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									Govt. of Jharkhand. Technical Examiners Cell. Cabinet (Vigilance)Deptt., Jharkhand,Ranchi. Tender Notice No-1/2006-07 1. Name of Department:2. Name and addres of Tendering authority:3. Period of Sale of B.O.QCabnet (Viglilance) Department, Jharkhand,Ranci. Chief Engineer, Technical Examiners Cell, Engineers Hostel,Dhurwa,Ranchi-834004. 15/01/2007 to 23/01/2007

4. Date and time of receiving tender:- 24/01/2007 upto. 3.00 PM. 5. Date and time of Opening of Tender 24/01/2007 at 6. Place of Sale of B.O.Q:3.30 PM

i )Cabinet(Vigilance)Deptt., Engineers Hostel, Dhurwa,Ranchi-834004 ii) Chief Engineer, Technical Examiners Cell, Engineers Hostel, Dhurwa, Ranchi-834004. Office of Chief Engineer,Technical Examiners Cell Engineers Hostel, Dhurwa, Ranchi-834004. Estimated Cost Rs. Earnest Money Rs. Cost of B.O.Q Rs. Time of Completion

7. Place of Receiving tender:8. Details of Work:Sl. No. Name of Work

1.Suply and installation of Machines/ equipments of Standard quality, conforming to I.S. code for testing of soil, road materials, bitumen, cement, ement- concerte, aggregates, purity of water etc. for establishing a Quality Test Center at Engineeers hostel- 2 Dhurwa, Ranchi –834004 (State-Jharkhand) 46,10,000/92,200/5,000/Two Monts from the date of supply order


Earnest money should be in shape of N.S.C. VIII issue 3/5 yrs.Post Office deposit Pass book/ Bank guarantee(valid only for company, firms and public undertaking) issued by any scheduled band valid for six monts, duly pledged in favour of chief engineer, technical examiners Cell, Ranchi- 834004.

10. Only manufactures of quality testing equipments/ machines, as per I.S. Code, are eligible for participation in tender, 11. Tenderer has to mention their Capacity of production, quality of equipments and I.S.I certification etc. in tender document. 12. Tenderer has to indicate ready stock position for supply and supply order in hand. 13. Tender Notice can also be seen on the notice board of the undersigned. 14. Tenderer should submit uptodate sales tax/ VAT clearance paper duly attested a long with tender. 15. Conditional tender will not he entertained. 16. Cost of tender document(B.O.Q) is non- refundable. 17. Proper legal action along with black listing will be done against those tenderer, who will submit incorrect/ fake certification along with tender at any stage. 18. The tender will have to quote their rates in accordance with the direction laid down in B.O.Q. 19. The rate will be inclusive of marking, packing, third party indpection, loading, unloading and stocking etc. F.O.R Engineers Hostel- 2, Dhurwa,Ranchi-834004. 20. Third party ispection will be man datory as per standard norms. 21. Selected tenderer / Supplier will have to arrange road permit at their own cost for supply of machines/ equipments. 22. Other terms& conditions of tender will be enclosed along with B.O.Q which will be blinding to the tendrer. 23. Rates should be valid for six monts from the date of opening of tender. 24. All rights are reseved to accept or reject or to distribute the supply order among the tenders by the undersigned/ Department without assigning any reason. 25. Any legal disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of Jharkhand High court, Ranchi. Sd/ Chief engineer, Technical Examiners Cell Cabinet(Vigilance)Department, Jharkhand, Ranchi.

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