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(Sizes given are approximate)

11 Four DANBURY MINT cabinet plates of German Shepherd Dogs by John Lewis Fitzgerald. (4). 12 19th century porcelain cabinet plate, the centre with a sepia head of a Water Spaniel. 13 BORDER FINE ARTS Golden Retriever with puppy on oval wooden base, 6.5ins. high. 14 Set of six limited edition FRANKLIN MINT cabinet plates with Golden Retriever puppies, three ROYAL DOULTON plates by Don Scarlett, three others by Robert Cairns. (12). 15 ROYAL GRAFTON commemorative plate, Crufts 1985, No.152. 16 ROYAL DOULTON English Setter cabinet plate. 17 ALISTER MARSHALL. Life-size pottery wall mask of a black Labrador’s head, 29/30, 1984. 18 ALISTER MARSHALL. Life-size pottery wall mask of a chocolate Labrador’s head, 1/30, 1984. 19 ALISTER MARSHALL. Life-size pottery lustre wall mask of a Labrador’s head, 9/30, 1984. 20 ROYAL DOULTON Cocker Spaniel on a naturalistic base, 7.5ins. high.

1 ALTON Golden Retriever with pheasant, 5.5ins. high. 2 ALTON standing Golden Retriever, 5.5ins. high. 3 ROYALE STRATFORD Golden Retriever on naturalistic base, 5ins. high. 4 HEREDITIES bronze resin Golden Retriever on naturalistic base, 5.5ins. high. 5 BESWICK Golden Retriever, 5.5ins. high. 6 BESWICK black Labrador modelled on Solomon of Wendover, 5.5ins. high. 7 GOEBEL St.Bernard, 11ins. high. 8 ROYAL WORCESTER cabinet plate with the head of a St.Bernard, 7.5ins. diameter. Smaller plate decorated with the same image. (2). 9 SYLVAC St.Bernard, two AVON aftershave bottles modelled as St.Bernard’s seated, SIMCO ART WARE St.Bernard. (4). 10 BORDER FINE ARTS painted resin St.Bernard on a rectangular base modelled by Elizabeth Waugh, 8.25ins. high, 281/500.

21 AMPHORA porcelain Greyhound on a naturalistic base, 8ins. high. 22 White pottery Poodle seated, 7ins. high. 23 SYLVAC Bloodhound money box and a porcelain box in the form of terrier seated. (2). 24 Pair of Continental porcelain brown and white Pugs seated, each 6.5ins. high. 25 Pair of Continental porcelain brown and white Pugs seated, each 6.5ins. high. 26 COALPORT standing Basset Hound, 5ins. high. 27 ROYAL WORCESTER white pin tray with hound modelled by Doris Lindner. 28 MARIA ERICSON (Sweden) recumbent Poodle, 3ins. high. pottery

33 Continental porcelain Mastiff seated wearing a hat tied with a bow, 4.5ins. high. 34 ROSENTHAL 2.75ins. high. defecating Dachshund

35 Very rare BING AND GRONDAHLS begging Dachshund attributed to Dahl Jensen, 7.5ins. high. 36 BING AND GRONDAHLS standing Wire Fox Terrier, 6ins. high. 37 Two seated BING AND GRONDAHLS Wire Fox Terrier puppies, tallest, 4.25ins. high (2). 38 Pair of Victorian milk-glass recumbent Newfoundlands, 5.5ins high (2). 39 CROWN DEVON head of the Cocker Spaniel Exquisite Model of Ware. (Exquisite Model was BIS at Crufts in 1938 and 1939). 40 1930s pottery wall mask in the form of a Scottish Terrier’s head, plus a pottery model of the breed. (2). 41 DUCHESS porcelain cabinet plate commissioned by the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club to commemorate 50 years of the breed as a recognised breed, 1935-1985 161/500 and another Staffordshire Bull Terrier plate. (2) 42 ROYAL DOULTON puppy seated, HN128, issued 1913, 4ins. high.

