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					COCKENZIE AND PORT SETON COMMUNITY COUNCIL Minutes of Community Council Meeting held on Tuesday 3 February 2008, Port Seton Centre, 7.30pm These minutes will be tabled for adoption at the next meeting of the Community Council - their adoption, subject to any amendments, will be duly minuted. Present Gordon Campbell (Chair), Paula McLay (Vice Chair), Alexanderina Bell MBE (Secretary and Treasurer), Isobel Black, Liz Clark, Bryan Green, Jackie McMillan, Jim Melvin In attendance Cllr M Libberton, Grant Gray CPO, Andrea McCallum (CourierJournalist) 1 Welcome Mr Campbell welcomed everyone to the meeting 2 Apologies Cllr S Currie, Cllr W Innes and Cllr P McKenzie 3 Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday 2 December 2008: a) Adoption of Minutes: These minutes were adopted on the proposal of CC McLay, seconded by CC Melvin. b) Matters Arising From Minutes: Fallen Trees - Work is in progress regarding the removal of the fallen trees at Avenue Road. Clarification of Power Station Land - Ongoing investigations. Cockenzie House - Letter to be sent to member of the public who had asked for the Community Council’s help regarding reinstatement of part of north wall at Cockenzie House which had been knocked down several years ago. No response had been received from ELC. CC Black advised that ELC are aware that the wall has been knocked down as it is part of the Cockenzie House Change of Use Planning Application. ACTION: CC Bell Cockenzie House - House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) - Planning permission has been granted as of 3 February 2009. CC Black and CC Melvin had attended a site meeting on 30 January 2009 and a Letter of Representation had been sent to ELC Planning Committee meeting re-iterating the concerns of the community regarding the use of Cockenzie House as a hostel. It is understood that ELC had a legal requirement to grant permission. It was noted that ELC had had no notification to date that an appeal had been lodged re the earlier refusal of the license required to operate a HMO.

-2You Pay, You Have Your Say, ELC Budget 2009 - 2012 Consultation Further to the sub group’s suggestions/comments a letter has been submitted regarding proposed budget. ELC’s Budget meeting will take place on 17 February 2009. Cllr Currie a) Speeding on Alder Road and Stuart Baxter, ELC Transportation: CC Black advised that an e-mail has been sent to Stuart Baxter with extracts from the November 2008 meeting concerning speeding on Alder Road and issues regarding Dual Carriageway/A198/Fishers Road. An update has been requested and the e-mail copied to all Local Councillors for the Ward. b) Civic Pride Fund: A meeting has been arranged to discuss the Civic Pride Fund and other funding sources and to come up with ideas for projects. The outcome of this meeting will be taken to other groups, including Longniddry and Prestonpans Community Councils, in due course. Core Paths - CC Clark advised that a reply has been received from Jennifer Lothian, ELC Core Paths, noting the Community Council’s withdrawal of objections as clarification has now been given on points raised. Further correspondence will be necessary at a later date re other matters contained in the Community Council’s letter of 15 July 2008. Metal Bench at Pharmacy, Links Rd - As previously minuted, no further action will be taken until after the CCTV has been installed. This has been noted in the CCTV file. Glen Wylie, LRT Buses - Alder Rd/Long Craigs route - CC Black is still awaiting a date for a site visit with Cllr McLennan re issues with buses running through Alder Road and Long Craigs. Police Report - Following several complaints and letters received from members of the public, CC Black had again brought up the dog fouling issue at the Community & Police Partnership meeting and reported that Kenny Black, Antisocial Behaviour, is to take this up with ELC’s Dog Warden and the Cleansing Department. Further to a complaint that the dog poop bags did not appear to be in place at the public toilets, CC Melvin had checked and found that only one notice had been given for the two toilets. The notice had not been put up as the paper used is too flimsy. CC Melvin also advised that the attendants had not been instructed on how the bags should be given out. Cllr Libberton to take the matter up with ELC. ACTION: Cllr Libberton Aspirational Path between Sandy Walk and Fishers Road - CC Clark had contacted ELC re landowner being unaware of proposed core path and was advised that the agent did know of about plans. The member of the public who had complained about the path and lack of consultation has been advised that proper consultation had taken place.

