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Instead of a message this month, I have several tidbits from our members to include in this issue. Joyce Lather – I dropped off the food donation at the Salvation Army Monday. They were “tearfully” thankful for our contribution of 211 cans, 12 boxes and 5 jars of food for their pantry. My thanks to all who were able to contribute. Harriet White – ADD AN ALTRUSAN DAY EVERYDAY! Usually we have a special day and/or meeting where we bring in potential members in January. As I clear my file cabinet of “must do” items I thought why have it just one day. Make every day “add an Altrusan”. We have some great community service projects that would be an ideal time to ask someone to help and encourage them to join us as we peel potatoes, bake those pies for the Harvest of Hope event coming up, or help with the Bridal Fair in January. We can always have someone help Donna with the hot dogs. Joyce Lather – Last chance for unclaimed props from the Christmas program: Crocheted sweater, baseball cap with long dark hair attached, leather tool belt, pliers, wrench and fasteners, claw hammer, yellow CMU ruler, Josh McDowell book, decorative whisk broom, green and yellow leis. Opal Sendelbach – We are going to start sending special cards to the Seneca County Veterans beginning with Columbus Day – October 13, 2008. I will also be sending birthday cards to all Altrusa members, I have enough birthday cards for now, but I would appreciate any donation of special Holiday cards. I will give the members a list of all the Seneca County Veterans at the next meeting. Gloria Fraley – We are now hosting our own website for $40 a yr. with the same address, this means we will have unlimited space to add more pictures and newsletters to the site. A big thank you to Fostoria Altrusa (Noguska) for helping to host our site, unfortunately, we have out grown the space and needed to get our own space.

Oct 7, 2008 – 6:30 New Member Orientation/6:30 Bingo/7:15 Business Meeting @ Autumnwood Care Center Oct 9, 2008 – 6:30 Reading at the SCYC __________________________ Oct 21, 2008 – 7:00 Meeting at American Red Cross @ Mall – Donna McConahay, Host Oct 23, 2008 – 6:30 Reading at the SCYC – Gloria & _______________ Oct 25, 2008 – St Paul’s Sharing Kitchen @ 8:30am & SCYC 2-3pm – Make a Difference Day

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CORESPONDENCE AND CHEER Congratulations, we have sold out 2 buses and the 3rd bus has limited space available for the Christmas Shopping Trip to Chicago Congratulations, Domestic Violence made over $18000 from the Soul Shine Festival Good luck to Mary Lou with all her projects at Church & the class reunion this weekend And congratulations to Rayella and her group who saved the courthouse again If you have any sad news or glad news, please submit the information to Gloria Fraley before the end of the month.

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