29 LLADRO Poodle No1259, withdrawn 1985, 5.5ins. high. 30 Pair DRESDEN Poodles seated on green and gilt decorated scroll bases, each 5ins. high. 31 19th century Continental porcelain seated Pug wearing a collar with bells, 6ins. high. 32 19th century MEISSEN seated Pug wearing a collar with bells, 5.5ins. high.

43 Pottery stirrup cup in the form of a hound’s head. 44 Edwardian lustre pottery slipper with a Pug and a fairing ‘The Orphans’. (2). 45 Two early 20th century pottery jugs in the form of Pugs seated, each 9ins. high. (2). 46 Art Deco group of an elegant lady and her Scottish Terrier beside a mirror inlaid with a clock. 47 Four plaster plaques of Chow Chows heads in relief. (4). 48 DAVID WALTON (KAISHAN). Porcelain Chow of the Year Show cabinet plate (the first), 1976, together with the 1981 plate. (2). 49 Two Polish pottery models of Chow Chows, together with two other pottery Chow Chows and a resin model by North Light. (5). 50 Large pottery model of a Yorkshire Terrier 22ins. high, together with five other Yorkshire Terrier models and two brooches. (8). 51 Three pottery models of Boston Terriers, tallest 7ins. high. (3). 52 GARNIER LIQUEURS Poodle bottle and a bakelite and plush Poodle nodder. (2).

53 Two pottery models of lying Borzois. (2). 54 GOEBEL Spaniel family in a basket and two other Spaniel models. (3). 55 Victorian parian model of a Spitz, two other Spitz models and a framed oil on board of a white Spitz. (4). 56 GOEBEL model of a Setter, 6.5ins. high. 57 BORDER FINE ARTS Wire Fox Terrier on a rectangular wooden plinth modelled by E. MacAllister 1986. 58 ANIMAL CLASSICS model of a Wire Fox Terrier, 7.5ins. high and eight other items of Fox Terrier interest. (9). 59 Two models of Japanese Chins, a pottery plate, together with a watercolour, pencil sketch and eight post cards of Japanese Chins. (13). 60 Two Bretby seated French Bulldogs, Continental porcelain pied French Bulldog and seven other items of French Bulldog interest. (10). 61 ROYAL COPENHAGEN porcelain dish with a Dachshund, ZSOLNAY PECS Dachshund seated, two Italian porcelain Dachshunds and two further models. (6). 62 AYNSLEY porcelain recumbent Pekingese. 63 Large composition group of two Shih Tzus playing, 14ins. high.

64 Large pottery model of a standing Scottish Terrier, 9ins. high. 65 HERTWIG pottery English Setter on a naturalistic base, 7.5ins. high. 66 Pair of standing Bulldogs on gilt decorated plinths, each 7ins. high. (2). 67 BESWICK Bulldog seated, 4ins. high, ARCADIAN crested standing Bulldog and four other Bulldog models. (6). 68 SHORTER POTTERY toby jug in the form of John Bull and his Bulldog, 6ins. high. 69 Two blue PRATTWARE pots decorated with scenes of the chase. (2). 70 ROYAL DOULTON English Setter cabinet plate. 71 Five WADE figures to include the Lady and the Tramp, Fox Terrier pin tray, Irish Setter pipe rest and Irish Setter puppy. (5). 72 BING AND GRONDAHLS Dachshund (a/f), Dubonet Liqueur bottle in the form of a Bulldog, and three other Bulldog models. (5). 73 Staffordshire Red and White Setter on a naturalistic base, 5ins. high. 74 Black Staffordshire Spaniel seated, 7.5ins. high.

