EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES Accession List Craft Memorial by forrests

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Accession List

Craft Memorial Library 600 Commerce Street Bluefield, WV 24701 (304) 325-3943

81-1 Randel Bond 20 ft. Records and photographs of the Pocahontas Operators Association, 1880-1950. 81-2 Maxine Hornick 1 ft. Tonnage and royalty payment ledger books from the Crozer Coal and Land Company, 1888-1957. 81-3 C.R. Davis 1 ft. Oil portrait of John J. Lincoln, coal operator at Crozer Coal and Land Company, Elkhorn, West Virginia. 81-4 Mrs. L. E. Tierney, Jr. 2 ft. Manuscript materials and photographs of the Tierney family, coal operators of Powhatan Coal & Coke Company, 1884-1970. 81-5 Charles F. Brooks 10 ft. Sales Catalogues from Superior Supply Company, Superior-Sterling Company, and photograph of N&W electric locomotive. 82-6 Lena French 1 ft. Civil War correspondence, Concord College publications, legal papers of D.E. French. 82-7 Steve Tobias Aerial photograph of Welch, West Virginia, ca: 1950. 2 ft.

82-8 John E. Biggs 5 ft. Photographs of Norfolk & Western #607 J model locomotive, New River, 1950; Amonate coal tipple, 1950. 82-9 Mrs. Charles F. Brooks 2 ft. Historical materials from Superior-Sterling Company, photograph of Eckman, West Virginia 1922, map of southern West Virginia coal mining operations. 86-10 W.E. Smith 6 in. Payroll records of Lake Superior Coal Company, Superior, West Virginia, 1941; UMWA Journal, 1949-1959; other scattered issues. 86-11 Various donors 3 ft. Oral History Collection of cassette tapes, collected at various times and locations.

86-12 Luella Dye City Directories of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1897-present.

16 ft.



86-13 Charles F. Brooks 2 ft. Historical materials, clippings, publications, and photographs of Charles F. Brooks, president of Superior-Sterling Supply Company, and collector of Pocahontas Coalfield memorabilia. Subjects included are Norfolk & Western Railway, Pocahontas Operators Association, Virginian Railroad, Pocahontas, Virginia, McComas, West Virginia. 86-14 Southern Virginias Coal Association 1 ft. Administrative and financial records of the Southern Virginias Coal Association, 1970-1975. 86-15 Pocahontas Coalfield Centennial Celebration 6 ft. Administrative and financial records of the 1983 Pocahontas Coalfield Centennial Celebration. 86-17 Robert H. Moore, Jr. 3 in. Bound ledger book from company store of J.E. Hale, Freeman, West Virginia, 1901-1907. 86-18 W.W. Hoskins Scrapbooks of Bluefield, West Virginia clippings, 1978-present. 2 ft.

86-19 William Z. Maratta 7 ft. Records of William Z. Maratta, Director of Plans and Development for the Pocahontas Fuel Company, 1940-1974. 86-20 WVVA-Television 1 ft. Videotapes of six thirty-minute programs produced by the station during the 1983 Pocahontas Coalfield Centennial Celebration. Subjects include Pocahontas, Virginia; Bramwell, West Virginia; Coalwood and Caretta, West Virginia. 86-21 James R. Shanklin 6 in. Photographs and memorabilia of company doctor, in Gary, West Virginia, 1908-1930, including company baseball materials. 86-22 George W. Gilliam Photographs of Pocahontas, Virginia, 1913-1919. 86-23 Alfred E. Garrett Ten dollar bill, 1917, issued by Bluefield National Bank. 6 in.

1 in.

86-24 Joseph Hundley 6 in. Correspondence between Thomas Felts and James Elwood Jones, 1908; UMWA memorabilia, and miscellaneous coalfield memorabilia.

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List 86-25 Eugenia Hancock Coal company scrip collection, 1919-1951. 6 in.


86-26 Edward C. Page, Jr. 3 in. Records and annual reports from Crozer Coal & Land Company, Page Coal & Coke Company, thesis on geology of Pocahontas Coalfield. 86-27 H.D. White Framed photographs of Norfolk & Western railroad accidents, 1916. 2 ft.

86-28 the archivist 15 ft. Clipping files, containing secondary materials on many regional communities, companies, and subjects. Subject list is available in control folder. 86-29 Lane Murphy Photographs of Upland, West Virginia, 1908-1912. 87-30 James L. Foster Records of Bluefield Sanitarium hospital, 1921-1960. 1 in.

6 in.

87-31 W.A. Wolfe 2 ft. Records, photographs, memorabilia, of Norfolk & Western railroad, 1908-1980. 87-32 Henry F. Warden 1 ft. Personal papers and photographs of Henry F. Warden, coal operator of Mill Creek Coal & Coke, American Coal Company, Atwater, Pocahontas Fuel Company, and mayor of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1913-1956. 87-33 David E. Johnston 2 ft. Papers of David E. Johnston, attorney, judge, and author. Subjects include Flat Top Land Association, miscellaneous legal papers and land transaction deeds, 1889-1908. 87-34 Helen Steele Photographs of Northfork, and Keystone, West Virginia, 1901-1907. 3 in.

87-35 Pocahontas Land Corporation 20 ft. Photographs, records, letter-press books, correspondence, maps, and other files of the Pocahontas Land Corporation, 1885-present. 87-36 Bluefield Daily Telegraph 20 ft. Bluefield Daily Telegraph newspaper, hard copy and microfilm dates vary, 1896-present. 87-37 Mrs. Paul Miller 2 ft. Photographs of Maybeury, Barlow, and Bottom Creek, West Virginia, and Boissevain, Virginia.



87-38 Bernard Wills 3 ft. Photographs and scrapbook albums of Bluefield, West Virginia sign painter, 1930-1980. 87-39 William Y. Cooper 3 ft. Photographs and memorabilia of John Cooper, and family, coal operators of Mill Creek Coal & Coke Company, Bramwell, West Virginia, and McDowell, West Virginia, 1884-1930. 87-40 Roland Luther 1 ft. Photographs and memorabilia of Luther family, coal operators of Peerless Coal & Coke Company, Vivian, West Virginia, 1898-1940. 87-41 R.W. Wilkinson 8 ft. Historical material and records of First National Bank of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1891-present, including Bank of Bramwell, West Virginia. 87-42 M.T. Mooney Photographs of Gilliam and Roanoke, West Virginia, 1919-1925. 87-43 Gayle Hicks A collection of coal company stickers, 1970-1980. 1 in.

2 in.

