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1. Jurisdiction The ACADEMY Week for High Schools will take place under the jurisdiction of the Blue Bulls Rugby Union as approved by S.A. Rugby 2. Date and place The matches will be played at the following fields: 29 June 2009 – Grootvlei Sport Academy 30 June 2009 – Grootvlei Sport Academy 02 July 2009 - Grootvlei Sport Academy and Prestige College 3. Accreditation All officials, players and people involved in the organizing and running of the event will receive an official Blue Bulls accreditation card. 4. Accommodation The teams and their officials will be accommodated at the following venues: Grootvlei Sport Academy en Prestige College. 5. Functions / Hotels / Guest Houses • • • There will be functions held on Sunday and Tuesday. Only accredited persons will be allowed entrance at the sponsored functions. The official church service will be held on Sunday evening, 28 June 2009 at Prestige College. Rev. Marna van der Westhuizen will lead the service at 18.30 and this function is compulsory for all teams and their officials.

6. Meals • • The teams and their management will enjoy breakfast, lunch and supper at their hostels. Lunch for Wednesday, 01 July 2009 and Thursday, 02 July 2009 should however be arranged with the hostels – especially when teams would not eat meals and rather prefer lunchboxes for these two days.

7. Medical • • • • Sufficient facilities will be available at the field. The doctor on duty will refer sick or injured players to ER 24 for further treatment if necessary. Managers are responsible for their players and must make sure that they have all the relevant information regarding players' medical aids. SARU and Unions do not insure players for any field activities. Make sure that your players have medical cover! All players have to complete the medical form.

8. Security Tight security measures will be in place at the playing fields, hostels and functions. Safe parking will be available at all official tournament events.

9. Participating teams • • Matches will take place between 09:00 and 16:30. Twenty Four teams from the following unions will take part in the tournament: Golden Lions, Cheetahs, Griquas, Griquas Country Districts, Griffons, Griffons Country Districts, Blue Bulls, Boland, Border, Eastern Province, Eastern Province Country Districts, Falcons, Falcons South, Leopards, Leopards Country Districts, KZN, KZN Country Districts, Mpumalanga, Mpumalanga Country Districts, Border Country Districts, Western Province, South Western Districts, Limpopo Blue Bulls, Namibia. A quota system of 11:11 will apply. Eight players of colour must be on the park at all times during every match. All players must complete a full match by the end of the second day of play.


10. REGISTRATION (This takes place before the Week, at SA Rugby) Registration for all SARU Youth Weeks must be done prior to the Week, and this takes place at SA Rugby, as follows: Firstly, How to Register: All Team Managers visit www.sarugby.co.za and proceed to Youth Weeks, under the Main Menu. When you place your mouse over Youth Weeks you will be given five options, Fixtures, How to Register, Registration Forms, Team Declarations, Information, and Team for Programs. Download the Registration form (Click on the link) and make enough copies for you entire team. Make sure the form is filled in correctly and completely. Attach a recent photo of the player and a certified copy of his ID in the relevant places on the form. For teams from outside South Africa, like Namibia and Zimbabwe, please attach a Photostat copy of their Passport, instead of ID, showing their names and Date of Birth. Staple the pages together, so they will not get mixed up. Make a copy for yourself in case they get lost. Place ALL the forms in an envelope and COURIER (Please DO NOT POST) to: Andrew Louwrens SA Rugby 5th Floor Sports Science Centre Boundary Road Newlands 7700 Telephone 021-659 6700. THIS MUST BE DONE AS SOON AS THE TEAMS ARE FINALISED. We have to register all players, in all 4 Youth Weeks, and this takes time, so YOUR co-operation will be appreciated. REMEMBER EVERY PLAYER HAS TO BE ENTERED IN OUR DATABASE AND HIS ID CHECKED THIS TAKES TIME SO PLEASE SEND IN YOUR TEAMS AS SOON AS IS POSSIBLE. Secondly: Please send us ASAP to andrew@sarugby.co.za OR Fax to 021-413 0757:      The Full Names of your Managers of the various Youth Weeks Which Youth Week they are Manager of Their Cell Number Their e-mail address and Their Fax number

