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OBJECTIVE DEFINITION HOSTEL FACILITY 4.0 LUMS Support Staff 4.1 LUMS Property 4.2 Room Mates SANCTITY OF HOSTELS ROOMS ALLOTMENT MAINTENANCE AND UPKEEP OF HOSTELS MAINTENANCE COMPLAINTS TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATION VACATING THE HOSTEL / Security Refund 10.6 Taking a Quarter Off GENERAL 11.1 Inspection of Hostels 11.2 Recreation/Exercises 11.3 Parties at Hostels 11.4 LUMS Support Staff 11.5 Roommate 11.6 Placement of Furnishings 11.7 Picnic or Leisure Trips 11.8 Grace Period 11.9 Smoking 11.10 Narcotics 11.11 Laundry Services 11.12 Mail Services 11.14 Cycle Stand HOSTEL SECRETARY FURNISHINGS 13.1 Individual Room 13.2 Pantry 13.3 Common Room 13.4 Laundry Room 13.5 Terrace 13.6 Other Furnishings 13.9 Additional Requirements from students SECURITY ENTRY/EXIT TO/FROM HOSTELS VISITORS TO THE HOSTELS 16.3 Day Scholars VARIOUS CHARGES PAYMENT OF BILLS Check-in /out procedure 19.2 Use of Appliances / Fixtures Issue of Duplicate Keys at Night Noise Pollution Miscellaneous Rent during summer break Medical
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1.0 1.1 OBJECTIVE The guiding principle towards the formulation of the rules and regulations for hostelites is to ensure a secure, comfortable and pleasant stay, and to create an environment, which is conducive to learning. In fact, all of our activities are geared towards your development and progress. We all need to create a sense of belonging towards LUMS property. Any disciplinary measures/tools are designed to achieve the above objectives and must be taken in that spirit. DEFINITION These rules will be termed as Hostel Occupancy Rules & Regulations. Failure to abide by these rules will be considered an unprofessional conduct on part of the residents, and will result in appropriate Disciplinary action. For all practical purposes, as far as these rules and regulations are concerned, hostel premises along with its all fixtures, furnishings and any other materials/equipment supplied by LUMS will be considered LUMS Property. THE HOSTEL FACILITY The LUMS Hostel Facility comprises of several purpose built blocks. Three of the blocks; namely Mubarik Hostel F-2 and F-3 are meant for female students, whereas the rest are for male students. The hostel facility has been designed and constructed keeping in view the international standards. The hostel facility has been designed to be comfortable and conducive for learning. The female hostel facility is surrounded by faculty housing, faculty apartments, Library / Computer Centre buildings, and is close to the main Academic Block. The male hostel facility is also in close proximity to the academic block. Each floor has a minimum of six toilets, six washrooms, 16 washbasins, catering a group of 38-40 people, and a duly furnished common room fitted with a split unit A/C (excluding ground floor). Each block has a laundry room. LUMS Support Staff: The support staff provided at hostels is there to facilitate your stay, and make it as comfortable as possible. Please treat them with respect. If you have any problems with them, please direct your complaints to the Hostel Administration, rather than handling them yourself. LUMS Property: You will have to act as custodians of the property; therefore, its usage should be done with care. You will be liable to pay for any loss or damage caused to it. Roommates: LUMS treats all its students equally. Your roommate is entitled to equal rights of occupancy and access to any material of common use. We expect you to have a courteous attitude towards your roommate. SANCTITY OF THE HOSTELS The hostels being a part of the University premises deserve a sacred status. Students are not allowed to keep firearms or contraband items on the hostel premises. Students will not indulge in any illegal and/or unethical activity on the hostel premises. Neither the students nor their visitors are allowed to bring or consume liquor, drugs, or any other intoxicants on the hostel premises. ROOM ALLOTMENT Allotment of rooms may not necessarily be of one’s choice. It is at the sole discretion of the administration, which may allot the rooms either on first come first serve basis or any other basis, say academic background, etc. Management intentionally places students of varying academic, cultural, social, national backgrounds together so that cross cultural, academic, social, national learning is achieved. Students are expected to give full respect and equal rights to their roommates, irrespective of their varying backgrounds. Allotment is done on a double occupancy basis (i.e., two persons per room). The rental value has been worked out on this basis. MAINTENANCE AND UPKEEP OF HOSTELS It is expected that residents will treat University property with care and consideration. Furnishings for individual rooms as well as common areas will be provided once at the beginning of the academic year. The subsequent maintenance will be the responsibility of the hostelites. Any damage to the individual room furnishings will be taken care of by the individuals concerned, and that to the items of collective use by the hostelites as a group. Fixing of posters, making use of walls / doors as a canvas for painting of various expressions, etc. , are strictly prohibited. The damage caused to the walls / doors due to this sort of activity will be recovered from the occupants of the respective rooms. On joining the hostel, every student will be provided one key each for the room and two keys each for the cabinet, desk, side table, etc. The keys must be returned to the Administration Representative - warden or office assistant - on vacating the hostel. Duplicate keys (if needed) will only be arranged by the Administration on payment of the prescribed charges.