87-44 James A. McQuail 1 ft. Photocopy of deeds and scrapbook of McQuail family, southern West Virginia coal operators of McQuail Coal and Coke Company, Turkey Gap Coal & Coke Company, Ennis Coal & Coke Company, and Crane Creek Coal & Coke Company, Mercer County, West Virginia, 1890-1950. 87-45 Gladys Fowler 6 in. Checkbook of UMWA Local #6120, Crystal, West Virginia, 1949-1959. 87-46 CONSOL 30 ft. Corporate records, ledgers, maps, annual reports, minute books, land transaction accounts, and other materials from Pocahontas Fuel Company, Crozer land Association, Pulaski Iron Company, Bottom Creek Coal & Coke Company, Powhatan Coal & Coke Company, Crane Creek, American Coal Company, Rolfe Coal & Coke Company, and town of Pocahontas, and town of Bishop, Virginia, 1890-1950. 87-47 Roy Lowe 4 ft. Wide-angle photograph of work force of miners at Litwar, West Virginia, 1930. 87-48 Hattie Cruise Photographs of Keystone, West Virginia, 1910-1930. 3 in.



87-49 Ethel Nester 6 in. Photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, Norfolk & Western Railway locomotives, regional photographs. 87-50 Jean Foster 2 ft. Photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, and personal papers of Miss Foster, local journalist and historical enthusiast, 1903-1990. 87-51 H.E. Steele Scrapbook of Bluefield Fire Department, 1928-1933. 87-52 Ernest Poe, Jr. Sales receipts from Bluefield retail businesses, 1898-1914. 3 in.

2 in.

87-53 Ray Heldreth 4 ft. Wide-angle photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1911; records of the Clover Club of Bluefield. 88-54 Mike Hornick 30 ft. Historical materials relating to Gary, West Virginia, United States Coal & Coke Company, including photographs, payroll ledgers, secondary sources, memorabilia, corporate account books and other sources, 1900-1950. 88-55 T.A. Warden 3 in. Photographs of Nemours, West Virginia; Bluefield, West Virginia, 1920-1923. 88-56 Hazel Schultz Mine scrip, lunch bucket, photograph of Pocahontas, Virginia, 1941. 1 ft.

88-57 the archivist 1 ft. Photocopies of manuscript material from United States Coal Commission, 1922. 88-58 Francis Huffman Photographs and historical materials from Bishop, Virginia, 1930-1957. 6 in.

88-59 Sidney Kwass 3 in. Receipts, photographs, and personal memorabilia, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1897-1924. 88-60 Jake Kipfinger 18 in. Mining memorabilia and certificates; photographs of Bartley, West Virginia explosion, 1940. 88-61 Cela Burge Records of Mercer County Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1987. 88-62 the archivist 2 ft.

2 ft.



Records of Bluefield's commemoration of the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, 1987. 88-63 Katherine Barringer 6 in. Records of Buckeye Coal & Coke Company; family materials from Hewitt, Freeman, and Pritchard families, Bramwell, West Virginia, 1889-1913. 88-64 Don Fogus Historical records of Bluefield Chamber of Commerce, 1919-present. 10 ft.

88-65 Matt Sarrel 2 in. Historical survey and building inventory of Keystone, West Virginia, 1988. 88-66 Robert Bruch Norfolk & Western Railway memorabilia and records, 1920-1960. 88-67 the archivist West Virginia Bureau of Mines Annual Reports, 1893-1980. 4 in.

1 ft.

88-68 Mike Meador 1 ft. Research files for Even the Heavens Weep documentary film about West Virginia labor strife, 1987. 88-69 the archivist Photographs of coalfields, 1987. 88-70 Otto Stroupe Mine payroll scrip account book from Havaco, West Virginia, 1940. 3 in.

1 in.

88-71 James L. Monroe 1 in. Photograph of Itmann, West Virginia, 1922; miscellaneous mining memorabilia. 88-72 John McGhee 3 in. Archival film footage of Island Creek, photograph of Holden, West Virginia, 1930's. 88-73 Jim Dent Historical materials from Bluefield Police Department, 1897-present. 2 ft.

88-74 Jewell Ridge Development Corporation 30 ft. Historical materials, photographs, corporate records and ledgers, newspapers, and memorabilia from Jewell Ridge Coal & Coke Company. 88-75 John Rankin 1 in. Manuscript typescript of "History and Early Development of Bluefield, West Virginia."

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List 88-76 Skyland, Incorporated Miscellaneous railroad memorabilia. 88-77 various Collection of MAPS from regional coalfields, 1880-present. 88-78 Robert Hicks Bluefield water company records and map, 1970's. 88-79 Mrs. Fred Burton Masonic sword belonging to C.O. Stahlman, Bluefield mayor, 1921. 6 in.


5 ft.

2 in.

3 ft.

88-80 Main Street Bluefield 3 ft. Records of downtown development efforts in Bluefield, West Virginia, 1965-present. 88-81 Leonty Durkett 6 in. Records of St Mary's Orthodox Greek Catholic Church, Elkhorn, West Virginia, 1911-1935. 89-82 Ernie Reynolds 6 in. Personal memorabilia and clippings, reference materials of coalfield historian. 89-83 Harold Schutt 1 ft. Photographs, postcards, clippings, municipal records, of Bluefield, West Virginia, Pocahontas, Virginia, Pinnacle Rock, 1922-1934. 89-84 Harry Finkelman Clipping of "Coal Page" from 1893 Harpers Magazine. 1 in.

89-85 Eva Easley 3 in. Historical materials of Bluefield College; photographs of Granada Theater and visit of evangelist Billy Sunday in Bluefield, West Virginia, 1909-1950. 89-86 Jim Bailey Deed for land in Bluefield to Richard Bailey, 1793. 89-87 Richard Smith Railroad station signboard from Matewan, West Virginia. 1 in.

6 ft.

89-88 Page Coal & Coke Co. 20 ft. Payroll books, store records, and blueprints from Page Coal & Coke Company, Pageton, West Virginia, ca: 1920-1940. 89-89 Tim Honaker Sales ledgers from Graham, Virginia, 1890-1905. 1 ft.



89-90 George Wolfe 3 in. Photocopies of correspondence from Wolfe, a mining engineer, to his son detailing his career in the coalfields, 1939. 89-91 Bill Fox 50 ft. Administrative records of the Superintendent's Office, Pocahontas Division, Norfolk & Western Railway, ca: 1900-1950. 89-92 Francis Rush 4 in. Scrapbooks and photograph albums of Bramwell, West Virginia, ca: 1910-1920. 89-93 Edwin Elliott 1939 Bluefield City License plate for automobile. 2 in.

