $ 36,780.00 Assessor Motor Vehicle 34,744 $ 2,820,389.29 ACSO Driver's Lic. 14,177 $ 334,831.25

589** 74,011.67 $ 646,389.32**


8.56 55


13.90 1,290


233.48 1,883




22.56 4,065


81.18 128,048


23.62 5,192

52*** $ $ 72,284.67 1,314.27 X X $ 153,462.00* $ X X 118.96 $ 295,479.35 $ $ X X 156.92 $

$ 106,793.00 $ X X X X No Department 4 7 am to 7 pm No 26.27

$ 5,867,422.90 $ 45.82

$ 122,618.61 $ X X 23.62


X No Department 3 8 am to 4 pm No

X Yes Department 1 / Internet 10 am to 4 pm Yes

X No Department 1 8 am to 5 pm No

X X X X X Yes Customer 0 8 am to 5 pm No

X X X X X Yes Customer 44 8 am to 5 pm No

Yes Department 15 8 am to 5 pm No

* Reflects transactions over the summer quarter including the Western Idaho Fair and may not be indicative of transactions for every quarter. ** The majority of real estate tax collections are in June and December so they are not spread evenly over four quarters. *** Already has an automatic payment processing system for checks in place

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