Thank you for your co-operation. I do look forward to hearing from you

NO DOCUMENTATION - NO PLAY 1. If a player is not in possession of a SA identification book, a birth certificate or a certified copy thereof with registration should be pasted on to the Registration Form. 2. Team managers must note that u/18 Academy week 2009 is a tournament for players not exceeding the age of 18, in st other words under 18 on 1 January 2009. A player is regarded under 18 as long as he does not become 19 during the year of participation (in this case 2009). A player may therefore only be born in 1991 or thereafter. 3. The name and membership number of every player's medical aid fund as well as other relevant information must be indicated on the medical registration form. This form must also be accompanied by a medical aid card. 4. Every team manager will sign a written statement at registration in which he will declare his full understanding of the brochure, pertaining to conditions of accommodation, as well as his full acceptance of the duties and responsibilities laid upon him.

ORGANISING COMMITTEE Name Jackie Tredoux Ferdi Niemand Portfolio Chairman Tournament Director Accreditation Secretary Registration Patron Sponsors Registration Budget Opening Ceremony Telephone 082 3743330 084 5481148

1. 2

3. SARU 4. 5. Koos Venter Carel Kriek Paulus Makola Andre du Plessis Hans van Vreden

083 2625877 083 3061420 082 5951351 012 8073423 083 3248195

6. 6.

7. 8.

Pieter Lombaard

Selectors Man of the Match Program Media Photographer Referees Accommodation Sunday night function Tuesday night function Lunch Medics ACCREDITATION

082 8444969 072 73792054 082 3380067 079 3091589 082 4172509 082 7823639 082 5769035

Heinrich Kemp Manie Geldenhuys 9. Manus Hendriks Oupa van Rensburg Johan van der Westhuizen 10. Tjaart Schoeman 11. Gerhard Venter

• • • • • • • •

Accreditation passes are the only form of identification for participants and those otherwise involved. Accreditation passes are issued to individuals in their names. Each person must therefore complete the form with an ID photo. There will not be any entrance, parking, meal or function tickets. Accreditation passes must be worn at all times during all matches and official occasions. Accreditations passes are not transferable. u The Local Organizing Committee of the /18 Academy Week 2009 reserves the right to refuse any application or accreditation and withdraw any accreditation already issued. u Accreditation passes remain the property of the LOC of the /18 Academy Week 2009 until after the tournament and lost passes will not be replaced. Temporary accreditation, which will be valid for one day only, will be issued in exceptional cases. u The application for accreditation of all players and officials must reach the Secretary of the /18 Academy Week 2009 before Wednesday 10 June 2009.

CATEGORY A: ACCREDITATION (Green Cards) • • • Entrance to the stadium and luncheons. All functions. An official program.

The following individuals will be accredited at the expense of S.A. Rugby • Executive members and officials of SARU as supplied by the union. • Tournament referees. • Executive members and selectors of USSASA Rugby. • Two coaches per team and one team manager per team. • The members of the LOC If a team is accompanied by an additional manager, or any official over and above the three officials stipulated above, those extra officials will be accredited for the amount of R1000-00 payable to the LOC. Team manager must provide their own accommodation for extra officials.

Accreditation of permanent representatives is the financial responsibility of every union. The cost is the same as for additional officials accompanying a team All enquiries in connection with accreditation must be addressed to Ferdi Niemand All individuals not mentioned above who want to be accredited, will have to apply for the following: [CATEGORY B (Green card) Cost: R1000-00 This includes: • Entrance to the stadium. • All luncheons. • All evening functions (Sunday and Tuesday). • An official program. Bus Drivers will be provided with accommodation and meals as arranged by SA Rugby. Please notify the secretary th before 10 June 2009. MEMORANDUM FOR MANAGERS Memorandum for the attention of team managers and coaches: • • The Blue Bulls High Schools Rugby Association and BBRU welcome you with an open hart and we wish that your stay here with us is a memorable one. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we would like to come to an agreement with you as far as the following issues are concerned:

1. NB: Managers Meeting on Sunday 28 June 2009 at 19:30 at Prestige College. 2. Reception times on Arrival • • 28 June 2009 from 10:00 – 17:00 All official team pictures will be taken at registration at Prestige College. A fee of R50 per player must be paid at registration. This is for the printed team photos.