89-94 C.W. "Wilson" 4 ft. Wide-angle photographs of Concord College, 1930; UMWA conventions, 1936-1942. 89-95 Claude Blankenship 4 ft. Records of the Bank of Matoaka; coalfield league baseball uniform; historical materials from Matoaka, West Virginia. 89-96 Raymond Branham 18 in. Historical materials, photographs, manuscripts from Bluefield, West Virginia, 1890-1920. 89-97 the archivist 2 ft. Records of the Alliance For the Arts organization, which operates the Bluefield Area Arts Center, 1975-present. 89-98 Frank Holyroyd Scrapbook from Concord College, 1920's. 2 ft.

89-99 Lyle Gage 2 in. Postcard photographs of Bluefield, Princeton, and Thurmond, West Virginia. 89-100 USX 100 ft. Payroll books and company records of United States Coal & Coke Company, Gary, West Virginia, 1901-1950. 89-101 Bob Barnett Records of Keesling movie theater company, 1940's. 20 ft.

89-102 the archivist 1 ft. Materials documenting the 1988-1990 Pittston/UMWA strike, including clippings and videotape.



89-103 East River Mountain Garden Club Scrapbooks recounting organizational activities, 1947-1981.

5 ft.

89-104 Joyce Hewitt 2 in. Photographs of Buckeye Coal & Coke Company, materials from Hewitt family of coal operators, ca: 1900. 89-105 H. Edward Steele 2 ft. Annual Reports of Bluefield Supply Company, 1955-1983, and other company materials. 89-106 Mrs. A.R. Matthews 2 ft. Personal and professional papers of A.R."Army" Matthews (1902-1960), last president of Pocahontas Fuel Company, including correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia. 89-107 Mrs. Emma Yost Photographs of Bluefield, donated by the "Bride of the Bluefields." 1 in.

89-108 Stuart McGehee 5 ft. Administrative and organizational records of the 1989 Bluefield Centennial Celebration. 90-109 Jennifer Fox 6 in. Personal and professional materials of Dr. J. Franke Fox, pioneer Bluefield physician, 1900-1938. 90-110 George Shrader 6 in. Postcard photographs of Bluefield, Williamson, Keystone, Eckman, Kimball, and Vivian, West Virginia. 90-111 Jeff Sparks 3 in. Miscellaneous historical material concerning Bluefield, and Matoaka, West Virginia. 90-112 George Evans 3 in. Photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, and Norfolk & Western Railway, 1905-1930. 90-113 Eleanor Hall 3 in. Photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1912-1928. 90-114 Eula Barnhill 1 in. Brochure from Bluefield Coal Show (Southern Appalachian Industrial Exposition), 1935. 90-115 various 4 ft. Bluefield, West Virginia "Centennial History" Collection of materials donated during the 1989 Centennial Celebration, including photographs, publications, memorabilia, artifacts, maps, and records.



90-116 Edward Jarrett 3 ft. Complete set of editions of The Mountain Mirror (1951-1953), a weekly newspaper tabloid published in Bluefield, West Virginia by Southern Office Supply Company. 90-117 various 6 in. Records, photographs, and memorabilia from the 1937 Mercer County Centennial Celebration. 90-118 J.K. Sult Six postcard photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, ca: 1920. 90-119 Ira Smith Map of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1889. 1 in.

3 ft.

90-120 Paul Chryssikos 2 in. Clippings and programs from the 1976 dedication of a Bicentennial time capsule in Bluefield, West Virginia, donated by the Civitan Club. 90-121 Claude Brooks 2 in. Historical material from Tri-City Traction, the Southern West Virginia interurban public transportation railway system, 1925-1975. 90-122 Al Skinner Miscellaneous coal mining photographs used in Coal People Magazine. 2 ft.

90-123 WVU 6 in. Five rolls of microfilm records of the Smokeless Operators Association, including tonnage statistics, historical materials, and coal industry information. 90-124 John Fleming 20 ft. Records of Ramsey School, and Beaver Pond School District, in Bluefield, West Virginia, 18891938. 90-125 Janet Herring 4 ft. Memorabilia, photographs, and records of a McDowell County, West Virginia, mine inspector, 1919-1940, including substantial collection of safety lamps. 90-126 George Cochran 1 in. Photographs and mining memorabilia including Greenbrier Coal & Coke Company, and Jairus Collins. 90-127 Jim Bailey 6 in. Miscellaneous receipts, papers, notebooks, and unidentified photographs, possibly family materials

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List found in a trunk in Hinton, 1897-1909. 90-128 Dixon Jones Photographs of downtown Bluefield, West Virginia, 1952-1956. 6 in.


90-129 H.C. Lewis 3 ft. Papers of Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency founder Thomas L. Felts relating to the Matewan Massacre, including newspapers clippings, photographs, trial transcripts, and secret memoranda, 1920-1921. 90-130 Bluefield Municipal Parking Commission 3 in. Historical material, photographs, and clippings of the Bluefield Municipal Parking Commission, including the 1947 Scott Street Garage, the nation's third urban tiered parking building. 90-131 Donald Wren 1 in. Photographs of Mother Jones, ca: 1910; miscellaneous coal mining memorabilia. 90-132 Cathy Jones 3 ft. Framed map of the Pocahontas Coalfield, 1933, produced by the Pocahontas Operators Association. 90-133 Willie Walters 3 in. Account Records of Black Wolf Coal & Coke Company, 1907; miscellaneous mining memorabilia. 90-134 Ammar's, Inc. 1 ft. Corporate history, memorabilia, clippings, and photographs from the Ammar family, Syrian immigrant pack peddlers in the coalfields, who founded Ammar's, Inc., and Magic Mart merchandise stores, 1920-present. 90-135 H. Edward Steele Three issues of Sam Pennington's Feature Stories magazine, 1932. 2 in.

90-136 Ellen Elmes 1 in. Photographs of mural depicting coal history in Richlands, Virginia, 1988. 90-137 Bluefield Sanitarium Clinic 6 ft. Records and signage from the Bluefield Sanitarium Clinic hospital, 1966-1975. 90-138 Wanda Gumm Yearbook Annuals from Welch, West Virginia, 1927-1929. 90-139 Arnold Porterfield 3 in.

18 in.

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List Records of the West Virginia Society of Professional Engineers, 1954-1967. 91-140 Mrs. William Maxey Photographs of Pocahontas Fuel Company officials, n.d. 91-141 Thomas Sizemore Personal papers and photographs of the Ratcliff family, ca: 1900-1930. 1 in.


1 ft.

91-142 Luella I. Dye 1 ft. Records, clippings, photographs, memorabilia of the Craft Memorial Library, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1920-present. 91-143 Margaret Ann Murphy 3 in. Promotional sales book of the Hannah Pocahontas Coal Company, 1936, Bluefield City Traffic Rules, 1922. 91-144 Susan Childs 3 in. Photographs of the Bolen, Kell, and Leckie families, including Carter Coal Company, Jenkinjones, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1906-1988. 91-145 Dave Ledgerwood Miscellaneous photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, n.d. 3 in.

