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									MANIFESTO OF PRAKASH RANJAN (PEN) for the post of Hostel Sports Secretary INFRASTRUCTURAL CHANGES -1. CRICKET: A cemented cricket pitch will be laid behind the goalpost with proper lighting and nets. I propose to work on the same by the use of alumni funds. I shall work with the Alumni Affairs Secretary to contact the alumni .The approximate cost will be 20k . 2. BASKETBALL: I plan to get the basketball hoop raised to the institute recommended height with netting on the sides of the court to prevent balls from getting punctured. I will also make sure light will be fixed. 3. HOCKEY: I plan to tie a net from ground level, around 3 feet high, over the fence to trap hockey balls from getting into the bushes. 4. TABLE TENNIS: I will ensure sufficient lights in the mess hall for better visibility in the night. Proper partitioning of the mess hall with curtains .New bats and sufficient number of balls are kept in stock with the TT captain. 5. VOLLEY BALL: I propose to increase the height of the volley net to the institute standard. And drainage problem will be taken into consideration. 6. POINTS TALLY and NOTICE BOARD: A notice board will be maintained solely for keeping schroeter points tally all around the year . The sports calendar will also be put up. GROOMING THE FRESHIES -1. Freshers will be made to fill up a form which will give information about which sports they have played or which sports they wish to play. Accordingly, they will be grouped under the captains. 2. All intra-hostel freshie sports events will be conducted in the first month before the inter hostel freshie events. 3. Events such as freshie 3 a side basketball shall be introduced along with the already existing ones.

GENERATING ENTHU AMONG RESIDENTS OF GODAV-a) SPREADING AWARENESS: 1. All Schroeter event updates will be put up on the Godavari hostel website along with my manifesto. It will also be put up in the new sports page coming up for IITM. 2. Review about all sports events and results will be given to the residents through articles. This shall be done once in the odd semester and twice in the even semester. 3. Any information regarding sports will be informed to the hostel residents through mails. b) INTRA HOSTEL EVENTS: 1. Intra-hostel events shall follow a schedule set in the beginning of the semester. I will try to adhere to it as far as possible. 2. Inter-hostel quadrangle sports will be conducted with the help of other hostels’ sports secretaries and the institute sports secretary. 3. Lord of the Wings: Introducing a new sport event(intra hostel) on the lines of schroeter sports like football ,cricket, volley ball , hockey will be held as inter wing and the points of the winner wings will be calculated and in the end wing having highest point will be awarded with a trophy namely “Lord of The Wings” at the time of hostel night. It will be a running trophy given on hostel night. c) INCENTIVES: 1. In which ever sports Godav secures a medal, the respective captain will select the best performer of the tournament who will be duly rewarded. 2. Partial reimbursement for TT rackets, gutting of tennis rackets, baddy rackets will be done through the hostel budget. GENERAL-1. Two teams will be made for football and hockey at the beginning of the year and at least once in a month, a match will be organized at the respective institute field during the odd semester. 2. First aid box will be kept and maintained. 3. Lock will be procured for the almirah used to keep sports goods. People have to sign at security to take items kept at the almirah near security and return them. 4. Monthly watering of the quadrangle will be arranged.

SPORTS NEEDING SPECIAL ATTENTION-BASKETBALL,BADMINTON, WATER POLO and SWIMMING,WEIGHTLIFTING & ATHLETICS --I will encourage and groom the freshers for these sports right from the start. I will ensure that equal importance is given as the others. I will encourage each sportsperson in the hostel to go for institute team practice so that it will enhance their capability to perform better for the hostel in schroeter. Dean’s Trophy: 1. Dean’s Trophy event will be given equal importance as schroeter. 2. Intra Hostel events like carom, chess, bridge etc. will be conducted in even semester. 3. I will try to get a separate room for carom in first or second floor. 4. I will provide 1 chess board in each freshie wing (7 , 8 etc) and 2 chess boards will be always with me and 2 with the chess captain. PERSONAL INFO AND RELEVANT CREDENTIALS Name:…Prakash Ranjan……………. Nick: …Pen……… Roll no: me06b092 Branch and year: mechanical dual ( 2nd year) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Member of institute football team which won silver in sports fest. Vice captain of Godavari hostel football team. Member of hostel athletics team that won gold in 400m relay and 100m relay. Member of institute choreo team. Won the “Most Talented Freshie in Sports” award in hostel last year. Won silver in road race in my first year .
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