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MAINTENANCE COMPLAINTS A hostel Committee has been formed at LUMS to look into various matters/problems, related to hostels. The composition of the committee will be intimated from time to time. The list of the committee can be acquired from the incharge hostels. For the convenience of the hostelites, a complaint handling system is in vogue. In case of any complaints regarding upkeep and maintenance or repair/replacement of any item, the complaint form appended as Annexure – A, should be filled out in duplicate and a copy each of the complaint should be dropped in the two suggestion boxes located at the entrance of each block. A complaint register is also placed at the entrance of each hostel block for this purpose. All avenues are available to you for lodging complaints for unattended works. It would, however, be appropriate if immediate channels are tapped first. These are: (1) (2) Deputy Manager Administration General Manager (Administration and Services)


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TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATION Subject to the availability of space, if a student needs hostel accommodation for a short stay, he/she will apply to the Deputy Manager Administration at least 7 days before the expected date of occupancy. In case the student is allowed to avail the hostel facility for a short stay, the following charges shall apply: 1Security money As applicable to regular hostelites. Hostel Security will, however, not be applicable for a cumulative stay of less than and equal to 14 days during an academic year. 2Rental charges: a) A stay of more than Equal to half of monthly charges 7 and upto 14 days b) A stay of more than 14 and upto 31 days Full month charges c) A stay of less than and equal to 7 days Rs 150/- per day. 3Hostel Registration Charges Rs 1,000/- (Non-Refundable) In case the stay is more than 14 days Day-scholars permitted to stay overnight will be charged under Clause 9.2(c). Hostel rules and regulations will equally apply to regular as well as short-term hostelites. Any damages caused to the LUMS property by temporary hostelities shall be recovered from the concerned individuals. A student can only join the hostel after he/she has paid the security as well as the rent. Monthly rent will be received in advance. VACATING THE HOSTEL / SECURITY REFUND The students joining the hostel during any academic year, other than the short-term hostelites, are allowed to vacate the hostel accommodation after they give one month notice or one month advance rent in lieu thereof. No deductions will be done / or notice is required under the following circumstances: a) A student has decided to withdraw from the respective Programme; or b) A student has been separated from the respective Programme (for other than disciplinary reasons). The students who may have to vacate the hostels because of the completion of the Programme requirements will also give 7 days notice. Before vacating the hostel accommodation, students are required to hand over the room to the Administration Representative in the same condition it was handed over to him/her except for normal wear and tear. They will also return the keys provided to them. The Administration on receipt of a clearance form as in Annexure-B, will inform the Accounts Department for release of hostel security as per rules, which implies that if the student is also graduating in the same quarter then his security will only be refunded on final settlement of accounts which is done in September every year. Taking a Quarter Off: If a student decides to take any quarter off, S(he) will vacate the hostel facility and hand over the keys as well as other fixtures of the room to the Administration representative in the condition they were given to the student. Re-entry to the hostel will be subject to the availability of the space. If a student, however, wants to keep his/her hostel facility intact, S(he) will have to pay the rental for the period S(he) has taken off. Return of Keys: On vacation of the room, or if a student has taken a quarter off, the room along with its accessories and fixtures including keys, will be handed over to the Administration representative, and a clearance certificate to the effect will be obtained from the Administration. Any damages caused to the room or its fixtures will be rectified at the cost of the respective student. Similarly, Hostel Secretary will give possession of common rooms/areas along with their fixtures and furnishings before leaving. Any damages caused will be rectified at the cost of students identified by the Hostel Secretary. GENERAL Inspection of Hostels: Management Representatives can, at any time, check the hostel rooms and the equipment/materials. In case of female hostels, inspection will be carried out in the presence of the Warden or Hostel Secretary. Recreation/Exercises: Activities involving recreation or exercises will be carried out in such a way that they do not cause any damage to LUMS property or hostel premises. Any damage caused by way of such activities shall be rectified at the cost of the concerned hostelites. Parties at Hostels: The Management is not in favour of holding any kind of parties in the hostel premises. In case, the students need to organise a party at the hostel, they are required to get prior permission from the respective Dean through the Deputy Manager Administration after giving a written request in this regard. If the administration allows residents to organise any function, the hostel representative may be asked to provide a written undertaking of good conduct and observing accepted norms of behavior.