91-146 Helen Warden Black 18 in. Photographs, clippings, and memorabilia of the American Legion Drum & Bugle Corps, and Bluefield Beaver High School, 1935-1945. 91-147 James E. Singleton, Jr. 3 in. Federal regulations of prices and wages, Semmet-Solvay Coal Company, 1942-1946. 91-148 the archivist 2 ft. Records, clippings, photographs, and memorabilia of the Lemonade Escapade, 50th anniversary celebration of the "Nature's Air-Conditioned City" free lemonade promotional program of the Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce, 1941-1991. 91-149 Ken Bowen 2 in. Photographs and memorabilia of Goodwill Coal & Coke Company, 1900-1957. 91-150 Marilyn Gregory 1 in. Photographs and correspondence of John Ferguson, victim of the Matewan Massacre, 1920. 92-151 Albert Carl Rudd 1 in. Correspondence and photographs from Wenonah Coal & Coke Company, Dott, West Virginia,

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List 1906-1942.


92-152 Phyllis Oliver 4 ft. Collection of glass electrical insulators; wide-angle photograph of Bluefield Shrine Club, Philadelphia, ca: 1930. 92-153 Ruth Mattox 6 ft. Scrapbooks, memorabilia, clippings, minute books, correspondence, cemetery records, of the Matthew F. Maury Chapter #172, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1896-present. 92-154 Jeannie Soos 6 ft. Miscellaneous municipal records and maps of Pocahontas, Virginia, 1917-present. 92-155 Wilma Grubb 50 ft. Miscellaneous records from the Mercer County Courthouse, including circuit court records, witness registration ledgers, and jury files, and naturalization records, 1876-1900. 92-156 Ron Estep Records of Bluefield Hardware Company, 1903-1954. 92-157 Harold Brewster Private papers of coal operator Lamar Epperly, 1916-1948. 3 ft.

3 ft.

92-158 Lois Rounion 6 ft. Records, photographs, and memorabilia of the YWCA Chapter, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1900present. 92-159 Claude A. Frazier 3 in. Clippings and manuscript concerning coalfield physicians, Miners and Medicine. 92-160 Robert H. Moore 6 in. Records, correspondence, and clippings of the Mercer County, Virginia secession campaign, 1984. 92-161 Charlie Venable 3 ft. Accident report ledger, Pocahontas Division, Norfolk & Western Railway, 1900-1907; blueprints for Norfolk & Western passenger station, Bluefield, West Virginia. 92-162 Marcella D. Whitlock 2 ft. Scrapbooks: Mercer-Tazewell Chapter, Concord College Alumni Association, 1965-1983; West Virginia Education Association, 1965-1966. 92-163 J. Roderick Moore 1 ft.

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List Photographs of Carter Coal Company, Coalwood, and Caretta, West Virginia, 1902-1942.


92-164 Nancy Nash 1 in. Photographs of Pocahontas Fuel Company medical staff performing inoculations at Amonate, Virginia, 1938. 92-165 the archivist 1 ft. Records, brochures, maps, clippings, magazines, calendars, and postcards documenting the West Virginia state government travel industry initiatives, 1921-present. 92-166 Don Briggs 1 ft. Miscellaneous photographs used by the National Park Service to prepare the Coal Heritage Study, 1991. 92-167 Sallie Stone 3 in. Scrapbook, photographs, and blueprints from the Bluefield Little Gardens Club documenting the creation of West Virginia's first Tourism information center, East River Mountain, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1960. 92-168 Francey Lynch 1 ft. Records of the Sahara Supper Club, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1948-1992. 92-169 Mike Rebuck Safety stretchers for mine rescue, ca: 1930. 92-170 William B. Ware Photograph of Thomas Felts, location unknown, ca: 1935. 6 ft.

1 in.

92-171 Holly Sphar 6 in. Annual reports, correspondence, clippings, maps, publications, and private papers, Pocahontas Fuel Company, 1901-1985.

92-172 Luella I. Dye Handmade West Virginia quilt from the 1939 Worlds Fair.

3 ft.

92-173 Charles R. Scott 3 ft. Map depicting coal seams, deposits, beds, and fields in West Virginia, 1935. 92-174 Vernon Meadows 3 ft. Framed photograph of United States Coal & Coke Company store (United Supply Company), Lynch, Kentucky, 1920.



92-175 Roy Buchanan 1 ft. Miscellaneous coal industry materials, including maps of Coalwood and Caretta, West Virginia. 92-176 Carol Sheppard 3 ft. Photographs used by the American Mining Congress in various publications, 1950-present. 92-177 Billy Cherry 5 ft. Personal papers of Mrs. Elizabeth Drewry, first black woman elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates, 1920-1980. 92-178 Mike Still 3 in. Photograph, clippings, reports, correspondence, and releases documenting the 1992 mine explosion at Clintwood, Virginia. 92-179 various 6 ft Eastern Regional Coal Archives Newspaper Collection. Editions from the Bluefield, McDowell County, Mercer County, and other coalfield newspapers, 1890-present. 92-180 Tim Hensley Keystone Coal Industry Annual Directories, 1937-present. 92-181 various West Virginia Blue Books, 1919-present. 92-182 various Telephone Directories, Bluefield, 1924-present. 92-183 the archivist Norfolk & Western Railway Magazine, 1923-1982. 12 ft.

16 ft.

3 ft.

15 ft.

92-184 the archivist Records of the Bluefield Historical Society, 1989-present.

6 in.

92-185 the archivist 1 ft. Collection of historical materials documenting Matewan, West Virginia, 1920-present. 92-186 Jim Harman III 1 in. Two shot glasses from Pocahontas, Virginia and Bluefield, West Virginia. 93-187 Mrs. R.A. Ercoline Wide-angle photograph of Panther, West Virginia, ca: 1935. 6 ft.

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List 93-188 Tim Kish 1 in. Manuscript of "History of Bluefield Beaver Football," and other related documents.


