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									Fariborz’frank Fouladi President and Founder Procurement, USA Inc. Historic Gaithersburg, Montgomery County Maryland Gateway to the nation’s capital 301-330-0700 Procurement, USA Inc. is a Maryland-based, for-fair-profit organization, established on September14, 2001, with the following objectives:     To explore ways to defuse the “global terrorism” by providing adequate access to food, shelter, healthcare and education for all citizens (able, weak and vulnerable) by promoting civil, compassionate, self-sustaining and enterprising communities. To encourage an accountable and transparent procurement management system for representative governments. Providing voting mechanisms to help citizens democratically participate in elections and governance. Modeling an efficient local government like Montgomery County, Maryland, “An All-America Community” (Cultural adjustments are to be implemented)

A number of 800 meters by 800 meters, free trade sites, named: “The Opportunity Villages’ are under consideration in the newly formed or to be formed states in: Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Liberia. The real estate developments consist of residential and commercial properties for sale and or long term lease to the willing and able nationals and ex-patriots. Public schools, health clinics, web-based universities, chambers of commerce and shopping centers are to be opened in the developments for the use of “The Opportunity Villages” residences as well as the surrounding neighbors. “The Opportunity Villages” are to be operated exclusive from the local governments. England-Hong KongChina is the model to be implemented. Local surrounding governments are encouraged and welcomed to observe and learn how an efficient micro government operates. Modeling of a time tested local governance is the key. Montgomery County, Maryland established 1776, same year as the inception of the United States of America by the first 13 States. Free State of Maryland was one of the first thirteenth states. ”Hunger is not for the lack of the food but lack of democracy”. No one is above the law and not all the democracies need to be Jeffersonian. Cultural adjustments are encouraged by the scholars of each society. Learning and teaching in a transparent way, are the fundamental components of a prosperous community. “Opportunity Villages” are civil, enterprising, compassionate and All-America Communities. As I heard for the first time from one of my favorite American President, Honorable George W. Bush: “Money Trumps Peace.”

2000-Present, The Home Depot Inc., Gaithersburg, Maryland A unique learning process and shared my professional experience in an all-American corporation with residential, commercial and construction services. Similar diverse and unique “Green” corporate core values can be implemented globally.    Awarded Credit Super Star, World Class Safety (Driving Operational Safety) and Home Depot Training Knowledge badges by The Home Depot Inc. Served for 7 years in the Impact and In-Focus teams, promoted corporate, operational, safety and profitability guidelines.
Gold Medal Wellness REP, Building Better Health, The Home Depot, 2002

Exploring the possibility of opening up a franchise, like Home Depot overseas, to help rebuild homes and businesses while improving the international image of the U.S.A. around the world. Merchandises, technical details, and services may be adjusted geographically and culturally. Other Professional Experiences: 1995-2000, Al Khaleej Real Estate, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Property Development Consultant, in a cosmopolitan, dynamic, newly formed and westernized Middle Eastern Nation, in the Persian Gulf. Coordinated the feasibility details of the potential real estate development projects: with the landowners, architects, local jurisdictions, financiers and leasers for the property developments of hotels, villas, warehouses and retail stores. 1993-1995, Butler/Rigid Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, Dubai, U.A.E. MARKETING/DESIGN Consultant for low-rise warehousing, factory and retail buildings. Buildings were manufactured in Saudi Arabia by the latest American standards in a controlled environment and civil works and assembly by the local construction firm. Professional trainings were received from, The Butler International, Kansas City, Missouri, prior to going to the UAE. Civic Engagements
  Certification of Appreciation, Montgomery County, Charles W. Gilcrest for Cultural Diversity, also recognized by Points of Light Foundation, 2003 Cultural Ambassador in Montgomery County, recipient of Montgomery’s Best Honor Award, NACo Achievement Award 2002 Vice President, PTA, Rosemont ES, Historic Gaithersburg, Maryland, 2007-2008



1979-1983, George Washington University, Washington D.C.

1977-1979, Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland

1976-1977, English Language Services, Los Angels, California

1970-1976, Kharazmi High School, North of Tehran, Iran

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