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LUMS Support Staff: Through the LUMS Support Staff at hostels, we provide you the following services: (a) Day-to-day Problem Solving (b) Cleaning of premises (c) Janitorial The support staff is not meant for your personal chores like washing and/or pressing clothes, they should not be asked to do so. Please do not involve them in any of these activities. Roommate: If you are facing any difficulty for any reasons with your roommate and are unable to resolve the issue, the matter must be reported to the administration. You are expected not to involve your parents or guardians, in such cases. Placement of Furnishings: None of the furnishings / appliances provided in individual rooms or common areas can be removed and/or relocated. Even in cases where a student has been allotted a single room, the furnishings will not be disturbed. The defaulters can be fined upto Rs1,000/. Picnic or Leisure Trips: If the students plan to stay away from the hostel for extended hours, they will plan in advance and inform the Administration Office in writing. Verbal messages to the Warden will not suffice. Information sheets must contain the whereabouts of the place where they have planned to go as well as a telephone contact number. Grace Period: The hostelites can avail the facility of two weeks grace period at normal charges to vacate the hostel after graduation. Smoking: Smoking inside hostels is not encouraged. However, smoking should be restricted to your room only and that too with the concurrence of your roommate. Smoking in common areas is not permitted. Violation will be considered a breach of discipline and will also attract a fine of Rs 1,000/- per violation. Narcotics: No student is allowed to use any sort of narcotics. Any student found involved in use or possession of narcotics will be expelled from the hostels in addition to other disciplinary action, which may be taken according to the Student Handbook. Laundry Services: In each block of the hostels, an independent laundry room has been provided. The room is equipped with heavy duty washing machines, a spinner and dryers. Two to three laundry workers will be contracted by LUMS to be paid by the users. Mail Service: Outgoing mail will be sent through the super store, located next to the students lounge. However, incoming mail will be received from the University Mail Office, which is located opposite the Telephone Exchange on entering the Academic Block. Sleeping in Common Rooms: Sleeping in common rooms is strictly prohibited. Anybody found sleeping in common room will be subject to a fine of Rs 1,000/-. Similarly, if any mattresses are found in common room, these will be confiscated. Cycle Stand: Hostelites are required to keep their bicycles at the cycle stand properly locked. If any student’s bicycle is found inside the hostel, the concerned student will be subject to a fine of Rs 1,000/- per violation. HOSTEL SECRETARY One of the occupants nominated by other residents will act as a Hostel Secretary. The Hostel Secretary will represent students regarding any facilities and maintenance complaints made by the students as well as safeguard LUMS interests and act as a custodian of the LUMS property. Any untoward incident at the hostel or any non-compliance of Administration instructions will be reported by the Hostel Secretary to the Administration immediately. In addition to the Hostel Secretary, there will be a Floor Representative for each floor mutually nominated by the residents of the respective floors to represent students’ problems. FURNISHINGS Individual Room: (a) Beds with mattresses (b) Built-in Wardrobes (c) Book Shelf (d) Study Tables (e) Study Chairs (g) Ceiling Fans (j) Waste Paper Basket Pantry: (a) Refrigerator (b) Electric Water Cooler (c) Toaster (d) Microwave Oven (e) Gas Burner (f ) Kettle (g) Ceiling Fan Laundry Room: 1. Fully Automatic Washing Machines 2. Dryers 3. Pressing Tables 4. Iron 2 Nos. 2 Nos. 1 No. 2 Nos. 2 Nos. 1/2 Nos. 1 No. 1 No. 1 No. 1 No. 1 No. 1 No. 1 No 1 No 3 Nos. 3 No. 2 Nos. 1 No.