93-189 the archivist 1 in. Jed Hotchkiss' magazine The Virginias: A Mining, Industrial, and Scientific Journal, vol. 1, 1880, and related materials. 93-190 Alan Goodykoontz 1 in. Annual reports of Goodykoontz Drug Store, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1937-1947. 93-191 Bill Davis 1 in. Manuscript "History of Bailey Lumber Company," Bluefield, West Virginia, with related materials. 93-192 the archivist 2 ft. Collection of films and videos relating to coal history, mining and the region. 93-193 various 4 ft. Yearbooks, student handbooks, catalogs and other materials relating to Bluefield College, Bluefield, Virginia, 1919-present. 93-194 various 6 ft. Mining memorabilia, including safety lamps, breast augers, miner's caps, and rescue equipment. 93-195 Thomas E. Blevins 3 ft. Photograph albums complied by William A. Jameson Jr., including photographs of Bramwell, 1940-1950's. 93-196 the archivist 6 in Miscellaneous materials used to prepare the Coal Heritage Trail, 1992-present. 93-197 various 6 in. Mine Foreman handbooks and West Virginia Mining Laws and other mine safety publications, 1948-1981. 93-198 Mildred Kerrigan Cemetery record of Pocahontas, Virginia, 1908-1914. 3 in.

93-199 Dr. Jean Gilbert 3 ft. Blueprints and plans of businesses in downtown Bluefield, West Virginia. 93-200 anonymous 2 ft. Photograph files of Welch Daily News, including historical photographs of McDowell County,

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List 1890's-present.


93-201 Buster Kraus 30 ft. Company records of Carter Coal Company, Consolidation Coal Company, and Olga Coal Company, at Coalwood and Caretta, West Virginia. The collection included payroll books, tonnage records, account books, store ledgers and house rentals, 1922-1947. 93-202 Mike Reed 1 ft. Photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, Rich Creek, Virginia, Norfolk & Western Railway, and miscellaneous documents, 1900-1940. 93-203 various 3 ft. Historical collection of Elkhorn High School Alumni Association, including photographs and documents, 1920-present. 94-204 Ruth Fleshman Photographs of Gary, West Virginia, 1901-1915. 6 in.

94-205 Heber and A.F. Stafford 6 in. Historical materials donated by the Bluefield Beaver High School Class of 1935, including photograph album and reunion programs. 94-206 Kevin Dudley 3 ft. Promotional map of Bluefield, Virginia and Bluefield, West Virginia, including photographs of leading businesses, 1948. 94-207 Elizabeth Tilley Photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1980-present. 94-208 Margaret Ann Murphy Salesman code book of coal industry trade representative, 1930. 94-209 Leo C. Whitenack Photographs of 1937 train wreck in Maybeury, West Virginia. 3 in.

1 in.

1 in.

94-210 Rena Peraldo Lotito 3 ft. Private papers of memorabilia of Antonio "Tony" Lotito, coal and recreation director, Pocahontas, Virginia, Bluefield College, and Bluefield Beaver High School, including photographs, clippings, programs and other documents, 1900-present. 94-211 Malita W. Murphy 1 in. Clippings documenting political career of Walter Virgil Ross, state legislator and attorney in southern West Virginia, 1940-1946.



94-212 Peggy Wharton 6 in. Miscellaneous historical memorabilia documenting Bluefield, West Virginia, including post cards, programs, posters, and railroad passes, 1915-1969. 94-213 Rozalia Cruise Hoge 6 in. Photographs and documents of National Armature and Electric Works, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1918-1972. 94-214 Joan Murray Photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1918. 94-215 Sherry Rohm Sales account ledger book for Bluefield, West Virginia, 1904. 1 in.

2 in.

94-216 Ruth E. Warmoth 3 in. Miscellaneous historical memorabilia documenting Bluefield, West Virginia, including postcards, gift boxes, and newspaper clippings, 1920-1970. 94-217 Rosemary Heldreth Bluefield, West Virginia, Beaver High School Annuals, 1918-1923. 1 in.

94-218 Cannelton Coal 2 in. Account ledger of Semet-Solvay and Kingston-Pocahontas coal companies, also articles on the Pack family, 1940. 94-219 Debbie Hundley 1 in. Photographs of Maybeury, West Virginia, and Amonate, Virginia, 1920's. 94-220 Rick Baker 1 in. Coal company scrip. 94-221 archivist 6 in. Miscellaneous regional artifacts including programs, yearbooks, composition books for Concord College, Athens, West Virginia, Sam Pennington Feature Stories, and high school annuals for Logan and Hinton, West Virginia, 1923-1949. 94-222 Russell Long Photographs of Iaeger, West Virginia, 1900-1915. 1 in.

94-223 Beverly Underwood 1 in. Miscellaneous Mercer County historical memorabilia including mine safety cards, postcards, war ration book, First National Bank of Keystone checks, and baseball cards.

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List 94-224 Edna Longworth 1 in. Photograph of Graham College baseball team, Graham/Bluefield, Virginia, 1920.


94-225 archivist 3 in. Records of the Southwest Regional Council of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, 19881994. 94-226 archivist Records of Coal Country Incorporated, 1990-present. 94-227 archivist Records of Coalways Incorporated, 1989-present. 94-228 Vivian Bamgardner 1908 Bluefield Colored Institute diploma. 3 in.

2 in.

1 in.

94-229 Jim Taylor 1 in. Records and memorabilia of Pocahontas Fuel Company and New River Coal Company. 94-230 William J. Pickett 1 ft. Mine safety records and expense ledger of Northfork Land Company, 1931-1950. 95-231 W.E. McDougle 2 ft. Large framed photograph of underground mining location unknown, ca: 1930. 95-232 Murray Whitehill 1 ft. Photograph collection documenting reclamation of abandoned mining operations at Crane Creek, Wyoming County, Norton, Dixiana, Toms Creek, and other locations.

95-233 Deb Sarver Scrapbooks from Heatherwood Garden Club, Bluefield, WV, 1942. 95-234 Margaret Ann Murphy Scrapbook, Bluefield, WV, ca: 1930's.

1 in. 1 in.

95-235 Richard Hight 6 in. Photographs Norfolk & Western and Virginian railroads, ca: 1920-1940. 95-236 J.R. Shuck 2 ft. Acrylic painting of Lake Superior, Number 4 mine, Superior, WV, 1995. 95-237 Sharon L. Perkinson 2 ft. Photographs, manuscripts, memorabilia and records of William Leckie, southern West Virginia coal

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List operator 1890-1950. 95-238 Dottie Speroni 1923 Fairview Junior High School annual, Bluefield, WV. 95-239 Roger and Frank Buckland Miner's dinner bucket, ca: 1950's. 95-240 Theresa M. Weiser Photograph of the Blue-Gray baseball team, Bluefield, WV, ca: 1950. 1 in.


6 in.

1 in.

95-241 Robert Hearn 1 in. Photographs: Norfolk & Western passenger freight station, Bluefield, WV, ca: 1912, Virginian Railway section crew, Giles County, Virginia, 1910. 95-242 Don Sarver 4 ft. Miners' wash house baskets, breast auger, UMWA ribbon and company store ledger books, ca: 1920's. 95-243 Ronald E. Hood Tools, memorabilia of Ohio Brass Company, ca: 1930-1970. 6 ft.

