HOSTEL RULES by fionan


During our stay at the above-mentioned establishment the following rules will apply:
1. Wake up time will be at 5:45am every morning during weekdays and students are to be ready and properly dressed for school before breakfast. Lights out before leaving rooms in the morning. 2. Meals will be served at the following times: Breakfast 6:30am (Mon-Fri) 9:00am(Sat-Sun) Lunch 2:30pm (Mon-Thurs) 1:00pm (Fri) 12:30pm (Sat-Sun) Dinner 7:00pm (Mon-Sun) Students must attend all meals and no late attendance will be tolerated. On weekends, breakfast will be at 9am and the kitchen be cleaned by 10am. Children going to church must eat earlier and clean the kitchen before going to church. 3. Students will not be allowed to make use of kitchen facilities or groceries on hand without the Hostel Supervisor’s permission. A group of students will be appointed on a weekly basis who will be responsible for the washing up of plates and pots and for general cleanliness of the kitchen. 4. Students will be responsible for their own lunch boxes and these are to be prepared after dinner every night under supervision. Students will not be allowed to return to the Hostel for food after having already left for school. 5. Rooms are to be kept clean at all times and beds are to be made up before leaving for school. All clothes are to be packed away. Daily inspections will be done by the appropriate Hostel Management Committee. Rooms that are found to be dirty involves the following penalty: First time - grounded for 1 weekend Second time - grounded for 1 month Third time - grounded for 1 term 6. No littering will be allowed on the premises and please take extra care not to damage or destroy any plants whilst busy with outdoor activities. 7. Study times for all students: 5pm – 7pm and again from 8pm-9pm from Monday – Thursday AND from Friday- Sunday from 5pm-7pm. 8. Bed times: Grade 8-12 - 9pm and lights out at 10pm from Monday - Thursday Grade 8-10 - 10pm from Friday- Saturday Grade 11-12 - 11pm from Friday – Saturday Grade 8-12 - 9pm and lights out at 10pm - Sunday 9. Visitors may only visit at the hostel if it is arranged with the Hostel Supervisor or duty staff prior to the visit. Visitors are not allowed in the bedrooms. 10. Pupils may only use the television for the following times: 1 hour per day Monday – Thursday 1 Video per day Friday – Sunday or 2 hours TV viewing 2 Videos per day Saturday or 3 hours TV viewing (e.g. 1 in afternoon and 1 in the evening )Duty staff to monitor the use of the videos. 11. Under no circumstances may any alcohol, cigarettes or habit-forming drug be consumed by students. No swearing is allowed. 12. The students are to be polite and friendly when interacting with the members of the community and greet people politely. 13. No students may leave the premises without the Hostel Supervisor’s permission and only after signing the in/out register. 14. Library Facilities are available and students must make use of this facility. Students must at all times be in possession of a library book to read in study times if homework is completed. 15. Laundry facilities are available from Monday to Friday. Students are to hand in their washing to the supervisory staff before 8am in the mornings according to the roster. Students are to iron their own

clothes. 16. Water is scarce and students are only to shower once a day (no longer than five minutes) 17. Male and female students may not enter each other’s quarters without permission and knowledge of the supervisory staff. 18. No screaming or fighting will be tolerated. No loud music will be allowed. All staff of the hostel must be treated with respect and all instructions are to be carried out accordingly. Any problems can be brought to the Hostel meeting (to be held weekly by the Hostel Supervisor). 19. Weekend bookings-out forms are available from the Hostel master. These forms are to be completed and handed to the Hostel Supervisor before 3pm on Wednesdays. 20. No food or plates may be taken to sleeping quarters. Cleaning teams are to clean the kitchen after meals. Please return the signed document to the school by post/by hand. I, as Parent/Guardian, undertake: to give written notice of at least one school quarter of my intention to remove by child from the hostel; to pay the boarding fees due in advance, and; to abide by the internal rules of McGregor College Boarding Facility. The superintendent stands in loco parentis to all learners in the hostel and is hereby empowered to act as my agent in all emergencies and medical or other matters. The McGregor Waldorf School Hostel rules have been read and noted. We promised to abide by them. ..…………………………. Name of Parent/Guardian …………………………. Name of Pupil ………………………… Signature of Pupil ……………………………… Signature of Parent/Guardian ……………………… Date

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