3. Discipline (Hostels, stadiums, restaurants, fields of play) The behavior and conduct of players have always been impeccable. Impress this on your players as often as possible. 4. Meals Please adhere to all meal times as indicated. Inform the superintendent 24 hours in advance if your team will not be taking certain meals. This particularly applies when you intend to have a barbecue with the parents or if you decide to take them out to a restaurant. Please indicate team members who partake of Halaal on team lists. 6. Opening Ceremony

Grootvlei Sport Academy
The players will gather behind the pavilion at 15:00 on Monday, 29 June 2009. Don’t forget your banners! It is vitally important that all teams are in place for the procession on time. Each team will have a designated area. The dress code will be the official team track suit. The teams will march onto the field in the following formation: 1. Free State 2. WP 3. Blue Bulls 4. Lions 5. Pumas 6. KZN 7. SWD 8. Griffons 9. Falcons 10. Limpopo 11. Griquas 12. Boland 13. EP 14. Leopards 15. Namibia 16. Border CD 17. Border 18. Pumas CD 19. Griffons CD 20. Leopards CD 21. Griquas CD 22. Falcons South 23. KZN CD 24. EP CD

After the march players will sit on the field with their backs to the pavilion. (They will, therefore, face in an easterly direction.) Once the speeches are completed, the players will remain seated until all the guests of honor have left the field. They may then stand up and take their seats on the pavilion. It is extremely important that no team should be late for the opening ceremony. 7. Entertainment As requested no official entertainment has been organized for the players. ALL ACTIVITIES ORGANISED BY MANAGEMENT ARE FOR THE TEAM'S ACCOUNT. 8. Hostels Players staying at Prestige College must provide their own bedding. 9. Breakage fees

A refundable fee of R1 500 will be payable at registration by each of the participating Unions. This amount must be provided on a separate cheque made out to BBHRA (full particulars under payments). TEAM ENTRIES Team Managers are requested to download the ‘Team for Program’ from the website. This completed form must then be couriered to SA Rugby, Andrew Louwrens) together with the Registration forms (Player st Profile Form), no later than the 01 June 2009, to the following address: Andrew Louwrens SA Rugby th 5 Floor, Sports Science Centre Boundary Road Newlands 7700 Telephone 021-6596700 NB:     Team mangers are requested to take note that the same Team for Program Sheet must ALSO be faxed or e-mailed before or on 03 June 2009 to the LOC‘s Secretary at 086 524 5712 or feniemand@midrand-estates.co.za In addition to the above the following information must also be sent to the LOC: Names of players, coaches, managers, physiotherapist, permanent representative. Number of bus drivers if any. Number of partakers of Halaal Number of diabetic members. PAYMENT ACCREDITATION MONEY MUST BE PAID BEFORE OR ON 10 JUNE 2009

Name of Bank : Account number : Name of account : Branch code :

ABSA 407 137 2480 (CHEQUE) BLOU BULLE 63-20-05

Proof of transaction must be faxed to: Koos Venter at 012-542 1179 or e-mail: hsakasia@global.co.za Payment must be either a bank guaranteed cheque, cash or as indicated above. ALL ENQUIRIES IN CONNECTION WITH ACCREDITATION MUST BE ADDRESSED TO: Ferdi Niemand cell: 0845481148


08:30 09:50 11:10 12:30 13:50 15:00 15:15 6 16:00

1 2 3 4 5

Falcons vs Griquas CD EP CD vs Limpopo Lions vs Kwa Zulu Natal Free State vs Boland WP vs EP OPENING CEREMONY Blue Bulls vs KZN CD

08:30 09:50 11:10 12:30 13:50

Griffons CD vs Pumas CD Border vs Leopards SWD vs Griffons Valke South vs Border CD Namibia vs Pumas

16:00 Leopards CD vs Griquas

PRACTICE FIELDS Practice fields will be available at the schools where you are accommodated. Please book in advance and adhere to the booked time. Please contact Manus and Chris I this regard. PARKING Reserved parking for VIP’s only. REFEREES MANAGER REFEREES: Kosie Horn

FUNCTIONS 1. SUNDAY EVENING, 28 June 2009 Church service at 18:30 (all be seated at 18:15) (Everyone is to attend the service) Welcoming function after managers meeting presented at Prestige College. 2. MONDAY EVENING, 29 JULY 2009 SARU high performance workshop. (Compulsory for all players and team management). Time 19:00 to 20:00

3. TUESDAY EVENING, 30 June 2009 Drug free sport workshop. (Compulsory for all players and team management). Time 19:00 to 20:00 BBHRA function: Officials, team management and LOC.