95-244 David DeBerry 1 in. Photographs of African-American musicians, entertainers, performers, ca: 1920-1950. 95-245 Evelyn Massaroni West Virginia Book Bank, 1982, and miscellaneous newspapers. 1 ft.

95-246 James Strother 1 in. Scrapbook containing 1939 semi-centennial edition of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. 95-247 Olin P. Keyes, Jr. 2 ft. Watercolor and pen and ink drawings and paintings depicting underground coal mining scenes, historic and contemporary by Olin P. Keyes, Jr., artist, Bluefield, WV. 95-248 Rita Prince Medical supply/store ledger, 1860-1868. 95-249 archivist Photographic slides documenting coal mining and regional history. 4 in.

2 ft.

95-250 Eloise Holstein 1 ft. Library books from the McDowell County Board of Education, ca: 1900-1950.



95-251 John Feuchtenberger Photograph of Boissevain, Virginia, mine explosion, 1932.

3 ft.

95-252 John Biggs 10 ft. Company records H.E. Harman Coal Corporation, Buchanan County, Virginia, 1930-1960. 94-253 archivist 3 ft. Textile apparel advertizing various businesses and events in southern West Virginia, 1985-present. 95-254 William L. & Robert A. Kell Wedding dress belonging to their mother, ca: 1940. 3 ft.

95-255 various 3 ft. Documents, photographs, publications and other historical material from Bluefield State College, 1895-1995. 95-256 various 6 ft. Documents, photographs, publications and other historical material from Bluefield Regional Medical Center, Bluefield Sanitarium, Bluefield Community Hospital, 1900-present. 95-257 Zina Roberts Kennedy Premier Coal & Coke Company business ledger, 1920-1921. 1 ft.

95-258 Harry Rutherford 3 in. Postcards depicting many coalfield communities in southern West Virginia including Pocahontas, Bramwell, Eckman, Matewan, Princeton, Matoaka, Welch, 1910. 95-259 Dorothy Dunn 6 in. Photographs and memorabilia from Bluefield, West Virginia, including Appalachian Power Company materials, 1925-1980. 95-260 Mrs. Alex Mahood, Jr. 100 ft. Personal papers and architectural practice records of Alex Mahood (1888-1970), including plans, drawings, photographs, correspondence, and other memorabilia. 96-261 Helen Jarret 25 ft. Records, documents, memorabilia, samples, and printing materials from Southern Office Supply and Printing Company, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1950-1996. 96-262 Robert L. Perry 1 ft. Family scrapbook, 1900-1940 compiled by Mrs. John Blair Ward, includes information on Bluefield Methodist Ministry, Bland Street United Methodist Church, Bluefield, West Virginia.



96-263 Alice Budge 6 ft. Scrapbook, photographs, memorabilia documenting career of Bluefield native Brig. General William H. Middleswart, United States Army, 1945-1970. 96-264 Ann Dorton 1 in. 1921 Northfork High School annual, Northfork, West Virginia and Black Rock, 1925 annual of Bramwell High School, Bramwell, West Virginia 96-265 Frances Wayland 1 ft. Clippings, documents, and other materials relating to Bluefield Supply Company, Inc., Bluefield, West Virginia, 1950-1975. 96-266 Ferndine Lineberry Receipts from South West Virginia Improvement Company, 1895. 1 in.

96-267 Donnie Gott 2 in. High School annuals, Beaver High School, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1921, 1922. 96-268 archivist 6 in. Historical materials documenting professional baseball in Bluefield, West Virginia. 96-269 Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Powell 2 ft. Norfolk & Western Railway photographs and documents, miscellaneous newspapers from Bluefield, West Virginia, 1895-1916.

96-270 Louisa Sowers 1 ft. Photographs, ca: 1930's - 1950's, taken by James Harold Martin documenting pioneer and Native American sites in southern West Virginia and southwest Virginia, WWII medal of honor winner, "Junior" Spurrier, Mercer County Courthouse fire, and Bluefield County Club, Mercer County genealogy records. 97-271 Rebecca Cochran 3 in. Miller Supply Company equipment supply catalogue, Bluefield and Huntington, West Virginia, ca: 1935. 97-272 Billy and Jeanette Miller 1 in. Photograph of mine explosion aftermath, Old Ben Coal Corporation, West Frankfort, Ill., 1930. 97-273 Cleo Barnett 20 ft. Manuscript collection of Robert V. Barnett, publisher, editor, journalist, and community activist, Bramwell, West Virginia, including files of Bramwell Aristocrat, 1985-1997.



97-274 Pauline Mueller 3 in. Unpublished book manuscript "Breath of Life," fictional treatment of southern West Virginia coal mining life, 1901-1932. 97-275 Gail Rexrode 6 in. Photographs documenting urban renewal in Bluefield, West Virginia, 1964. 97-276 Steve Miller 2 ft. Wide-Angle photograph of tipple crew, Winding Gulf Colliery, Goodwill, West Virginia, 1940. 97-277 Martha Lancaster 6 ft. Photographs, Bluefield, West Virginia: City Mayor Harry Vest, and aerial views of city, 1969. 97-278 Linda Thomas Photographs, Bluefield, West Virginia, ca: 1900. 97-279 Glenn Barnhill Bluefield Blue-Gray Baseball program and scorecard, ca: 1940. 97-280 Ralph Canterberry Miscellaneous local postcards including 1915 Layland mine explosion. 1 in.

1 in.

1 in.

97-281 Leona Jones 2 in. Scrapbook of A.V. Sproles family, Pocahontas Fuel Company, ca: 1920's. 97-282 Emma Sue Phelps Unpublished script of play "One Day More" depicting Mother Jones. 1 in.

97-283 Bill Carper 6 in. Framed official documents and land deeds concerning road construction, dated 1837, 1860, Mercer County, including references to Athens, Napoleon B. French, and slaves. (withdrawn) 97-284 archivist 10 ft. Bound volumes and maps, prepared by the West Virginia Geologic Survey, 190897-285 Dave Reynolds 5 ft. Oral history tapes, signed and numbered pen and ink print of acquitted Matewan Massacre Defendants, and bound newspapers, Matewan, and Red Jacket, West Virginia. 97-286 Archivist West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia reference volumes. 10 ft.

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List 97-287 Kelly Massie 5 ft. Bound sets of the company newsletter of Bluefield Supply Company, 1936-1986. 97-288 John M. Wright Customer calendars for Bluefield Supply Company, 1926-1931. 6 in.


