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CSAHS-SA Board Meeting _2


									CSAHS-SA Board Meeting #3 Tuesday October 16, 2006 MINS Room 129 5:45 pm Minutes 3.0 Call to Order 5:55pm 3.1 Introductions Trish Uniac Chair Lauren Goldsmith President Dave Jansen VP Administration Skye Goulbourne VP Administration Steph Raill PSYC Alex Parisien ID Raquel David CYF Dennis Stam GEOG Kelly Matheson AHN Laura Skoblenick Enviro Sci Jess Strauss SOAN Ben Isaacs CJPP 3.2 Comments from the Chair 3.2.1 Extension of Speaking Rights Mover: Lauren Second: Dave 12-0-0 3.2.2 Board Member Ratifications Ben Isaacs CJPP Mover: Raquel Second: Jess 12-0-0 3.3 Approval of the Agenda 3.3.1 Add to President: Intro of Associate Dean of CSAHS Mover: Dennis Second: Laura 3.4 Approval of Board Minutes 3.4.1 Motion to Accept the Minutes from October 2, 2006 Mover: Jess Second: Lauren 12-0-0 3.4.2 Business Arising from the Board Minutes None 3.5 Executive Reports 3.5.1 President Improv Night -Put on by a Prof from AHN and her improv group -brought by the Dean and Associate Dean -Tickets $5.00 and proceeds to United Way in the Deans office Student Reps in Hall Council -IHC gathered students form hall councils and CSAHS has at least one rep from each hall council. - How can we involve these students to get involved with our programs? - They can poster for us in rez - Volunteer with us - Come to CSAHS and Club meetings - We can plan events with/for them in rez, to increase turn out - If we want to incorporate workshops, Kelly has a connection with the Wellness Centre. Call and ask for Carla Associate Dean Introduction - CSAHS is only college with out an Associate Dean - Candidate from the Psych department: Serge Desmarais - He will present on the 27th of February and if you attend you can have your opinions brought to the selection committee List Serve is Up and running - Will tell each club the process to get individual listserv as soon as possible 3.5.2 Vice President Activities Hare Media - Robert Murray a past CSAHS Board Member and current student has started an advertising company and invited us to have a 30second slot in a commercial on an LCD screen in Trends Hair Salon in the UC - Cost: First month free and second two months 86.95 for a three month contract - Thoughts on CSAHS involvement? -Important to support student initiatives -Don’t want to be linked to Coca Cola and McDonalds etc. through these commercials - Not comfortable with being locked into the same adds for 3 months - Could do advanced general planning - 30 seconds is not a lot of time to share between CSAHS and 9 clubs - Bad location - Not necessarily in best interests of our student body - As much as people hate the ads, most DO read them Student fees being used for a profit organization - Decision to get more information and bring to next meeting to make final decision based on a straw pole scrap the deal all together 1 wait for more information 11 Fear Fest - SRM approved - Sunday, September 29th - Tickets $35.00 includes admission and bus trip there and back - 2 busses booked and one wait list - Info and tickets in the MacKinnon office (by elevators) - Posters coming soon to be placed on Doc Cam/ or overheads in classes 3.5.3 Vice President Administration Office hours -Adjust Alex’s schedule to Thursday 5:30-7 from 6:30 -Laura, remove Monday office hours 12:30-1:30 Office agreements -HTM is in the MINS office Tuesday and Thursday -they will get off the computer if asked -Post office hours inside MINS office to reduce conflict Printer -New printer, black and white -There will be one spare pack of paper at a time in the office -Passwording of CSAHS’s computer being considered -computer is from previous years -student fees have also paid for HTM computer & their printer

-Concern with not having any space -Build collaboration not exclusion -Lauren and Skye to talk to Dian (CMESA) to come to an agreement about the office, maybe splitting 50/50 in which case they will be sharing the cost of the computers etc. 3.5.4 Chair ITSAC - Information Technology Student Advisory Committee - Meeting last Friday - Still looking for a ITSAC Rep who will discuss issues relevant to our college - Also forming an ad hoc committee to discuss what students feel needs to be changed, for example installing wireless in certain areas etc. - For now, please email any compliments/criticisms of My Portico, and the new WebCT to Trish at: - Tell your clubs about my Portico and the available position - Nomination forms will be put onto website 3.6 New Business None 3.7 Unfinished Business None 3.8 Directors’ Reports - CJPP – Mayoral Candidate Karen Farbridge presenting in MacK 313 on Wednesday October 25th, 8:00pm-9:30pm -SOAN – Showing of Dracula, check email for details. - CYF – Meet & Greet cancelled will be rescheduled - Doing clothing - Benefit concert Friday October 27th, feat: Matt York, Mike Erb, & Benefits of Doubt - GERO – Horticulture therapy is November 9th, 7:00pm-9:00pm - ESSE – Soccer baseball cancelled, but will be rescheduled. - Band night fundraiser for Enviro Sci Symposium also looking for PDR money - Wellington Brewery tour for ESSE only, sorry - Career Night with Alumni doing a panel discussion, eat and chat. - Use American Apparel as clothing company - PSYCH – Had course selection seminar, big turnout! - Planning on doing one once a month - Trivia coming soon - GEOG – Still working on T-shirt signs - Welcome Back Pub in on the 19th of October - Rock Climbing November 7th - Movie Night Nov. 6th - Holiday Pub at the end of November - ID – Semester abroad night went well, had people who had gone to: Cuba, Poland, India, & Guatemala -World Food Day went well, gave away free food. 30 people fasting, this is what was expected - CS Workshops - Making Holiday cards from pictures from peoples travels overseas to be sold along with gift baskets - IDS week in February

3.9Announcements 3.9.1 Lauren: - Will be setting up meetings with each club’s Academic person, in Order to work on Career night 3.9.2 Dave: - Activities Committee met and it went well -Another coming up in November - Hoping to PDR Interhall for the Fear Fest trip 3.10 Meeting Adjournment Mover: Lauren Second: Audra 11-0-1

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