MEALS 1. BREAKFAST Breakfast will be served at the hostels of residence: Monday to Thursday at 07:00. 2. LUNCH Lunch will be served at the respective hostels where players are staying. Managers are requested to liaise with the superintendents at the hostels concerning the obtaining of the lunch packages for players on Wednesday and Thursday. 3. SUPPER Supper will be served at the hostels of residence. Sunday at 17:00. Monday – Wednesday at 18:00.

MEDICAL GENERAL MOUTH GUARDS ARE COMPULSORY FOR ALL PLAYERS DURING MATCHES • • • • • • Full medical services are available for the duration of the tournament. Team managers must provide for less serious ailments. like headaches etc. The medical committee will, however, be of assistance as far as possible. Medical services are rendered to the account of the particular player and / or his union. Team managers must be in possession of a copy of the parents' / guardians / medical aid fund membership card and membership number of the particular fund before any medical services are supplied. Plasters and bandages will only be supplied during matches and not for routine bandaging. If the players need bandages, first aid workers will help them to bandage injuries. Random tests for the use of forbidden stimulants as prescribed by SA RUGBY can be done by a qualified doctor.

SICK PARADE • • A sick parade will be held at 08:00 every morning at the stadium. Players must report to the doctor on duty and must be accompanied by their team managers. Team managers are responsible for arranging meals for players in the sick bay. If a player who is ill stays in his room whilst the rest of the team are out, it must be brought to the attention of the hostel superintendent immediately. The doctor on duty will refer ill or injured players to the Montana Medi-Clinic or Steve Biko Academic Hospital for further treatment if necessary.

AT THE PLAYING FIELD • A medical doctor, as well as trained medical staff, will be on duty during every match.

INJURIES DURING MATCHES • • • Members of the medical team will treat a player injured during a match. If any injury necessitates it, the medical doctor on duty will treat the player on the field. Seriously injured players will be transported by ambulance to the clinic / hospital. Such a player must in be accompanied by an authorized adult or one of the team management.

MEDICAL SERVICES AVAILABLE • An ambulance and paramedics will be at the field on match days. • First aid will available at every match. MANAGERS MUST PLEASE ENSURE THAT PLAYERS DO NOT ABUSE THIS SERVICE! • A medical doctor is on standby at all times.

COSTS Players with Medical Aid: • Their parents will be responsible for payment of accounts.

Players without Medical Aid: • • Any injury incurred at the tournament, and referred by the medical doctor on duty, will be treated at the Provincial Hospital. Each union will be responsible for these accounts. Managers should provide medicine for the routine ailments.

STRAPPING • • • No free strapping will be provided by any of the medical personnel, except in the case of injuries during a match. The manager of the side and the paramedic will decide whether a player should be taken to hospital. A file with the medical information of every player is of vital importance and should always be at hand.

ACCOMMODATION ALLOCATION GROOTVLEI SPORT ACADEMY: – Blue Bulls, Golden Lions, SWD Eagles, Namibia Limpopo Blue Bulls, KZN, KZN CD, Falcons, Boland, WP. - EP CD, EP, Griquas, Griffons, Border, Border CD,Free State, Griquas CD. Mpumalanga Pumas, Mpumalanga CD, Leopards CD, Falcons South, Griffons CD, Leopards.


