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Prior to quoting a price, it is important to learn a little about your wedding and your requests. The information below will provide me with a start to your wedding photography package. Type or print in the blanks below, the boxes may be checked by a mouse click. You may return your form via e-mail or fax.702-2338241 Brides Name: First: Last: Grooms Name: First: Last: Date of Wedding: Wedding Time Expected start time: a.m. p.m. Expected ending time: a.m. p.m. Expected number of members in wedding party: Las Vegas Location of ceremony: Will the bride be getting ready at same location as the wedding: Yes No If no, please provide location: Location of reception: I am interested in the following photos (check all that may apply): Engagement First Dance Pre-wedding Bridal Cake Cutting Wedding Party Formals Bouquet Toss Ceremony Garter Removal Other Please explain other: Would you like your photos in a proof album?: Yes No Would you like your enlarged prints in an album?: Yes No Is there any other information important about your wedding?

Tell us how we can reach you: Name: Telephone: e-mail:
The information in this request form is for the purpose of gathering information to create a wedding photo package will not be shared or revealed to any outside groups.

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