-3Correspondence Charlie Gordon - Regulation of Bus Services document: CC Melvin is reviewing the document and it will be discussed at the 24 February 2009 pre-meeting. Reply date is 27 February 2009. Dr Turvill - Letter requesting the support of the Community Council in requesting a Public Inquiry into the closure of Cockenzie House Nursing Home. Cllr Libberton stated that she was disappointed at the Chairman’s decision not to support a Public Inquiry, and she also queried the availability of the Dr Sue Ross Report. In response, some Community Councillors felt that voting had taken place in a rushed manner and that the community had been let down by the Community Council not supporting the call for a Public Inquiry. CC Black advised that the matter of the Dr Ross Report is currently with ELC Legal Department. It may be decided that the Report will not be made available to the public. However, the Report should be available under Freedom of Information as long as any personal details are deleted. CC Black will continue to ask for the Report. Preston Lodge High School - CC McMillan has been co-opted onto the Parent Council and also onto the Learning &Teaching Committee. CC Cummiskey - CC Gordon Campbell to contact CC Cummiskey regarding whether he intends to remain on the Community Counci or not. CC Glen Campbell - CC Gordon Campbell has been unable to contact CC Glen Campbell and will check if the fact that he has now missed 3 meetings means that he is no longer eligible to remain on the Community Council. A letter will be sent if is this is the case. ACTION: CCs Gordon Campbell & Bell A.O.C.B. Community Environment Fund: Funding to complete the planting of trees in the grounds of Cockenzie Primary School has been awarded. CC Black is in contact with ELC’s Tree Officer regarding finalizing the order for the trees. Speed Reactive Variable Message Signs - Colin Baird has now been invited to the 24 February 2009 pre-meeting to discuss ELC’s intention to re-locate the existing sign. The location of the possible second sign also requires discussion. Promenade Lights - CC McMillan reported that the funding application has been submitted along with letters of support from 20 local businesses and the Police. Match funding is still to be secured and there is also the question of the £2000 cash payment. CC McMillan will discuss this with Lilian Pryde, ELC Community Council Liaison Officer.

-44 Any Matters/points of view raised by members of the public


5 Police Report CPO Grant Grey reported: Gillian Lundberg is the new Sector Sergeant and James Paton replaces Steven Kellock on the Initiative Team. 1 January - 3 February 2009: 365 calls were received, of which 101 were from Cockenzie & Port Seton. 11 crimes and 9 youth calls were recorded. 01/01/09 - 11 Calls re fights 10/01/09 - South Seton Park: parked car “keyed” on nearside 19/01/09 - View Forth: Keys stolen from resident’s coat pocket which was hanging in in their hallway and attempt had been made to steal car. CPO Gray advised the public not to leave keys near to doors and to keep doors locked Long Craigs - unsecured car stolen Gosford Road - 3 car tyres punctured due to nails placed under them 26/01/09 - Cadell Place: bogus workman obtained money from resident for gardening work and, on pretence of getting tools from his car, left without carrying out any work CPO Gray asked that residents be vigilant Manse Lane: - Front offside window smashed on parked car 6 Councillor’s Report Cllr Libberton spoke about ELC dropping the Community Planning pilot scheme which had been running in the Ward for a few years. She said that Community Councils should now be pushing their local councillors to ensure matters are taken forward. She suggested that a letter should be written to the 4 local councillors asking that the 2 extra police are retained as they had been very effective in their work. CC Black advised that C&PS CC intend to continue working with Prestonpans and Longniddry Community Councils and hopefully carry on with some of the projects already planned. Cllr Libberton reported that on Children In Need Day she had worked in Port Seton Centre and while there a longstanding matter which had been mentioned to her had been resolved instantly by emailing ELC. She will now work with the CDO and Centre Head on a monthly basis and any matters needing addressed will be dealt with in this way. The Mayor of Barga had visited the Ward last week and is keen to keep links. He had attended a Burns Supper at Preston Lodge High School. Educational visits to the Ward are planned for the end of May. ELC are aware of many roads with holes and these are to be repaired as soon as

