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									Wedding Woes
CRANSTON, R.I. May 15, 2007 (Ivanhoe Broadcast News) -- Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding. “I dreamed it was going to be this fantastic party celebrating my husband and I,” says bride, Jennifer Bogutt. But without proper planning, The Event Diva LLC, CEO & Head Diva, Magdalena Andreozzi says “Your big day could turn into a big disaster! “Always, always pick your venue first -because everything flows from there” Andreozzi says. After picking the venue, The Event Diva recommends reading the contract thoroughly to look for loopholes. She also advises formulating a well-constructed seating plan, complete with kids table with activities that will keep the little ones busy. Though tables are functional, Andreozzi says they can truly make or break the look of your room. Short linens are a common mistake. "I always recommend linens to the floor, it‟s elegant and affordable … and you get the biggest bang for your buck” Andreozzi says. Another common bridal blunder is failing to prepare a specific play list and instructions for the band or deejay. “I had an event not too long ago where the DJ said -'and now the Father and Daughter dance,' two fathers stood up, the bride looked at the dad, step-dad and simply ran into the bathroom in tears.” Rose petals may be beautiful while you‟re walking down the aisle, but the Head Diva, says they can wreak havoc on a white gown. "When you are wearing a white dress with white shoes and you walk over red petals, they do tend to stain your shoes and your dress,” The Event Diva says, “silk petals are a great solution and look beautiful.” In general, she gives brides this piece of advice: "Just Smile, because guests really don‟t pick up on what‟s not right. Simply smile and enjoy the day because it‟ll be over before you know it.” Magdalena Andreozzi offers a few interesting planning services, like „The Panic Package” and „The Divine Diva‟ she can be reached for a consultancy at 401-615-5736, We are the country's largest news-gathering organization covering medical breakthroughs, family health and issues important to women. This article was reported by, which offers Medical Alerts, Smart Women, new articles to over 213 news affiliates through-out the United States.

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