75 BESWICK Great Dane modelled Ch.Ruler of Ouborough, 7ins. high.


76 Continental porcelain model of a Great Dane, 6.5ins. high, North Light Great Dane on a wooden base and four other Great Dane models. (6). 77 Bedlington Equitable Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. Jubilee pottery fruit bowl, 1911, the centre with a Bedlington Terrier. 78 EZRA BROOKS Bourbon whisky decanter in the shape of an English Setter with pheasant (after the Royal Doulton model) 8ins. high. 79 ROYAL CROWN DERBY cabinet plate ‘Sportsman with Setters’, c.1936 J.Doyle, 9.5ins diameter. 80 LIMOGES cabinet plate painted with an Irish Setter and Pointer, 9.5ins. diameter. 81 Well modelled plaster Setter, c.1930, 10ins. high. 82 Two DOGS GALORE Golden Retrievers seated, each 5.5ins. high. (2). 83 COUNTRY ARTISTS recumbent Golden Retriever, 5ins. together with another Golden Retriever. (2). 84 VALENDALE cold cast bronze Lhasa Apso, 4ins. high.

85 Brass standing Golden Retriever, 4.5ins. high. 86 Bronze Austrian plaque with a Golden Retriever’s head in relief, 5.25ins. x 5.75ins. 87 Onyx standing Dachshund, 3ins. high. 88 Chess set, each piece in the form of a plaster dog. 89 BORDER FINE ARTS Golden Retriever puppy, FRANKLIN MINT group of five Golden Retriever puppies, SANDICAST recumbent Golden Retriever, together with eight other Golden Retriever models. (11). 90 Silver medal with seven dogs heads in relief in original box. 91 Silver whistle in the form of a dog’s head. 92 Silver brooch in the form of an Irish Wolfhound seated. 93 Italian/French gilded metal pill box in the form of a Poodle’s head, enamelled inside. 94 Delicately carved ivory brooch in the form of an Italian Greyhound/Whippet head surrounded by intertwined rope and tassels, c. 1880. 95 Delicately carved ivory Bulldog 1.25ins. high, c. early 20th century.

96 Nine medals mostly with heads of Retrievers. 97 Finely modelled 18ct. gold brooch in the form of a begging Dachshund with ruby eyes. 98 Silver Gilt Dachshund brooch and a barbrooch with two Dachshunds suspended in a basket. (2). 99 Gilded metal brooch in the form of a French Bulldog wearing a collar. 100 Silver Kennart Elkhound brooch and a Kenworthy Pomeranian brooch. (2). 101 Eight dog brooches. (8). 102 Three silver Scottish Terrier brooches. (3). 103 Silver gilt Sealyham Terrier brooch and another Sealyham brooch. (2). 104 Six Scottish Terrier brooches. (6). 105 Nine costume jewellery dog brooches. (9). 106 Boston Terrier brooch set with brilliant stones. 107 Two enamel pins and a scarf ring. 108 Silver Saluki head cufflinks.

109 Mack pocket cigarette lighter by Zippo, USA. 110 Meerschaum cheroot holder carved with a Setter in original box and a pair of 1930s. Scottish Terrier cufflinks. (3). 111 Horn snuff box c.1820, the lid with a sportsman shooting over a Pointer, 3ins. diameter. 112 Hand painted lacquer snuff box c. 1820, the lid with a Red and White Setter, 3ins. diameter. 113 19th century cameo brooch of cupid riding on a dog set in gold and in a velvet shell-shaped box. 114 Two Kennart silver brooches, one enamelled, of French Bulldogs. 115 Set of London Badge and Button Co. bronze buttons with sporting dogs’ heads, six small and two large (8). 116 Pair of silver clips with Setters. 117 Cold painted Vienna bronze Pekingese, 1.5ins. high. 118 Cold painted Vienna bronze lying Cairn Terrier, 1.25ins. high. 119 Five cold painted Pekingese/Japanese Chins mounted on a green onyx ashtray.

120 Early 20th century metal model of a Newfoundland with a pannier attached containing a pressed glass perfume bottle mounted on a wooden base. 121 Silver model of a Spaniel holding a partridge on a rectangular silver base mounted on wood, 4ins. high. 122 Art Deco metal German Shepherd Dog recumbent on a marble base, 7ins. long. 123 Brass Setter mounted on a wooden base, 6ins. high. 124 Art Deco German Shepherd Dog table lamp on a marble base with glass globe. 125 A.LAPLANCHE. Seated French Bulldog bronze with golden patina, 4ins. high. 126 Group of two spelter Bloodhounds, one a/f, 4ins. high. 127 Italian seated metal St. Bernard with barrel, 4ins. high. 128 RICHARD FATH. French Kennel Club International Show medal, 1937, 2nd prize. 129 Set of six Scottish Terrier buttons/studs, gilded metal with semi-precious stones. 130 Pewter and Glass champagne glass with the head of a Retriever with duck. Metal bottle stopper, hip flask, letter opener/mirror, all Golden Retriever interest. (4).