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One Internet connection per student is available to students at no extra charge. Bulbs and tube-lights will be provided once by the University at the beginning of the occupancy, subsequent individual room fittings will be taken care of by the individuals concerned and common area fittings will be taken care of by the students as a whole. Students are not supposed to take common room/area fittings/furnishings to their individual rooms. Violators will be fined Rs 1,000/- per violation. Additional Requirements from Students: Demand of items of common use other than those mentioned above will be discussed in the Hostel Committee Meetings on a case to case basis. If the Committee feels that the item(s) demanded are of common use and are necessarily the responsibility of LUMS, these will be provided. Individual needs other than the ones mentioned above will be the responsibility of the individuals concerned, as long as they are not a cause of concern for other roommates and hostel residents. Furnishings and design of hostel buildings may vary as per design and structure of each individual building


14.0 14.1

SECURITY Whereas safety and security of furnishings for individual rooms will be the responsibility of the occupants of the particular room, for common areas or any other items(s) provided for entertainment or comfort will be the responsibility of the hostelites as a whole. The Hostel Secretary will, in case of damage to the common area furnishings, provide names of the hostelites responsible for causing the damage. To ensure security, it is requested that a) Guests are restricted to the lounge area only; and b) Each of the hostelites keeps his/her valuables under lock and key. Valuables or cash other than the ones needed for immediate requirements will not be kept at the hostels. Small cash or items of necessity must be kept under lock and key. ENTRY/EXIT TO/FROM HOSTELS For security reasons and to ensure that no unauthorised person enters the hostel premises, entry to hostels will strictly be restricted to the hostelites except for guests during specified hours and administration representatives. The students must keep their identity cards with them at all times. Hostelites will neither be allowed to go out of Campus after midnight nor to enter the premises after 1:00 am unless they have prior approval of the hostel administration. In emergency situations, however, this condition can be relaxed. You must, therefore, plan in advance purchase of grocery or any other items of your use before this time. Cases of the hostelites who fail to abide by security personnel instructions in this regard will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee. VISITORS TO THE HOSTELS Male visitors to female hostels and female visitors to male hostels are NOT allowed. Parents may visit the hostels from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. during summer and 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. during winter. Day Scholars: Day scholars visiting hostels will be treated as guests to the hostels. Use of hostels as a place of rest by the day-scholars is also not permitted. Visitors from one hostel to another will be treated as guests as well. Overnight stay by visitors other than the day scholars is not permitted. Overnight stay by day-scholars will only be allowed if extremely genuine conditions exist. Advance approval of the Hostel Administration through an application is a must. Approved overnight stay will be charged at Rs 150/- per night. All the visitors are required to sign the Visitor’s book before entering the hostel. If it is established that an overnight stay by a visitor has taken place, the host will be charged Rs 1,500/- per night per person as a penalty. In addition, such cases will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for necessary action. Visitors will only be restricted to the lounge(s). VARIOUS CHARGES All charges/expenses prescribed in the application form or any other documents are subject to change without notice. At the start of the programme, rent will be charged from the date the hostels are made available for occupancy. While at the end of the programme, charges shall be apportioned on the basis of actual days of occupancy. Rental value for double occupancy Rs 2,800/- per month/per person Charges for janitorial services Rs 300/- per month/per person Hostel Security (refundable) Rs 10,000/- (One month’s notice is necessary to qualify for refund as per rules) Duplicate keys: 17.6.1 Duplicate key for a room Rs. 250/17.6.2 Duplicate key for a drawer Rs 100/17.6.3 Duplicate Hostel Identity Card Rs 200/The rental per month includes bills for normal usage of utilities like electricity. Normal usage means any amount of utilities consumed through the fixtures provided by LUMS. If you plan to have your own fixtures/appliances like refrigerator, room cooler, these will be charged at the rates given below; provided you are allowed by the administration to have these in your hostel room: 1) Refrigerator 3 cft Rs.300, 3.1 to7.9 cft Rs 500, 8cft onwards Rs 800 per month 2) Electric Heater Rs 1,500.00 per month 3) Room Cooler Rs 800.00 per month NOTE: Provision of individual room air conditioners is not currently possible. Charges for any other electric appliances not included in the above list will be determined by the hostel administration on case to case basis. Gas heaters are not allowed under any circumstances in individual rooms. Even electric heaters and other appliances that you intend to bring in will be subject to approval by the hostel administration. Students are not allowed to keep any electrical appliance in their rooms without prior written permission of the hostel management. Any electrical appliance found in the hostel room will be treated as in use of the concerned student. It would attract a heavy fine for violating the rule.