97-289 Thomas Alexander 1 ft. Newspapers, clippings, and miscellaneous documents relating to N&W, Bluefield, and AfricanAmericans, 1950-1970. 97-290 George Sitler Photocopies of Bramwell(WV) Daily Enterprise newspaper, 1907. 97-291 French Documents from the French Coal & Coke Company. 1 ft.

1 ft.

97-292 Thomas Cole 4 in. History and Association minutes of Regular Baptist Congregations, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia, 1825-1921. 97-293 David Stiles Proceeding of the West Virginia Coal Mining Institute, 1951-1977. 2  ft.

97-294 Betty Lou Mabe 2 in. Scrapbook related to the activities of the Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce, Bluefield, WV, 1938. 97-295 Brant Family 18 in. Twin-sized woven bed cover; ca: 1890. 97-296 Larry Akers 1 in. Signed and numbered charcoal prints of Bluefield railroad yards and N&W locomotives, 1983. 97-297 Gary Bowling Signed and numbered print of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1985. 97-298 George Jarvis Signed and numbered pen and ink print of Welch, West Virginia, 1989. 1 in.

1 in.

98-299 Denise Smith 1 ft. Five volumes of Richard Nye Price History of Holston Methodism, and blueprint of N&W J-Class Steam locomotive. 98-300 Gretchen Boettcher 1 in.

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List Photographs of Princeton Avenue in Bluefield, West Virginia, 1920's.


98-301 Mildred Sperry 1 in. Photographs, clippings, and documents relating to a mine accident in McComas, West Virginia, 1949. 98-302 Barry McGhee 1 in. Miscellaneous political documents and papers from Graham, Virginia, 1920's. 98-303 Marva Amaker 1 in. Photographs and memorabilia from Scott Street Baptist Church, Bluefield, West Virginia, 19401975, including 50th anniversary celebration brochure. 98-304 Curator 3 in. Cookbooks from Christ Episcopal and First Presbyterian churches, Bluefield, West Virginia, and Springville Elementary School, Bluefield, Virginia, 1920-1995. 98-305 Ben Donevant 1941 West Virginia Selective Service Personnel Roster. 1 in.

98-306 William Heflin 2 in. Employee Payroll Statements, Pocahontas Fuel Company, Bishop, Virginia, ca: 1957. 98-307 Alice Rasnake 2 in. Scrapbook and miscellaneous clippings, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1941-1945. 98-308 Archivist 1 in. Andrew McCreaths The Mineral Wealth of Virginia, 1884, Norfolk & Western Railway. 98-309 Robert L. Perry 4 ft. Blueprint architects construction plans for 1924 Jefferson Street, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1912. Bluefield High School Beaverette, 1925-1927; Beaver High School Yearbook, 1927; Bluefield College Collegian, 1928; Beth Ward (Perry)s Beaver High School/Bluefield College scrapbook, ca: 1927-29, photograph of Arlington Coal & Coke Company store. 98-310 Floyd Hendricks 1 in. Photographs of Maybeury 1937 train wreck, Bottom Creek school, ca: 1930; Kimball Norfolk&Western shop crew, 1910. 98-311 Clifford Lantz Signed numbered company town photograph by Builder Levy, 1970. 1 in.



98-312 Gene Basham 3 in. Woolen blanket from Norfolk & Western YMCA boardinghouse, Bluefield, West Virginia, ca: 1940's. 98-313 William Merva 3 in. Scrapbook, memorabilia, clippings from Bluefield Symphony Orchestra, 1951-1957. 98-314 Lucile Simmerman 1 in. Bluefield Daily Telegraph insert for Mercer County Airport Dedication, May 15, 1954. 98-315 Clarence Perkinson 20 ft. Photographs, maps, brochures, miscellaneous mining documents and materials from MAPCO Coal Company, R.E. Perkinson, Jr., 1930-1980. 99-316 Eddie E. Caudill Smoky Hole mine on Coaldale Mountain, ca: 1910. 1 in

99-317 Raymond A. Froy 1 in. Photographs, tunnel construction, Big Walker Mountain, Bland County, Va, 1968. 99-318 James Jennings School memorabilia, Bluefield, WV. 1 ft.

99-319 Gail Hill 1 in. Photographs of Natural Bridge, VA, and Cinderella Coal Company, Mingo County, ca: 1920's. 99-320 Harry L. Mead St. Lukes Hospital annual yearbook, Bluefield, WV, 1925-26. 1 in.

99-321 Keith B. Anderson 1 in. Self-published manuscript, Semi-Socialism: an Alternative Government and Economic System, 1994. 99-322 Roscoe Matney History of Sycamore Coal Company, Patterson, VA, ca: 1950. 99-323 Charles A. Beasley The Voices of Summerlee, oral histories documenting Summerlee, WV. 1 in.

1 in.

99-324 Carol Carper 6 in. Mercer County School staff directories, photographs, and other school publications, 1957-present. 99-325 Eric Budner Brier Club membership register, 1963-67, Bluefield, WV. 1 in.

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List 99-326 Archivist 2 in. A signed print The Power Arrangers illustrated by Mike South, 1997.


99-327 Archivist 1 in. Guyan Eagle: a photographic history of Guyan Eagle Coal Company and its Subsidiary Elk Creek Coal Company, by Harry D. Taylor, ca: 1940's. 99-328 Archivist 1 ft. Annual reports, West Virginia Division of Culture and History, 1969-present. 99-329 George McGonagle 15 ft. Photographs, records, documents of the Bluefield Baseball Club, ca: 1940-present. 99-330 Margaret Elliott Bluefield Shoe Company account books, Bluefield, WV, 1933-64 6 in.

99-331 Peggy Turnbull 6 in. Miscellaneous local history publications and documents, books, photographs, clippings, and brochures, printed by Southern Office Printing Co, Bluefield, WV, ca: 1950-90. 99-332 Robert H. Moore 4 in. Records and memorabilia from the 1999 reunion of Miss Blanche Millers kindergarten, Bluefield, WV. 99-333 Bee Stringfellow Newspapers, Bluefield and Bramwell, 1908 - 1952. 99-334 Mary Jane Calfee Parks Government documents, Department of the Interior, 1890. 2 ft.

9 in.

99-335 Helen Payne 1 in. Reprint maps of southwestern Virginia, 1700's, photograph of Ramsey School. 00-336 Amy Bostic 1 in. Photographs of Higgenbotham house and N & W station, Bluefield, WV, circ: 1900. 02-337 William Baker 1 in. One photograph of 600 Commerce Street in downtown Bluefield, site of the Craft Memorial Library. Circa 1940. 02-338 Susan Buckland 6 in. Photographs of Norfolk & Western Railway workers, and Bluefield residences.