HOSTELS Provincial Unions are responsible for the payment of a refundable fee of R1, 500 at registration. (Separate cheque made out to BBHRV) 1. All inhabitants must supply their own bedding and toiletries (ONLY AT PRESTIGE COLLEGE). Bedding will be provided for the officials. 2. On arrival at the hostels, the team manager together with the hostel representative, inspect the condition of all rooms allocated to the team before the team moves into the rooms. 3. When the team leaves the hostel at the end of the week, the team manager together with the hostel representative must once again inspect the condition of all rooms to check for any missing items or possible damage, in which case the player will be held responsible for the damage or missing items. No team will be allowed to leave the hostel before such inspection has taken place and the necessary forms completed by both parties (Manager and Superintendent). 4. Players are advised to bring their own locks to secure their belongings in the hostel. The hostel management will not take responsibility for loss, damage or injury resulting from the presence of the team in the hostel. 5. Hostel doors close at 22:00 every day. No visitors or players will be allowed to enter the hostel thereafter. 6. No formal or informal gatherings, parties, smoking or drinking is permitted in the hostels. 7. Occupants of each room are responsible for the tidiness and cleanliness of the room. Passages and bathrooms are the responsibility of the hostel staff. 8. Rugby boots may not be worn in the hostel. 9. No ball games may be played in the hostel. 10. No laundry is to be hung from windows 11. The use of fire hoses, except for the purpose of firefighting, is a serious offence. A fine of R1 000 will be applied in case of transgression of this rule. 12. Meals are provided only at the stipulated times. The manager must accompany the team to all meals. 13. Teams will attend meals wearing uniform dress. Shoes / sandals must be worn. 14. No property or equipment belonging to the hostel may be removed from the hostel. 15. No crockery or cutlery may be removed from the dining room. 16. Team managers are responsible for their team equipment and behavior of their teams at all times. 17. Team managers are responsible for arranging meals for players in the sick bay. 18. If a player stays behind in his hostel room, it must be brought to the attention of the hostel superintendent. 19. Team managers must ensure that rooms are left tidy when teams depart.

LAUNDRY SERVICE • • • Only match jerseys, socks and shorts handed in directly after the game will be washed. Laundry must be handed in at the different hostels where the teams are accommodated within 30 minutes after a game. Team managers must sign the control sheet, and must sign in all the clothes handed in. The control sheet must accompany the laundry bag for office use. • All washing will be ready the following day at 8am. • It is very important that the clothes should be marked to make checking more convenient. • Team managers are to ensure that all clothes are marked with permanent ink as explained below: • On the inside of the collar of the jersey. • At the back of the rugby shorts at the label. • Both socks on the outside of the root. • Laundry bags must be provided by all teams. • All loose articles, e.g. gum guards, keys, tissues, cell phones, etc must be removed from the pockets of shorts, before going to the laundry. • Marking of clothing : example: Jersey: 1/5 (1 = team's laundry number; 5 = number on the back of the jersey) Shorts: 1/5 Socks: 1/5 For any enquiries contact: Manus 079 3091589

TRANSPORT 1. Teams traveling by airplane or train are responsible for their own transport from the airport and back. The team will provide there own transport for the duration of the tournament. 2. Teams traveling by bus are responsible for the transport of their own players for the duration of the tournament.

PHOTOGRAPHS RULES OF ORDER 1. The team photographs will be taken at Prestige College on Sunday 28 June 2009. 2. The dress for the group photographs will be determined by their Union. 3. The photo package is R50 and consists of a team photo. 4. Payment of photos must be made during registration. 5. The group photos are taken in time slots of ten minutes each. Team managers must ensure that the players are arranged from tall to short, with the captain and vice-captain in front. The scheduled time will not be adjusted. Therefore managers are requested to see to it that teams are punctual. 6. SCHEDULE Time Photo Time Photo Time Photo 11:00 Referee’s 12:40 Griffons 14:10 Border CD 11:10 SA Selectors 12:50 Boland 14:20 KZ Natal CD 11:20 SA Committee 13:00 WP 14:30 Griquas CD 11:30 Mpumalanga 13:10 EP 14:40 Blue Bulls Limpopo 11:40 Border 13:20 Blue Bulls 14:50 Griffons CD 11:50 KZ Natal 13:30 Lions 15:00 Mpumalanga CD 12:00 EP CD 13:40 Free State 15:10 Falcons South 12:10 SWD 13:50 Griquas 15:20 Leopards CD 12:20 Leopards 14:00 Namibia 15:30 Falcons

TOURNAMENT RULES • • • Quota is 11:11 per team. Matches consist of two halves of 35 minutes each, which excludes injury time. Blue Bulls Rugby Union will form the disciplinary committee for the duration of the tournament. accompany a player to the hearing. Managers must

• • • •

Players who are found guilty of using vulgar language (towards officials and players), display unacceptable behavior or racism, will not be allowed to participate for the rest of the tournament. Each one of the 22 players in a squad must play a full match before the end of Thursday 02 July 2009. Definition of a full match: The player is in the starting line-up and completes the full match. If injured, a player must submit a medical certificate. A minimum of eight (8) players of colour are to be on the park at any given time during a match.

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