131 Painted lead Smooth Fox Terrier, 1.5ins. high. 132 Painted metal Scottish Terrier on a marble ashtray. 133 Composition pipe rest in the form of a St.Bernard’s head with a barrel. 134 Three St.Bernard Club car badges. 135 Two Continental metal plaques with gundogs, three metal models of gundogs and two prints. (7). 136 Horse brass with three Bulldog brasses and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier horse brass. (2). 137 Carved wooden bookends c.1930, one with a Skye Terrier, the other with a Scottish Terrier. (2). 138 Birchwood walking stick, the knop carved as a head of a King Charles Spaniel. 139 1930s brass Pekingese companion set. 140 1930s brass Spaniel toasting fork, two other brass items and a Sharp’s sweet tin. (3). 141 Painted metal ashtray in the form of a Scottish Terrier, painted metal Wire Fox Terrier, painted metal Spaniel. (3). 142 Brass Bull Terrier car radiator grille mascot.

143 Bronze Sitting Dobermann, 7ins. high. 144 French Polished bronze ashtray, the centre with a raised Greyhound/Sloughi. 145 Gilded Vienna bronze Setter, 1.5ins. high and a bronze dish embossed with a Setter. (2). 146 A.BOSSU. French spelter desk set with a standing Setter, c 1890. 147 Bronze Setter on a marble pin tray. 148 Gilded metal Setter on an onyx pin tray. 149 19th Century COALBROOKDALE cast iron tobacco box, the sides with applied gundog motifs, the lid with a taper holder finial. 150 Two Lithco U.S.A. iron Setters, each 5.5ins. (2). 151 Aluminium oval dish, the centre embossed with a Pointer. 152 Composition model of a recumbent Great Dane on an oval base, 6.5ins. high. 153 HEREDITIES recumbent Great Dane with a child modelled by P. Parsons, 5ins. high and another HEREDITIES Great Dane. (2). 154 Brass standing Bull Terrier, 5.25ins. high.

155 Glass bell engraved with the Scottish Terrier, Ch.Gosmore Eilburn Admiration. (This dog was ‘Dog of the Year’ 1967 and won the Terrier Group at Crufts in 1968). 156 ERIC SIDWELL. Engraved glass punch set with heads of different breeds, comprising a bowl, ladle, twelve cups and four blank cups. Sixteen different breeds are on the bowl and a single breed on each cup. 157 Pair of printed Pug cushions with tasselled edges. (2).

(Sizes given are approximate)

158 RICHARD (DICK) TALMADGE. German Shepherd Dog, Ch.Ramacon Swashbuckler, headstudy, oil on board, signed and dated ‘71, 19.5ins. x 15.5ins. framed. (Swashbuckler was owned by Prince Ahmed Husain and was BIS at Crufts in 1971. This picture was included in an exhibition of new paintings by Dick and Marjorie Talmadge in 1971). 159 Mid 20th century ENGLISH SCHOOL Pekingese head, watercolour, inscribed ‘Chong’, 9ins. x 9ins. framed. 160 ENGLISH SCHOOL. St.Bernard head, oil on canvas, initialled L.H. and dated 1913, 19.5ins. x 14.5ins. framed. 161 ENGLISH SCHOOL. Chow Chow head, oil on board, 11.5ins.x 14.5ins. framed. (The dog was from the Sandfael kennels of Charles Harrison and is possibly Sandfael Cheong). 162 F. CAMPBELL. Keeshond/Spitz, pastel, signed and dated 1961, 8ins. x 12ins. framed. 163 20th CENTURY. Two Toy Spaniels in a landscape, oil on board, 4.5ins. x 6.5ins. in an ornate ebonized and gilt frame 164 MARJORIE COX. Cairn Terrier head, pastel, inscribed ‘Juliette’, signed and dated 1961, 12ins. x 10ins. framed.