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List 02-339 Paul Cole Records of the Mercer County Food Dealers Association, 1930-1960 02-340 Josephine Campbell Bluefield Beaver High School annuals, 1923, 1926 6 in.


6 in.

02-341 George Brooks 2 ft. Framed wide-angle photograph, construction of the Norfolk & Western freight depot, Bluefield, 1925. 02-342 Kenneth Gray 1 ft. Records of Hart Electric Company, a subsidiary of Joy Manufacturing Company, 1930-1990. 02-343 William F. Pigg Mining memorabilia and equipment; photographs, Deerfield mine. 02-344 Lindsey Grubb One photograph of the Bluefield Camera Club, 1950. 3 ft.

1 in.

02-345 Wesley L. Scott 1 in. Photographs, Eckman, McDowell County, and African-American coal miners, 1922. 03-346 Hawkins 4 in. Norfolk & Western Railway materials, including 1928 Pocahontas Division Track Chart; Coal Country board game. 03-347 Reed 2 in. Safety certificates, photographs, and other memorabilia of Eugene Reed, a mine safety inspector from Gary, West Virginia. 03-348 King 1 in. Pocahontas Fuel Company payroll stubs, photographs, saftey handbook, 1950's. 03-349 Chafin 2 in. Video and transcript of oral history interview with Andrew Chafin concerning the Hatfield-McCoy Feud, 1972. (NOTE: the collection is restricted; see control folder for conditions). 03-350 Brown 1 in. Norfolk & Western Railway employee identification cards, union membership cards, 1940's. 03-351 Eimco 5 ft. Memorabilia, photographs, and signage from Eimco, Eastern Iron and Metal Corporation, Bluefield,

EASTERN REGIONAL COAL ARCHIVES - Accession List West Virginia. 03-352 Donevant 2 in. Annual Reports, West Virginia Teachers Retirement Board, 1940-1950. 03-353 Johnson 4 in. Original sheet music and scores written by Bluefield native Ora Schleusner, ca: 1950.


03-354 Corsaro 2 ft. Records of the Carbon Fuel Company, and papers of its President, L. Newton Thomas, 19021964. 03-355 University Club 2 in. Photograph album and miscellaneous clippings of the University Club, a mens fraternal organization in Bluefield, West Virginia, 1935-1963. 04-356 Jackson 3 ft. Payroll book ledger of the South West Virginia Improvement Company, precursor to the Pocahontas Fuel Company, Pocahontas, Virginia, 1888. 04-357 Kennedy 6 in. Black and white mounted photograph of Keystone, West Virginia, 2004. 04-358 Lilly 3 ft. Wide-angle photographs of Maybeury, West Virginia, including construction of the new Elkhorn tipple at Barlow, Elkhorn Coal Company, fraternal organizations, religious orders, 1930. 04-359 Gow 2 in. Framed lithograph crayon portrait entitled, Hired Hand, signed by the artist Barbara Gow, in 1974. 04-360 Reynolds 3 ft. Framed color wide-angle photograph of Lake Superior Coal Company, Superior, West Virginia, taken ca: 1925 by photographer Red Ribble. 04-361 Branton 3 in. Signed, numbered prints of murals at the Richlands, Virginia Miners Memorial, 2003, by artists Thomas Hagerman and Ellen Elmes. 04-362 Williams 6 ft. Scrapbooks, 1959-1997, of the Appalachian Power Companys Girls Service Club, Bluefield, West, Virginia.



05-363 Curator Postcards of Bluefield, West, Virginia, ca: 1910.

1 in.

05-364 Lewis, Series II 2 in. Photographs of McDowell County, West Virginia, including but not limited to Welch, Keystone, Northfork, and mining scenes, ca: 1900. 05-365 City of Bluefield 2 in. Color photographs, circa 1990's, of landmarks, schools, and businesses in Bluefield, West Virginia. 05-366 Culbertson 1 in. Photographs of Norfolk & Western derailment at Jenkinjones, West Virginia, in 1955; Pocahontas Fuel Company Drainage Tunnel commemorative booklet and medallion, 1936. 05-367 Davis  in. CD-ROM with photographs of Wharton, and Van, West Virginia, and the Y & O Coal Company. 05-368 Lambert Photographs of Leckie, West Virginia, ca: 1920's. 1 in.

05-369 Robinson 1 ft. Photographs from the Appalachian Power Company, including offices, aerial shots, and power lines throughout the region, including but not limited to Bluefield, Welch, Pearisburg, Pageton, Crumpler, Narrows, Mullens, McDowell, Matoaka, Rolfe, Coalwood, Beckley, Galax, Christiansburg, Radford, Pulaski, Abingdon, and Grundy. 06-370 Williams 6 ft. Three framed wide-angle photographs of the Arista mine of the Weyanoke Coal & Coke Company, ca: 1935. 06-371 Buchanan 1 in. Photographs of womens basketball teams at West Virginia Business College and Graham High School, ca: 1930. 06-372 Lambert 1 in. Receipts from the Norfolk Coal & Coke Company, Maybeury, West Virginia, 1893. 06-373 Anonymous 3 in. Medical record books of Dr. Peyton R. Higgenbotham, Bluefield African-American physician, 1940-1950's 06-374 Nash 6 in.



Materials documenting the life and career of Bluefield native John F. Nash, Nobel Prize-winning physicist. 06-375 Nester 3 ft. Wide-Angle photograph of Norfolk & Western shop crew, Kimball, West Virginia, 1937. 06-376 Brunais-Gibson 3 in. Norfolk & Western Conductors Car Report, 1924; room keys to Hotel Matz and Commercial Hotel, Bluefield, West Virginia. 06-377 Kammer 3 ft. Signed numbered print of Isaban tipple, by Sherman Street, titled Coal Life. 06-378 Cole  in. Photograph of Mercer County Board of Education at the Concord College He-Mens Association, July 1940. 06-379 Jackson 1 in. Color snapshot photographs of downtown Bluefield, West Virginia, ca: 1950's. 06-380 Brown 1 ft. Annuals from Bluefield Junior High School and Fairview School, 1970's-1980's. 06-381 Veach 1 ft. School records from Bluefield and Beaver Pond District, including curriculum, class lists, grades, teacher salaries and other financial records, 1892-1910. 06-382 Kennedy 3 in. Miscellaneous commercial and retail memorabilia from Bluefield and Welch, West Virginia, ca: 1920-1960. 06-383 Tyson 1 in. Photographs of unidentified individuals, World War Two aircraft, ca: 1940's. 06-384 Romano Unidentified photographs of surface mining operations, ca: 1930-1950. 1 in.

06-385 Nester Correspondence, invoices, general office files from the Pulaski Iron Company at Eckman, West Virginia, ca: 1900-1910.

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