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									Confirmed Minutes of the Board of Governors’ Sub-Group Membership held on Friday 10 October 2008 at 10:00 in the Board Room, Hellesdon Hospital

Present: Malcolm Bedingfield: Public Governor (Chair) Pauline Elliott: Public Governor Maggie Prettyman: Public Governor Frances Singleterry: Service User Governor In attendance: Andrea Goldsmith: Deputy Trust Secretary Oli Matthews: Head of Marketing Meeting commenced at: 10:02 Certain agenda items were taken out of order, but for clarity the minutes reflect the order of the agenda 08.41 Chair’s welcome, notification of any urgent business and apologies for absence Malcolm Bedingfield welcomed those present and asked for items of any other business: there were none. Apologies for absence were received from Kathleen Madigan and Anna McCreadie 08.42 To approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on 15 August 2008 The minutes were approved with no changes

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08.43 i.

To address any Matters Arising from the minutes of the previous meeting, not covered by the Agenda Min 08.32: Invitation to other Governors (Paula Bourthis) The invitation to the Governors on the Communications between the Board of Governors and Directors had been sent out; unfortunately no Governors were able to attend the meeting.


Agree action plan based on brainstorming session from the previous meeting – including Matter Arising Min 08.33 The Governors discussed and prioritised the proposals, and removed those that were impractical. Oli Matthews reminded the sub-group that the proposals might address membership recruitment, raise awareness of mental health or a combination of the two. The Governors discussed the higher number of members at the local acute hospitals however this was due to the co-opting in of members who were onsite on a specific day: this is not possible for a mental health trust. The Governors also discussed the advantages of having a smaller but more engaged membership and the problems of retaining the current members.


Public advertising Sponsored cars for staff members – liveries on lease cars was not appropriate or cost effective Notices, leaflets, small posters in GPs’ surgeries etc – Governors could put up either a generic poster or one with a space for their contact details Something on the gates of the premises – Oli Matthews agreed to investigate banners etc on the front of Trust sites Something on the envelopes the Trust sends out – it was agreed that on the letters themselves would be more appropriate An identifiable colour and vibrant logo – Oli Mathews advised that the Trust’s branding was a high priority for him but it will be a longer-term project. Adapting national campaigns – add our logo to the national paperwork 0800 number for the membership office added to all paperwork


Members advertising Wrist band – no longer fashionable and so potential waste of money Lapel pins – ensure cost per unit is communicated as they look more expensive than they are Logo on shopping bags, pens, headbands, umbrellas etc – to be including in the branding review House window stickers – need to make sure that there is no pressure on members to display any stickers in their house or car

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Email signature template for members – reminding all staff about the Trust’s e-signature and circulating to non-staff members to use if they wish Christmas cards – with branding and logo Post cards – with branding and logo Stickers – A4 sheet with house and car stickers and stickers of various sizes for members to use or not – smaller stickers could be added to member’s own correspondence if they wanted to Car bumpers stickers – as above Supermarket trolley discs – removed from list Appointment cards with membership details on the back – or advertising Advert for other publications – Oli Matthews stated that he had a small advert which could be added to other organisations’ newsletters etc and could be emailed upon request iii. Publicity Local radio – felt to be more public relations than membership recruitment A song or jingle – Sing Your Heart Out to be approached regarding a song or jingle Churches etc – as above with posters and advert Newspapers, websites etc – public / media relations and adding to press releases – cost of membership campaign would be too great Adverts in buses and taxis – cost too high A stall at fairs and fetes – details of events to be circulated to Governors with guidance of what is expected of them. The stalls should be noticeable with sweets, pens, drinks etc to attract visitors. Target businesses, restaurants – this would be taken up in the Ambassadors Programme Something to do with NCFC – will not be involved as have too many requests iv. Events – for future work Picnic in the park with special music – Sing Your Heart Out A fete A sponsored events like a Hellesdon 10k fun run Living Libraries – include within Schools project v. Perception changes Become a household name – will be part of the branding and logo

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Educate members about how to represent the Trust – part of the members’ education programme A listening booth at the Forum Celebrity endorsement – explored during FT application process and was not successful Adopt a stereotype – myths and facts Kids – will be included in the Schools Project vi. Social inclusion Using the Main Hall at Hellesdon for public events – already in use during the day for service user badminton and most evenings and weekends for staff badminton or football Weddings in the Chapel – not felt to be suitable Offer the conference centre for public use – Marriott Centre is already booked by external customers and the other meeting rooms on site have some external bookings but are usually full with Trust bookings Get more of the public into the canteen – banners by road Welcome people to go on to the different Trust sites – public areas only – use to de-stigmatise mental health Greater presence in schools and clubs – part of the Schools and Ambassadors Project Sponsor an art show at the Forum or Castle museum or on our sites – currently an art show at the Fermoy Unit and the King’s Centre in Norwich. Display service users’ and carers’ art in the canteen and other areas of the Trust Find organisations that need a venue for activities / events – include in the members briefing Action 08.44 Oli Matthews to check that the Members’ Briefings have gone out Oli Matthews to circulate details of future events to Governors Andrea Goldsmith to pass on to the Education sub-group the request regarding guidance of what is expected of Governors at events 08.45 Standing Item: To agree future areas of work and agenda items The following items were agreed as high priority: Budget for membership recruitment and retention Overlap with “Time to Change” campaign Eye-catching branding and logo for the Trust – accepting that this will take more time
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One-to-one contact with constituents – ask how members would like to engage with their Governors – possibly hold surgeries with partner Directors Action 08.45 Andrea Goldsmith to add these items to the next agenda 08.46 Standing Item: To agree items to be reported to the Board of Governors Defer to next sub-group meeting 08.47 i. Any other urgent business, previously notified to the Chair Recruitment of members via telephone Malcolm Bedingfield informed the sub-group that he had asked Maggie Wheeler about the legal considerations of members signing their application should they be recruited over the telephone. The Trust’s lawyers had been asked to review this and there were no concerns. This may be the reason why the Trust has not had a 0800 number for the membership office before. 08.48 Date, time and location of the next meeting The next meeting of the Board of Governors’ Membership sub-group will be held on Wednesday 3 December 2008 at 13:00-14:30 in the Finance & Estates Meeting Room, Magpie Lodge, Hellesdon Hospital Please note that a meeting of the Addressing Stigma sub-group will follow this meeting. Meeting closed at: 12:02 Chair: ……...…..………………………… Date: ……....…………………………….

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