165 MARJORIE COX. Cairn Terrier head, pastel, inscribed ‘Rowan’, signed and dated 1987, 14ins. x 10ins. framed. (Rowan was Cairncry Cobalt and the picture is sold with a copy of the dog’s pedigree). 166 MARJORIE COX. Golden Retriever head, pastel, inscribed ‘Spike’, signed and dated 1972, 20.5ins. x 17ins. framed. 167 MARJORIE COX. German Shorthaired Pointer head, pastel, inscribed ‘Tell’, signed and dated 1966, 19.5ins. x 17ins. framed. 168 J. CHAMPION BRADSHAW. Bulldog, watercolour, signed, 4.5ins. x 6ins. framed. 169 J. CHAMPION BRADSHAW. St.Bernard and puppy, watercolour, signed and dated 1910, 4.5ins. x 6ins. framed. 170 ARTHUR WARDLE. Welsh Terrier, original pen and ink drawing for ‘Our Dogs’, 6.5ins. x 8.5ins. framed. 171 MONICA GRAY. Chow Chow head, Ch.Hildewell Ba-Tang, oil on panel, inscribed and signed, 8.5ins. x 7.5ins. framed. (Ba-Tang won the CC at Crufts in 1922 and 1923 and in total won 27 CCs up to 1927). 172 MONICA GRAY. Chow Chow head, Hildewell Tao Mu, oil on panel, inscribed and signed, 8.5ins. x 7.5ins. framed. (Tao Mu won the CC at Crufts in 1910).

173 FRENCH SCHOOL. Running Greyhounds, oil on canvas, indistinctly signed and dated 1855, 9ins. x 12.5ins. framed. 174 PERSIS KIRMSE. ‘Everything comes to him who waits’, Cairn Terrier and Irish Setter, pencil drawing, inscribed and signed, 9.5ins. x 7.5ins. 175 PERSIS KIRMSE. Pointer, English Setter and Irish Setter in the field, pencil drawing, 6.5ins. x 6.5ins. 176 PERSIS KIRMSE. ‘And if thou Please, Thou may’st Befriend Me’, Borzoi and cat, pencil drawing, inscribed and signed, 7.5ins. x 5.75ins. 177 PERSIS KIRMSE. ‘Swift Away and Find Out Murderers in their Guilty Caves’, Bloodhound, pencil drawing, inscribed, 10ins. x 7.5ins. 178 E.M. THURLOW. Liver Bedlington Terrier head, oil on canvas, initialled and dated 1926, 10.5ins. x 12.5ins. framed and a Patterdale Terrier head, oil on canvas, inscribed ‘Pat’, initialled and dated 1913, 9.75ins. x 11.5ins. framed. 179 MINNIE FOX. ‘Listening for Missus’, Wire Fox Terrier, watercolour, inscribed, signed and dated 1919, 7ins. x 10ins. 180 MINNIE FOX. Wire Fox Terrier, Tatsfield Chart, watercolour, inscribed and initialled, 8.5ins. x 11ins.

181 MINNIE FOX. The Fox Terrier Chronicle, pen and ink, original artwork for cover/title page, 7ins. x 10.5ins. 182 MINNIE FOX. ‘Ubique Fidelis’, Japanese Chin, Bulldog, Northern and Southern Sled Dogs, watercolour, signed, 11ins. x 8ins. 183 MINNIE FOX. International Kennel Club Show, Alexandra Palace 1900, various breeds, pencil drawing, original artwork for prize card, 10ins. x 14ins. 184 MINNIE FOX. The Third Annual Summer Show of the Ladies Kennel Association 1897, various breeds, watercolour and ink, original artwork for prize card, 13ins. x 16ins. 185 ENGLISH SCHOOL. Scottish Terrier head, watercolour, 9.5ins. x 7.5ins. framed and another Scottish Terrier head, ink and watercolour, signed with monogram and dated ’32, 7.5ins. x 5ins. framed. (2). 186 JESICCA HOLM. Long Coat Chihuahua, chalk, signed, 9ins. x 10ins. framed. 187 ‘JEGGO’. Black Spaniel head, pastel, signed, 13.5ins. x 9.5ins. framed. 188 M. GEAR. ‘An Appealing Glance’, pastel, signed, 8.5ins. x 6.5ins. framed. 189 M. KINGSTON WALKER. Miniature Long Haired Dachshund head, watercolour, signed, 11ins. x 8ins. framed.

