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									The Guild

THREE YEAR STRATEGIES Strength for Living Projects: 2000 to 2003 Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF): With Wings as Eagles MAF is at the cutting edge of mission around the world. For more than 50 years it has provided air transport and back-up for Christian missionaries, including Church of Scotland mission partners, national Church workers, and relief and development agencies, in some of the world’s remotest places. With 183 aircraft in more than 30 countries, MAF helps thousands of needy people and those who serve them in the name of Jesus. The Guild is being asked to support MAF's programme in Papua New Guinea, which funds medical evacuations, the flying of Church and mission workers, and the training of local people in management. Glasgow Lodging House Mission: Rebuilding Lives The Lodging House Mission in Glasgow was established in 1907 to meet the emotional, practical and spiritual needs of homeless people. Those who end up living in a hostel or sleeping rough in Glasgow are welcomed through its open door. The mission is developing new services to meet the needs of this community today. Guild support for the education and activity programme will help to create a range of options for learning and purposeful occupation of time. Scottish Bible Society: The Forgotten Frontier Offering new life and hope to the Nenet people of Siberia, the Scottish Bible Society seeks to take the Gospel to a people isolated from the world and struggling through harsh conditions. Often exploited, these people appreciate the dedication of the society's team, which brings them the news that God values them and can give them hope for the future. This is an opportunity for the Guild to assist the society in bringing good news for a better life. Board of Communication: A Way of Life The Board of Communication's aim is "to promote the contemporary reality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the wider world". One way it is doing this is through the website dedicated to the Church of Scotland. Support from the Guild is already helping to pass information about the Church to Internet users around the globe. Further funding will enable the board to continue the website's progress, and to develop an up-to-the-minute interactive exhibition, which will travel the country demonstrating the work of the Church. World Mission: The Rainy Hospital Nursing School Long-supported by the Church and the Guild, the Rainy Hospital has worked for the good of the people of Chennai, India. Nurses trained at the school work at the Rainy, and the school also provides committed professionals for other hospitals. Existing facilities cannot keep pace with demand, resulting in unsuitable living conditions for current students. The Guild project funds will go towards better accommodation, extra classrooms and recreational facilities.

National Mission: The Well The Well is a Church of Scotland project which reaches out to the Asian communities in Glasgow, offering information and advice in a safe, friendly atmosphere. Providing a supportive environment for those who use the centre to learn and relax is an important part of the work. The Guild project will help expand the Well’s facilities, and further the development of trusting relationships between Christians and their neighbours of other faiths.

Totals from September 2000 to 2 July 2003 Mission Aviation Fellowship With Wings as Eagles £126,276.84 Scottish Bible Society Forgotten Frontier £67,856.42 Board of Communication A Way of Life £40,043.86 Lodging House Mission Rebuilding Lives £155,207.23 Board of World Mission The Rainy Hospital Nursing School £140,311.63 Board of National Mission The Well £67,337.12 GRAND TOTAL £597,033.10

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