-5possible. Any holes should be reported. CC Black mentioned an area off Fisher’s Road where the tar has disintegrated and she will report this. CC Melvin has reported hole on pavement at the Power Station which has been covered by wood for a considerable time. He is awaiting a response from ELC. Cllr Libberton advised that she is always available and welcomes calls on any concerns. 7 Treasurer’s Report CC Bell had distributed copies of the General Fund. CC Black proposed that £300 should be transferred from Local Priorities Scheme (LPS) to the General Fund as expenses for the Senior Citizen’s Treat had been higher than usual due to having to bring in caterers this time. CC Bell to speak to Lilian Pryde regarding the balance of the Local Priorities Scheme advertising and admin expenses for the Promenade project need to be transferred to the General Fund. CC Black proposed that the balance left for this financial year in the LPS should be distributed between groups such as Osbourne Court, Rainbows, Brownies and Boys Brigade. 8 Planning Applications 1 extension and 1 erection of a chimney. 9 Correspondence a) Letter from ELC re Proposal For Pelican Crossing at Edinburgh Road. Cllr Libberton had previously indicated she would be attending a site visit regarding the crossing and upon looking at the plans it was decided that CC Black should contact Cllr Libberton re a representative from the Community Council being in attendance also. ACTION: CC Black b) Letter from CC Black resigning from the Community Council due to ill health and personal reasons, CC Black wishes to be a co-opted member to help out with Safety & Well-being matters. The resignation was accepted with regret. The Community Council thanked CC Black for all her hard work over the years and said she was a valuable member of the team with a wide knowledge of Community Council matters and would welcome her help as a co-opted member. A discussion then followed regarding secretarial duties as CC Black has been dealing with the electronic side of this. This will be reviewed and discussed at the next meeting - paying a secretary may be a possibility. c) Letter from Cockenzie & Port Seton Bowling Club requesting support from the Community Council to obtain signposts from ELC as there are no signs in the village to let visitors know the way to the Bowling Green. Agreed. ACTION: CC Bell

-6d) E-mail re Rural Funding Meeting on 23 February 2009 - Noted e) E-mail re Funding for Fly Tipping - CC McMillan had tried several times to get further information but had not received a response. It was now too late to use this possible opportunity of funding as the deadline was unachievable. f) E-mail from Sandra King, Community Development Officer re Life After Work event being held at the Community Centre on 20 February 2009. A stall has been provisionally booked by the Community Council. The purpose of the stall would be to promote and give out information on the Community Council and might also be an opportunity to gain new Community Councillors, co-opted members and volunteers. ACTION: CCs Clark, Melvin and Ms Black 10 Other matters to be discussed/decided Senior Citizen’s Treat: This had been a great success and well enjoyed by the attendees. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, there was not the usual attendance. Discuss further at 24 February 2009 pre-meeting. Car Boot Sales - CC Bell advised that any future Car Boot Sales would have to be held in the Ship Inn’s east car park as the west car park is now in use by the Co-op. Future Car Boot Sales to be discussed at pre-meeting. 11 A.O.C.B. Lighting in North West Car Park at Long Craigs - Ms Black advised that there is now, for the first time, lighting in the car park and thanked the local councillors who had helped achieve this. North Sea Cycle Route - Feasibility study by ELC & SESTRANS to expand and enhance the cycle network throughout East Lothian. Idea put forward from C&PSCC re South Fishers Road being part cycle path. Paper on the Draft Joint Strategy For Older People In East Lothian - a meeting had previously been offered with Dr Sue Ross to discuss the document. Date for meeting to be arranged, CC Clark and Ms Black to attend. Seton Sands Holiday Village - Joint Committee to be formed to address issues regarding expansion. CC McMillan to get in touch with ELC Planning Depart. ACTION: CC McMillan Pre meeting for Community Councillors - Tuesday 24 February 2009 12 Date, Venue and time of next Meeting - Tuesday 3 March 2009 within Port Seton Centre (Resource Room 2), 7.15pm for 7.30pm