190 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL. Cocker Spaniel head, oil on board, indistinctly signed and dated, 19ins. x 15.5ins. framed. 191 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL. Two Collies in a Highland landscape, watercolour, initialled and dated 1927, 10ins. x 14ins. framed. 192 EARLY 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL. ‘A Girl with her Pug’, charcoal, signed with monogram, 13.5ins. x 19.5ins. framed. 193 L de W. SANDERS. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel head, pastel, signed, 13.5ins. x 11ins. framed. 194 JULIE STOOKES. ‘Bessie’, pastel, inscribed, signed and dated 1985, 13.5ins. x 10.5ins. framed. 195 P. WILLETT. Yorkshire Terrier, watercolour, signed, 5.25ins. x 5.25ins. framed. 196 German Woolwork tapestry, two gundogs heads oval 19.5ins. x 15ins. framed. 197 H. DANIEL. English Setter and Quail, oil on canvas, signed, 19.5ins. x 23.5ins. framed. 198 DESIREE SCOTT. Bulldog head, pen and ink, 16ins. x 11ins. framed and a similar pen and ink, 11.5ins. x 13.5ins. framed. 199 DESIREE SCOTT. Pekingese head, pen and ink, 11ins. x 14ins. framed.

200 DESIREE SCOTT. Beagle head, pen and ink, 15ins. x 10.5ins. framed. 201 After ARTHUR WARDLE. Two Cocker Spaniels, oil on canvas, 23ins. x 18ins. framed. 202 K.C. BROWN (MORRIS). Cocker Spaniel head, pen and ink and watercolour, inscribed ‘Jane’, signed and dated 1943, 12.5ins. x 10.5ins. framed. 203 CLAIRE JOHNSON. Golden Retriever head, pastel, inscribed ‘Amber’, signed and dated 1989, oval 7.5ins. x 10.5ins. framed. 204 MARY BROWNING. Labrador head, pastel, inscribed ‘Jaffa’, signed and dated ’88, 15ins. x 13ins. framed. 205 Manner of GEORGE HORLOR. Two Collies in a Highland landscape, oil on board, 5ins. x 6.5ins. framed. 206 After THOMAS BLINKS. Two English Setters in a landscape, oil on board, 7.5ins. x 9.5ins. framed. 207 NORMAN BLACKBURN (ENDEE). Cocker Spaniel head, pastel on velvet, 17.5ins. x 14ins. framed. 208 MID 19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL. Highland Stalker with his Deerhounds, oil on canvas, 24ins. x20 ins.

209 M. LAW. Two Scottish Terriers, Laurieston Loyal and Harlothian Locket, watercolour, inscribed and signed, 7ins. x 11.5ins. framed. 210 ITALIAN SCHOOL. Pekingese puppy, oil on canvas, signed, 15ins. x 11ins. framed. 211 BEATRICE MARY WHITE. Wire Fox Terrier head, Rhythmic Remus, pastel, inscribed, signed and dated 1952, 18ins. x 14ins. framed. 212 BEATRICE MARY WHITE. Wire Fox Terrier head Rhythmic Beau Brocade, pastel, inscribed, signed and dated 1947, 18ins. x 14ins. framed. (The Rhythmic kennel was founded in the early 1940s by Phyllis Bourne and Owen Howell and Miss Bourne was a championship show judge of the breed). 213 J. HOPPER. Setter and Partridge, watercolour, inscribed and signed, 11.5ins. x 9.5ins. framed. 214 ITALIAN SCHOOL. Three Saluki heads, 13ins. x 19ins. framed. 215 Two hand tinted 19th century lithographs, Pointers and Setter, largest 3.5ins. x 7ins. both framed. (2). 216 After R.H. MOORE. Ch.Bloomsbury King, Bull Terrier, print 8.5ins. x 10ins. and another print titled English Terriers. (2). 217 HERBERT DICKSEE. ‘Where’s Master’, King Edward VII’s Wire Fox Terrier, etching, artist’s proof, 27ins. x 30ins.

