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					unapproved Madison Beach and Recreation Department Monthly Commission Meeting February 6, 2009 In attendance were: Jeffrey Rosenberg Chairman, Flannigan Smith, Scott Zimmerman, Tom Banisch, Deb Paduda, Scot Erskine Director, Carrie Gazda, Linda LaSance, Bill Gladstone, Ted Rahmann Called to order by Jeff Rosenberg at 7:36am I. Election of Officers Smith made a motion to cast one ballot to keep the same slate of Officers for this year. Second by Zimmerman. All voted in favor of the motion. Rosenberg – Chairman Smith – Vice Chairman Zimmerman - Secretary II. Approval of Minutes dated January 9, 2009 Motion made by Zimmerman to approve minutes. Seconded by Banisch All in Favor III. Chairman’s Report Rosenberg mentioned to the rest of the commission of a meeting held discussing land acquisition in the town. Representatives from the Land Trust, P&Z, Selectmen, Conservation Commission. Was expressed that a plan be developed for future use. IV. Sections Reports a. Facilities/Buildings and Grounds i. Surf Club Concession Specifications were discussed and a follow up meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 12, 7:30am in Recreation Office. b. Financial i. Approval of Bill Log dated February 2, 2009 I. Motion to approve bill log by Zimmerman and seconded by Banisch, All in favor. II. Revenue discussion for the budget was discussed with the following results effective 4/1/09: Boat Fees – Motion by Zimmerman, Second by Banisch to increase fees – Racks to $90, Daysailers to $140, Catamarans and Mooring Posts to $220. Second Boat in one rack $45. All voted in favor of the motion Rental Fees - Motion by Zimmerman, Second by Smith to increase Social fees - Surf Club $100/hour, $50/hr Local Non-Profits, Memorial Hall, Gym, Arts Barn - $90/hour, $45/hr Local Non-Profits. Meeting fees $10 per meeting regardless of frequency. Voted 4in Favor 1 Against – Motion carried. Passes - Motion by Zimmerman, Second by Paduda to change pass system to car stickers and eliminate the Guest Tags. Adult vehicles $40, Senior Vehicles $10. All voted in favor.

unapproved Secondary motion made by Zimmerman, second by Smith -to allow Multi-vehicle discount of $20 per at the time of original sale only. Stickers will be placed on the inside of windshield and display car license plate. 4 voted in favor of the motion with one Abstention. Recreation Activities - Motion by Smith to increase profit margin in recreation programs from 20% to 25% over direct program expenses, Second by Zimmerman. All voted in favor. All fees to go into effect 4/1/09 and after Board of Selectmen Approval on 2/9/09 c. Personnel i. None. d. Public Relations i. None. e. Rockland Preserve Report i. Meeting held with Al Goldberg and Regional Water Authority and Conservation Commission Chairman to discuss watershed easement on Rockland. Oslander will keep Commission abreast of conversations and status. f. Bauer Park Report i. Rahmann discussed progress with Barn project. Also discussed that Festival committee is working to develop plans for the festival in October of 2010. g. Senior Section i. None. h. Greenways Trail Update i. None V. Old Business: i. none VI. New Business i. none

Adjournment at Motion made by Banisch to adjourn the meeting at 10:00am. Seconded by Zimmerman. All in favor. Meeting adjourned.