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					Trade Site at the Mildura Show 2008 I have pleasure in inviting you to display your business at the Mildura Show for 2008. The Council of Management is working hard to ensure that this year’s Show is a success which will provide an opportunity for you to capitalize on displaying your business to large numbers of people. (Our attendance figures last year were over 40,000 over the three days of the Show and we expect that figure to rise this year). A number of changes will be implemented to ensure that the Show gives you the best opportunity to tap into a large potential market quickly and effectively. The dates of the Show are Thursday 16th, Friday 17th and Saturday 18th, October 2008. Please note that the sale of food items is by a competitive tender process. Therefore, by and large, food cannot be sold from a Trade Site. If you have any queries about this please contact me prior to making an application. Trade Site fees must be paid prior to the Show. If site fees have not been paid, you will not be permitted to enter the Showgrounds. Could you please indicate your intentions and payment as soon as possible, so that appropriate planning can be carried out well in advance. If you are handing out free food samples, please include with your paperwork a copy of your current public liability insurance policy. Please note that if you are a user of gas at the Show that there is checklist available at the show office to ensure that you comply with current Gas safety regulations. A site holder’s information flier is attached for further information. Wristbands will again be used for this years Show. You will be issued with some wristbands, which will need to be worn to gain entry at the gates. Extra wristbands can be purchased at the Show Office, or requested on the form attached. If you have any suggestions to improve the Show this year please do not hesitate to inform us of them. We wish to make the Mildura Show the best show it can be, and your assistance and participation will help us achieve this aim. We look forward to your support and attendance if this is possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 0418 596632 if you have any queries or questions.

Yours faithfully,

David McMillan Show Secretary Mildura Show Society

The Secretary Mildura Show Society PO Box 4025, MIILDURA Vic 3502
Dear Sir, We wish to make application for a Trade Site Exhibit Space at Mildura Show to be held on October 16th, 17th and 18th, 2008, and we are prepared to be set up by 11:00am on Thursday October 16th, and remain for the duration of the show. We require space with a:Frontage of _____________ metres, by a depth of _____________ metres. This year the minimum charge will be $275 for a standard site, any additional frontage will be charged at a rate of $30 per metre. A standard site measures 3 metres by 3 metres. Additional wristband sets will be available at a cost of $20 each Please complete the following table, and indicate any additional passes required.

Trade Site Application.
Site Number ………………… Office use only

Cost of Site
Additional wristbands set @ $20 each.

$ $

Number required: - ___________ TOTAL


I wish to have the same site as 2007 (where possible) YES / NO (delete whichever is NOT applicable) SITEHOLDER DETAILS NAME OF ORGANISATION / COMPANY _________________________________ CONTACT NAME: ____________________________________________________ ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________ CONTACT PHONE ___________________________FAX __________________________ EMAIL_______________________ I/we have read and agree to the conditions of rental for Trade Exhibitors as set out above and on the attached information sheet. Signed ____________________________ Date: _____________________________ Please note: • • •

Site charges include GST. This year there will be some professional security personnel during the night to reduce the risk of damage and or theft during the nights. Security includes Wednesday night and Saturday night. Your cooperation and assistance will ensure that this year’s Show will run smoothly, and be the best show to date.

1. 2. 3. 4. O. H. & S. Please ensure that at all times that your site complies with Occupational Health and Safety regulations for the safety of yourself, your staff, and patrons. Trade exhibit stands - are set up on the grassed area of No 2 and No 3 ovals the Fireman’s track and the surrounds of No 1 oval as well, as under the show grounds pavilions. Rental charges - The minimum rental charge is $275 for a standard site of 3m x 3 Electrical power required will be supplied provided that cabling complies with relevant regulations. It is your responsibility to bring power to your site. Please ensure that electrical leads have been checked, tested and correctly tagged according to the Australian standards. Show Entry. Wristbands will be used this year, and will allow the wearer entry at any time to the Show Grounds for the duration of the Show. There is a different wristband for each day of the Show. a. Stands up to 12 m frontage – 2 wristbands sets – allowing entry over three days. b. Stands 12 m and over frontage – 3 wristband sets – allowing entry over three days. Trade exhibitor’s wristband sets are available at $20 each and will allow daily entry for your representatives over the 3 days of the Show. Extra wristbands may be obtained by applying on your application form or at the Secretaries Office. Gatekeepers will not admit any person not wearing a wristband, - please ensure each staff member wears their wristband, to avoid embarrassment. Car stickers – Trade exhibitor’s car stickers for two maintenance vehicles are issued. Vehicles are only permitted to park at the rear of the Trade Site if there is sufficient room. If this is not possible, the vehicle can remain only for the time it takes to service your exhibit, it then must leave the site area. All vehicles must enter and leave the ground via the No 2 Gate situated in 12th Street, at the No 1 Gate situated on San Mateo Avenue or at No.3 Gate for those exhibitors situated on or near No 1 oval. This will enable the exhibitor to service their site. All vehicles must then leave the ground. Stand size. Site sizes vary on the grounds, and your requirements can be discussed with the Secretary. Cost is based on frontage only. Sublet. Exhibitors are not permitted to sublet or share their stand with other traders other than by written permission of the society. Tenders let to other businesses and organizations give rights for the sale of drinks, food lines, and stock fodder. The sale of these goods is not permitted on Trade sites. This does not apply to free distribution of samples or the sale of Showbag samples. Showmen will be permitted to sell Showmen’s Guild lines in the Showmen’s area. Passes and plan. Wristbands, car stickers, and a plan of the area showing the Exhibitors Stand will be forwarded on receipt of your application and payment. Setting up. The trade area will be marked out and the setting up of stands will be permitted from Monday 13th October, and must be completed by 11:00am on Thursday 16th October. Sites not set up by 11:00 am may be re let. Gas. Information in relation to compliance with gas regulations and a checklist, can be obtained from the show office or from the Office of Gas safety on 1800 069 588 General enquires or technical aspects on 1800 652 563. Attendance. Only exhibitors who are prepared to attend the show for the three days of the show will have their application accepted. Security – This year we will provide additional security personnel during the night to reduce the risk of damage or theft. Security will also be provided on Wednesday and Saturday nights.




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David McMillan Show Secretary.

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