218 HENRY SPERLING. Long Haired Dachshund, chromolithograph, 9.5ins. x 12ins. framed. 219 MAUD EARL. ‘The Long Vacation’, Foxhounds, photogravure for ‘The Sportsman’s Year’ portfolio (June), signed, 12ins. x 18ins. 220 MAUD EARL. ‘A Check’, Beagles, photogravure for ‘The Sportsman’s Year’ portfolio (January), signed, 13ins. x 18.5ins. (See detail front cover). 221 After GEORGE STUBBS. ‘Dash. A Valuable Pointer in the possession of Col. Thornton’, print published 1788, 19ins. x 24ins. framed. 222 SIR EDWIN LANDSEER. ‘The Angler’s Guard’, Newfoundland and Italian Greyhound, engraving, 8.75ins. x 9ins. framed. 223 SIR EDWIN LANDSEER. Pointer, engraving, 8ins. x 10.5ins. framed. 224 SIR EDWIN LANDSEER. ‘The Sleeping Bloodhound’, engraving, 8ins. x 9ins. framed. 225 SIR EDWIN LANDSEER. ‘Suspense’, Bloodhound, engraving, 7.25ins. x 7.75ins. framed. 226 SIR EDWIN LANDSEER. ‘The Sentinel’, Collies, engraving, 8ins. x 9ins. framed.

227 Two original Buchanan’s Black and White Scotch whisky adverts, ‘By The Fire’ (colour) and ‘Where’s Master’, Scottish Terrier and West Highland White Terrier, each 13ins. x 9ins. framed. (2). 228 CECIL ALDIN. ‘Brighton’, colour print (Borzoi interest), 11.5ins. x 20.5ins. framed. 229 BRITON RIVIERE. ‘Compulsory Education’, original Pears advertising print (Bloodhound interest), 24ins. x 17ins. framed. 230 JAMES HARDY JR. ‘Ready for More’ (Gordon Setter and Pointer), colour print, 324/500, 22ins. x 17ins. framed. 231 GEORGE EARL. ‘The Field Trial Meeting’ print, 15.5ins. x 22ins, framed. 232 MAUD EARL. ‘A Court Promenade’ (King Charles Spaniels) print, 13ins. x 16ins. framed. 233 CECIL ALDIN. Sealyham Terrier print, 3.5ins. x 5ins. framed. 234 SIR EDWIN LANDSEER. ‘Rest’ (Deerhound interest), engraving, 9ins. x 12ins. FRANK STONE. ‘Switzerland’ (St. Bernard interest), engraving, 13ins. x 19ins. 235 MAUD EARL. Irish Terriers, colour print, 26/250, 11ins. x 16ins. 236 BORIS O’KLEIN. ‘Dirty Dogs of Paris’, print, 5.5ins. x 15ins. framed.

237 SANDRO NARDINI. Italian Spinone with Mallard, colour print, 17ins. x 23ins. 238 Two Victorian prints, one of a Newfoundland and child, 14ins. x 19ins. the other of a Newfoundland, cat and Toy Spaniel, 10ins. x 14ins. both framed. 239 MIKE SIBLEY. ‘Connemara Encounter’, Irish Water Spaniels, print, signed, 12.5ins. x 18ins. 226/250, framed. 240 MAUD EARL. Landseer Newfoundland and Terrier, Buchanan’s Scotch Whisky advert in original frame, 12ins. x 16ins. 241 HENRY WILKINSON. ‘Two Irish Wolfhounds in a Landscape’, dry point etching, signed, 11ins. x 14.5ins, 10/250, framed. 242 HENRY WILKINSON. ‘Found at Last’, English Setters, dry point etching, signed, 10.5ins. x 14.5ins. 58/100, framed. 243 HENRY WILKINSON. ‘Redshank’, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, dry point etching, signed, 10.5ins. x 14.5ins. 88/100, framed. 244 MYER EBERHARDT. Skye Terrier puppy, signed artist’s proof, 18ins. x 14ins. framed. 245 TERENCE CUNEO. ‘Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth with Some of Her Dogs’, limited edition print from the original in the Kennel Club, 22ins. x 28ins. framed.