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PAYMENT OF BILLS All the hostel bills must be paid by the due date. In case a student fails to pay his/her hostel dues by the due date, a surcharge of Rs 100/- per day subject to a maximum of 10% of the amount due will be applicable. Students are required to enquire about their bills from the Accounts Office. In case a student fails to clear his/her bills one month after due date, S(he) will have to vacate the hostel immediately, and the security amount will not be refunded. Re-admission to the hostel will be subject to approval of the competent authority and subject to fresh security deposit. The students are required to pay their monthly dues in advance. Student having any remaining balance of tuition fee in his / her university account will not be allowed to get this balance amount adjusted against his / her outstanding hostel dues. This balance amount will be refunded to the student in the last quarter of the academic year.



CHECK-IN / OUT PROCEDURE A student vacating the hostel permanently will get his/her room/space (allotted to him/her) inspected by the hostel warden. The warden will carry out a thorough check of the room/space and note any deficiency/discrepancy/damage. This will be charged to the student as per rules. The students will then hand-over the room keys to the warden, who will issue a clearance certificate duly signed. The student will have to vacate the room there after and will not be allowed to use the facility after he is cleared from the hostel. The student will submit the clearance certificate in the accounts department. The accounts department will work out the dues and post a crossed cheque within two weeks to the concerned student at her / his permanent address for final settlement of her / his accounts. Register In/check-out Forms. Hostel Registration form and check out application have to be submitted to the warden for checking in and out of hostel as per rules, these forms are available with the warden. Use of Appliances/Fixtures. You are expected to use the University property including appliances and fixtures in an efficient manner. For example, if you are not in your room your room lights and fans should be switched off. Similarly, the pantry and common room appliances / electrical fixtures should only be in operation when you are there. ISSUE OF DUPLICATE KEYS AT NIGHT The warden will charge a late fee for issue of duplicate keys between 2000 hrs and 0830 hrs at the rate of Rs 50.00 per request.

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NOISE POLLUTION The use of megaphones is prohibited. Playing instruments/music at a loud volume, causing disturbance to others, is discouraged. It is expected that hostel residents will respect each other’s privacy, rest hours and peace of mind by not making undue noise. Habitual offenders are subject to punishment/censure/fines by the disciplinary committee.

22.0 1.

MISCELLANEOUS Single occupancy of hostel room will only be allowed when single rooms are available, the applicant agrees to pay Rs. 5600.00 per month rent for the period S(he) retains such accommodation. S(he) gives an undertaking on the prescribed hostel single occupancy form that S(he) will forego single occupancy status when the management so desires. Any hostel resident, whose roommate has checked out due to any reason, will accept a roommate or will shift with another hostel student who is staying single, as per the instructions of the hostel management. In such a case the hostel management will provide support staff for moving the luggage of the student. If any student living in the hostel on double occupancy basis has the other space vacant in her / his room, will not proceed on term break/ summer break / vacations etc., without giving the duplicate key of her / his private lock applied to the earl on her / his room door to the warden. This is necessitated by the condition if another student has to be allotted the vacant space. In case of default the omission will attract a fine of Rs 2000.00, and the lock of the room will be removed by the warden. RENT DURING SUMMER BREAK A resident who has paid the hostel rent for the last quarter preceding the summer break will retain the room for the period of the break without any additional rent for keeping her / his luggage provided S(he) also remains the future occupant in the hostel. In case a student is advised by the university to stay in the hostel due to academic reasons, S(he) will be allowed to stay in her / his room or as decided by the university administration on payment of usual charges. In case the university is not running a quarter for a particular program and the student is continuing her / his enrollment for that particular program, S(he) will retain her / his room for this period without any additional rent for keeping her / his luggage in the room provided S(he) remains the future occupant in the hostel. In case S(he) has to stay in the hostel during this period due to academic reasons, S(he) will be allowed to stay in her / his room on payment of usual charges.





MEDICAL During office hours on working days a qualified nurse is available on campus for assistance, for further help or help after office hours students are expected to contact the hostel warden for medical help required. A transport and a driver are available on campus 24 hours to transport students to hospital and back if any emergency arises.



The University Administration reserves the right to modify the rules and regulations as it deems necessary.


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