246 F.M. SPIEGLE, ARTHUR D.FULLER (2), EDMUND OSTHAUS. ‘Open Season’, portfolio of four sporting prints, ‘Field Champions at Work’, each 12.5ins. x 15ins. 247 EDWIN MEGARGEE. Portfolio ‘Gundogs at Work’, from six paintings each 10ins. x 12ins., includes cover, title sheet and facsimile text. 248 EDWIN MEGARGEE. Pointer, colour print, 8ins. x 11.5ins. 249 EDWIN MEGARGEE. Irish Setter, colour print, 8ins. x 11.5ins. 250 EDWIN MEGARGEE. Beagle, colour print, 8ins. x 11.5ins. 251 EDWIN MEGARGEE. Rough Collie, colour print, 8ins. x 11.5ins. 252 EDWIN MEGARGEE. Wire Fox Terrier, colour print, 8ins. x 11.5ins. 253 EDWIN MEGARGEE. Sled Dog, colour print, 8ins. x 11.5ins. 254 EDWIN MEGARGEE. Greyhound, colour print, 8ins. x 11.5ins. 255 EDWIN MEGARGEE. Cocker Spaniel, colour print, 8ins. x 11.5ins. 256 ANDREW WATSON TURNBULL. ‘The Emperor’ (Pekingese), signed artist’s proof, 6.5ins. x 8ins. framed.

257 E. RIVET. ‘Two Pekingese’, etching, signed, 6.5ins. 9.5ins. framed, together with another signed etching of a Pekingese head, 6.5ins. x 5ins. framed. (2). 258 Early 20th century colour print of two Pekingese heads, 11.5ins. x 9.5ins. framed, together with another colour print of a Pekingese, 15.5ins. x 12.5ins. framed. (2). 259 Supplement to COUNTRY LIFE 1922/23. Six colour prints after paintings by GEORGE MORLAND and FRANCIS WHEATLEY. (6). 260 EUGENE M.VATER. Pair of colour prints, ‘Faithful Friends’ and ‘Kennel Companions’, each 6ins. x 11.5ins. mounted. 261 O.E. LARSEN. Pair of colour prints, Labrador and Chihuahua, each 11ins. x 14ins. 262 Decorative colour print of a Pug on a chair, 25ins. x 17ins. framed. 263 AFTER LANDSEER. Royal Princess with Toy Spaniel, colour print, oval 15ins. x 11ins. framed. 264 FANNIE MOODY. Two German Shepherd Dogs heads, colour print, 19ins. x 15ins. framed. 265 M. WILLSON DOAR. ‘Pedigree Dogs’ Parade’, National Canine Defence League poster, 20ins. x 15.5ins. framed.

266 Early photograph of officials, judges and a Wire Fox Terrier at Bath Championship Show (BIS?). 267 SAM FULTON. ‘A Mute Appeal’, colour print, 8ins. x 10ins. framed. 268 ARTHUR ELSLEY. ‘The Huntsman’s Pet’, published 1908, 25ins.x 19ins. framed. 19TH CENTURY colour print, ‘A Friendly Call’, hound bitch with her puppies and horse, 17ins. x 14ins, framed. (2). 269 GEORGE ALGERNON FOTHERGILL. ‘Zetland Hound Van. The New Entry … at Piercebridge’ published 1899, 12.5ins. x 19ins. framed. 270 An Aristocratic Young Lady and her Borzoi, colour print, 17ins. x 13ins. framed.

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